What is criminally overpriced?

  1. Human pharmaceuticals. My dog needed a chelation medication that my vet specifically said was on the pricy side but recommended a pharmacy that she worked with. I called with prescription in hand, and they quoted $3,000+ for a month’s supply. Then the rep stated they accidentally read the cost for humans. Dog cost was actually $60. Same dosage, same pill count, but adding chicken flavor and putting a little dog on the label dropped the price 98%

  2. As someone with a lot of medical issues I know it’s bad in US healthcare… but this genuinely disturbed me. I mean I love animals but I’m just saying, the people raking in all this profit do not care if I die AT all

  3. Did you know there is a lyme disease vaccine for dogs, but not humans. They had one, but quit making it because it was deemed not profitable enough. They're fine with this super common, frequently lifelong illness, that has a 50 percent accurate testing rate and the CDC lies about the prevalence of though.

  4. Can confirm! I had no clue about the similarities between dog and human meds until my greyhound was diagnosed with cancer. He was prescribed not only OxyContin and like ibuprofen for pain, but antidepressants like generic Prozac for literal pennies. At one point my sister ran out of her tramadol (sp) it’s an antidepressant, and I gave her some of my dog’s meds. Absolutely. Fucking. Insane!

  5. Not “funerals” per se, but even for pets the prices for services surrounding death are outrageous. I had to put my cat that I’d had for over 17 years to sleep on Thursday, and the vet service that put her down and handled the cremation had “standard” and “premium” pet urns. The “standard” urns were included in the price and were either a cheap plywood box, or a burlap sack. The “premium” urns were metal or stone with the option of touches like paw prints or a comforting saying inscribed on them. Of course the nice urns were all an extra $150-200 on top of the $1000 I was already paying for euthanasia and cremation.

  6. I have signed the papers to donate my body to medical research. They handle everything for free and will eventually pass on my ashes to my family when done. As I told my kids every penny spent on my funeral is one they will not inherit, so don't spend money putting me into the ground.

  7. Tell me about it. I lost my baby brother on 8/21 and my granny on 8/27. I had to pay for 2 funerals in 6 days this year. Literally about killed me financially, considering I was paying for cancer treatment for myself as well. My brother’s funeral was nearly 17k and my family helped with granny’s but that was still another 10k I paid and my family paid the rest. That’s not including the headstones, food, venues for the luncheon after the services. That added another 10k. I was out nearly 40k in 6 days.

  8. This. A few years ago (it was in Latvia) my grandmother died and all i needed was cremation. It was ~500€, WITHOUT anything fancy. Just take the corpse, burn it and give the ashes back in simpliest urn. Let me tell you, in Latvia 500€ is quite a sum for average people.

  9. Cremation in general. I just put down my cat and I thought it was ridiculous I had to pay $180 for an Earth Urn, which is supposed to be something I can bury and plant in the ground and feel better about losing her or something. A few years ago her son died and I bought this really nice silver urn with paw prints on it. It ended up being quite spacious (sick dying house cats are very small) so I thought mom and son can rest together. That was the plan.

  10. Meanwhile here I am growing a fresh head of lettuce every few days in my basement for next to nothing....

  11. Epi-pens in the U.S. I mean, at least it's not something I need to use regularly, but those things are SO expensive. I'm just trying to not die if I accidentally eat a peanut. Thankfully I found a much cheaper alternative, but they're hiking their prices now too.

  12. Finally, cost of replacing ink is starting to become a selling point in printers, with the generation of "refillable ink" printers like Epson's Ecotank range. Instead of hundreds of pages per cartridge replacement, you get tens of thousands of pages per tank refill. It also means the ink can't be DRMed. The difference in running costs will be extreme (and you get color, beating mono laser).

  13. Once before a summer session started, I found a newly-installed copier on campus (tucked away in a residence hall) that hadn't yet been set up on the University network yet, I.E., it was free to use.

  14. Had a professor once that required us to buy his book (not uncommon in my college experience). Except this guys book at the uni bookstore was $271. Fuckkkk that, libgen for the win

  15. Through college, I emailed every. Single professor before class started and asked if I could use an older edition because I couldn't afford new books. Not one single time did they say no. I spent a total of like maybe 50 bucks on books for my bachelor's degree

  16. Inhalers. I have a crappy high deductible plan and pay $220 a month for something I need to breathe.

  17. Look at Mark Cuban's cost plus drugs. You can get 3 albuterol inhalers for $39.90 it's costplusdrugs.com, and they don't accept any insurance by design so they can sell their drugs at that price.

  18. My crappy high deductible plan made Symbicort so expensive that it’s literally cheaper to buy it on Amazon without insurance. $350 for the right to breathe like a normal person.

  19. My husband needs rituximab infusions due to a rare kidney disease. They are $16,000 each. That's $16,000 per four hour infusion. And they aren't covered by our insurance.

  20. Rituximab has a manufacturer program that provides the drug for free or low cost if your insurance has denied it. Ask to speak to the hospital social workers about it. I deal with this on a daily basis and its a fairly easy program to qualify for!

  21. I haven’t heard the word rituximab in a very long time. I had so many of them infusions when I was in my teenage years. Thank the lord to the NHS that it was free. Those are wild numbers.

  22. I’m sorry if this is insensitive but how do you afford this? I’m assuming the infusions are ongoing.

  23. My gf has to have ocrevus infusions, twice yearly. Thankfully she has good insurance and they cover most of the cost of it, she only has to pay like $700-800. Iirc the original bill was a long the lines of $80,000 per session

  24. Metallica announced a tour recently and the tix my friends got were $260 before fees. There were then $80 in fees. Running a ticket website must be the easiest business ever. A lot of the time you can’t even buy physical tickets for a concert at the venue anymore because these sites get exclusive deals with bands. It’s such bullshit.

  25. Wanted to go to a show but AXS fees were 10 each on 25 dollar tickets. Ended up driving to the venue to get tickets at the box office, only a 3 dollar fee there plus I got physical copies of the tickets too.

  26. Bro I got charged 2.00 for an (online transaction) literally meaning the fucking email with the ticket…. They charged me for the email like how is that legal lmaooo

  27. My medicine. If you’ve ever watch Pharmabro then you’d know. I was born with a disease (cystinuria) that only one medication can treat (Thiola). 10 years ago they charged $1.50 a pill until some hedge fund manager bought the company and drove the price to $30 a pill just because he wanted more money. I take 3 a day, let alone the specialists and procedures I go through so my medical expenses are like 50-100k a year. I get Medicaid so it isn’t a big deal but if I go back to work I’ll lose Medicaid and I’ll have to come out of pocket for that shit. It’s literally too expensive for me to work if I want to survive because some rich dude wants to get richer and make people with my disease pay 3k a month JUST FOR SOME PILLS

  28. This makes me so absolutely sad. I hate this shit for you! But also what can we do to fix it? I feel completely powerless, but so angry rn!

  29. College in general. Tuition, books (which they change each semester and shockingly are written by the teacher requiring that book), parking……

  30. On a small scale? Hummus. Seems like everywhere in the US, a small tub of hummus is like $5 or more and marketed like it's some kind of exotic, bougie foreign condiment.

  31. Can confirm. My wife's homemade hummus is amazing. And it takes her under 10 mins to make. We literally buy canned chickpeas by the case at Costco so we can always make hummus.

  32. Pro tip: boil canned garbanzos with a tsp of baking soda for about 20 mins before making hummus. Drain and rinse them first but you’ll get the smoothest hummus you’ve ever had.

  33. Not even close to 10 min. More like 30 seconds. My grandma would always make it fresh. Handful of chickpeas from the cupboard, scoop of tahini from the fridge, half a lemon in the food processor, and it was done. She made it before every dinner and most afternoons so there was hummus and vegetables and bread on the table for snacks.

  34. I worked retail electronics when the Wii came out. Our store manager bought one and held a fundraiser raffle among the employees. $1 per ticket, one ticket would win the game console, and all proceeds went to the local food bank.

  35. I'm having a good chuckle right now, seeing the reports that graphics card scalpers are being denied refunds and getting stuck with product people are unwilling to pay the price they're asking.

  36. Scalpers have always existed, but damn one of the worst offshoots of pandemic (health aside of course) era life was when basically every popular hobby was turned into an investment and usually ruined beyond repair.

  37. Airport food and drinks. $7 for a granola bar. $6.95 for water. $22 for beer. $17 for a chicken wrap. $9 for trail mix. It’s criminal.

  38. Oregon has entered the chat. They have a law prohibiting any markup at the airports from normal retail prices.

  39. If you fly more than once a year, might be worth looking into something like Priority Pass. The lounges usually have food and beverages for free. A couple of credit cards include a PP membership as a benefit. Cap One Venture X is probably the easiest to make pay for itself without jumping through hoops.

  40. SERIOUSLY I recently had to get a new pair and it cost me like $200- I chose the cheapest lenses they had and only added blue light protection because I do a lot of digital art

  41. I know everybody is going to give better answers, but for the life of me, I cannot with out why suitcases are so expensive.

  42. I paid about $200 for a (Mary) Samsonite carry on about 20 years ago and for me it was a fortune. That said, it’s been through hundreds of flights and except where the cats try to claw it and the stains from travel, it looks brand new. The workmanship is tight

  43. Good ones last for YEARS of abuse, wear and tear so I think it's justified. I've used my samsonite for six years for countless trips and it's still like new.

  44. Because they're supposed to last for ages. You can also get them for a couple of tenners though if you want. You'll likely miss out on that quality though lol.

  45. A friend spent $800+ on a fancy aluminium one. They came off the plane on the carousel and his looked like an elephant had stomped on it. My crappy old one was fine.

  46. Toner for my printer is £30 and I assume does over 1000 sheets. I've only replaced it once in 10 years so I can't draw a conclusion on exactly how long it lasts.

  47. Also other parts that are designed to stop working after a set number of pages. My printer suddenly told me to change the roller. I looked it. The roller looks perfectly fine. But it’s designed to stop after (I think) 5000 pages. I ended up buying a replacement chip that reset the page count (tech-savvy people can make their own with a few resistors and a soldering iron). Later on, I found that I could enter a code to enter the hidden “tech mode”, where you can reset any count you want at the push of a button. No wonder they don’t advertise it. I know parts eventually wear out, but that’s not the case with mine. The printer still works just fine

  48. My rent has increased by nearly $600 in 3 years. The complex doesn't provide anything better, in fact, I'd say they've lessened quality of life overall. Everything, EVERYTHING, is managed by some third party rather than the maintenance staff. Management refuses to do anything that might improve or maintain unless the public will see it. Frustrating.

  49. Sort of. I’m an illustrator/designer. The clients I’ve had that hired me for anything wedding related were the most demanding and the least clear about what they wanted. I charge more for anything wedding related now because I will be working harder and put in more hours for that work. I imagine other services charge based on this as well.

  50. I left my home in Tennessee and I moved to Connecticut, which is like trading a Hawaiian vacation for a bed in a cancer ward, to work for the WWE full-time

  51. This is exactly what i came here to type. No one does anything to stop eversource. My bill is 500 easy in the winter. My BIL in Mass pays 100 for a house twice the size.

  52. My mom is a T1 diabetic (has been since 9 and she’s 50 now). Medicine and health insurance has always been a struggle for her and it bothers me sincerely how there has been no progress on lowering those prices for people who need it to simply survive

  53. Insulin patent was sold for 1$ by the inventor in 1923 because he felt it belonged to the world and nobody should profit from it.

  54. A book told me that insulin inventors sold the patent specifically at $1 to make it cheap and easily accessible for all. Fuck pharmaceuticals.

  55. I admitted myself to a psychiatric hospital once. I don't know why, but I was under the impression that it was free. After I got out, I got charged about $1000 for each day I was there. $1000 to sit in a room, eat three meals a day, and take a few meds.

  56. I was trying to pay for therapy services while being a grad student and finally got a raise to do so but then rent went up by the amount I got a raise by...:/

  57. Housing in general. If your neighborhood is awful, it's still expensive. If it's nice, it is either remote, or incredibly expensive.

  58. It's insane. I'm new in the market and everywhere I look everything is overpriced to hell, from studio apartments with the bare necessities to a hole in the wall with a door they try to pass of as a room.

  59. My 2bed 1ba rented for $965 in 2019. This same apartment, with no renovations, is now $1670 if you're a new tenant. Minimum wage is $7.25 here, but most places are starting at $15-20 for entry level.

  60. It makes no sense to me. One can do really well in school, enough to get into best places, Harvard, Oxford and whatever, but can't afford it, so fuck it. I wonder how many extremely intelligent people end up working in fucking Mc donalds, because they can't afford for education. Its complete waste of potential.

  61. This year Hasbro has been steadily pricing out everyone who bought their products. It's almost $50 CAD for any given decent toy.

  62. Prescription drugs in The US. It’s absolutely immoral that US politicians don’t do something to keep sick people from getting totally screwed.

  63. My daughter was on an ADHD medication that insurance did not cover, and it was about $500 per month. Thankfully our prescriber told us about a coupon from the manufacturer that drops the price to $25 a month. The fact that this manufacturers coupon does not expire and is available to anyone who asks for it leads me to believe that they are still making a profit at $25 per month, and the nearly 2,000% markup for those ignorant of the coupon is pure greed.

  64. Healthcare in the USA is fucked. A business that preys on the sick and needy…. But only if you can afford it

  65. Agreed. One of my meds cost almost $500k a year out of pocket if I didn't have insurance. My insurance all of a sudden denied coverage on it for a while and that costs 10k a shot(I get two shots every two weeks). I had to skip one of the two week appointments before it got settled with the insurance and I got anaphylaxis(I have pretty bad Mast Cell Activation Syndrome so the shots make me have less hives and my anaphylaxis went away completely on it) in the meantime so I had to use my epi-pen and spend the night in the hospital.

  66. It’s worse, they engage with lobbyists of pharmaceutical companies to ensure profits go up. Without that intervention drug prices would be far, far lower.

  67. Yeah. Suddenly that crazy premium you're paying every month out of your paycheck.doeant seem so worth it. I get why folks don't bother. You could keep the $500. Save it, if you're healthy anyway, and then negotiate the bill as an uninsured patient.

  68. Healthcare almost isn't worth buying. You pay thousands out of pocket in deductibles before it kicks in. That's after paying thousands more in premiums a year. Then when you actually do get sick and need it, they don't cover everything and you still have to pay thousands more yourself.

  69. Feminine sanitary products. Or just products targeted towards women in general. Especially in the US, I never realised how much women there were paying for pads until I visited family there. Might as well use dollar bills as pads at this stage.

  70. I've never understood the price of tampons, it has always really pissed me off. I bought my first pack when I was 18 for my girlfriend at the time in college and I was shocked that something so basic and necessary cost so much. Absolute bullshit.

  71. Everything in the UK. Inflation 11%, energy prices doubled in the last 12 months. Diesel £1.83 per litre, food through the roof

  72. My epipen, kinda can’t really afford to keep getting them. I’ll be screwed if I get stung up and I’m a landscaper.

  73. That was my first thought. Just plain existing is expensive af. I am so over it. I wish for a dirt nap more often than I should.

  74. I feel so bad for people at work who have families. Even with the company paying half, it's $1600/mo for BCBS. That's about 2/3 of their pay.

  75. Also what the hell happened to generic cardboard applicators? I don’t want to pay 4x more for some non-flushable, non-biodegradable plastic tube that pokes my vulva with its little triangle teeth and stops being useful after 0.2 seconds

  76. Considering how much it costs to treat water and have water infrastructure, tap water is absolutely a bargain in the USA and Europe.

  77. Really? Where I am it's delivered on demand directly into three different rooms in my house for the price of about 1/3 of $.01 per gallon. I would say that's pretty inexpensive.

  78. Lab-made diamonds are actually pretty cheap I’ve heard, and apparently also better than naturally occurring diamonds. I guess people pay extra for the exploited labor used to mine them, De Beers truly is an awful company

  79. Most things? We get what, maybe 30 cent raise every year, most even get less or none. While prices go up by far, far more on everything each year. Oh, your rent went from 1200 to 1500? Oh heres 30 cents extra per hour, enjoy! Oh, you want to eat pasta bolognese? Well, 1kg of ground beef will be 12 euro please, I could get it for 6.50 euro per kg last year. We are getting infintely fucked, salaries are not going up, but everything else is, and we dont react to it, at all.

  80. My biggest gripe with having poor eyesight (-14.5) is that we get charged a "high index charge". Like it's not expensive enough with exams, frames, lenses, and extras like transitioning coating or uv protection. Then there is the high index charge of $100+. My last pair cost well over $800 out of pocket with vision insurance. That was nearly 6 years ago.

  81. Getting into heaven if you’re a Mormon. They charge 10% of all your money for your entire life. Every paycheck 10%! Never on sale or any discounts or BOGO or anything.

  82. Women's beauty products. They are often exactly the same as for men but just a different color, pink for example.

  83. Basic healthcare (in the USA). To almost any non-American, the cost of ambulance rides, ER visits and medical procedures is very indefensible.

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