What TV show never had a decline in quality?

  1. Whenever I was sick my parents only let me watch the discovery channel and national geographic, because then I wouldn’t fake being sick to watch cartoons all day. So this show is high on my list of favorite things to watch!

  2. Someone on Reddit said one season they switched narrators and the viewers revolted. Then they got the old narrator back. Can anyone confirm this, you know, on Reddit.

  3. Old British sitcoms are so damn good, and because there are generally so few episodes of each the quality shines all the brighter.

  4. Absolutely. It just got better and better with series 1 being fairly mediocre before they struck gold with the format from series 2.

  5. Ahh. I Would this brilliant plan involve us climbing out of our trenches and walking very slowly towards the enemy?

  6. My dad would watch this when I was a kid. I'd complain and say how lame it was, but damn if I didn't end up sitting there and watching the whole thing every time. Just a real show.

  7. My only issue here is when I was a kid I seem to remember it more of being owner assisted with a greater focus on a budget. Like it'll save you 2k if you demo the drywall yourself. Now it is generally a reno for some ultra wealthy couple/family with what seems like an unlimited budget. Don't get me wrong, when I was a kid it always seemed exotic in some of the materials and fixtures, but now just to ridiculous levels. Ask This Old House though seems like a cool call back to those earlier days and more approachable for the audience.

  8. I almost agreed. However, there’s less content, less detail/explanation and more advertisements. And no Norm.

  9. This or All My Circuits. I understand the argument for Single Female Lawyer, but I feel like the production value plummeted, and in general it was kinda so-so. (Way to overact, Zoidberg).

  10. My favorite series of all time. I’ve seen all the episodes numerous times and even though I know the ending is coming, I still get goosebumps on quite a few of them because it’s always so powerful.

  11. A truly spectacular show. My favourite episode might be the one where the little girl falls through a portal to some alternate/higher dimension. The first thing the parents did was call a fucking physicist to help and I’ll always love that lol. The Simpsons’ version of it is also great.

  12. Ah, the one season where they did hourlong episodes, by common consensus, was a falling-off: Serling and the other writers had gotten so used to telling stories in 22 minutes that they seemed to get lost when they had more time to work with, adding a lot of scenes that seem to be just padding to each episodes.

  13. Rod Serling would have disagreed. He wasn’t fond of the later seasons. I loved them, so I’m there with you, but Serling apparently had a specific vision.

  14. You can actually see him get better through the episodes. He was never a master at painting he was a master at explaining how to paint to the average Joe.

  15. I like to say the show got better, but malcolm got worse. They just make malcolm really annoying in the later seasons and it’s ok because that’s what geniuses act like in hs, but the best comedy happens from the rest of the cast by the end

  16. On this Thanksgiving weekend, let us remember how WKRP in Cincinnati maintained excellence through all four seasons. Turkeys Away!

  17. Every once in a while I try and think of how a Golden Girls reboot could happen, or the same type of concept at least. It makes me feel a little sad because I really can't imagine a show like that ever being greenlit again, and I can't imagine a set of actresses that would fit so well those roles.

  18. There are a few wonky episodes to be sure (Empty Nests basically) but otherwise it’s an amazing show and I really do look up to all 4 of the main actors.

  19. Two great shows no doubt. Particularly band of brothers. IMO, nothing has come close to it in terms of a historical war show. Not only was it historically accurate, it really gave the viewer a first person account of what it would have felt like to be in that situation. Fantastically done.

  20. I loved SG-1 but it did have full frontal nudity in season 1 and then never had it again so can we really say it didn't go at least slightly downhill?

  21. I generally agree with this except for the last two seasons. I found the Ori weren’t an especially interesting antagonist, especially after the goa’uld and the replicators. Nothing about the last two seasons struck me as especially good. Otherwise, yeah, the show is fantastic.

  22. I love this show! I’m 17 and have a four year old sister. That’s the only show I can watch with her and have fun with

  23. Yes yes yes!!! I am so glad our daughter loves Bluey. It’s so good. The art is great, the animation is on point, and the storytelling is unmatched.

  24. Having grown up with Mr. Rogers and now with kids of my own I’m going to say his show was the pinnacle of learning entertainment for kids for a couple reasons.

  25. The movie was amazing. I mean how do you wrap up an iconic show 13 years later in less than 2 hours? Written by a guy with Alzheimer's too.

  26. Different vibe, same Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Crashing was also great and stayed great, but then it’s even shorter sooooo :P

  27. Six Feet Under is my favorite TV show of all time, but Season 4 was rough compared to Seasons 1-3. Season 5 was unrivaled perfection for character development & payoff and for the intertwining seasons-long themes, though. So a small dip and then a climb to new heights.

  28. Some people hated it when Alan Alda got more control over it and did things like stop making Margaret a laughingstock, but I thought it remained great throughout.

  29. Yep, MASH changed tack after S3, and even after that it did a great job flipping between glib and serious just between episodes, especially in the middle seasons (although veering more towards the latter later on). While I do think the last season or two lost a lot of the charm that the rest of the series had in spades, its "objective" quality never took a real hit, and they went out on top.

  30. My dad was medical with the Sixth Marines in the Pacific during WWII. He said MASH was dead on in the humor used to fend off the unthinkable circumstances in which they found themselves.

  31. That show took some incredibly progressive stances for that time (at least for a prime time television show.) There were episodes that dealt with sexism, homophobia and racism.

  32. My family randomly discovered this show earlier this year and we are absolutely obsessed. The production as a whole seems like every other sitcom ever written but the characters are so funny, the acting is incredible, and the dialogue is absolutely genius. It’s up there with Seinfeld and Schitt’s Creek as my favorite comedy shows of all time now.

  33. If you have an Android phone with the stock Phone app/dialer, try punching in the "new emergency services" number: 01189998819991197253

  34. 100% agree. I have it all on DVD. A truly under appreciated series. Every episode is great and hilarious. I feel like if it came out today it would be huge. It was ahead of its time. I think I read that there weren’t more seasons because Jemaine and Bret didn’t like getting up early. Respect.

  35. I think season 2 isn’t as strong as 1 because nearly all of the songs in S1 were fully developed songs that had been toured. It seemed insane to expect them to write a full comedy season and accompany it with original songs, but they managed to do that for S2, but it just didn’t have the same quality.

  36. My kids (6 and 8) just watched every single episode and I was totally into it! It’s rare that a kids show sucks me in like that. I didn’t even protest when they finished the series and promptly started watching it over again.

  37. Keeping Up Appearances, Patricia Routledge, Clive Swift. The whole cast was talented, had impeccable timing, the innuendo it’s hilarious! I still laugh when I catch an episode. It’s very relaxing.

  38. Anyone with withdrawing and needing more cringe “How to With John Wilson” is great and for something SUPER wholesome “Joe Pera Talks with You”

  39. I like when he did the talkshow circuits in character and fabricated a real life fantastic story he could tell in 2 minutes. Really exposed the talk show formula really, I never thought about it before.

  40. The Sopranos is like a finely crafted novel. You can feel the shift at the beginning of Season 4 where it’s pretty much the beginning of the end for Tony. Instead of maneuvering to get ahead, he’s starting to maneuver to stay out of prison and not be killed. It’s a brilliant show that holds up so well in repeat viewing.

  41. A masterpiece. I wonder if it's not higher up because some people hated the ending. I thought it was perfect though. If we saw Tony get hit, it would have been too predictable. The ambiguity of not knowing how or when his story ended make me feel a strange empathy for his family.

  42. “Having a main character on a TV show be capable of murder whilst retaining likable qualities was mind-blowing to audiences at the time, though we might take it for granted nowadays.”

  43. My favorite part of The Sopranos is that there is basically no music/score throughout the entire show. The only music you hear is in intros/outros and music that the characters can also hear.

  44. Wow, took me a while to find this one. What I chose as well. Whether you agreed with their creative choices or not the characters were so compelling and you could never be complacent bc they’d always surprise you. One of my faves.

  45. What we do in the shadows. Stellar from start to end. I think there is new seasons coming out. But it's fabulous.

  46. Nadja, imo, carries that show. The other 3 vamps are amazing, don't get me wrong. But the actress that plays Nadja has that unique talent where she can simply look at the camera and it will make you laugh. She doesn't even need dialog to be funny, and that is a rare thing.

  47. I, for boring reasons, have never seen the final season of Warehouse 13. My wife recently bought me the series, so I'm hoping to finish it soon!

  48. It's been a long while since I've seen Person of Interest mentioned anywhere. But yeah, that is definitely a show that did not decline. It just kept going up and up!

  49. This show is so painful to watch, but in the most enjoyable way? It's hard for me to get cringe from scripted scenarios, but holy shit, that show delivers.

  50. The Good Place. The writers knew exactly what they wanted to do it, they did it, and didn't linger any longer even though it was surely successful enough that they could've gotten more seasons if they'd wanted to milk it.

  51. the one thing I really hate about most TV shows is that they get really good and really popular and the network and writers get addicted to the cash and don't know when to quit. it's why so many good TV shows end up being shit

  52. I just finished a full rewatch and I have to say, it gets better every time you watch it because you notice more of the little details. You can really tell that the writers planned it out well.

  53. Every season finale seemed like they'd written themselves into a corner. they couldn't continue what they'd been doing because of the way they ended it, and most shows (most writers) can't change direction and keep up the quality.

  54. Season 2 was the best season of any show ever, with the Trolley Problem the absolute pinnacle. Season 3 seemed the weakest at first but after literally dozens of complete series rewatchings (we put it on when we just want something on), I can’t say it ever faded for me. It’s absolute perfection in a TV show.

  55. I knew of the show for a while, but because of the advertising and channel it was carried on, I assumed it was one of those dime a dozen sitcoms that was just riding on it's poop joke title. I was absolutely not emotionally prepared for where that show went.

  56. Better Call Saul quality is something else, the cinematography is even bette than Breaking Bad. Is a piece of art

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