Who's the character everyone loves but is actually annoying?

  1. Honestly, the absolute grudge that can form as a child and linger forever for some reason or other is so strong.

  2. So Snuffalupagus originally was Big Bird's "imaginary friend" and none of the adults would believe big bird about him. Then it was brought to their attention that having a secret you can't tell an adult was a very bad idea, so they introduced him to all the adults and he became a mainstay.

  3. My sister watched this and one episode it told kids to wave your marshmallow in the air if it got too hot. That stuck with me. I wonder how many fires from flaming marshmallows max and ruby are responsible for.

  4. I just wanted her to get over Mr. Big after being caught in an affair, that's should have been it for them. Instead, they had to turn the Russian into the bad guy to get her back with Mr. Big. I was so disappointed. When she finally told him off right before going to Paris, I was like, finally! Only to be disappointed in the end.

  5. Didn’t know this enough as a teen watching this but rewatching as an adult, good gawd, they’re all awful but indeed, Carrie is THE WORST

  6. The episode that bothers me so much is when Carrie gets upset that Charlotte doesn’t offer to help Carrie retain her apartment. The woman has spent $40,000 on shoes, I wouldn’t offer her a damn thing. And yet Carrie guilts Charlotte and treats her like a bad friend, despite that she would likely never reciprocate anything financially.

  7. I don't think there's a single character in Gossip Girl that doesn't showcase extremely toxic and psychotic behavior at one point or another.

  8. Technically frosty the snowman is a golem. He’s brought to life by an enchanted hat made to do whatever the hats intentions were

  9. I haven’t watched that show since probably season three, but she’s the first character that came to mind for me.

  10. I honestly think Derrick is 1000x worse. He’s so emotionally stupid and manipulative, I don’t see how anyone can be attracted to him once you get past his hair and initial charm.

  11. You can put the whole show on the list, a tv-show about a hospital where everyone fucks, argues about every single thing, does not listen to the chief, or even respect the man at all…

  12. I literally came to say this!! She’s sooo self cantered, like that episode where Christina, her so called best friend, gets stabbed with an icicle? Bitch is still droning on and on about her Shepard 🙄 everyone gives her a pass for being a shitty person bc she’s “dark and twisty” but no she’s just fucking annoying

  13. I loved this character in the first season but from season two onwards she just becomes worse and worse. It’s like a villain origin story.

  14. I’m convinced there are three phases of watching Gilmore Girls. Phase 1 is when you’re just starting out and Rory’s grandparents are meant to be the baddies for trying to manipulate Rory’s life via their contract with Lorelei.

  15. You know as a character, I find she’s pretty well written as an example of a kid being given totally unrealistic expectations of how harsh the world is and growing up with zero criticism. If you’re told all the time you’re great and can do no wrong, then when the world bites you in the ass you’re totally unprepared for it.

  16. I see people commenting on her personality, but personally I can't stand her weird baby-talk voice. And she didn't always sound like that! At some point she goes from talking like a normal person to her whiny child voice. (I have no idea when this happens- I didn't actually watch the show myself, but my sister binged it during lockdown, and I couldn't not hear it with how our house is laid out.) It's horrendous.

  17. Omg she should be at the top. When I was a teenager she was so impossibly cool. Now as an adult I can’t stand her; she is like a vampire that feeds on other peoples’ happiness while they comment on how amazing she is.

  18. The series came out when I was a few years younger than Rory. I loved it as a kid because I didn't have a mom, so I thought their relationship as mom and daughter was so cool. Personally my relationship with my dad is pretty close to theirs in the show. And it sucks. I'd rather have an actual parental unit than an adult best friend who never really helped me. I had to figure out life on my own.

  19. The whole time I thought Emily Gilmore was the worst! She was by no means perfect. But she ended up being the best Gilmore girl.

  20. I'm watching Gilmore Girls for the first time and am currently on Season 5. I didn't expect to hate Rory as much as I do.

  21. I fucking hated Piper in Orange is the New Black. To be honest, that whole show was a shitshow and I don't know why it was such a zeitgeist when it was coming out.

  22. The show got so much better once they realised the stories of the supporting characters were way more interesting than the main character. From S2 onwards it really just feels like an ensemble and that she's barely in it for more than the others

  23. I think the show's biggest failing was not really leaning into the "Piper is horrible and that's the whole point" of it all.

  24. I gave up around S2 because she just keeps being the dumbest person going. She should be in jail for being such a dipshit

  25. Ross and Rachel from Friends. They are actually very toxic for each other and anyone who’s involved in their friends/lovers drama.

  26. He was supposed to be likeable? The way he never defended his wife from his horrible manipulative narcissist mother was rough. I have no history with that kind of thing but I still found all of them to be unbearable

  27. Oh man. I saw this too late. Literally just posted a comment explaining why Ray Barone is awful, and the worst of the family. Everyone on that show is flawed but he is easily the most annoying. The other characters' flaws at least allow for some humor or they have some redeeming qualities, but Raymond's flaws aren't funny.

  28. Any child on Disney Channel. They all just do whatever they want, ignoring authority figures, and it always works out for them. That isn't how life works.

  29. I think some of the newer shows somewhat address that. The owl house turns that trope on its head and has its overconfident main character inadvertently help cause a genocide

  30. In my recent rewatch, i was blown away by how MEAN Hannah Montana and Lilly are to each other. Like they constantly choose to do things that will upset the other, there’s constant betrayal, and they can’t communicate worth a damn. It’s honestly kind of hard to watch.

  31. The thing with re-watching these shows, as someone who grew up with them, I’ve come to realise that from an adult point of view these kids and their situations are clearly meant to be parodies. Pure, silly comedy. But when you’re a child, you don’t see them that way - you see them as more lifelike situations, and you think that the way these teenagers are behaving is the way you’re supposed to behave.

  32. I was the caretaker of my preteen niece for a while and her attitude/behavior was out of control. Openly defiant, sarcastic, mean to her friends, talking and dressing like a 20 year old.

  33. If you go back and watch, Tom and Jerry each start as much shit as they get, depending on the era each cartoon was drawn in.

  34. Sookie Stackhouse in both the books and the show. I stopped after book 7 (out of 13) bc I just couldn’t stand her anymore.

  35. i stan eric… i hate bill. hate that she wastes so much time being with/trying to be with bill when handsome perfect eric was available

  36. LOL I read that as “Snookie” and was like Jersey Shore was turned into a book series?! I lost hope at that moment and then realized after a reread. XD

  37. I've only watched the show but I've been a sookie hater since season 1. She has moments where she's tolerable but in general she's always got to be the center of the universe.

  38. I mostly just hate Angelina, but I don't think anyone regarded her as a likable character by the end of season 2 or in season 3. Still hoping she'll get stabbed or something.

  39. Call me crazy, but sometimes I think that show would’ve been so much better if they just abandon the super powers in the prophecy and just dealt with what it would mean for people to be gone that long and return

  40. Izzy Stevens from early seasons of Grey’s. She’s so whiny and self centered, it drives me BONKERS when some find her so wholesome.

  41. Ugh, I agree! She was definitely one of the most annoying characters on GA - besides Meredith sometimes. Honestly, Christina was the best character on that show and it hasn't been the same since she left.

  42. "You'd better watch who you're calling a child, Lois. Because if I'm a child, you know what that makes you? A pedophile. And I'll be damned if I'm gonna stand here and be lectured by a pervert."

  43. The WORST! She made everything about her - Caroline said it brilliantly when she turned off her humanity: “I compelled a student to perform surgery on Stefan’s niece and you’re making this about you? Wow, you really have a gift Elena.”

  44. Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City. Such a ridiculously awful human being who is constantly rewarded and validated for being a selfish, entitled, brat.

  45. As the nuclear bombs went off all around and our country entered world war three, I couldn’t help wondering: Isn’t it time to start worrying about world war me?

  46. Honestly, all the Gallaghers kind of suck and can be super annoying at times. Weirdly enough, I didn't find Frank annoying hardly ever, and I think it's because I just sort of accepted that this dude is a thorough piece of shit beyond redemption, whereas the kids still had a chance of changing their ways. Idk. I stopped watching after Fiona left and Debbie started getting more screen time.

  47. My mother is an alcoholic and used to be a drug addict. When you grow up with someone like that, it’s much less funny. I mean I laugh about some of the situations we were in now, but I’m pretty sure that’s how I cope with the trauma from it all.

  48. When I started my new job a year ago, the sexual harasser in the sexual harassment video I had to watch was played by David Schwimmer, which basically means I watched Ross sexually harass a woman lol.

  49. My husband and I are watching Malcolm in the Middle for the first time, neither of us watched it as kids. And it has brilliant writing and is consistently laugh out loud funny ... But damn if Malcolm is not one of the most trash characters I've ever seen, it's brutal.

  50. There's an episode where he recognizes that he's an annoying know-it-all and tries to shut his mouth for a while, but it nearly kills him.

  51. That's supposed to be the point. There's an episode later where he meets the adult version of himself (played by Jason Alexander). He talks about how that guy is so annoying and pretentious, but doesn't even realize he's talking about himself.

  52. He is supposed to be the voice of reason but he is just as neurotic as everyone else. That whole family is dysfunctional as fuck

  53. I've been meaning to rewatch it. I seriously loved all the Hal centric episodes. Bryan Cranston is great.

  54. I saw the episode where he's humiliated after telling his friend he has a crush on her because he thought she felt the same only to find out she was talking about someone else. They get stuck together on a scavenger hunt and he cannot stop berating her for liking this other guy instead of him. Finally she loses it and goes off on him for being such an asshole and it was glorious.

  55. The episode where he creates himself in "the sims" and he's an awful person is fantastic not just for the story, but also because it shows that the writers are very aware

  56. This is who I thought of when I clicked on the thread. Possibly one of the most divisive sitcom characters, along with, I don't know, Pierce Hawthorne.

  57. Oh my goodness Sheldon would be a terrible friend. Or neighbour, or classmate, or coworker, or acquaintance.

  58. Ran into him at an airport recently, dude is in rough shape and he smells real bad. Still took the time to talk with some fans and take photos though

  59. He was always the shittiest, most annoying cast member of jackass. He would do stupid shit to people and any time they retaliated he'd act like a whiny little bitch about it.

  60. I used to love him on Jackass, and his show Viva La Bam... But that was when I was a teenager and evidently a fucking idiot.

  61. Spongebob. I'm more of a squidward guy. He's more realistic and the type of dude I'd take a hit with.

  62. I'd say Patrick since he's selfish and a menace and comically strong. Patrick the type guy to break your back in three places when he slaps you trying to "encourage" you at random

  63. People forget how pretentious squidward is ontop of being grumpy. I feel like being his friend would be annoying because he'd constantly call you up to show you this "magnificent piece of art he created" and get mad if you didn't say he was a genius

  64. I feel like Fez started out just a fish out of water, then they did that thing where they just magnified bits of him to be whole him and he ended up creepy, kind of a jerk, and unlikable. They did something similar with Raj on BBT.

  65. Fez only got worse as time went on, too. He started off as a socially awkward kid that was happy for his little group of friends but was legitimately sad/lonely about having no romantic connection in his life. Like, I was there as a teen, I can relate to Fez wanting this happiness he’s seeing all his friends experience.

  66. Seriously. Eric asked her how he’s supposed to know if she’s feel left out if he hung out with his guy friends, and she said “you’ll know afterward when I’m upset.” Like, cmon. He’s trying to be considerate and to find a balance between his relationship and his friends, and she doesn’t even try to communicate about it.

  67. Rachel Berry from Glee. Everyone in the show acts like she is so amazing, but she is so self absorbed. She tricked a girl into going to a crack house so she wouldn't join the club because Rachel was scared she would be better.

  68. Rachel was a truly awful person but unfortunately, the main writer adored both her and her actress so she continued to get her own way all of the time.

  69. I have not watched Glee as such, but I have seen several full episodes and small glimpses from when my wife watched it.

  70. Honestly, I maintain that the entirety of both Frozen movies only exists because the troll dickhead spoke in goddamn riddles. Just fucking tell her, outright, "your ice power shit is intrinsically linked to your emotional state, fear will cause you to lose control".

  71. Based on The Book of Mormon and Frozen, I feel like Josh Gad gets typecast as sidekick comic relief characters that are obnoxious AF. He's very talented but they use his talents in such a grating way.

  72. Sheldon from Big Bang Theory. It's one thing to be ridiculously smart, it's another to browbeat everyone with it and force conformity amongst your peers. He goes out of his way to be cruel and spiteful in how he treats his "friends", it was disgusting.

  73. It makes sense after watching the spinoff, where everyone around him constantly treats him like a That Guy for making the mistake of being a kid with autism

  74. There’s a tiktok video that was honestly hilarious. It said, “POV you like any of these weirdos.” and Marinette was part of the list of a bunch of anime characters that were like legit gaslighters, rapist, and stalkers in their shows hahaha

  75. If the roles were reversed Adrian having pictures of Marinette, pretending they have a whole life planned, etc. Would make him a creep, Marinette is a creep

  76. I need to read some kind of scientific study on how they became so ubiquitous in shitty boomer memes about wine time Fridays or how kids don't respect their elders anymore

  77. Lorelei Gilmore from Gilmore Girls. I love the show, but she can be so annoying. The way she treats her parents and jumping from man to man. She coddles her daughter so much in high school and college, that in the Gilmore Girl Revival, she was a 30 year-old with no job or purpose in life. Everyone thinks the mother/daughter duo is so cute…but it’s annoying because she really held back her daughter from growing up, facing failures head on, and adulting!

  78. I know that the majority of people hated the revival but I loved it for that reason. It showed how truly messed up Rory was. She ended up having consequences.

  79. What’s even worse, if we adhere to the structure of the show, this is his own retelling of himself.

  80. He’s not a character everyone loves though. It’s pretty much the consensus that he’s whiny annoying and toxic.

  81. Definitely SpongeBob, as a kid I was confused why squiddy was so furious and exhausted of him, as I grew up I completely understood and sided with squid😂

  82. I think a lot of Zenitsu fans like him because they read the Manga. He has a great character arc and grows a lot.

  83. My arm-chair critic mind has a theory about what makes her so bad to me, which is that she always comes out on top and never gets knocked down a peg.

  84. Her character was completely out of kilter with the whole tone of the show - all the other characters were quirky but ultimately loveable, whereas she was just a narcissistic asshole with no redeeming traits whatsoever. Her comments about Terry in particular were basically sexual harassment, and her treatment of Charles and Amy were workplace bullying. What was particularly annoying is that she never learned a damn thing, she always got away with her shitty behaviour and she only seemed to get even more cartoonishly awful as the show went on.

  85. Dora the explorer. “Where is the blue path?😄” It’s right next to you. “Say it louder, where is the blue path?😃” IT’S RIGHT NEXT TO YOU BITCH, STFU AND STOP ACTING STUPID, YOU’RE NOT SILLY AND FUNNY DOING THAT, YOU’RE JUST FUCKING ANNOYING, NO WONDER THAT UGLY FOX ALWAYS WANTS TO STEAL FROM YOU

  86. That show was cool and how it presented things like a point-and-click adventure, gave me real Pajama Sam/Freddi Fish vibes. It should have been an actual point and click game, I would have played the fuck out of it.

  87. Dobby from Harry Potter. Lots of people seem to love him, but I honestly just thought he was annoying as fuck. Actually pissed a friend off in the theater because I chuckled when he died lol.

  88. The beach where they filmed his death scene gets a lot of traffic from fans who leave things like socks. Which is of course harmful to the local wildlife, and causing actual real world problems. They tried to ban people from leaving behind souvenirs for a dead imaginary elf and instead the fans got it overturned. I guess yay for dumbass HP nerds who are out of touch with reality.

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