What's the best videogame ever?

  1. For it was goldeneye. Then battlefront 2 on the PS2 version. I'd look to the window and it was daylight and everyone was asleep. And I'd start another.....

  2. There was just something special about walking into a store, selecting a game off the shelf, heading to the basement and immersing yourself in a liminal world with your friends playing with you on the same screen. Kind of funny how once TVs finally got big, split-screen games went away.

  3. Halo 3 for me. Probably because I grew up with it more than that CE and 2 but the campaign In 3 is just perfect and the multiplayer/custom games I could play for eternity

  4. finally, someone with the correct answer. new season of project diablo just started a few days ago as well.

  5. both of these games are great, neither has endless replay value, but they are solid experiences nonetheless. Also HK-47 is the best...

  6. Absolutely. The bright & joyful color palate, the perfectly paced score, the variety of powerups and Yoshi combinations…I don’t think I’ve sunk more hours into any one game than Super Mario World

  7. I'm not massively into videogames but my bf is. He was in tears of awe any time he mentioned Chrono Trigger so I gave it a try: I'm absolutely mind blown! It stands the test of time so well. Utter masterpiece!

  8. Chrono Trigger was great. one of my earliest entries into the jrpg genera. Super Mario RPG is a close 2nd. Played the hell outa that as a kid.

  9. Underground or whatever the one is with you and your dickhead best friend go to become pro skaters together and make a skate vid jumping over a helicopter

  10. To this day, I can’t listen to Guerrilla Radio by Rage Against The Machine without thinking of the hilariously butchered cut that was in the THPS2 N64 version.

  11. I think this is truly the right answer. A lot of the other video games here are great, but almost all of them have aged or will age to a point where people will have a hard time appreciating them. Some of them require some sort of cultural context that isn't always going to be universal. Tetris doesn't suffer from any of that. I truly believe that 1000 years from now, people are going to still be playing Tetris. in fact, I think if we ever make extraterrestrial contact, Tetris could be one of the first culturally important exchanges the same way Chess was culturally exchanged along the Silk Road.

  12. I’ll have to disagree with that criteria because red dead redemption 2 is one of the best games I’ve ever played and I sobbed like a child when I finished it.

  13. Care for a round of Gwent? Great game! And next-gen update is around the corner. Looking forward to 4K Passiflora girls... I mean 4K Gwent tournament.

  14. Just started yesterday, I get that there’s lots of little side quests but is there an overarching story with Dutch and black water that I need to complete? I’m just finding random things to do in valentine rn

  15. Yess seriously. I’m not sure if I would say it’s the absolute #1, although I don’t know what I would put over it. The attention to detail, storyline and overall world are all stunning.

  16. WHAT A GAME. What an impact. What an ENDING. If I could, I would absolutely play it again for the first time. I love Arthur, fuck Micah!

  17. This is a very good answer. A masterpiece of atmosphere and almost impossible to overstate how much influence this game had on the genre.

  18. THANK YOU. I was hoping to find this here. Such great music, the ending had me going, I can’t imagine a better Metroid game.

  19. I’m biased but FF7 was the first game I played that wasn’t a run, jump, shoot platformer. It opened my eyes that games could be these massive adventure stories with complex characters. And, my god, the music.

  20. 20 years ago when the original and RCT2 came out, my parks were some of the most downloaded parks on the internet. I was once considered legendary. But that was a long time ago.

  21. Hard to say this is better than the best games that influenced it (ie Super Metroid...) But yeah this game is an utter masterpiece of atmosphere, minimalist storytelling, and rewarding progression towards mastery.

  22. I argue this all the time -- Infinite is good and all, but 1 and 2 are absolute masterpieces. Spend enough time between replays and you can forget some of the twists. Infinite, not so much.

  23. The made so many great choices to make a good game that ended up making it a great one. Got a cave? Well, if something goes off in one direction, there is 99% chance there is a chest or loot over there. Beat the big bad guy in that cave? Well, here is a hidden door that gets you right back to the entrance!

  24. It's impressive how poorly Goldeneye aged. Even Nightfire is way more playable now. But whatever, just slap 'em.

  25. BroShep isn't bad, but there's just something about FemShep that really takes the whole thing to another level. Jennifer Hale does an amazing job voice acting Shepard.

  26. Batman Arkham Asylum, I actually prefer it to Arkham City, the claustrophobia and the horror side of things in it is brilliant. That and Kevin Conroy/Mark hamill are superb in it

  27. My favorite game is City, but I LOVE the gothic style of asylum, my heart is always racing in Killer Crocs lair everytime I play

  28. If I think back on my long video gaming timeline this is the game I distinctly remember in the middle of the campaign thinking to myself how special it was.

  29. It really is something to behold. A game that knowingly punishes you repeatedly and pushes you to try new things, break old habits and explore every inch of its world to figure out the story. By the end of it you feel a sense of accomplishment that nearly no other type of game will leave you with.

  30. Resident Evil 4 (at time of release). The step up from 3-4 was incredible. What a game. Can't wait for the remake.

  31. Love the fallout series- 3 was my first true love in video games. New Vegas and 4 have been great as well! However, I think Skyrim is the most replayed game for me. Absolutely incredible with so many different ways to play.

  32. I think Outer Wilds has the highest percentage of players who played it and regard it as their favorite game of all time

  33. let’s be honest, despite Bethesdas bullshit it’s gotta be Skyrim. every thanksgiving weekend I start a new campaign and it’s a blast.

  34. While other games have been better individually I want to say Warcraft 3, not only was the game great but it's story and energy and world editor built so much more, with the world editor hundreds of games were made for fans of all sorts of genres, wow was greenlit off its back and was successful because of the world it built, hell riot games exists in part because of wc3 and its multiplayer game Dota Allstars

  35. At home gaming had the crash. Arcades were doing just fine, took about 15 years before arcades started going out of business and home gaming was the biggest factor.

  36. I really love Resident Evil 4. It’s the only one in the series I’ve ever played, and my first play through was amazing. The replay always holds up. New game plus is super fun. Lots of technique to get into for speed running if you’re into that.

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