What fetish is a “nope” for you?

  1. Lmao please tell me someone remembers the story here on Reddit where the guy thought he wanted to get shit on, arranged all of it, and only realized as he was literally in the process of being shit on that he really didn’t like the fetish like he thought he would? People are so gross haha

  2. When I was recovering from a self-inflicted injury, I briefly dated someone who told me that he has a “suicide victim fetish” and acted on it multiple times. By “briefly dated,” I mean it ended after he told me this.

  3. I was dating a girl who self harmed. She asked me to cut her while going down on her. I declined then held her as she cried. Was a weird night

  4. My ex wanted to try to do that to me. She kept trying to put a nail in it or a pencil. I said fuck no and dumped her real quick

  5. So shortly after high school, me and a few friends rented a beach house in Virginia for a week. While there, we decided to go to this huge sex shop, since we lived in bumfuck nowhere and didn't have shit like that around us. It was fun to look at everything. And they had this huge section with swords, knives, etc. Idk why, but they did. Right next to this section was another counter, and my friend walks up to the counter and asks the lady "Is that a lockpicking set?" Figured it was still part of the edgy kid stuff. This lady says with a totally straight face, "Honey, those are urethral stretchers." I fucking lost it, my friends face was sheer horror.

  6. I had an ex that was deeply religious. One time she mentioned blood play, I was hesitant of course but asked her to elaborate. She said it'd because "Jesus is in the blood" and it would bring us closer together under god or some such. The blood part was enough of a turn off without bringing god into the bedroom

  7. I'm pretty masochistic but this is also on my nope list. I don't mind light playing down there, but I'm afraid of permanent damage if that play is too intense, and also the line between "that was surprising and painful, but still light enough to be fun" and "holy fuck that was too much, I'm done for now" is incredibly thin.

  8. when they ask you to cover yourself in dirt and wiggle around on the floor in your underwear. i don't know what it's called, but it's happened three separate times now and i just don't get the appeal

  9. My ex had a major navel fetish. Like it was just confusing because pretty much everything else was normal sexually, except she basically needed me to finger her belly button to um...arrive.

  10. I feel like this would definitely ruin the mood for me, but only because I’d be laughing so hard. Like wtf even is that? People really are strange creatures.

  11. With piss there is at least something to get behind. But Shit and blood both is highly infectious, so big nope for me.

  12. I’d be scared if my first time with a partner included that. Like, I don’t feel safe if escaping wouldn’t be possible.

  13. I watched an episode of south park where Randy was googling Brazilian fart porn and I’m like no way that’s a thing ! Googled it and what do you know.

  14. I guess I'm pretty open minded with fetishes. If it gets my partner off, I'm fair game. With the exception of crushing my testicles and fisting my asshole.

  15. Manure fetish. There’s a subreddit dedicated to people swimming in huge pools of animal manure. They also consume said manure and put it inside their bodies. I wish I was joking.

  16. Swimming in it?! I come from a farming community and its drilled into you to stay tf away from the lagoon bc thats basically surefire way to drown.

  17. Too funny. Read something on reddit just yesterday about how 3 guys in Ohio died from fumes while inside of manure pit trying to fix a pump. Looked it up and it was from Aug 2021. Mind you, it isn't funny that they died, just an odd coincidence that there are people who have this fetish.

  18. Listen, I’m traditional. All I need is a woman, and a man, a woman in a clown mask, a bottle of jelly, 36 mushroom caps, nude picture of bea Arthur, a black and white camera and a few extremely ill-tempered Snapping turtles.

  19. Animal crush. I don’t get how anyone could get sexual pleasure from seeing a kitten (or any animal) getting crushed to death. It’s disgusting and barbaric

  20. This is the first one I disagree with. Nothing gets me harder than music that sounds like a dog toy getting stuck in a laser printer.

  21. No no no. You misread the prompt. It was “What fetish is a “nope” for you?” Not “what is the absolute supreme banger to crush milfs to”. I hope this clears things up.

  22. I remember there was a post about a study of the psychology of it a while back and apparently many people with this don't picture their own family but like the idea of other families disconnected from them.

  23. For anyone who does/wants to try this, make sure you get a real sounding tool. Something that is easy to sanitize, as that is very important to do beforehand, and will not break or get lost inside.

  24. See, I didn't like it because I wasn't a fan of the sensation. Then I went back to school for something medical related and that demolished any kindling interest I may have had.

  25. I read somewhere that theres an uprise in women going to the ER because many partners watch porn, get involved without proper precautions to led up to said butt hole activities, then end up with tears

  26. I have a funny story about this. We were newly engaged and walking down the sidewalk, holding hands. My husband-to-be asked if I was in any debt, and I told him about my student loans and credit cards. He dropped my hand.

  27. Anything with poop. I remember reading a story on Reddit a few years ago about this girl who wanted to poop on a guys chest. I don’t have the link or anything but it stuck with me and I wish it hadn’t.

  28. I was eating out my girlfriend and started fingering her while doing it. Just two fingers...then she asked for three. Eventually she grabbed my hand with both her hands and pulled my entire hand in up to the wrist. My hand wasn't in a fist...more like fingers extended. When I realized what had happened I was just thinking holy shit this is crazy. She eventually said "thanks I've always wanted to try that". Married her. That never happened again tho.

  29. Not sure what it's called but the one where your partner choke you to a near death experience during sex. One of the best feelings along with the worse feelings at the same time is a nope

  30. Smash porn, weird people standing on an animals (didn't believe it was such thing until a barefoot Asian woman was standing on puppies killing them)..... death penalty.

  31. I think urine, feces, and vomit are an easy answer to this. While it's true that that's a nope for me, nobody is learning anything from this answer. Nobody is thinking "oh, interesting point". Likewise with consent or age stuff.

  32. Gunplay. There was this one chick I was talking to, things were heating up and one night we were sexting and swapping pics, and the topic of fetishes came up, and she had said one of her biggest ones was having a gun held to her head during the act, and I noped tf out. Gun safety is serious, and bringing firearms into sex just seems like a quick way to getting carried away and have a life changing and life ending accident happen.

  33. Not me but a friend explained to me a girl who like to pretend she was a cat before/after/during sex. Like she would wear a collar, drink milk from a dish, meow. I personally didn’t see an issue with this, but he was immediately turned off.

  34. Hmm seems interesting, so if I scratch her back she shoves her butt in my face? Finally a cat that I’ll enjoy this behaviour from.

  35. Slapping a woman’s face during sex. I mean I’ll literally slap anything on her body but seeing those red marks on cheeks just makes me feel abusive. Edit: anywhere but the face.

  36. Yup, had a girlfriend that loved all the rough stuff. Asked me to slap her one night, as soon as I did it she totally shut down. Was hot in theory (I guess, I was doing it for her), but did not work in reality

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