What was the saddest fictional character death for you?

  1. Dude my dad died the week this came out. I went to see it to take my mind off things and see a fun movie about dragons. Absolutely devastating.

  2. All the more incredible when you find out that Rutger Hauer made it what it was. Ridley Scott wrote something kind of cheesy, so Hauer fixed it.

  3. Arthur Morgan from rdr2 just seeing him slowly dying on the hill pleading to Dutch but Dutch just walking away leaving him to die was heart breaking

  4. That whole ending made me sad asf, David bowies heroes playing in the background and pops watching the VHS from heaven is sadder when I rewatched it as an adult, a part of me died for sure

  5. The finale gets me in a weird emotional place, but I don't think it's the show. I think there's something about watching characters grow up and live their lives and reminisce that pokes me in some hidden emotional place. Add Bowie on top of that, and I almost cried the first time I saw it.

  6. Saving Private Ryan has two of the saddest, most brutally gut wrenching deaths I’ve ever seen on screen in Wade and Mellish. Wade trying to talk the guys through his injury that goes from panic and terror to acceptance of his own death as he cries out for his mother and says “I want to go home”? Jesus Christ. Mellish is brutal for all the more uncomfortable and raw reasons you’d imagine. War is horrific. Young men are sent off to die and their lives are cut short for no reason. It’s tragic and heartbreaking and this is one of the only movies to really nail that feeling

  7. The way Mellish starts negotiating the minute he knows it's over is what I always think about. "No, listen to me, let's stop let's stop let's stop, no d-d-d-d-d-don't", nothing over-the-top, just sheer panic and you can feel this guy bracing for how suddenly death is coming for him, fucking gut-wrenching acting by Adam Goldberg

  8. Wades monologue in the church the night before as well. Talking about how no matter how hard he tried to stay awake he'd fall asleep but act like he was asleep when his mom came home early.

  9. Yeah this scene felt so real and visceral. Not saying the rest of the movie isnt, but him dying with others all around him trying to help but failing just really sucked and made me think about how many times in real life this happens/happened. Fuck war.

  10. Henry Blake. MAS*H. The scene in the operating room. The actors weren’t told about it, just called back for one last scene shoot and Radar walks in and tells them. The silence is amplified by the sounds of instruments still working. Haunting

  11. Piggy backing off this, the guy they tried to keep alive so his kids wouldn't remember Christmas as the day their dad died. That one gets me just thinking about it.

  12. The outcry from fans was so massive at the time that the producers promised to never kill off a main character again.

  13. Mine was Tommy. He was turning his life around, getting educated, ready to become a free and honest man again, like what the prison should do for people like him. Only to be heartlessly killed to serve the greed of other people.

  14. There's a passage in the book (around the time Paul and Brutal and Harry take John to see Melinda Moores) when they pass through the room that houses the electric chair and John remarks about Old Sparky and how he can hear voices coming from it, screaming.

  15. You tell God the Father it was a kindness you done. I know you hurtin' and worryin', I can feel it on you, but you oughta quit on it now. Because I want it over and done. I do. I'm tired, boss. Tired of bein' on the road, lonely as a sparrow in the rain. Tired of not ever having me a buddy to be with, or tell me where we's coming from or going to, or why. Mostly I'm tired of people being ugly to each other. I'm tired of all the pain I feel and hear in the world everyday. There's too much of it. It's like pieces of glass in my head all the time.

  16. I remember watching this at the movie theater back when it first came out and bawling my eyes out. I didn't want people to notice so I tried as hard as I could to contain it until I turned back and saw the whole movie theater was crying. It was such a relief to finally let it out, lol.

  17. I have never seen the fox and the hound, land before time or never ending story. I HAVE seen this scene, and that enough movie induced childhood trauma for me, thank you.

  18. My son fell in love with this movie when he was 3 or 4, and every time that part would come on I would have to leave the room because no matter what age I am, I will always get emotional. Something about the music and the overall vibe that really just punches me in the gut.

  19. I'm literally so attached to the clones. Every single death was just ROUGH. I mean Hardcase, Waxer, fucking JESSE. Echo, Hevy, 99... Jesus. That whole show was rough

  20. As a die hard Spider-Man fan since childhood, I knew it was coming, and I'm so glad they incorporated her death into the film because it's one of the defining moments for Peters's character in the comics, but that didn't make it any easier to watch. I'm pretty sure my wife audibly gasped when it happened.

  21. The fact that you don’t immediately realise she has died, then the slow realisation washes over you as Peter gets down & tries to hold her limp body up… 😢

  22. Which makes it all the more painful when we later see how the person he tried to save reacted...

  23. Everyone in All Quiet On the Western Front. It’s so tragic to think that was the real fate of millions of young men fooled into fighting a completely pointless war.

  24. I saw that movie in theatres and bawled my eyes out. According to my mum every parent in the room had a look of shock and dread on their faces as they all collectively realised the movie that had been advertised as a Narnia-esque romp was actually about to give their kids a crash course on death.

  25. I was going to say this. Also, fun fact: in high school I played Leslie Burke in our production of the stage version of Bridge to Terabithia based on the book (the movie did not come out until many years later). Not a dry eye in the house. I peaked in high school.

  26. I watched scrubs for the first time during the early days of the pandemic With my roommate who absolutely loves the show.

  27. The first time I watched that ep was like being punched in the heart. Every time after I get goosebumps and want to cry but it's totally worth it

  28. I swear that horse dies earlier and earlier each time I watch the movie. He's gonna die in the opening titles before I know it.

  29. And it turns out, he was totally queer. Which, as we all know, is a sin. And that, coupled with his radical religious beliefs, has most likely landed him in Hell, where he will burn for all eternity.

  30. Maes Hughes from Fullmetal Alchemist/Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. His funeral always hits me so damn hard.

  31. I just watched lion King with my daughter and I knew the scene was coming and I was worried it would be too hard on her. When Simba is like you gotta get up I was like NVM this is too much for my hormonal ass.

  32. Alan Tudyk told a story somewhere about how he got "yelled" at at a Con for adding "I am a leaf on the wind" to his signature. The person got upset because it reminded them of Wash's death.

  33. His death hurt so badly because it just rubbed salt in the wound because you knew it meant the show really was dead forever. Firefly died way too goddamn soon and I'm still bitter about that.

  34. "You have been my friend. That in itself is a tremendous thing. I wove my webs for you because I liked you. After all, what's a life, anyway? We're born, we live a little while, we die. A spider's life can't help being something of a mess, with all this trapping and eating flies. By helping you, perhaps I was trying to lift up my life a trifle. Heaven knows anyone's life can stand a little of that."

  35. In memory of mako. Fuck I'm crying right now. That show made you care for a war criminal more than the main character. I'd watch a whole season of "irohs tea review" that character was too good.

  36. It was Ser David’ reaction that got me. From finding the stag he carved for her in the remains of the bonfire to confronting Melisandre after the Battle of the Bastards.

  37. This one really got to me because she was screaming for her parents to do something, and they just stood there. Nobody intervened. It's worse that it was pointless, but it would have been pointless, anyway. She didn't deserve that.

  38. Honestly, Finnick’s entire character broke me. Not only was his death just so quick and brutal but it was the obvious PTSD and him watching Katniss fall into the same broken person he had been and trying to warn her against it. The things all of those characters through were horrifying, but Finnick really just hit me too hard.

  39. Every time Jude law crawls into the goddam oven and fucking sets himself on fire fucking kills me (gattaca 1997), but dam I love that movie its a masterpiece.

  40. I just got to that part about an hour ago. Even though I knew it was coming, it was still a gut punch. What I was completely unready for was his horse dying, and Arthur saying “Thank you” . I bawled.

  41. Arthur talking to the nun about fearing his own death while waiting for the train absolutely hit me the hardest out of any piece of fiction or art. That was such a real moment so beautifully executed. RDR2 improved my human experience through that scene

  42. I just finished RDR2 and I remember a few days ago after knowing his condition I always become super emotional just looking at how he looked. It reminds me of people I've lost as well and to be able to let the player feel grief by seeing the character you play as slowly deteriorate broke me so much.

  43. I didn't even want to complete the game for the second time after I knew what happens to Arthur at the end.

  44. I went to see this movie opening day. My mom texted me asking if I liked it and if I’d recommend it for her and her friend to go see. I said yes, but if I knew which friend it was, I would have said no. It was her friend whose dog just died, and my mom was taking her out to get her mind off of it… She loves her dogs the way most people love their children, and at that scene she had to excuse herself from the theater. I felt awful…

  45. Charles is even more tragic IMO. He gets to spend his last evening in a nice home with good food and family. Then he's abruptly awakened by (fake) Logan in his bed, and then brutally stabbed.

  46. I saw a tweet on twitter the other day which had the viewing stats from the walking dead seasons over the years. They dropped nearly 5 million viewers in the following week’s episode after Glenn’s death. Insane

  47. Especially when the reporters uncover the timing of the 911 call. It’s awful to lose her and just a gut-punch when you realize that he really is just a selfish fuck.

  48. Her death was quick, but it was so sad. She's been with Harry since first year. Even when he didn't hear from anyone during the summer. Those little moment they had like her being sulky since Harry didn't use her were so cute. But yeah, as a pet momma myself, I really felt her death.

  49. John Marston. Red Dead Redemption. Worked hard to escape a life of crime, atone for his sins, become a good man, even worked to bring those who he helped do harm to justice, but in the end, he never could escape his past. His fate was sealed no matter how hard he tried. Just heartbreaking and made me sob when I played the game

  50. Arthur sacrifices himself so John can be a family man. John sacrifices himself so his son can grow up and live a normal life. His death at the hands of Ross, a government agent, pushes Jack into a life of crime and vengeance. Absolute fucking tragedy.

  51. That really fucked me up when I read it. Katniss starts the saga by sacrificing herself to protect Prim. A lot of people died along the way; Rue, Cinna, Mags, and Finnick were all painful. But I never imagined it would end with Prim dying, it still hurts

  52. Thank youu, It was such a jaw dropping moment in the books when youre reading and get to het death and feel overwhelmed with this disappointment and anger because prim was just trying to do what her own mother couldn’t which was fight for her life and she paid the ultimate price…. A true martyr for the cause and such a heavy blow for me first time reading it through

  53. Teft from the Stormlight Archive is just an absolute punch to the gut. The series as a whole already has so many scenes that can bring tears to anyone and this death was just painful.

  54. Yeah, but on the other hand, you realize she died perfectly happy and fulfilled with her life with Carl, and there's far worse ways to go, then of old age after spending your whole life with the one you love most.

  55. Him also being buried under the meth lab with Lalo just strikes me as very sad. Like it's just cruel that his body will decay next to the person that killed him in a place that is completely foreign to him. Also super sad to consider that in the context of Breaking Bad.

  56. That episode really brought it home for me, like it just clicked in my brain. Oh shit, the whole point of this show is that Chuck was right. Jimmy is the bad guy. He can’t keep his hands out of the cash drawer and he’ll never change. The final season really made me feel so much sympathy for Howard and Chuck, who are more or less the villains of the show in the first few seasons.

  57. Honestly I was really invested in GoT (up to a point) and Hodor's whole story and death were so depressing. Just one of those characters that deserved so much better

  58. Owen Meany in John Irving’s novel, A Prayer For Owen Meany. I ugly cried for several hours after finishing the book, and years later I still feel like I’ve lost one of my dearest friends.

  59. Ugh, I love Qui Gon from the books, been reading since I was in elementary school. That killed me. I hate that he died. I hate that if he hadn't died, Anakin would have had the mentor he needed, the man who could really teach him how to process his grief. If Qui Gon hadn't died, the entire Darth Vader stuff wouldn't have happened.

  60. Jason Grace. It was so unexpected that it really hit me, even when leading up to it I didn't want to believe it.

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