Harriet Hageman defeats incumbent RINO Liz Cheney just 20 minutes after the polls close.

  1. If she wasn’t willing to lose her seat over it, I don’t think she would have voted to impeach in the first place.

  2. It is so nice to see this momentum, to see people getting fed up with what has become the status quo, to see people actively making change happen. Each little bit is a step forward.

  3. Neocons were and are democrats. They were trotskyite socialists who knew you needed a market economy. They are welfare/warfare state guns and butter debt monsters.

  4. Someone less lazy than me look up if this is the fastest election call ever. I feel like it will be 🤣😂🤣😂

  5. so now I understand she's gonna run for president based on the courage she showed standing up to Trump and his deplorables. LOL. her father is an asshole and the rotten apple fell right next to the diseased tree.

  6. What? Being the daughter of a left wing war monger neocon and running as a republican didn't work out? Go be the Democrat you know you are.

  7. Because no one has use for never Trumpers. No one trusts them. They were useful idiots for Democrats and traitors to Republicans.

  8. This is a perfect start. Now slow deep state Mitch can start looking for an exit. He's got to go, and Kevin Mccarthy needs to step up his game or he'll be gone as well.

  9. Hard to rig elections when they go TO the polls instead of 'mail-ins'... Gonna be curious to see what happens in November's cycle without mail help for either side. I also wonder if the reason why the CDC decided to drop restrictions for the unvaxxxed is because they are hoping to use that somehow as a lie for another outbreak (which has been scientifically proven now that it is not from unvaxxxed people and the 'variants' were just side effects from the jab) to try and push mail-ins again, or possibly close polls altogether?

  10. Not familiar with Hageman, but just happy to see Liz Cheney (and any member of the establishment) lose out on their power :)

  11. Gets less than 29% and NOW she wants to run for President comparing herself to Lincoln. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha… that’s pure comedy gold right there. LOL

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