How could Kanye make it worse?

  1. Unzipping his Kanye costume revealing that he actually was Hitler. After people caught on to him in Argentina he started his career as a world renowned rapper.

  2. It’s about to get much worse. I was hate watching him on some show yesterday and he was saying that the IRS was freezing his accounts because of unpaid taxes. The IRS isn’t known for fucking around.

  3. You have to fuck around a LOT with the IRS for them to take that step. Like, completely ignore them them over a couple of years.

  4. Do a complete 180. Face turn. Apologize to everyone. Take his meds. Start a huge charity, donate all his money. Create a brand that is 100% charity based. Start a media network with the goal of improving lives. Run for president. Win.

  5. For some reason, I consider the entire history of professional wrestling to be on the table.

  6. Why YSK: People are talking about Kanye West and his strange behavior recently. I am not defending Kanye West's behavior. I 100% disagree with and reject the ideas he is spreading right now (hate speech, semitism, or any sort of hate is never ok, full stop). I have a M.D. and a Ph.D. and am a 3rd year psychiatry resident. The following is meant to be educational advise, always speak to a trusted medical professional for treatment and diagnosis.

  7. I feel the first is the most likely and surprised its not brought up more. He's in the grips of a manic phase right now and when that ends it might be unbearable for him. His delusions of grandeur and religiosity are going to rebound hard on him and he'll start to comprehend what enormous financial and cultural injuries he's brought to himself. At that low point the risk of self harm is incredibly high. And the leeches who are living off him won't have any clue or inclination to get him real help

  8. He's going to get people killed. He is emboldening racists and the literal worst of humanity. People will die as a result.

  9. He could put a mask on and talk with a net about the Jewish banks coming after him. It would be even better if it was on some crazy show like infowars.

  10. Telling us about a dream he had of going back in time to a camp called Dachau where he was a music instructor to Jewish orphans and how inspiring was the experience.

  11. I would say purposefully shitting in public, just dropping trow and shitting where ever he likes. Just shitting yourself is embarrassing but not morally wrong.

  12. Kanye did go to art school, transferred to university, and then famously dropped out - this was the centrepiece to his whole persona for 2-3 albums

  13. My ex went to SAIC (school of the art institute of chicago) and apparently Kanye called the schools director in the middle of the semester (like October) and demanded to teach a design course… starting the next day. They laughed at him.

  14. I feel like he’s at the point of no return. He’s already done it this far, so he probably doesn’t care anymore anyway. What does he have to lose? He’s got a lot of money.

  15. At this point probably some of the only stuff that could actually be worse would be straight up commiting crimes or having underage stuff

  16. This was my first thought too. Like he would say it was all performance art and we were the subject. Because he’s an artist and a genius so he was able to pull it off so seamlessly, and wow, aren’t we the suckers.

  17. Praise a school shooter, seriously physically harm his kids, or ask his fans to kill someone. I can’t think of anything he could realistically do that would be worse than praising Hitler.

  18. That would be a reduction. The DEFCON system has 5 levels, with 5 being the most relaxed, normal operations, and 1 is the most extreme, nuclear war is imminent or has already begun.

  19. I’m really surprised he hasn’t gotten a KKK gown on at this point. He’s actually worse than Uncle Rukus.

  20. Uncle Rukus actually had (flawed) reasoning behind his behavior and remained consistent. Kanye is neither consistent or shows any reasoning whatsoever. Dude is flaked.

  21. If Kim K isn’t filing for an emergency hearing to gain full custody of her kids today, she’s either the worst mom on the planet, or in on it. Being that this is all some orchestrated marketing plot for the next season of the Kardashians television show.

  22. Idk…it’s really very difficult to get away from a person like Kanye on a normal level. But he has a lot of fuck you money, and a large base of supporters that encourage and support his delusions.

  23. Maybe if he praises bin Laden and says that the victims deserved to die on 9/11 or something idk. At this point I’m not really sure what he could say that would be worse than calling himself a nazi and saying he loves Hitler

  24. He could prove that he is not suffering from bipolar disorder or any other mental health issues and that really is what he thinks about things.

  25. "we specialize in sex, blood and rhetoric. we can give you sex and blood without the rhetoric, or blood and rhetoric without the sex, but we can't do sex and rhetoric without the blood. there's always blood, blood is compulsory."

  26. As someone who struggles with a similar mental illness, I can say that untreated it can get so, so much worse. I won’t be surprised if he gets committed or jailed in the next few months.

  27. Finding child porn on his cloud account or phone or finding out he is funding extreme right wing terrorist groups

  28. At this point I think he has some kind of defiance disorder. This is why he is taking his free speech thing to an extreme. He doesn't want to be told how to be, what to say or anything. Even though some things are established social norms. Established social norms to him are somewhat oppressive, and he gets triggered due to his instinctive response to be defiant. He can't think beyond that.

  29. Well if you ask this yesterday I think we could have come up with some funny shit… now seeing what this guy is actually spouting, it’s not funny anymore. Get this man straight to a mental hospital and do not pass go.

  30. Gonna say that next logical step is a Nazi fashion line and Hitler line to raise money for his political aspirations

  31. He’s gonna keep saying this shit till they put him in a mental hospital. The real danger is him emboldening other people to start speaking up in this way.

  32. Child abuse. Kind of "they deserve intimacy too. Just because they don't say a word, doesn't mean they don't like it"

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