What's the most disgusting thing you've seen someone do with no shame ?

  1. Working customer service at Walmart I once had a customer take off her very worn, very smelly shoes and put them on the counter looking for a refund because the insole in one of them was coming apart. It was a brand we hadn't even carried in four or five years.

  2. And I bet they refunded her too. My manager refunded a shit filled blanket someone’s kids had destroyed that we didn’t even sell once.

  3. I worked at a department store that rhymes with Coals and an older woman returned shoes that REEKED of piss. Our policy was we had to find a way to return it. So I had to open the shoe up put it close to my face and look for a number on the inside, and lucky me I found it. The shoes were like 6 years old, found on her credit card. I refunded them for like 40 bucks. The woman stayed totally straight faced the whole time and went on her merry way.

  4. It was my uncles wedding day and his wife was just getting ready to walk down the aisle. One of the guests in the wife's family decided to stand up and show off his johnson. There were kids there and he got kicked out trying to play it off as a joke.

  5. Wow that’s one of those weird things you might have an intrusive thought about. Like how fucking crazy would it be if I whipped out my dong during this wedding. Except this guy did it.

  6. First that comes to mind, working at a casino, there was this one lady who smoked SO much, she complained the servers weren't bringing her new ash trays often enough, started ashing on her tongue. One time I watched her put out a cigarette butt on the machine, then fucking eat it

  7. Years ago at one of my first gigs, we were just waiting outside the bar in a small lane until it was time for us to go on stage. There was this woman there who was about 35 but looked way older and probably hadn't been sober in a very long time. At one stage she proceeded to throw up in between swigs from her beer bottle. In her vomit there were lots of cigarette stumps. She'd been finishing people's beer bottles where they'd chucked in their cigarettes.

  8. I saw this guy get up in the middle of a bus ride multiple times and switched seats. I noticed he smelled urine, and when he got off I noticed all the seats he sat on were moist/wet. He also took out a big tub of vaseline during the ride and slathered his entire face and neck with it.

  9. Saw a guy jacking off on a city bus right near 3 kids. The dad of the kids went over and literally dragged the guy to the door and threw him out the exit while the bus was moving. He totally deserved it tho

  10. I generally don’t condone violence as a response. But without thinking through it too much….I’m kind of okay with this.

  11. Something about train stations. I watched someone walking down the train platform stop dead in their tracks (ha pun), then proceed to shake an enormous log out their pant leg and kick it into the track/pit. It smeared on his shoe and not a single fuck was given…

  12. Wow. I thought it was bad when I witnessed a woman hike up her dress at the perfume counter and proceed to spray sample perfume on her cooch.

  13. A guy walked into the restaurant I was working in, tried to open the door going to the store room and realized it wasn't a bathroom. He then proceeded to pee on the door right in front of people eating at the table near it then walked out.

  14. I was on a commuter train that broke down for about 20 minutes. Sitting across from me were a brother and sister, probably about 12-13. Their dad was next to me. The kids started licking each other's faces, then picking each other's noses. Dad was totally unfazed. Yeah. Had to find another seat before I threw up.

  15. saw a customer at work sneeze into his hand full of change and give it to my coworker. i didn’t have time to warn her tho

  16. Worked at a burger place, we had some right dirty regulars and twice they paid their bill in coins. Just dumped these dirt covered filthy moist coins into my hand.

  17. At my old job we use to have units, and a bathroom in the office on the units, generally used by everyone (except one guy) for just number 1. We would cover if someone had to go off unit for number 2. no problem. This was a unwritten rule.

  18. Smoke electrical tape, the black plastic stuff. Rolled a small cigarette sized tube and 2 guys smoked it, lit it, blew out the flame, and inhaled over and over. They rolled a giant cone right after. Me and another buddy told them that we couldn’t believe they we smoking tape. They laughed and said they couldn’t believe we weren’t. Quite disgusting.

  19. Ok so once I had a patient who was in the ICU after suffering a brain bleed (subarachnoid hemorrhage) from a ruptured cerebral aneurysm. She was a BIG smoker and obviously couldn’t smoke in the hospital. She was also a big drinker, couldn’t drink in the hospital, and the location of her aneurysm and therefore most of her brain dysfunction was in the frontal lobe area. Frontal lobe injury causes disinhibition and people just generally act totally nutty. So all these things combined made her totally delirious and wild.

  20. On a boy scout camping trip, we rolled up newspaper and smoked it by the fire. Fucking rancid. Another time, we dried dandelion leaves, crumbled them up, and rolled them into joints. It may have just been a placebo, but we swore that one actually gave us a buzz similar to cannabis. Teenagers are fucking stupid.

  21. I work with this guy who has a skin condition, not sure what it is I don’t think even he knows tbh because he’s the type of person who will not go to the doctors. Anyway fair enough he’s got a skin condition where it’s flakey.

  22. As a person who has to manage dandruff, this is my worst fear. My dandruff is controllable, but I hate when I can see it on my collar, or the back of my fabric office chair. I couldn’t imagine it being all over my dashboard.

  23. I do IT work and there’s a guy just like this. Our office cubes have multiple computers in them. He’s an overweight guy that needs a fan on his desk.

  24. I'd interviewed a guy and decided to hire him but first, wanted to see how he drove so I suggested lunch, I'd buy. Off we went, took his truck. Kept it reasonably clean, drove proficiently, decent table manners. Good representative for the company if it ever came to it. So I paid and we pile back into his truck, me, foreman, another guy and as we're getting back (2 lane road country-ish), he swerved expressly to hit an armadillo and laughed like a hyena. We got back, my foreman glanced my way, and I shook my head imperceptibly. He nodded in agreement. So we told the guy we had a couple more people to interview (we didn't) and that was that. Occasionally still think back and wonder, why on Earth? An inoffensive critter and he went out of his way to kill it. Not our kind of people.

  25. I hit a squirrel(tried not to) a couple weeks ago and was on and off upset about it for a day. Logically, I understand it happens when you're driving, but I can't imagine being happy about killing anything.

  26. Reminds me of the time a guy in a truck swerved into my lane to hit a rabbit crossing the road. Pumped his fist in the air when he hit it too. Freaking psycho.

  27. Who tf would do that when the people they are trying to get employed by are also in the car? On top of being a psycho, apparently, hes an idiot too.

  28. Some people are just cruel. There was a guy who lived a few towns over from me that had a reputation for intentionally hitting dogs and cats with his car. If they were even close to the road he would try to hit them. Eventually he killed the wrong persons dog and they stabbed him to death.

  29. When I was 17 or 18, I was in my buddy's truck...he'd taken some back neighborhood roads to get to wherever we were headed, and there was a dog that was clearly a pet and was older and was crossing...my buddy had to tap on the brakes to avoid the dog (that's it), but instead, he sped up and hit it. I'll never forget looking in the side view mirror and seeing the dog's neck clearly broken...he wouldn't stop. Said it was too stupid to deserve to live. I just don't know how people like that live with themselves

  30. Yeah, I don’t blame you. That’s a good example of someone showing you exactly who they are. Good thing you took heed of what you observed.

  31. I am an ER nurse. I have seen some disgusting shit. I am about to ruin your mind. Seriously stop reading now if you don’t want to be utterly horrified.

  32. I drinking partner I once knew was very much a "shock and awe" kinda fella. He would come out with the most insane stuff but was incredibly funny and intelligent. My opinion changed on the last adjective when he went to the men's room and came out with one of the yellow urinal cakes that help keep the piss stench down. He put it in his mouth and ate it. to this day I don't know hwy he did it but it was just really weird and disgusting.

  33. The only reasonable explanation is that it was a joke urinal cake. Otherwise, good god. I hope he got you with a very real joke version. I'm gonna Google if they exist.

  34. I watched a middle-aged man take his shoes off and clip his toenails onto the floor in a waiting area at Logan airport. From the phone conversation he was having at the same time, it appeared that he was a mental health professional.

  35. Jeez, is it bad that I immediately went "Oh, that's not that bad compared to some of the other stuff in this thread - easy to clean up and not too stinky"???

  36. I’m a hospice/palliative care nurse. I worked for a company that had med/surg home health as well. I picked up a couple m/s pts to get OT.

  37. Yeah, that one was intentional. She was some sort of shitting exhibitionist and wanted you to see. Sorry you had to deal with that.

  38. After doing community nursing I can see why some people never leave home. No one else can tolerate them!! Majority of people are fine. The disgusting old lady who screamed at me to "just do the bandages you do what I say" and demanded that I sit on her filthy, cat poo covered floor can go jump.

  39. I can’t really say ‘no shame’ here since the person was homeless, but I was in NYC and saw a man eating a live rat on the subway. The way the rat screamed was horrible and I don’t know why he didn’t just kill it first if he HAD to eat it…?

  40. I was gonna say the guy who sprayed shit all over our stack of budweiser 12 packs in our "alcohol nook" at a gas station I used to work at, but I think he felt shame, b/c on the cctv we saw him desperately holding his stomach as he tried waiting for the bathroom to free, and he at least tried to hide in the nook when he couldn't hold it any longer. So, instead my answer is this: my 2 best friends in high school dipping their cigarettes in deet bug spray before smoking them while we were on a camping trip, hoping to catch a buzz. During a road trip, the same 2 friends got in a fight over who was gonna huff the last puff from a can of air duster. I did not partake in these shenanigans. I will never understand huffing toxic chemicals.

  41. Had a friend when I was a kid who huffed a whole can of axe body spray through a sock one time. Said he couldn't feel his face for a few hours that day even after the buzz wore off.

  42. I was having some bongs with a friend a year or so back and my step dad bought some friends over for some RnR. One of his mates who we will call Drongo asked me if he could have a cone and I then said that was ok. Drongo then rips his cone looks at me then proceeds to drink the very dirty bong water like it was a normal thing to do. Never saw Drongo again after that awkward encounter

  43. At a music festival, walking past a garbage bin, my buddy walks up to it to throw something in. He looks inside, bends in, comes out again holding half a kebab and goes 'look at what people throw away!' and proceeds to eat it.

  44. I was in the French foreign legion…the first part of basic is called the farm.. they basically fuck with you mentally/physically and starve you and sometimes put food in front of you only to throw it all out because someone made a noise while sitting down. I along with 40 other guys totally ate pasta from a disgusting dumpster that night. When you’re hungry, you don’t care.

  45. Visiting San Fransisco for the first time in my life. We were walking down a busy, crowded street just outside of the city center when I saw a homeless dude sneak into an open stairwell to pinch one off in the corner. I didn't mean to stare... I just couldn't help it.

  46. Market Street, The Tenderloin, The Mission, SOMA, there are so many places where you see so much damage walking around. It takes my breath away sometimes, literally and figuratively.

  47. I'm surprised at the strength of her hair. I'll admit that hair floss was a stupid thing I tried once as a kid (I did this in private not at the dinner table) and the hair just broke.

  48. I saw a drunk guy try and pee between two people on the subway on to the free seat in the middle. Whipped it out and everything. Thankfully one of the passengers nearby was a tough middle-aged black woman who wasn't about to tolerate that shit. Bless her heart, she taught him shame that day, and his pp stayed in his pants until he got out at the next stop.

  49. Several years ago, I lived in an apartment in a low crime, decent part of Seattle. Looked out my 5th floor window to see someone in the alley below us, pull down their pants, pull a pipe and a baggie out of his butt, fill the pipe, and proceed to smoke it

  50. I've seen many disgusting things in life. But one of the most disgusting things I've ever seen in public; was a man digging in to his already exposed butt-crack and swiping like it was a credit card and taking a big whiff. The kind of whiff the Sunggle Bear (from the Snuggle fabric softener commercial) would take when the towels came out of the dryer.

  51. I lived in San Francisco for 17 years. I've seen homeless people giving / gettig blowjobs, shitting on the sidewalk, shooting up, etc. Saw a guy go up to a flock of pigeons, somehow manage to grab one, and seemingly break its neck.

  52. I grew up in a fairly rural area and spent my twenties living in major cities. The first time you see someone get up to something strange really hits you. It's hard to describe to family without sounding like you're insane for living somewhere where that kind of thing happens. Fun stories though.

  53. Pigeons are not at all difficult to catch. They basically have two modes of awareness: “La-La-La, everything’s fine” and “oh, shit!” If you don’t startle them, it’s easy to catch one.

  54. The mother of my childhood friend would chew on the dead pieces of skin she peeled off her feet...pretty sure she watched Austin Powers Goldmember too many times.

  55. I was in Japan at a strip club. I walk into the bathroom and as I turn to a stall I see a naked Japanese man furiously beating off and hysterically laughing. Disgusting, but funny as hell.

  56. I play a game where I always try to guess the first answer in AskReddit threads. I’ve never been right, but I’ve never been so far away from guessing correctly as this story made me

  57. Unarmed security guard at Walmart was wearing sweatpants and had his hand forearm deep inside scratching his dick, balls, and ass. He then removed his hand and smelled his fingers. After that he stopped an old lady to check her receipt and she ran away from him. He seemed unphased. On my way out he asked me "who would win in a fight, xenomorph or predator?".

  58. Change a baby’s diaper on a table in a restaurant, then get indignant when the waitress asked them to use the changing station located in the bathroom. You know, that room for poop away from where people eat.

  59. What have you unleashed? I could have gone my whole life without knowing that a non trivial number of internet people think changing their babies diaper on a restaurant table is an acceptable thing to do

  60. Saw a homeless woman in San Francisco with her pants around her ankles masturbating furiously while the crowd of people getting off work just walked around her.

  61. Very early in the morning, I've seen a man alone, half-naked, standing and masturbating while staring at me walking quickly away from him.

  62. This deserves jail time. You need to report this. This person works directly with a population highly vulnerable to sexual abuse (elderly, disabled). This behavior is not a normal one off type of thing, they test their limits, get a thrill, get away with it, and then escalate.

  63. I was living in China where every expat food item is expensive. We had some guest over one evening (US expats)and I purchased a brand new $10 bottle of salad dressing. He opened it, put some on his salad, then licked the whole rim of the bottle and put it back on the table. My husband and I looked at each other in complete disgust. Who the fuck does that?

  64. Ugh my father in law does this kind of stuff. It’s to the point where I just have to give him his own portion of condiments. The guy will literally lick any serving spoon, butter knife, etc. The worst was when my mom had a group of people over for a small party. He walked up to where the appetizers were, used the serving spoon to put some spinach dip on his plate, licked the rest off the spoon and then stuck it right back in the bowl.

  65. Either the people who post their kids in hospital who are dying. Or once I saw a woman take a shit in the middle of a shopping mall. Squatted down let rip then just pulled her knickers up and left it there. Everyone was just too shocked to speak.

  66. Witnessed the neighbors kid put his hand in his crack dig around for a bit and smell it. He even waved at me with the same hand.

  67. At work, I once witnessed a corporate executive pull half-eaten celery and a container of blue cheese out of the cafeteria trash, proclaim, “love me some trash celery!” and close her office door.

  68. Dip their dick into a girls drink while she was at the bathroom. it was my first week in a new job and this chick used to work there before me. It was a staff night out and she was along for the ride since it had been organised while she was still there. She a bit of a cunt, I'll be honest. But thats still no excuse.

  69. I’m getting very Scottish vibes from this comment for whatever reason. Never even heard of this being a thing.

  70. Good on you, that is the right thing to do. I can bet that when any of those other people recall the story they will feel an element of shame or regret (if they have the ability to empathize), whereas you can rest easy knowing that you did the right thing.

  71. After finding that her husband had been molesting and raping me since I was a young girl, my mother made me at age 15 drive her, without a license or lessons, to see him in the ICU of the jail where he had been beaten up because prisoners don't like child molesters and also he was a weak mouthy coward. She was hysterical and crying when she returned and beat me as I drove home and said "I don't know why youre being so vindictive, all you lost was your virginity!" That's one of the worst, but I've got more. I left "home" at 16.

  72. If I ever saw that piece of shit in real life, I would lay her ass out. Wow. Even prisoners have more of a head on their shoulders

  73. My ex used my daughter as a pawn to hurt me one last time through our divorce and custody case. After I filed for divorce she filed a restraining order and domestic violence thing against me. Both were denied. She kept my daughter from me for 4+ months until our court date because she feared for her and my daughters “safety”. She also accused me of being a drug addict. I passed every drug test and she still refused to let me see my daughter in person. Mind you ,I have no record and have never even gone to jail over night or anything. Over FaceTime, My daughter would cry and beg to see me and come home but her mother would just ignore both of our requests and showed no emotion seeing my daughter cry for me like that. I am so grateful the judge took my side and could see she was just pearl clutching and trying to paint me in a bad light. I’m also grateful I saw my daughters mothers true side, because I felt guilty wanting to divorce her before that. She severed any kind of emotional feeling or connection I had for her. My daughters napping next to me while I write this :) be persistent and never stop fighting for your kids 🖤

  74. Back then when I was a lot younger maybe 19(f), I was at a party and some guys wanted to play a drinking game. Except it wasn't really much of a game, we just had to take a shot whenever someone else did. So my dumbass played this game and got really wasted and apparently threw up and passed out. I had a ride to the party but they also passed out. Next day, I woke up on the couch with a vomit bucket next to me and my pants slightly pulled down and was confused and felt like crap. I had a guy come up and tell me that some guy tried to feel me up and take my pants off while I was passed out and that the "drinking game" was actually them making the girls drink shots of vodka while they drank shots of water so the girls would get wasted and then they could take advantage of them. He said some of the others there who didn't know about the game saw it happening and stopped them but didn't dare try to pull my pants back up. I felt so violated and freaked out and didn't realize naive I was and that some people are truly gross. Well.. I guess technically I didn't "see" this.

  75. I go to AA and NA. A while back there was a small time drug dealer who would come to meetings and seek out women who were in rehab. When these women would leave the meeting to use the restroom he would follow them and offer to get them high for a quick sex session in the restroom. Many of these women were in rehab due to the courts, from jail, or they were trying to get clean and get their kids back. Some of them said yes and almost all who did were found out and kicked out of rehab, sent back to jail, lost the opportunity to get their kids back. This dude was eventually excommunicated from all meetings across the city, like over 250 meetings kicked him out. That is such a rare occurrence but it was very much needed. I couldn’t give less of a shit if he’s still out using. I never say that about anyone but he’s my exception.

  76. I went to school with a woman who has a non verbal autistic daughter. Her daughter is almost 18, but since she was about 11 her and her husband created a YouTube channel to give tips about parenting autistic children. It has hundreds of thousands of followers, and that's great if it's helping people. However, the mom is also in an MLM, and she uses her followers to make even more money with the MLM. I do feel like more and more they've started profiting off of what started as an innocent YouTube channel.

  77. This reminds me of how a speedrunning strategy was discovered for the game SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom. This one speedrunner was able to execute this one trick consistently, a trick which the rest of the community found very difficult and inconsistent to pull off. Expert speedrunners of the game were confused as to how and why it was happening, leading to them initially believing that cheating was involved.

  78. This is more funny than disgusting I guess, seen an older woman shit on the sidewalk on Germantown ave, fall in it, then just laid there in defeat. Its sad looking back on it, but it was funny at the time for how random it was

  79. My BIL let his dog sleep with him in his bed… While she was in heat…. He did it for months.. Blood was all over the mattress, even on his pillow…

  80. In college I lived on a hill behind one of the more popular bars in town. Thursday nights they did karaoke. My roommate had introduced me to a guy he went to camp with the previous summer. This guy was classic college hippie dirty. Didn’t shower, even after spending an entire summer (in the American south no less) sleeping outside. Would fart at any given moment. Participated in guerrilla gardening. The whole nine yards. Well this guy wasn’t much of a drinker. Preferring to sip on ciders. My roommate and I went to the bar and then he told me that garbage boy was coming. I thought well I better go ahead and get a bucket of beers in me so I don’t have to worry about this clown embarrassing me. We’re sitting right near the DJ booth. Garbage boy has had a couple ciders. I’m comfortably toasty thanks to approximately 1.5 buckets of beer. My roommate and garbage boy get up to sing their song. When they come back the DJ comes over to tell them good job or some nonsense like that and knocks garbage boys cider over. The Dj quickly apologizes and retreats. Normally in this kind of situation one would expect a person to do 1 of 2 things. Clean up or throw hands. Garbage boy chooses option c. Option c is to grab some napkins or towels and mop up the spilled cider from the table, wring them out into his glass, and then drink the cider as if it didn’t just wash over the 8th dirtiest table in town.

  81. Bruh I was just gonna say I knew a guy back in uni that would sometimes leave the bathroom after a piss without washing his hands, but the answers here are mental.

  82. Had a dog I had to groom who was sick with cancer. I noticed she wasn’t acting right, I called the owner to let her know that I was concerned the dog needed to go to the vet due to her illness. The owner did not show concern instead she said “oh well, she will be clean when she dies.” Still haunts me.

  83. Buddy of mine took his buddy to a glory hole for his birthday. Dude seriously thought it was a woman on the other side of that hole. He blew his load and walked out with a smile on his face.

  84. Stayed at a hotel with swimming pool. One day i saw a guest shave her legs, cut her nails and scrub her feet in the kids pool. Zero fricks given

  85. Nurse here… once saw a patient start vigorously masturbating out in the open (we didn’t have individual rooms), then go to the cabinet that contained patient meals, touch every single one of them, then grab 4 and scream “fuck y’all, I’m pregnant.”

  86. A girl I went to highschool with had a glass eye. She would pull it out in the middle of class and suck on it and it never fazed her. Traumatized the rest of us.

  87. I was at the pub once and I watched this bloke get up on the table, pull down his pants and piss into his own mouth for a good solid twenty seconds.

  88. My friend committed suicide because she was being bullied for her body type and speech impediment. After she passed and our teacher informed us, one of the girls that had bullied her said it was *my friend’s * fault because she was different and shouldn’t have gone to a public school if she couldn’t handle teasing. I still hate that girl to this day.

  89. A good friend shot himself when I was in the 8th grade after being relentlessly bullied. The last day of his life, he got off our bus and a kid was yelling at him through the window. I didn’t say anything, I was so scared. When we all found out, one of the girls who used to make fun of him screamed out his name like she was mourning and then cracked up laughing. I was sobbing and didn’t do anything. I hated them both for it but still feel so much shame I didn’t do more, thirty years later.

  90. I recently saw a girl on the trolley who’s hair was thickly matted to her head like a helmet, except for the pony-tail sticking out at the back. It was so bad that you could see the open wounds/sores underneath the 1/4-inch-or-so fresh hair-growth where the “helmet” was starting to detach, as well as flakes from where she had been scratching. She was asleep in the seat - it was late at night. I literally felt like the area our seats were in was contaminated.

  91. 11th grade. Ms. Genet’s American History class. I watched my 6’ blonde crush peel the sunburned skin off the back of my 5’1” brunette crush … and fucking eat it. 🤮🤢🤮🤮🤮

  92. Florida, summer, 98 degrees super hot outside. Lady pulls down pants in broad daylight and takes a huge dump on the sidewalk on a busy intersection. Pulls up pants and keeps walking

  93. Okay, not like 4 days ago, as tourist in India, stopping at a highway for a pee break. Go to the toilet, take a piss. On my way to wash my hands I see the dudes (not just one) washing their dicks in the sink. Had to just leave and use sanitary wipes instead.... WTF

  94. Saw a drunk girl pee on a tree that was on a sidewalk right in front of a strip of restaurant patios that were full of people (me being one of those people). It was 6pm in the summer. I couldn't believe how shameless she was.

  95. I caught my cheating wife arranging a fuck-meet with her lover on our 3rd year anniversary while she was sitting next to me on the couch, trying to figure out how she was going to make up a reason to get away for a little while.

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