What's something heteroflexible you did and liked?

  1. Ha well I'm fully omnisexual. But the most heteroflexible thing I did, back when I was trying to figure myself out, was that I decided rather than only being open to sex (and sex-adjacent stuff like bdsm play) with women, I was open to trying it with men too, and changing my profiles on some online sites accordingly.

  2. Not really. Bi people are romantically and sexually attracted to both sexes. Heteroflexible people are only romantically attracted to the opposite sex and would overwhelmingly choose an opposite sex partner. They're just ok with the possibility of a same sex interaction if it were to happen.

  3. . . .I mean, not really. Bisexuality is a spectrum. By that definition, a fairly large majority of people who call themselves Bisexual are only "heteroflexible," myself included.

  4. I wear them a lot but don’t post. Buying different styles, colors, fabric, etc. to try them out. Still at the beginnings of the fetish.

  5. He and I were tittyfucking my partner and as our dicks were rubbing together between her boobs we both came all over eachother and her.

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