Cheaters of reddit. Why did you cheat?

  1. Because I was out of gold and the console command is literally just "gold" so instead if restarting the game it can be better to just write gold and get gold

  2. I do my own personal RPing in many games. If I'm the literal savior of the entirety of time space reality then I really don't think that vendor should deny me from buying the sword I need to slay the last boss because I don't have enough coins.

  3. this comment section is 80% trying to be funny and the other 20% reflecting on their past actions and changing their life

  4. I didn't care what was happening. Nothing mattered. And I just kinda went along with it. Turns out I was mentally/emotionally unwell. Once I understood that, and began working on my health and learning empathy, I realized how awful my behavior was and haven't cheated since

  5. Thank you for your honesty. This was/is me as well. I haven’t posted about it out of fear because Reddit (and most others) LOATHE cheaters. It took many months to even say the word because I am so disgusted with myself. After I sought out help and therapy, I’m beginning to feel again and it’s overwhelming. I’m not the victim, absolutely not, but I wanted to die after the realization hit. I was 100% honest with my partner, he would have never found out, but it was my choice to tell him because my actions did not represent a healthy marriage. It has been close to 7 months of healing and restoration and we have never been better. I will NEVER do ANYTHING like that again. The pain was/is immeasurable, I’m forever changed. So… Thank you for your honesty. I hope your journey is treating you well.

  6. I wish I could copy paste your transformation onto my dad. He put my mom in a really horrible place and won't make any changes. Good on you for making those changes, I'm sure you can already see that impact.

  7. This is exactly how it was for me. Therapy is helping me learn to have healthier copier mechanisms that don’t destroy someone else’s world.

  8. This is going to sound bad, but I emotionally cheated on, and eventually broke it off, with my ex BF because he was a total narcissist simply because he was extraordinarily big below the belt. I always felt like our intimate moments was all about him and his "thing", and that I was just something to be abused. I expressed the way I was feeling straight away, but he just laughed me off. I haven't been physically intimate with someone for well over a year now because the experience made me feel less than human. Sorry, I'm just venting.

  9. I know it's not a good answer but she did it first I found out and I went out with a friend with whom she had a fight one brought the other and yes...I'm not proud

  10. Came here to say this. He had cheated so many times and during my 2 pregnancies that I just gave up and said fuck it. I slept with a guy from work but in the end it didn't matter bc my ex never found out. I did it to make myself feel better but only made myself feel worse. It wasn't until I left that toxic ass relationship that I saw how negatively it had effected me

  11. They started it and when confronted were completely unapologetic. Pretty much rubbed it in my face that I should've known, and implied I was dumb for not realizing it sooner.

  12. I dated a guy in college who I kept trying to break up with because he cheated on me, was mean, and was in a downwards spiral with drugs/failing school. He just wouldn’t accept that I was breaking up with him and refused to acknowledge it. Then when I met someone else and started a new relationship (4 months later) my ex got extremely upset/stalkery because he believed it was cheating since he never agreed to the breakup.

  13. Breakups do not ever have to be mutual. When they are it's nice, but to be told/assume you have to be in a relationship against your own will strips you of your own sense of security and power.

  14. As soon as you tell them that you are done, that's it. They can't make you be in a relationship with them. If they can't accept that you left, they're delusional.

  15. Oh fuck, that last line sounds like my recent ex. I broke up with them, they refused to accept I broke up with them and that we had to "both" agree to it. Proceeded to harass me for weeks. Threw things I told them in confidence over text back in my face, twisting my words in the process. Genuinely made me afraid for my safety.

  16. Nope. Breakups are not mutual. Usually one person wants it and the other doesn’t. It sucks but it’s a fact of life. Once you say you’re broken up, then you’re single

  17. I was having trouble turning on the sound on my AoE2 playthrough and so opened the chat bar and just asked: how do you turn this on 😢

  18. I knew my gf was cheating so I did it for revenge, turned out she was actually into and fucked my brains out when she found out while choking and slapping me and making me describe what I did with the other girl.

  19. Excessive alcohol. I don't actually remember it happening, but I woke up with a lady that wasn't my ladyfriend. Went home, came clean & owned up to it. It ended what was probably the best relationship I had had up until that point. This was maybe 6 years ago.

  20. If you don't remember the perhaps this is less a case of cheating and more a case of being taken advantage of... it is not entirely certain that you actually consented. Sounds like the course correcting on the drinking was an excellent choice in either case.

  21. “I don’t actually remember it happening” … “I woke up “… that sounds like you were sexually assaulted. Frankly, I would think you are blameless because you didn’t cheat.

  22. Good job on the drinking correction. Many women would call rape given the remark, so don’t beat yourself up to much. You were not in the wrong

  23. Because my girlfriend, who was across the country that I saw maybe once every 4 months (long distance college relationship), was emotionally unstable, manipulative, volatile, had a victim complex, and was holding me emotionally hostage in the relationship (I’ll kill myself if you leave, I’m gonna tell your parents you’re dealing drugs, etc etc). Blew up my phone constantly and if I ignored her, called my friends, parents, etc in a massive fit of hysteria. Then, she decided to meet up with a couple in AZ and try a threesome, her defense for which was she told me right after. Did not discuss it before hand.

  24. The punishment for cheating at highschool would be easier to deal with than the punishment for failing an exam from my family.

  25. Went through this with my step son recently. His dad is not involved in his education but acts irrational at anything less than perfection. Turned into a great bonding moment with him but man that was a rough conversation.

  26. Respect. While I like attempting winning strategies In boardgames, I love getting beat by my wife and kids. Seeing my wife excitingly saying "wait I won?!" Feels pretty good, as I'm the one who researches/learns/teaches the games.

  27. I was unhappy in a relationship and too insecure/cowardly to end things. I liked the attention and had to do some real soul searching so I could stop hurting people.

  28. My first wife was practically asexual. We were together from 1973 to 1993, so 20 years. When she and I split up I dated a woman for slightly less than a year. I had much much more sex in that time than in the 20 years of marriage. Yes we saw therapists, clergy, talked often and the rest of our lives were good. So in any case during the 20 years I was with my first wife if a woman came on to me I was usually receptive to the attention. Also I still realize that I am not blameless in any way.

  29. Maybe she is asexual? I understand things like that weren’t well known or talked about at the time so I wouldn’t blame either of you for not considering the possibility.

  30. I've only cheated once, when I was younger. Got out of a relationship and into a new one too fast. Got called by my ex for "closure" she ended up coming on to me saying stuff like "doesn't this feel right? You need this" etc etc and I kind of froze and let it happen. Not proud of it, but emotions are hard at 18. Live and learn.

  31. Only cheated in high school. I think it's obvious but kids don't understand love and can be assholes. Happily married to the one high school girlfriend I never cheated on; been married 5 years now, together for 10.

  32. Same. We had a designated bank manager that wasn't part of the game. He was my close friend irl so he continued slipping me 5000 notes are random intervals in the game. By the end of the game I was filthy rich

  33. I had a game going with my mom.omce over a few nights. And every night I would add a bit more money to my pile. And every morning. And whenever I felt like it.

  34. Don't buy this. You don't win monopoly by stealing money from the bank. It's about the amount of properties you own...

  35. There were 2 wonderful, unrelated women who suddenly fell in love with me at the same time. I had no idea who to go with - totally dilemma'd. I was stupid and irresponsible. I had to make the biggest decision of my life, and make it fast. I strung both along, trying to make up my mind with time. Ended up losing both, of course. I hurt everyone.

  36. I was broken myself. I didn’t know how to be alone. I was young and dumb. I apologized to the women I wronged. I have no excuse other than being damaged. Being on the other end of it multiple times now, I can say cheating is literally the worst thing you can do to someone.

  37. I cheated one time, when I was in my 20's. I loved my GF, but the other girl was out-of-my-league (I thought at the time) attractive.

  38. Thats kinda the same thing as me. I tried to end things senior year, the week of exams, and I was leaving the school and she was literally hanging off my car as I was trying to leave sobbing things like "whos gonna love a fat ugly slob like me". I should have driven off and let that be that but I told her we'd get together later and talk about it. She guilted/manipulated me into staying but I was already mentally checked out. We got married, had a kid, and I messed around because it was easier. I was exiting a shitty home life situation and was therefore in a bad headspace mentally, and I was too weak to just rip the bandaid off and end it before we got as far as we did. I take the full responsibility for all of it.

  39. It takes two to tango, but it doesn't take two to break up. If you broke up, then you didn't cheat. But answering the question here makes me think you hadn't actually broken up, cheated, and then post-facto tried to justify it by saying what you've just said.

  40. I was a chronic cheater for years. My mom was an emotionally negligent, alcoholic prostitute and would date several guys at once, so we would live in multiple different guy's homes each year. I never had a good role model for what stable relationships looked like. I moved schools every year and didn't really maintain friendships. Not using this as an excuse, but I think it fucked up my ability to really connect with people.

  41. Depression and not being able to get self-validation from anything except thru knowing others want me and are attracted to me.

  42. I had never been thought of as attractive and then I was and ppl wanted to sleep with me and I forgot how to say no and I regret it everytime.

  43. Don't know if it makes it better or worse... but I was in a really dark space, couldn't get emotional or physical connection, had to feel something new... it wasn't the best idea, hell I never even spoke about it. But when I pressed my soft skin, felt the warmth and excitement of doing the wrong thing, the sensual touch and sheer adrenaline of it was pure panacea. That up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A and Start was the best time of my life at the time.

  44. I had been telling her for months that I wasn't happy, it wasn't working, and I wanted things to end. The mental gymnastics she was able to pull off to continue as though we were still together was frightening. In the midst of this, an incredibly cute younger customer of mine expressed interest in me. It was incredible. Should have pursued her more.

  45. I was a teenager/in my early twenties, immature and selfish. I eventually did some soul searching and realized that I had an unhealthy need for affection.

  46. Cause my ex completely demolished every tiny bit of confidence I had in myself. He d much rather play games and smoke his time away. Do I regret not breaking up with him first and then continue with my life? Yes, everyday. In the end I cheated and I faced the consequences. Do not recommend.

  47. I was 17 and in my first real long-term relationship. I knew I wasn’t attracted to my partner but got advice from my best friend that it was a shallow reason to end things, so I didn’t. Instead I ended up hooking up with someone else and broke up with my partner afterwords. In hindsight, I should’ve just left when I knew in my heart I didn’t love them as much as they loved me.

  48. Because I knew it was the only way I was going to ever feel strong enough to get out of an emotionally abusive relationship with a serial cheater who made mine and the kids lives hell regularly.

  49. Got divorced (no cheating either party). Banged several women (still in a state of despair- not emotionally ready for a relationship). Met a gal I really clicked with - thought was super awesome. Let her move in with me way too early. She ended up being a functional alcoholic but I couldn’t stand it. I was in a club activity that had many women in it. Bonded with a married woman who felt trapped. First time cheating for both of us. That was years ago. She got divorced. I made the alcoholic gf leave. We’ve been together since though do not live together. One day we’ll get married. No rush though

  50. She cheated on me first and I thought it would help me feel better about staying with her. Turns out… it did not.

  51. I had a lot of holes in my life that she refused to fill. Just simple things that I needed. Basic human needs. Its not that I didnt express the needs because I did. A lot. And at the end of the day I really loved her. Its not like we were on different pages or anything.....We werent even reading the same book. I had my love languages. She had hers. But she refused to speak mine.

  52. Cause I was a fuckin idiot that didn’t really stop to think just doing what I wanted and I hate myself for ever doing it I just didn’t know how to cherish the people or things that I love in life but we learn and grow and I will never dishonor no one like that again

  53. Because after asking my ex to stop doing to me stuff I didn't want, after asking for an actual change instead of apologies and a comeback to the old habits in 2 weeks, after asking for a break because I wasn't sure of us anymore... I just wanted to do what I really wanted, and I wanted to fuck my friend.

  54. My relationship with my ex was already dead and neither of us wanted to admit it. I started an emotional affair with one of our coworkers and admitted it as soon as it started and we had a very long talk and finally agreed we needed to separate because we didn't make each other happy.

  55. I wasn't in a relationship, but i was involved in an affair. I was madly in love with her and thought i could win her over and steal her away before she tied the knot. Didn't work. Was already knee deep in an intense 2 or 3 month affair before i realized she was never going to change her mind. I suppose she just wanted to have fun with me for a bit and move on. I honestly thought she loved me too but i guess i was deluding myself. We eventually cut contact completely and i was devastated.

  56. I was in a ltr with someone who I grew to basically hate. Like many others mentioned here, he refused to be broken up with. I attempted to end things with him many, many times. I did not like him as a person, he was mean, abusive, and just negative. I was miserable with him.

  57. Polyamorous trying to be a Monogamous person. Fell in love hard with the other person. Hated myself for it, it worked out in terms that I got help and made amends after going through the entire spiel. What’s funny is those two peeps are now engaged to each other.

  58. Not defending myself as I know it was a mistake, but she had grown distant and I met someone who enjoyed my presence, one thing led to another and we slept together. Told my gf the next day and ended things since she and I both deserved better.

  59. She was using sex as a leverage in our relationship, as well as constantly accusing me of cheating her. Eventually I did, because fuck that noise. 7/5 would cheat again in situation like that.

  60. Same. My college counselors f’ed up and I therefore needed to take engineering level math classes in order to graduate on time, and lord knows I wasn’t going to use any of it with my humanities degrees, so I did it to avoid staying a sixth year in college.

  61. Morally gray area as I wouldn't consider myself a cheater per se but I knew that someone was in a relationship and slept with him nonetheless. Mostly because he confided in me how he was bored with his girlfriend and I just didn't care about her. We were best friends and fwb prior to him entering that relationship so yeah it doesn't make it right but still

  62. A lot of ppl are responding referring to cheating as cheating in a test. For those who cheated on their partner, as in being not loyal, you ppl are cunts

  63. They know exactly what is being asked, and trying to be funny talking about tests, board games, or video games. Problem is that EVERYONE is commenting that, so not only are they unfunny, they are also not original.

  64. I was with a rebound girlfriend and the epitome of depressed. I still missed my ex and wasn’t over her. I cheated on the rebound with my ex (kissed the ex and later told her I loved her). She was honest that she was facing her own battles and depressed as well. We both got back together and we just recently hit our 10 year anniversary being married.

  65. Boyfriend at the time was emotionally abusive so when I got attention from another man who was actually kind to me, I just went with it. Didn't even feel wrong in the moment. I wish I could say this helped me leave the abusive guy, but I had so much shame about it later (along with his voice in my head that I was worth even less now) that I told myself I'd make it up to him by being the best partner in the world. Grateful I finally got out.

  66. I did not know the answer to that particular multiple choice question and I figured I could get away with it in such a large lecture hall

  67. Because I wanted to have a pool in my 3 story house but I also wanted to have time to fuck the entire neighborhood, so Klapaucius was my only option

  68. Usually in response to my death in a single player game caused by lag or misclicking. Of course, these days your progress can totally just glitch out on its own, too

  69. wow so instead of confronting him, you just escalated it way beyond anything rational for some sort of fucked up revenge, and did something unforgivable. gross.

  70. i would see how much fun other people were having doing it so i wanted to try it myself it was pretty fun yes but honestly got old quick... im talking about hosting modded lobbies in old MW2 of course.

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