how to learn statistics if you're really, really dumb?

  1. If you just want to finish this thesis rather than "learn statistics", and if your school has a statistics department, you could ask them for help with it. University stats departments often have programs for stats students to help other graduate students with their thesis stats.

  2. As a teacher, I always feel it necessary to point out that there is no such thing as "being dumb", so stop shitting on yourself. The reason you got into university is because you are not, in fact, dumb. Some people need more time, or instruction to grasp certain concepts or materials, but you can definitely get there. In my experience, what actually causes the feeling of dumbness is being expected to perform intermediate level analyses (such as logistic models) without ever having been properly introduced to the prerequisite fundamentals (odds, probabiliies, linear regression and OLS, etc.). Get those in order, and you'll get it

  3. Thank you everyone for the kind and useful comments!! 😊 and no, luckily I'm not doing my masters in statistics πŸ˜…

  4. But then what master's are you doing? What type of maths are you comfortable with? If we don't have your background we can't help you.

  5. Statistician here - stat is definitely math for dummies! Even the most crazy differential equations in stat theory tend to collapse to either 1 or 0...

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