What’s the female equivalent of being a “tits or ass” man?

  1. What I’ve learned from these comments is that I should never ever worry about what a woman will think about my body, and just do the things I like with it, because no one cares about or agrees on everything

  2. Pretty much. We like what we like and unlike men are less pressured to pretend we like things we don't to be accepted as performing our gender correctly.

  3. Calves is a super male thing to notice on a guy in my experience. I’ve had dozens of dudes compliment me on my calves but never by a girl! Maybe my calves are just homoerotic

  4. Shoulders/chest and ass/legs. I am a shoulders/chest fan myself 🤤 the shape of the collarbone, the slope of the shoulders, the muscles of the shoulders, the nipples... Yeah I'd say that's easily as enticing and distracting to me as a boob man seeing tits.

  5. Girl, I am so with you on the shoulders. I can’t believe it’s this far down. I’m not sure what my “or” would be though.

  6. Ngl I love my gym but a big BIG part of why I stuck around at first was the fact that it’s mostly dudes and shapely muscular bottoms grow on trees there

  7. “I like big butts and I cannot lie, you other sisters can’t deny—when a man walks in with an itty bitty waist and a round thing in your face you get s p r u n g “

  8. I have a flat ass and my wife says she loves it and sometimes when I walk by she says “give me that flat ass” and then smacks it

  9. I can't say I prefer one over the other because it depends on the guy. I dated a guy with a lot of facial hair and it was adorable, but I have exes who are clean shaven and picturing them with facial hair is a no go

  10. They've done studies on this and it's whichever is less common. If beards are common in your area women generally prefer clean shaven and vise versa they think it had to do with diversity or distinction from the norm

  11. That isn't really a viable comparison to tits or ass. Generally, men like tits AND ass, just have a preference to one.

  12. To be fair as a straight guy, rolled up sleeves on a well fitting dress shirt on a guy with suspenders makes me feel things.

  13. No neck, no hands, no shoulders, no forearms, no calves, no butt, no appendages, planes, curves, facial hair, veins or personality traits?

  14. I always heard women talk about "baseball butts", specifically about my male baseball playing friends. Most attention I've gotten has solely been on my arms, and that's been another male feature I've heard my female friends mention a lot. So my vote is Arms and Ass

  15. I play baseball and the girls at my school always stair at our butts during our games when we wear baseball pants. I tailored my pants so it’s tight up there haha. Baseball players also work the glutes and legs more than any other muscles on the body so that helps with the firm booty hahaha.

  16. I didn't know that was a thing! It could explain some odd interactions I've had with women about my hands over the years.

  17. Shoulders, hands, thighs. Admittedly it's not really and either/or for me. I'm bi, and I think both tits AND ass are great. Man butts too. Really any gender of butts, boobs, shoulders, thighs, and hands. People are hot lol

  18. I’m a meatgazer, especially when they are in grey lounge pants/ sweats or 501 button fly jeans. Damn! Anyway…. I also check out hands.

  19. I’m literally sitting here on my couch in gray sweat pants with no underwear, and no shirt, and my wife is staring at my crotch. So, you’re not alone, I guess…

  20. Reminds me of this dude who was really fat but his legs were the legs of gods cuz they had to support his top half lmao

  21. Really? I have a weirdly positioned dick that just naturally makes a very noticeable bulge. Ive always been really insecure about it. But you're saying that's a positive?

  22. I'm a sucker for a well-balanced upper body. Good shoulders, decent but not overdone pecs, and sculpted arms. Abs are also nice.

  23. But how does one find a “big, fat ass cock” it’s not like they’re all that visible most of the time? Is there something I’m missing

  24. Yes, it’s the eyes! For me I don’t care much about the color. I like emotional eyes that can be both soft/sweet and intense/sexy. At different times of course. A nice smile is also a plus. One that shows great hygiene and radiates across the person’s entire face.

  25. Testosterone actually makes eyelashes (well, hair in general) fuller and longer so men tend to have naturally nicer eyelashes than women

  26. I had many girls talk about my ass specially if they seen me in Briefs lol. Don’t be fooled fellah’s Woman are way more perverted than guys. True story

  27. I will literally leap over our coffee table to grab my mans cheeks. It’s so unfair that he’s got a dump truck and I’m flat as a board, but at least one of us gets to enjoy seeing some boootay

  28. That last one is so spot on! I love line cook energy, Bourdain was the perfect example of this- aside from being physically gorgeous.

  29. I just uploaded a video of me doing one leg jump ropes and most of the replies from women were about my ass jiggling.. I didn’t even notice either 😂😂

  30. The fact that there is no universal equivalent should tell you about how simple minded us dudes are in comparison.

  31. What guys are into is way more diverse than the Ass or Tits question makes us seem. Some guys like legs, some like wide hips, some are like really really into women's feet if you can believe it.

  32. All of my wife’s exes are redheads. I asked her if I should be worried since I’m not a redhead. She said no, redheads have a certain personality and your personality is like that. I have no idea what that means but that’s fine by me!

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