You married people. How is the frequency you have sex with your partner, and how long you are together?

  1. Wife recently passed after 47 years, but we were good for about four times a month, Saturdays and something special like a rainy afternoon.

  2. 16 years and several times a week. Sometimes its a quick blowie, fingering. It can be intense. She runs downstairs to do laundry, I sneak down and come up behind her, hand moving into her pants already. She pulls me into the bathroom, down on her knees ripping my pants down. Then the normal morning/night time foreplay/piv stuff. (Our kids are home schooled).

  3. Almost 30 years, lately it’s been every other day, wife woke me up yesterday with her mouth on my cock, then she rode me, finished up with her prone bone… then I went and got her coffee and we cuddled in bed

  4. Married for 19yrs. He stopped having sex with me 6yrs ago...or is that 5yrs ago? I forgot. (Lack of sex affects memory, apparently)

  5. I'm with my gf 6 years.. she stopped having sex with me 2-4 years ago.. depending how generous I am with the definition of sex ha... I feel your pain. Its not easy when the person you love doesn't care about your needs.

  6. That last sentence has been partially proven factual as having sex spikes your heart rate and blood-flow.

  7. Quite the contrary. We just prioritize our relationship. Kids are growing up (although we did have what he refers to as a mid-life crisis kid, he's still kinda young), once they're out, we are left. Yes, we have seen and gone through plenty of shit in our years, and there were certainly times where sex was less plentiful. But we work things out and keep moving forward.

  8. It depends on how busy life are. In really busy times 1-3 times a week. In normal busy times 2-4 times a week. In good periods 3-5 times a week. Been together for 12y. Have 3 kids together. Have never gone more than two weeks without sex during the 12years.

  9. When things are good with work and all that, 3 or 4 times a week. When we are stressed with that stuff, 1 every two weeks or so. Married 15 yrs.

  10. We are not married, but we have a civil partnership, we've been together for 11 years we have sex pretty much everyday, because we both are young I am 29 and she is 32 but I am certain we going to have less as time goes by, Plus my wife had her thyroid gland removed because of Cancer. She's been taking her medication but her mood has been affected even though she really tries not to show it, her face speaks volumes.

  11. Depends… we go for months without sometimes and then will fuck daily like teens again for months. We are non-monogamous though so usually there’s still sex had we just might not be prioritizing it with each other. We’ve been together 13 years and non-monogamous for 12 of that.

  12. We’ve been together almost 19 years. We’re in a terrible dry spell right now after having a baby - a long gap with no sex at all, and then very sporadic.

  13. Depends on the vibe honestly. When either one of us are throwing cold vibes for whatever reasons, the frequency is super low and the vibe is good, it can be even 4 times a day

  14. Married for 20 years, together for 27. Honestly, it's an ebb and flow and depends on levels of stress we are feeling. Sometimes, it's once every two weeks, and sometimes it's 3-5x per week. When we are in a slow period, it can be either one of our faults, and it gets a bit frustrating ( for both I'm sure), but after reading some of these responses I feel lucky.

  15. Together for 11 years, we have sex everyday. Only exception being when he has to visit one of his other offices abroad which barely happens these days.

  16. Married 17 yrs. Dead bedroom for almost 3 years. Wife won’t see sex therapist. Won’t see talk therapist with/without me.

  17. Since have a lot of answers, I will give mine too. We are married for 9 years. Sex here is like once or twice every 2 weeks. Trying to at least twice a week, but stress and young child together make it harder. Before have a child was 3 to 4 times a week. I'm 41 she is 30..

  18. Though it may be difficult if you both want more sex, put it on the schedule. M w f 9 PM kid to bed 10 pm sex or whatever works for you. If it's official and on the schedule that you both agree to takes a lot of waiting for the right time out of the mix. Also may want to get some lube. If setting difficult sex time is not your cup of tea, just to scheduling cuddle or foreplay time may go a long way to get there

  19. This post gives me such hope that not every single long term relationship ends up with nonexistent or duty sex. I can’t get enough of everyone’s comments!

  20. Together 10 years - we have sex or do some sort of sexual activity maybe 2 times per week. We have kids and a Great Dane that seem to think our bed == their bed

  21. Together 10 years, married 2. Sex is only once every month or so, but she’s had ongoing medical issues since a miscarriage last year that makes sex not feasible. She still tries to have sex more often at times, but I can tell she’s only doing it for me and she’s actively in pain (not the fun pain). It sucks but it’s not her fault at all so I can live with it.

  22. I'm not married and have no intentions of getting married, but I do live in close quarters with my secretary in a semi truck and have been for the last 4 years. Unless she's on her period, or more specifically the week before when she hates me, we have sex daily if not every other day depending on how tired I am, and weather or not she can take it. 10:00 is shower, 11:00 is her time she do what she want, midnight is bed.

  23. 18 years, couple times a week, but where we are now isn't where we've always been. Stress is not exactly an aphrodisiac, and I've had anti,-anxiety and PTSD meds that made me very touch averse. I decided to go off all my medications because of those side effects but that results in attention issues and panic attacks and weight gain so I'm often walking that line where I feel like a neurotic beached whale but at least a horny one. Bless my husband. That man is a fucking rock.

  24. 12 years, 4-7 x week at least, unless it's her time of the month. Sometimes more than once a day and probably like 1-2 hours per time. A quicky would be like 15-30 min for us.

  25. We will hit our first wedding anniversary in December but we’ve been a couple for four years. Our sex life kinda depends on our schedule and her health but average of 1-2 times a week.

  26. Going on 3 years. Almost every night, sometimes 2 times a night. We will take a night off every couple of weeks on average. We aren't trying to force this and expected it to slow down which it will have to eventually. It is also insanely good.

  27. All those people together for more than 10 years and humping your partner almost daily - where do you get this libido from! I mean doesn't it become more of a chore!! Been with my gal for 12 years and we get dirty 2-3 times max in a week.

  28. 2 years married but in total 5 years together. I'm a nympho so sex somedays can be a hourly thing. After work hours and before work hours. 🤷‍♀️

  29. Ummmmm NEVER …. That’s a lie. Had sex two days ago. Prior to that ….. maybe a year. She has zero for sex drive. Won’t go to the doctor. Yadda yadda yadda … she’s sexy and beautiful and I love her so I just “run it by hand” so to speak. We’ve been together 7ish years.

  30. Twelve years, two children. We’re on about once a week now which is better than it was, but I’m hoping it may improve further in due course

  31. together nearly 7 years, just got legally married in august. but, usually everyday to every other day- depending on what shift he works.

  32. 9 years of marriage and we’ve gone as long as 6 months, when my wife is willing to do it more often then it’s rarely more than once a month, but often we go months. She just isn’t a sexual person.

  33. During the process of having kids, hardly ever. Those were dark times between our 3-6 years of marriage. I was also battling with all the post pregnancy weight I gained and for a while thought I was asexual. Then we reached year 7 of being married, hubby got snipped, I got off birth control, and I also started working out 5x a week. Then BAM!!! It was like I was a teenage boy going through puberty. The sex is CONSTANT now. Sometimes 3x A DAY. But an average week would be maybe 6x. Couples in dead bedrooms, especially the husbands, please please PLEASE talk with your wives/partners and see what the underlying issue is. Is she happy with her body? Is she getting enough self care? Do you make her feel loved, safe, confident? If you have kids, do you take time to help her out around the house or even do little things like, "Go take a moment to yourself. I've got the kids handled". Seriously, that sentence right there is like foreplay for a stay at home mom's ears. I am so so SO thankful I decided to work on myself and get healthy because it has done WONDERS for my sex drive and self confidence ❤️

  34. 14 married, 15 total, 2 children. Right now about 5x a month (every Sunday and a bonus day hopefully). We "play" a lot (groping, I text him naughty pics, we massage each other, we wrestle, we make out) so I'm disappointed that it's not more frequent (and have been trying to bargain for 2x a week) but also feel very sexy/loved with him.

  35. Married 8 years, together almost 10, sex 3-4 times a week. Wasn’t always like this. We decided to reclaim our sex life and we make an effort, both of us, to take care of ourselves including eating right, working out, masterbating regularly and being open with each other about what we want out of our sex lives. So far so good, only thing limiting us now is really time, hopefully it keeps getting better. We’re both 38 and I think that helps too.

  36. I call BS on most of these post replies. Really, 4-7 times a week after 18 years? i don't think so. Here's how it really works. How about 4 times in 6 months, that's reality.

  37. 37 yrs. Three to four times a week. We developed a routine and sex has gotten better in our 50’s. She’s on medication so we spend on avg an hour or so to get her off. It’s a lot of fun:)

  38. Together a decade, sex once a month. She has no sex drive at all, I have to initiate every time and it feels like she just goes through the motions honestly. We've spoken about it and she said she feels bad but it's not something she thinks about at all.

  39. Together since 2003 with 3 kids. Sex 4-6x a week. It’s something that’s always been a constant since we got serious. We flirt daily by sexting about random ideas while we work.

  40. Been together 15 years. We have 2 kids and are the once a month kinda train 🚂 This is not by choice, I have the stamina and drive to go daily even multiple times a day. My wife has not had interest in that and a lot has to do with being drained from parenting work and regulating her hormones.

  41. Together almost 13 married almost 6. Goes in waves. Sometimes we will have sex 4 or 5 times a week other times it might be a week or two. Kids and jobs dictate a lot of our sex life. If it goes too long we will grab a baby sitter and get a hotel for a night or weekend.

  42. Most the time maybe twice a month for the last couple years. However for whatever reason in the last 5 months we’ve had like a week or week and a half where it was pretty much everyday. Best week of my life

  43. Married 18, together 23... Maybe once every three months, or every other month if I'm lucky. She went through a streak recently and we've had more sex since the middle of August than we have in the last ten years. But that seems to have dried up already.

  44. We’ve been married for 11 years, together for 15+ and we were having sex every 1-2 weeks. That was BEFORE i started taking testosterone replacement therapy. Im no longer depressed, i have energy like ive never felt before and the libido is through the roof. Now if we dont have sex every 1-2 days i feel like i’ll explode. My wife and I are both very happy over the last 5 weeks.

  45. Together for almost 11 years, engaged. It fluctuates from once a week to a few times a week depending on our work days and what we have going on.

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