[Star Wars/DC Comics] Could a Force user sense and react to a Speedster with the force before it gets them?

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  2. “Near light-speed” still leaves them thousands of times slower than the slowest flash. Even with precog they fairly regularly get tagged with far slower projectiles. I’d say no

  3. Abd yet people trip on statues, rocks, lose carpet — all sorts of inanimate and immobile objects — all the time. Even people who are generally graceful, or trained for balance and control, will occasionally stumble. I think a Jedi who's in tune enough with the force would be able to position themselves to create these stumbles and trips if fighting a speedster just by being in the right place at the right time, even if to the speedsters they appear completely immobile.

  4. A prescient Force user can block lasers (etc) because they know where the laser is going to hit. Thing is, lasers (etc) don't react . You put a lightsaber in Flash's way, he's going to react and change his heading. Yes, the Force user can see that and react, but then it becomes a contest to see if Flash can outmaneuver prescience. And the answer is yes, he can.

  5. There are Force powers that are FTL by it's very nature, like Luke's projection in TLJ. Also, Jedi have quite practice in precondition, they can defend blaster shots because they know were it will hit. They could handle low level speedsters, like th MCU's Quicksilver. But if we're getting in The Flash's level of speed, even if they could react two seconds before the blow actually lands, contrary to shots, speedsters can change the attack based on their reaction. By then, it would be too late to defend or dodge.

  6. Yes, they have precognition and could easily clothesline a speedster operating under normal conditions. If the speedster got serious though and upped their perception to "flash time" the force user wouldn't be able to physically react at all since, from the speedster's point of view, the force user would be almost a statue.

  7. Yes, no one here is considering that being Force sensitive allows for precognition. It doesn't matter how fast the speedster is if the Force allows the Force user to see what's about to happen before it happens. They could sense it and react, however the effectiveness of whatever they try to do is another matter entirely.

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