Who got away with murder that should be in prison right now?

  1. I just listened to a podcast about James Lewis, the prime suspect in the Tylenol murders. Some context: in 1982, 7 people died from taking Tylenol that had been tainted with cyanide. Lewis was convicted of writing a note to Tylenol’s parent company, Johnson & Johnson, taking credit for the murders and demanding money make it stop, but he was never charged with the actual murders and was released from jail in 1995.

  2. If you aren’t familiar with that time in the 1980’s it was a bit scary. Someone, and then many someones, tampered with over the counter medications poisoning many people.

  3. I think we listened to the same podcast lol. This man was straight up terrible, can't believe he was never caught or charged with any murder. Hopefully he's being fed cyanide by the devil every day.

  4. So, unfortunately the Canadian legal system really screwed the families of the victims in this situation. I have to presume that the plea deal must've been iron clad and irrevocable. I'll do a long story short.

  5. I sincerely hope she spends the rest of her miserable life looking over her shoulder; I still don’t understand why her plea deal wasn’t vacated when they found the tapes that revealed she was a gleeful participant in every crime Paul brought home

  6. I remember watching a special on her on W5 or other investigative reporting show and she went back to their house of horrors and she chose to dress as a schoolgirl.

  7. Issei Sagawa. Japanese guy who was obsessed with cannibalism of white women. Was studying in France, lured a fellow student over to study and have dinner. He killed her and ate her. Was caught but due to weird law technicalities between France and Japan on extradition and stuff, he got to walk free. Still is, living back in Japan.

  8. Legal system failed. I guess nobody with any judicial power cares enough about this issue to try this guy a 2nd time retroactively? What a disgrace.

  9. I enjoy true crime, horror movies, etc. and generally have a strong stomach for that kind of thing. I listened to a podcast about Junko's case and actually wanted to throw up. That shit is nightmare fuel.

  10. That case was absolutely horrific. In my opinion, there’s some crimes committed by juveniles who should be charged and tried as adults and this is one of them. Same as the juvenile in Jyoti Singh’s case (Mohammed Afroz), who was reported to do some of the worst acts. Revolting human.

  11. When the seaorg people ask me if I want to take their personality tests, I respond with "if Shelly is the admin" and then they ignore me.

  12. One theory i heard was not that she's dead but she has an obvious medical condition that according to scientology you're supposed to be able to cure if your high enough level. It looks bad if the leader's wife has a thing your preaching is curable so they keep her hidden.

  13. For the first time ever, I saw fucking Scientology commercials on TV recently. Starring David Miscavige. Like...wtf? I was yelling, "Where's your wife?!!" at the TV lol.

  14. it bothers me so fucking much that we don't know where the hell she is / what happened to her. i really hope she resurfaces alive even though i don't support scientology at all

  15. My dad's murderer, whoever he is, wherever he is. February 15, 1974. Police never investigated. So, that's that. Robbed and stabbed.

  16. I’m sorry you’ve been dealing with this. My dad was murdered 5 years ago and the detective decided to close the case behind our backs. Had to hire a PI and still no answers…

  17. I feel this. My grandparents were murdered in 1964. It remained unsloved until 2004. They found the guy. They had a confession from his accomplice. He was acquitted. He was clearly guilty. He waived his right to a jury trial. The judge overseeing the trial was often asleep at the bench during trial. He still lives in that town. It's disgusting. That murder destroyed generations of my family.

  18. The scum who killed Junko Furuta, they got such light sentences for the crimes they committed, Miyano was sentenced to 20 years in prison. Minato received a five to seven year sentence, Watanabe a five to nine year sentence, and Jo an eight year sentence. Deplorable and despicable, they should have all had life at the very least.

  19. One detail that always got me was one of the murderers' mother vandalized Furuta's grave because she blamed her for her son being in prison. Edit: I accidentally wrote the mother of a mother. I meant to put mother once, lol my bad

  20. I’d like to also throw into consideration the (potentially dozens of) other young men that were a) told about this b) came over to participate in these atrocities and c) the parents who were too afraid of their own son to do anything about it. They should have all have been severely punished.

  21. I'd never heard of this case. So sickening that teenagers -- kids, basically -- could do this to a teenage girl.

  22. This should be way higher up. That’s one of those true crime cases I wish I could wipe from my memory. Junko Furuta deserves to be remembered, but I really didn’t need to know all of what happened to her. Read it once years ago and I’ve never been able to forget

  23. Omg this was such a depraved murder, there is no punishment that could bring justice :( they should never be allowed around the public again.

  24. I’ll always say this cause I believe it to be true, but allegedly these guys can’t change their names and move on, because someone always doxxes them so they can’t get jobs or anything. They might’ve gotten relatively light sentences, but they’ll never be able to escape what they did.

  25. Oh my gosh this story! I’ve read a loooot of true crime cases and they don’t really affect me (besides feeling sad and angry at all the terrible people in the world. I just mean the gory details don’t get to me). But when I read about junko, I felt sick to my stomach and couldn’t sleep. It makes me so angry that they are walking free. Anyone involved with what happened to junko are despicable and deserve to rot in prison.

  26. The main guy would surely have gotten the death penalty the others long sentences up to lifetime but they were minors. Puts sentences for minors really into a weird perspective… should they really apply even to the worst offenders?

  27. I don’t normally condone vigilante justice, but if Frank Castle was real, I’d love to see him give those punks a taste of their own medicine.

  28. This case single-handedly scared the shit out of me. I remember I stopped talking to boys in my school briefly after reading about this case. Such heinous crimes tend to leave a negative impact on your psyche. I just can't imagine what her parents must have gone through on learning about their daughter's plight.

  29. If I recall, the newspapers went out of their way to actually full on name them even though they were teens(thus it being illegal to use their names in print) because they found what they did so heinous that they didn't deserve anonymity and deserved to be outed for the shit they did.

  30. I really hope the investigation is going better than it sounds like and it's all just under wraps for now :(

  31. That freaks me out, I live in Pullman, Washington which is less then 10 miles away from Moscow, Idaho. The fact that these kids were individually stabbed is crazy.

  32. Cindy Hendy (wife of the toy box killer) took a plea deal to get a reduced sentence and then they found video tapes of her actively helping in the kidnapping, torture, rape and murder of multiple women. While she technically didn’t get away, she did get a slap on the wrist for what she did.

  33. Didn't he also say he wanted to do it again? How are the laws so lax to let someone like that ever see the light of day?

  34. To anyone curious about what his victim looked like, I highly, highly recommend that you don't even try to Google the name. I made the mistake of doing so and the first few images showed an autopsy that was NSFL.

  35. Is this the one that had the show with one of the 80s hair bands playing? White Lion, I think? If so, I saw video of it, and it is devastating to watch.

  36. This is one of the many defining incidents that are "must study" in every advanced fire and life safety class. Total breakdown of the system. Those lives were not lost in vain and will be remembered through education and policy for at least another century.

  37. Man I remember that. I was living in RI and woke up to so many missed calls of people who thought I was at that show. I've never heard of any of those bands but literally every single person in my family lost their shit and I was home asleep.

  38. Wow, I thought the reason so many people died was because of the lack of adequate fire exits/no sprinklers. I had no idea someone blocked the door!

  39. So she’s in hiding? How is she on a most wanted list if everyone knows where she is? Not doubting, just genuinely confused.

  40. I'm so sorry. I have dangerously abusive family members. I found out my mom was volunteering at a Catholic school and called the diocese to try and stop it. My mom abused all of us, stoke from me, neglected my Dad when he had cancer and wouldn't drive him to chemo.

  41. I barely heard anything about him in the years since he was acquitted in 2013 so I looked him up, apparently he was recorded playing beer pong (he was underage and it was against his probation) at a party in 2015 and he and his mother fled to Mexico. He was sentenced to 720 days in prison in 2016 and his probation was extended from 2023 to 2024 so in the end, he got nearly 2 years in prison and 11 years of probation (2 of which were in prison) for killing four people. Yeah, still seems pretty low.

  42. She lives in my city and it’s really creepy seeing her out, mainly because of how aggressively normal she is in public. She was in hiding for many years, but these days she will go to a local bar and shoot the shit with people.

  43. The DA is 100% at fault for her not being in jail. They knew they didn't have the evidence for murder but caved to public pressure, if they went for manslaughter like they should have it would have been a slam dunk.

  44. My best friend's form the Philippines and he always tells me about how bad that family is. I'm sorry you guys have to leave with these people...

  45. I remember this when it all came out about him the other year. He would pose as a taxi driver which is how he was able to kill so many people and I was surprised his news story did not get as much traction as it did at the time.

  46. Nobody talks about it but Floyd Mayweather beat his wife for years. She was writing a tell-all book and pressing charges against him when she was found dead beaten in her car, parked in her driveway.

  47. Wow, what a POS. I had no idea. The only thing I knew about his reputation is that he is one of the greatest boxers of all time. Domestic violence and murder makes you less of a GOAT and more of a monster.

  48. I honestly can’t believe that with all the people out there who lost a loved one (especially with so many so young) that people haven’t been going after them. A lot of these people are all alone now with all that bitterness and nothing else in life to live for. It’s pretty dangerous to be that complicit in ruining that many peoples’ lives.

  49. The grandson of the founder of Red Bull energy drink. He ran over a Bangkok police officer a few years ago while driving his Ferrari. But because his family is one of the richest in Thailand they were able to bribe absolutely everyone aside from the Thai public. He kept postponing going for an interview at the police station and eventually just flew out of the country on a private jet. His family has houses all over the world and he has been out of the country for years now. And because of how the statute of limitations works in Thailand every few years another charge gets dismissed.

  50. My understanding the crime scene people missed the second computer somehow. They didn’t have the evidence at trial and of course she can’t be re-tried. The feds could pop her though for interstate searches. Strange they never did

  51. 14-year-old Konerak Sinthasomphone ran away from Jeffrey Dahmer and sought help from a woman named Glenda Cleveland, who called the police. Officers John A. Balcerzak and Joseph P. Gabrish let Dahmer take him back to his apartment, where he was soon murdered. Can you imagine, fourteen years old, a man just drilled a hole in your skull and poured boiling water into it, and you finally get away. You think you’re saved, but the people who are supposed to protect you hand you back to your torturer, who kills you. And they don’t even lose their fucking jobs.

  52. Actually, the real story is worse than Ryan Murphy’s fan-fic Netflix show. Konerak was found by two young women from from the neighborhood, 18 year old cousins Sandra Smith and Nicole Childress. They’re the ones who called the police. Ryan Murphy wrote them out of the story to focus on Sandra’s mother, Glenda. They recognized him as a literal child from the neighborhood and knew that his English was limited. He was visibly bleeding from his rectum, and very visibly disoriented. They saw Konerak try to resist and escape from Dahmer in the street before help arrived. The paramedics arrived first - they’re the ones who put a blanket around Konerak. They were trying to figure out what had happened to him, and that’s when the police arrived.

  53. Oh the chief at the time did fire them. But then they sued the city of Milwaukee and got their mother effing jobs backs. Its disgusting. They should be locked up. Well the one who isn’t dead now should be.

  54. The Cabo 6, who allegedly lured Shanquella Robinson out to Cabo under the premise of a bday celebration but actually intending to kill her

  55. Ah damn, it was THAT planned?? I had figured a fight gone bad, then someone would flip. Time to go catch up on this.

  56. Oh, he is responsible for far more than that. If we are talking about single events, then he is a prime suspect for 80s mass executions, which involved thousands of people executed without trial.

  57. Everyone involved in the railroading of the "West Memphis Three" for letting the real killer(s) get away with it all this time.

  58. My mother, 23 years ago my mother and step dad had to make a deal with the local gangs of Indianapolis to pay a drug debt that would end in blood shed. My poor grandma, my mother's mother was to be the hit. My mother hadn't talked to her mother in three years but got her to sign a life insurance policy,( step-dad worked at western southern life insurance company at the time) There is a whole bunch more detail to this story to make it completely crazy. I personally hate my mother and I am hoping to get step dad to confess while on his death bed, he's dying of stage 4 cancer. This way my mother will serve time for her horrible act towards her mother. R.i.p. grandma I love and miss you. 12-1-98 died by excutsion style at work. All for cocaine!!

  59. Infuriating he'll never be held accountable. Goes to the World Cup with the FIFA President. Treated like a respected leader instead of the murderous tyrant he is.

  60. Some folks found her in a retirement home not too long ago. Nobody else in the home seemed to know it was her.

  61. What about the cretin who murdered him, got away with it and then publicly admitted to it in an interview some time after the event?

  62. I wana gona say Casey Anthony, then I saw it posted once, so I didn’t. But as I continued, I realized ya scroll for about 50 answers or so and there she is again, so I’m gona 102nd that and say fuck that bitch, Casey Anthony should 100% be in prison or dead.

  63. She was the first to come to mind for me. FUCK her. Fuck Casey Anthony. She is some kind of demon with a thin cloak of human skin. I’m sorry, Caylee. We all love you.

  64. That sorry sob in Texas who shot at a car he thought was being driven by the persons who tried to rob him, but it wasn't, so he killed an innocent girl instead, AND WALKED

  65. Karla Homoka (I think I spelled her name right but idc if I butchered it) she and her husband Paul Bernado, murdered at least 3 or 4 girls. One of which was her own sister. They also brutally raped them and drugged them. Paul is rotting in jail for life as we speak. Karla dodged life by doing a plea deal by claiming he was the murderer and she was just his accomplice. That wasn’t the case though and evidence was later shown that it wasn’t. Too late though, she only got 5 years and is walking free as we speak. She has since remarried to a different guy and has kids with said guy. Btw they’re both Canadian so I’m not sure how their court system works specifically so yeah. But honestly she deserves to rot alongside Bernardo.

  66. Wankfield is also probably responsible for a lot of the deaths in the covid-19 pandemic due to a resurgence in the antivax movement that started with him.

  67. Agreed. Wakefield is utter garbage. Founder of the modern day anti vaxx movement. Has the blood of thousands of children on his hands.

  68. Once you’ve been to Cambodia, you’ll never stop wanting to beat Henry Kissinger to death with your bare hands. You will never again be able to open a newspaper and read about that treacherous, prevaricating, murderous scumbag sitting down for a nice chat with Charlie Rose or attending some black-tie affair for a new glossy magazine without choking. Witness what Henry did in Cambodia – the fruits of his genius for statesmanship – and you will never understand why he’s not sitting in the dock at The Hague next to Milošević.

  69. Whoever murdered Garry Webb, most likely the FBI. He was a journalist who stepped on some toes to say the least. He was found with two bullets in his head and it was ruled a suicide.

  70. Carolyn Bryant. The women that got Emmet Till tortured and murdered. She not only is walking free and alive but published a book crying about how she's the real victim. Meanwhile this child's memorial plaque is STILL being shot full of bullets by racist curs. Fuck Carolyn Bryant. She deserves everything bad to happen to her. A curse on her and all her descendents.

  71. Emmett Till killers. They got away with no sentence and even admitted to doing it later on due to double jeopardy. These racist pieces of shit absolutely tortured this 15 year old boy for multiple hours. All because he “cat called” this guys wife.

  72. Horrible piece of crap. Hope he leads a miserable life and is bothered continuously. Garbage human with garbage parents. And hope the judge has chronic hemorrhoids

  73. A little late for this, but Pol Pit killed 25% of his entire country and then spent the rest of his life free. He died peacefully in his home at an old age.

  74. The people involved in the Budd Dwyer case. Hell it was later proven after he took his own life that he didn't do what he was accused of.

  75. He committed suicide so his family would receive full PA gov't benefits. If he resigned or was removed from office, they wouldn't. He was railroaded. PA politics are dirty as it gets.

  76. The killer of Tim McLean. He was trying to get home on a Greyhound bus and was stabbed to death, beheaded and cannibalized for no reason besides sitting next to a very disturbed man who is now walking free due to the insanity plea. The only case that truly messed me up after learning about it.

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