Who is the most unfunny comedian in your opinion?

  1. I don't get why it's called Ovaltine. The mug is round. The jar is round. It should be called Roundtine

  2. As far as podcasting goes, I’ve been aware of Brendan for a while and I have to say his confidence has increased to a degree dramatically disproportionate to his comedic abilities. All he does now is interrupt actually funny people and derail bits, making anything he does unlistenable.

  3. Lmao, i went to high school with him, knew him through my sister. Never imagined him being in comedy lol. He was mostly just a typical jock persona. Not a dick or anything like that (back then) but he never came off as a "funny" guy.

  4. He's so bad. I give every comedian a fair shake before determining if they're any good. Tried watching one of his "specials", and made it no more than 10 min. It was atrocious. Couldn't understand why the audience was laughing. Either is was a CGI audience, he paid them to laugh, or he had their families held hostage and would only let them go after a certain amount of laughter. Ok, that's my time. You guys have been a great audience. Thank you.

  5. I don’t know if it’s been ever been scientifically proven, but I’d be willing to bet that comedians likely have very high IQ’s for the most part. They have to be quick,cerebral, observant, articulate with thoughts and in tune on a subconscious level.

  6. Es wundert mich immer noch dass er den Rekord hält für „das größte Publikum für einen Komiker in 24 Stunden“ mit 116.498 Zuschauern.

  7. Oh ja absolut der schlimmste in Deutschland... Und damit ist dieser kleine Teil der Kommentare nun Eigentum der Bundesrepublik Deutschland.

  8. I once beat his ass behind a nightclub in Florida where I was a bouncer. He had gone behind the bar and was goofing around pouring people drinks, which was kinda okay in itself. But then he got REALLY handsy with the bartender, like almost violently so, and the owner finally had enough so told me to toss his ass out. I was friends with the bartender, so I dragged him out by the hair and went extra hard on him.

  9. Jamie Kennedy. I remember him being a guest on Love Line with Dr. Drew and Adam Corolla... People were calling the show, waiting long queues to ask questions but also to just tell Jamie that he was not funny. I could not agree more.

  10. He ruined Brian Regan for me because of how much he copied his voice. The best thing Opie ever did was talk about how he almost died in the ocean so Bobby, Jimmy, Voss and Anthony could create the funniest segment ever about Opie being wheelchair bound.

  11. Anthony CARRIED him Hard all those years and also the comedians that came on there helped with the lifting notably Bill Burr, Loius C.K. and a favorite Patrice O’neal among others -

  12. Everything is covered in the Gregshells series of youtube clips, but here a couple of my gripes. Opie thought he was on Stern's level. Its pathetic. Anthony is a funny guy and if he didnt let his racist views take over his personality, he could have competed and had a decent career at Sirius XM. The problem is that you get rid of the talented one, and then stuck with the one no one likes. He got into fights with everyone. Jimmy, Sam, Anthony, Stern, etc.

  13. Not a comedian but I’ll allow it, Opie bashing is welcome in any conversation. His beach podcasts are something to behold, a cautionary tale of what your life turns into when you’re that insufferable

  14. Did you know that she is the first bisexual woman of color talk show host who also happens to be bisexual, a woman of color, and a talk show host, making her the first bisexual woman of color talk show host to host a talk show hosted by a bisexual woman of color while also being a bisexual woman of color?

  15. I was waiting for this tbh, because lots of people seem to dislike. I like her, her youtube content was brilliant. As she's gotten bigger, things have changed. That's fair enough, shit happens. Her show is terrible though. She just can't seem to cope with it

  16. I think a late night show was the wrong fit for her platform and gave her the wrong audience. She really was funny on YouTube, but it didn't translate well at all

  17. Marx, however, was very funny, especially in his footnotes. Lenin could be too at times, e.g. he once wrote the following:

  18. Yeah I mean I listened to half of his new stuff and it was very ok. I decided to rewatch vicious circle at 33 years old, first time I listened to that special I was like 15 and thought it was hilarious. It doesn’t hit. I think Dane just grabbed the world at the perfect time and he hustled via social media harder than anyone. His physical brand of comedy got the youth/early 20s people hyped and they paid to see him in droves.

  19. He was fine when he was recounting his own adventures and stuff. Funny idiot of his group type stuff. But as soon as he hit, that wasn't his life anymore and it became forced.

  20. I will say he does some great impersonations and has some good skits revolving around those impersonations, but other than that, I agree.

  21. His talk show is the worst. I can barely make it through a YouTube clip. It's like he doesn't know how to interview, so he makes up those stupid games.

  22. Christopher Titus. Never understood the appeal. Not only is he not funny, but back when I saw him, his then fiancee was his opener and she was awful.

  23. That's way difference from the Lewis Black taping I saw. He only retold one joke, it was so they could do a specific camera move. And Black told some jokes while they set up the shot.

  24. Long form story telling mixed with comedy isn't for everyone and it can be a little shocking and disappointing when you are expecting more traditional standup with 3-5 minute bits.

  25. I’m not saying I don’t like Conan, love his humor and delivery. But my brother and I went to a taping of his show and what happened with your experience with Amy Schumer is what happened there. Everyone was miserable at the end of it. I don’t think anyone actually knew what was happening for the show. At one point, us as an audience got fed up about how upbeat we needed to be so the majority of us just kept clapping and hollering for him for way too long. He walked off stage and the hype dude came out again to tell us to take it seriously. They then told us we would not get a little stand up from him at the end of the show. He only does it for audiences he likes. Bummer..

  26. I disagree with you hard with Titus; the dude is a riot. I saw him live a couple months ago, and it was amazing. I haven't laughed that hard in a while. His wife wasn't there, but I did see her special and I thought it was pretty funny, but seemed to drag in the middle, though.

  27. Rob Schneider is running around now saying he got cancelled because he's a conservative in Hollywood. Dude he made one decent movie as the lead and has been the same stupid sidekick for Adam Sandler since. Maybe youre just not funny Rob!

  28. So in college, I got really stoned with some friends and watched one of his specials. We were laughing our asses off. Only thing of his I watched. For years I was going around telling people "I like Jeff Dunham". Watched another special of his years later and was like Oh God, everyone thinks I like this

  29. He is boomer humor. His new special has a "Gen Z" puppet and it looks like more of an offensive stereotype than Josè Jalapeno.

  30. Fully agree. It's why I got nothing but love and respect for Dave Strassman. The man is the Godfather of Ventriloquism; HE brought it back from the dead, not Jeff.

  31. When I was a kid we had a recording on VHS of his appearance on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. I used to die laughing. I forgot all about him for decades until he broke out again. I tried watching him and it was rough.

  32. I saw him live once and half way through the show he did a 20 minute add read for his wife's health food brand. It broke the flow of an already unfunny show so bad a bunch of people just left

  33. I don't know what Jeff Dunham is like now but when he first started on Comedy Central in 2005, I was a teenager and I liked his different style. I liked his use of puppets to tell stories and interact with comedy on a different level. I did not like the character Jose Jalapeno. It was clear from the beginning that the character was meant to be a racist stereotype and nothing more. Jeff Dunham doesn't even speak Spanish. Jose is a one-dimensional character, is Jeff's excuse to make jokes about Mexico and male genitalia, and jokes about illegal immigrants. He has no other purpose and therefore is racist.

  34. Yeah, I don’t understand the appeal. He’s not funny. Boring humor with puppets to take the rap for him

  35. I hate to say it, because I relate to some of his qualities as a person, but Pete Davidson is not funny. If your entire first 3 specials are about how much of a pothead you are, that’s not even comedy, it’s just sad.

  36. Thank You! Idk why people think he’s funny? His jokes are stale af and tries Dark Humor and his delivery is dry as well.

  37. I use to like him until that fucking taco bell ad took over reddit with him like clearly filming himself saying some bullshit about a taco. Spend some money on your damn commercials more than just the promoter taco bell

  38. You have to go back to a comedians stand up to really get a sense of why they became famous. E.g., I watched a very old one woman show from Whoopi Goldberg from the early '80s on YouTube recently. Before she was anything but a stand up comic.

  39. My mom got me a Rosie O’Donnell doll for my birthday when I was like 7 and I think that’s the first time I ever uttered the words “what the fuck”

  40. I didn't realize how unfunny he was at first. It turned out that I thought he was funny before because the shows where I have seen him in just had comedians that were actually funny and I associated my laughter with him too.

  41. Where do we draw the line? Obviously, the answer is some guy at open mic night in Topeka or some shit. And all of the answers here are valid among working comedians, but if we qualify the question with the most unfunny comedian who has booked legitimate venues, I'm gonna have to go with...

  42. That is a guy who seems like a genuinely cool dude but it’s his voice for me. I can listen to him for about 5 minutes before I have to turn it off. It just sounds like he’s done drugs his whole life even though he’s done a great job with his sobriety. Glad he’s worked through his demons though

  43. Actually just watched a standup of his yesterday. I guess due to how funny he was on Jackass that I thought the standup would be funny. Nope. Don't get me wrong, I had a few laughs, but 90% of the stand up was graphic sexual stories about women he's hooked to with. It honestly just almost felt... Uncomfortable? A lot of it just felt really forced

  44. I thought a lot of her earlier stuff was better, before she started dyeing her hair blonde. Granted, most of that was standard "Italian family" banter, but I did like it better than her later stuff where it was all crude, all the time.

  45. He's always giggling at his own jokes. He's not laughing with the audience or his guests, he's just so pleased with himself that he can't help it. At this point in his career he's not writing his own jokes anymore! I don't understand how his career got this far, his delivery is terrible

  46. Chelsea Handler. Maybe I caught the wrong one or something, but I tried to watch one of her stand up specials and it was one of the most boring, flat, unfunny things I've ever seen.

  47. I personally can't stand him and think he's a jerk. However, he is pretty quick witted and funny (usually) on Family Feud. (But sometimes he's just mean or being a dick because his ego got trampled.)

  48. I was in Nebraska about a decade ago and he called in to a random local morning radio show in character. I thought it was weird, especially since this was pretty much the height of his fame. It got even more strange because the hosts talked to him like friends, and apparently he called in regularly.

  49. I appreciate his dedication to the character though. I saw an interview with him and he’s actually a very well spoken guy and doesn’t even really have an accent. His following is all the people who he’s making fun of so it’s kind of genius.

  50. Maybe not the funniest guy, but sincerely one of the nicest people you’ve ever met. Ran into him in a lobby in a hotel (he looks so normal it’s weird) and he was wonderful with fans. Genuinely shocked people recognized him, thanking them profusely for their kind words. The gratitude and graciousness was so real you could touch it.

  51. I only found him funny when you mix him up with Jeff foxworthy and the rest of 'em. The variety really helped ease up on the monotony of his solo schtick.

  52. I was in a movie with him once. Not sure if he was that funny, but he took the time to come talk to us and thank us (I was an extra) and I’ve always thought he was pretty nice because of it.

  53. The first time I heard him, I thought he was hilarious. His stuff is definitely geared toward a specific audience, but as a Mexican American, I could relate to his stuff.

  54. This one is easy for me, Amy Schumer is Hands down the worst comedian I’ve seen do stand up. Her movies arent All horrible but I’ll never forget how painful it was watching her Netflix special that now isn’t even on Netflix anymore I don’t think but it was so unfunny it was actually still entertaining lol

  55. Russell peters. He used to be funny when I first discovered him 10 years ago.. But now I find him just terrible

  56. Yeah a friend got me in to him about 15 years ago and his specials at that time were genuinely hilarious. I saw some of his latest stuff on YouTube and just could muster a laugh.

  57. Saying Dennis Miller is like doing a reverse handstand on the back of a Fiat while high on Thorazine. Huh?

  58. I'm impartial to Miller but I did hear something funny about him. Conan once was making fun of how Dennis Miller was picked to commentate Monday Night Football, and he didn't last because his comedy was way too high brow for the MNF audience. During one game the camera panned to a player on the sidelines taping his ankle up and miller said "I haven't seen a wrap job like that since Christo did the Pont Neuf" and Conan said just imagine all of the jersey wearing guys out there going "wtf did he say?"

  59. If you look for Norm clips you’re bound to hear him talk, norm frequented Denniss show, he’s a comedy buzzkill for sure explaining every single joke or saying “that’s funny”. There are 2 separate simpsons episodes that make an off hand comment about how unfunny Dennis Miller is.

  60. If you ever saw Carrot Top live, he actually killed. It's easy to hate his TV prop comedy, but in smaller settings he's surprisingly talented.

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