Have you ever broken up with a man because of his penis? If so, why?

  1. The last guy I dated had a dick like a fucking traffic cone. It started off a bit smaller than average at the top and would eventually widen out to be as thick as a coke can - it seemed. It was maybe 5.5" long, but went from like 4.5" girth head to like 7.5" girth base.

  2. It was for more reasons than just his penis, but I deduced later that it had to be his penis that caused me to have multiple issues with my vagina.

  3. Íf he regularly engaged in foreplay it could be that he was just awful at washing his hands regularly. It's shocking how many people are bad about that.

  4. Been there done that, had frequent uti and candida with a guy and found out I react to the ph of the semen, cause if he didn’t cum inside me I’d be fine.

  5. Once dated a guy that had a -mega- penis. No matter what we did, he hurt me. Neither of us found the situation enjoying, so we decided to part ways.

  6. I also dated a man who had a mega penis. We were never able to… needless to say we didn’t last. He has kids now, he found a mega vagina, I guess.

  7. I had a friend who was FWB with a dude she nick named “sure can man” who’s dick was the size of a large deodorant can. Try as she might it was just too big

  8. Not broken up per se bc we weren't BF+GF, but it completely ended things. Now to preface, this guy had strung me along for 4 years running each summer at camp. First year as late-teens campers, 2 years as young adult counselors in training, and then the final year as counselors. He'd talk sweet and loving to me all year long full of hope and promises, we'd have some makeout sessions, but then he'd have a girlfriend by the time anything got close to more serious than that. Finally, at an everclear punch fueled staff house party on a weekend off, we hooked up in the designated "hookup room". Now this dude was tall strong and Greek statue handsome with a distinguished aquiline nose and piercing ice blue eyes, but he was HAIRY. Like, human-sweater 'Chewbacca' was his nickname hirsutism (but also prematurely bald). Now this did not perturb me at all, I liked the pelt & didn't care about the bare pate, but unexpectedly the fur made it quite hard to find his penis. A penis that was about the size & shape of my thumb (and I have quite petite hands) but without any rigidity, sans-turgid. Of course I'm not going to embarrass the dude so I diligently went to work with all the appropriate fervor but absolutely nothing about this member is changing, it's flaccid and flexible no matter what fellatio arts I employ. I start to think maybe he's just not into it and then he comes in my mouth. I excuse myself to the bathroom to spit and rinse and stare in the mirror. This, THIS is what has been yanking my chain FOR YEARS. And he didn't reciprocate at all when I returned. I was SO IN LOVE with this dude, and poof. It's gone. I felt nothing but vindicated: we both knew he'd been stringing me along, we knew all the heartbreak year after year he'd inflicted, and now we both knew that I knew THIS was why. If he'd been honest with me, if he hadn't lied so much about "oh I have a committed girlfriend", if he'd cared at all about my pleasure, any of that could have salvaged the teeny peeny problem. But nah dude, I was done. Tho he is part of the reason I now reassure guys who have ED worries, "well you have fingers, dontcha?"

  9. its funny because i have honestly had less pain from bigger dicks. or like, a finger will hurt, because they're trying to jam it in, instead of feeling the moment and like.... getting into it. lol.

  10. Regarding #2, when I joined the army, we received a demonstration. So the assumption is there, that guys don't get taught how to wash properly!

  11. Yes. It was too big and he only* knew one speed: Jack hammer. Other than that, he would have been perfect. I tried talking to him about it, but he would always have to end it drilling me despite my cries of pain.

  12. That’s my upstairs neighbor and he never brings home the same girl twice. I’ve yelled through the ceiling about his performance several times because you can hear everything once he starts going. It sounds like his bed is breaking through the floor like SLAMSLAMSLAM and the women are often complaining loudly. He seems like a jerk. I’ve lived by my share of noisy sex neighbors before and kept my mouth shut, but this one is consistently awful to his ladies.

  13. Yes, I have. Because he never fucking washed it. It took me a few dates to catch on, but after the second time I went to go down on him and ... everything... was all still there from the day before, I decided I was out.

  14. My wife had an ex where she used to have to play the "sexy shower game" but it was really just the "wash your dick" game. I'd like to give a shout-out to that guy for setting the bar so low that all I have to do is wash it.

  15. A scary thing about the entire thread is how common men that don't wash their penises are. Ick.

  16. As a man, it is fcking gross. I wash it everyday. And I wash my penis before I have sex too, for my health and my gf's health.

  17. My sister once broke up with a guy she'd been dating (and sleeping with) for about a month. Apparently, she'd never really LOOKED at his penis (sex in dark rooms). She knew he had a tattoo on his penis, but didn't know what it said until she finally went down on him.

  18. Don’t know if this counts but a guy asked me out and like 10-15 min after I said yes he spammed me 10 pics of his dick so I never talked to him again and he told my mom I was ignoring him

  19. I have an unusual story for this. Over 20 years ago I was set up with a Guatamalan guy some friends of mine knew. We went out and I figured I would never hear from him again. He was way out of my league in the looks department. To my surprise he asked me out again.

  20. My sister broke up with a dude because his junk was to big. I overheard a conversation when she was telling my mother why she is not seeing him anymore. I laughed when I heard my dad in the background say Jesus Christ.

  21. Yes, because, despite him claiming to shower twice a day and “roll the skin back and clean myself properly”, I was getting really bad UTIs and other infections. Dude refused to use condoms because they “removed the sensation” so it was bacteria city for me.

  22. Here the bad breath guy, I wash my teeth every day multiple times, some time ago I keep noticing the bad smeel so went to my doctor, I have one hole where tonsil stones get accumulated, he said it was easy, just clean it properly and then close it and I will be all good, then he gave me a date for the procedure at the end of 2023

  23. He said that he had showered the hour prior (he did in fact, his hair was still damp) and somehow he still smelled of borderline infection and had cheese. He was also expecting to get some, hence the shower.

  24. One of the main reasons I left my ex husband is because his penis only lasted for 2 minutes and I never climaxed. The other reason was he put his penis in his manager.

  25. Micro penis. I was willing to work with it until he refused to get me off in other ways ie toys, going down on me or a good Ole fashion finger bang. How selfish can you be?!

  26. Lol I had a co worker that had trouble one night we was pretty wasted at a bar when he came back from the bathroom with a girl and she looked mortified so we started harassing him all of a sudden he whips out a horse cock and was like this is why I can’t get laid

  27. A guy I went to school with had a huge horse dick. I didn't know him personally but heard that he was a genuinely nice guy but he just couldn't keep a girlfriend or they really struggled because it was pretty much impossible with 95% of girls. He was THAT big. Like, scary big. One of my close friends was kinda of seeing him but she told me it was big and I was like... OK and she got serious and was like, I'm not kidding. It's the size of my forearm. Idk if it really was but she was clearly intimidated bc she chose to discontinue the budding relationship.

  28. I once dodged a guy after getting into his bed, he was packing a very large piece. I didn’t want to have trouble walking for the next week. It terrified me and he didn’t have his pants off yet. 10/10 didn’t regret.

  29. I mean if someone whipped out a horse cock in front of me, I'd have some questions. Like, where did you get a horse cock, and what happened to the horse?

  30. Not exactly the same problem but my friend was a virgin when she got married. They tried but could not consummate on their honeymoon and were very worried and embarrassed. She finally got up the nerve to ask me about my first time, how much it hurt, and how long it hurt. He could not get it in. He was ramming into the hymen of steel. They tried a lot but he was unable to get in. We finally talked her into going to the Dr to open her up surgically and they proceeded to have success. Whoohoo!

  31. Guy I went on a couple dates with disclosed to me he had phimosis. No big deal as my son had the same condition and I felt like, we treated my sons condition, why would this be a problem? He goes on to say that he’s always refused treatment and as such, his foreskin wouldn’t retract at all. Very unfortunate but the more I thought about it, the more questions I had. I asked him “so you’ve never washed the head of your penis?” And he said very candidly, no he never had. The actual thought of touching a penis that had never been washed made me (still makes me) fairly nauseous and couldn’t imagine allowing that thing near my vagina or mouth. Just nope! Ended things before we got serious because, nope!

  32. My first boyfriend had phimosis and had never retracted his foreskin once in his life. I didn’t know a penis wasn’t supposed to taste like rancid garbage till my next boyfriend came along.

  33. I wouldnt say this was the reason, but my husband and I are getting divorced and his lack of regard for my comfort during sex and me never enjoying sex with him is a big reason. His penis size is pretty big and he ignores me when I ask him to slow down, stop during certain positions. He has caused actual pain or tears or really uncomfortable friction, a lot of it would be helped if I was turned on but just his lack of responsiveness to my requests for comfort combined with the size mismatch is awful. It feels violating, plain and simple. He would act annoyed.

  34. A schoolmate of mine was complaining about him not being able to keep a girl after sex. I asked him what they did when having sex.

  35. Dated a dude with erectile dysfunction. He was mid 20s I was 19 & I thought I'd be cool with it. He was very upfront about it before we were official but then completely ignored it after called those "lower chakra" issues and that he was more focused on our minds. Almost 2 years in and he has NO issue getting it up to masturbate, and quickly got soft around me and it gave me a lot of confidence issues. He didn't want to get into toys or even discuss work arounds.

  36. After reading this thread, and as a man who regularly washes his penis… what the actual fuck guys?

  37. yeah i mean.... that's like one of my favorite body parts, why the hell would i not keep it properly oiled and lubed. and its not like its hard or complicated. its fucking soap.

  38. It wasn't really the size of it. It was just the fact that his size made him really insecure. Therefore he didn't trust me because he thought, I'd cheat on him with someone with a bigger d... He wasn't even that small. Just below average. I wouldn't have noticed if he hadn't been so obsessed with his penis size. It got so bad that he started checking my phone to make sure I wasn't cheating.

  39. My ex's dick being too big (girth-wise) wasn't the reason we broke up, but the difficulty it caused in the bedroom definitely played a role

  40. Everyone asking what you mean and I feel like I do bc I’ve seen one “triangle” shaped, for me it was suuuper thick at the bottom and super skinny at the top making it look like a long triangle 🤣

  41. Were they like, large and protruding and gross? Men can get ‘fordyce spots’ which are small and harmless bumps they have for life, they look a bit like pimples sometimes but generally just small bumps of skin. Hope the poor guy didn’t just have those!

  42. Yes. He had really bad hygiene. He would ask me to go down on him and he was uncircumcised so I would go roll the skin down and boom- the smell of a public bathroom would hit me in the face. I always got so mad because really? How dare you even ask?!

  43. Because his penis was sprayed with cologne. Why tf do I want toxic cologne inside my body. Like just take a shower instead of hiding your dick stink with perfume.

  44. Never understood that. Like...you're gonna be tasting the cologne AND dirty skin. First it's going to taste like bitter alcohol and then reveal whatever gunk you have down there.

  45. Not me, but a sexually liberated friend of mine in college briefly had a fling with a student from Iraq whom virtually everyone disliked because he was very rude, a fascist, and a poli sci major. My friend didn't care about any of that - what bothered her was that his manhood was, in her words, potato-shaped; small on the tip, very wide in the middle, and small at the root. It was apparently such a jarring disparity in proportions that she couldn't find much joy in playing with it.

  46. My favourite part of your story is that being a political science major appears to be as unappealing as being a rude fascist.

  47. My friend was constantly being broken up with very quickly by almost every woman (or not getting callbacks after hooking up) We finally got a frank answer from one, after he attempted dating one of my wife's bestie.

  48. I remember a thread years back where a guy mentioned that he used to have a micropenis but a doc discovered it was normal size, just not descended and he had it repaired. And then another guy on the thread who said he had a micro penis started talking with him and apparently they dm-ed for the second guy to get the doc's info. I always wondered how things turned out.

  49. I knew a guy in college - bartender at a local bar - and that was about how big he was. How did I know? He slept with like every one of my friends.

  50. Homie still must have lots of confidence if he’s constantly being broken up with meaning he’s constantly getting laid. good for him lol

  51. Sucks. I don’t think I’m strong enough mentally to deal with that. I would probably just stay single.

  52. I've had female friends say that they broke up with guys with the "baby carrot" description as well as the pinky raise.

  53. I dated a guy with a micro penis. We tried, but he couldn’t stay hard either. It wouldn’t have been so bad but he would panic and have a meltdown over it, and I was like, “Dude, calm down. It’s okay. We can do other things.”

  54. I once had to stop seeing a guy who was way too big. I know men love thinking having a massive penis is great but honestly too big is unbearable. That guy would defo make some serious money as a porn star though, so hats off to him. Just not for me though.

  55. I have never understood this but when I’ve told men your dick is perfect to me I MEAN IT. Like one of my ex’s had THE PERFECT penis - it was beautifully curved and hit the g spot everytime but he was offended that I wasn’t gushing at how big it was - like they hurt, it’s not sexy it’s only impressive to other men

  56. I broke up with my ex fiance because his dick fell into another woman and caught the clap. He was meh in bed (which I could live with) but what ended it was the other woman and the irresponsibility that got him an STD.

  57. So, to sum up most of the comments: men with little dicks get broken up with not because of the size, but because they don’t even bother to get their girlfriends/wives off any other way. And guys with big dicks have ego problems who also don’t try to get girls off any other way and think that the porn way of just hammering away is enough because they have a huge dick.

  58. Yes, because it took him too long to finish. Like an hour plus. I'm sure there's someone out there who wants that, but I don't have the time or vaginal fortitude for it.

  59. I have this issue because of SSRIs. Fortunately, my SO is very understanding and we've re-evaluated what it means for sex to be fun. Once she assured me that it was okay if I wasn't able to finish, it actually made it easier to finish because there wasn't a mental pressure to do so. I was able to relax better, which made everything come more naturally.

  60. Sort of. I didn't care about the size, but he REALLY did and overcompensated in other areas to such an extent I felt incredibly smothered.

  61. Not because of his penis, but more the fact he had a micro penis, and yet wouldn't perform oral sex on me because I was a week overdue for a wax, and he had a terrible personality in general. Basically he had more dick in his personality than his pants. It you're not willing to do anything to ensure I'm enjoying myself, and you have like nothing in your pants, and you're not enjoyable to hang out with, then I'm out.

  62. I had a similar experience. When erect, his penis curved downward and towards the back - imagine a banana, the curve was similar (I think it’s called ventral curving) - and reverse cowgirl was literally the only position that could be done without pain for either of us, and even that was tricky. The whole performance just lost any degree of intimacy (which is important to me) and didn’t seem worth it.

  63. I am one of four brothers. The three other brothers are hung like horses and it was talked about and recognized in school. I have an average size penis. Whenever I was lucky enough to get with a girl I was met with disappointment and I don’t think they were wanting a big one from a satisfaction standpoint, they were just disappointed because they wanted to see the beer can show. Next thing you know people think I have a small dick. When compared to those three hung son of a bitches, yea. Didn’t really care then, don’t care now. The obsession with big dicks and huge tits is silly.

  64. No but oddly enough, this one man I dated had the smallest penis I have personally encountered. Like, too small for doggystyle cus he can’t get past the cheeks. But I would cum every time from missionary because I would just basically feel him grinding on my clit, almost like we were scissoring. Lol.

  65. I dated the nicest man who treated me with so much kindness and respect. It was such a fairytale type of relationship, everything I could've wanted... Still want in a partner... BUT his dick was TOO BIG. Like... I just could NOT deal with it. Sex was super painful every single time because it was just too big. 8 years later and it's still the biggest dick I've ever seen in my whole life. I still wonder how he's doing but not because I want his big dick lmfao

  66. Doesn't help now, but for the future or for any huge guys reading this, they have something called the Ohnut now, thats stackable bumpers for the guy so you aren't getting slammed in the cervix and they dont have to worry so much about how deep they are going. Saves a lot of relationships!

  67. Can confirm. I’ve masturbated, fell asleep, didn’t shower the next morning. Yep, it stinks bad, really nasty.

  68. I briefly dated a girl in college that was very petite. I am in no way anything other than very average in the size dept. We didn’t rush things, we were dating maybe a couple of months before we got to the “physical” stuff beyond just making out. I was already pretty experienced, so the first time we took our time, warmed things up, plenty of foreplay etc. she was “ready”. Things were slick and good. She had even climaxed a few times during the foreplay. I put on a condom, and proceeded. She was sooooo small that I could barely get the tip in. Didn’t force, just kinda left it there and gently applied slow pressure. Nothing. I could not get any progress without feeling like I would hurt her. And no, she wasn’t a virgin, she had a BF in HS that she had slept with pretty often, apparently. Finally she just said “Make. It. Go. In!” . So I did, with all that I had….then cue the screaming! Plot twist…I was the one screaming. I had never felt that intense of a pain in my life. It hurt sooooo bad. I don’t know “what” exactly happened, even 20 years later. Best I could figure that I was just physically too much for her and I had pinched or bent it some weird way. We broke up a few days later. It was more so mutual. She was embarrassed and mortified that she hurt me and I just felt terrible that I couldn’t give her what she wanted. I’ll think about it every now and then when I see questions like this or hear stories like mine. I think her BF in HS must have been tiny as well.

  69. Probably vaginismus and she didn't know it. Some vaginas also seem to close up for a bit after orgasms and need time to relax the muscles. Source: I have one

  70. I was having ED issues in my early 20s. Went to dr. He too said it’s mentally. Started dating a different girl, told her about my issue. She suggested getting a second opinion. I did. Few dr appointments later found out I had a benign tumor on my brain that actually caused the issue. Just took a daily low does pill tumor is gone, o more issues.

  71. I'm imagining a penis that detaches itself at night at wanders the streets looking for strange, like the hand from Addams Family lmao

  72. Yes, it didn’t work. We were young and in our early 20’s and it was kind of just a summer thing. He avoided using it for a while and was really focusing on my “needs” and while it was appreciated, a girl can only receive head for so long and so many times before you’ve got jelly cooch and can’t feel anything. (I once fell asleep while he was going down on me). When we finally (attempted) to take it all the way, it was difficult and awkward and overall not very good. He couldn’t maintain and I was never able to show my moves. I wanted to get him off for once. In a normal relationship I’d have a conversation about what was happening, but I knew he was a functioning alcoholic with a porn addiction. He’d drink till 5-6AM when I had class the next day. He was a sweet guy but his limp dick sealed the deal on knowing it wasn’t going to work out.

  73. That doesn't sound like a problem with his dick. More of a problem with his personality and addiction. Still good reasons for you to move on though!

  74. Not exactly broken up cause we weren't actually together but stopped seeing a dude after the first time we attempted sex because he refused to use a condom.

  75. I broke up with a guy because I was 19 and had never seen an uncircumcised penis and I was horrified. I still feel guilty almost a decade later and now knowing what I know about circumcision.

  76. This guy who I was trying to start a fwb thing with, he had an average length but his dick was thin, I'm mean he literally had a pencil down there. But that alone wasn't the issue in the middle of what I think he thought was foreplay, dude gets outa bed, looks at himself In the mirror, and goes "Yeeeaaahhh I'm definitely a grower" and proceeds to stare at his subpar dick for a solid minute before getting back into bed and just sticking it in. I've been with small men before and they are usally aware and make up for it in other ways, but oh boy the arrogance was a deal breaker, he even had the nerve to ask if he was the best I'd ever had after i didnt even bother to fake finishing. Worst experience ever.

  77. As a lesbian, I also have broken up with a man because of his penis. I mean, I didn’t know I was a lesbian yet when it happened, but still.

  78. One of my mates said before "I haven't got a big dick, but I've got 18 stone behind it to push it in!" Proper made me laugh that!

  79. No not unless he used it to cheat. I once dated a man with, by medical definition, had a micro penis. Really the only way we could have sex was with me on top, which was never a problem. I did break things off with him but not because of his penis. I think men tend to worry more about their dicks and what they think women think about their dicks, than any woman I've ever known.

  80. Had a female friend tell me that she broke up with guy I asked about that she had been dating because he had (and I quote) “such a short fat dick that it reminded her of a can of beans…” to which I burst out laughing.

  81. Very tiny, but that wasn’t the problem. The problem was that he didn’t know how to use any other part of his body to please me

  82. I dated a girl for a while who broke up with me, but remained good friends afterward. About 6 months later she is dating a new guy and we're catching up and she drops this little tidbit. She tells me that she broke up with me not because my penis is too long, but rather because it was too thick. According to her it was refreshing having sex with the new guy and not feel like she was loosing her virginity every single time. Talk about feeling flattered, insulted and sorry all at once. To her credit she also told her girlfriends why she broke up with me. Over the months that followed I got a lot of calls from her girlfriends wanting to go out, and like an idiot I thought they found me attractive or interesting. All they wanted was confirmation.

  83. Not the size- but the refusal to acknowledge his size. Wearing the wrong sized condom and having it fall off mid sex isn’t exactly fun

  84. I'm reminded how NASA had to change the 'small' and 'large' astronaut suit cups to 'large' and 'XL' because astronauts refused to take the small.

  85. When I broke up with my previous boyfriend at 19, I decided to have a few hook ups since I had only ever been in long(ish) relationships at that point.

  86. Almost got there…. Then saw he had genital warts and noped outta there double quick…. Not seen him in 20 years… hope he got it sorted before trying to bang some other poor soul!

  87. Yes I have. I dated a guy who's penis smelled exactly like uncooked Kraft Mac and Cheese, no matter how much he washed it. The first time it was extraordinarily off putting but after the second time I figured maybe he just never washed it and I told him I couldn't do it. Another day, we showered together and I saw him wash it, like properly with soap and scrubbing. 20 minutes later in the bed it again smelled like uncooked mac and cheese and I just couldn't do it. The next day I broke up with him and said that we just wouldn't work out, I never told him that it was actually because his dick smelled like mac and cheese...

  88. It was about the penis in a way. But the attitude about it was worse. A true micro penis situation. Instead of figuring out different ways to make it work (I wasn’t judging I really liked this guy) he made it about me “being difficult to maneuver because he’s used to petite women” I was 5’11” and around 175 at the time. I ghosted him after that comment.

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