Who had the biggest fall from grace in history?

  1. Henry VIII has to be up there. He was a famously handsome, pious, and noble young king, very in love with Katherine when they were married, and over time he became the wife-killing tyrant we know today

  2. Rudy Giuliani, after the attacks of 9/11 he brought NYC together as mayor was on SNL and threw out the first pitch at Yankee stadium was really well liked by everyone. Then he was Trump's lawyer and held a press conference at the wrong four seasons and is seeing as a bumbling idiot yes man who does whatever trump wants.

  3. By the time I was a child, Bill Cosby was so universally recognized as an icon of wholesome comedy that one of the most popular kids shows of my youth was literally just a cartoon about his childhood. Now the legacy of that little cartoon show is tainted by the very subject of the show itself. That’s a fall from grace. From being trusted to be a part of your kids formative years, to becoming one of the most vile and disliked men of all time

  4. I don’t know how I didn’t realise that Little Bill was by Cosby until right now. Guess I just never paid enough attention. That’s quite a stain on my childhood now.

  5. I remember watching The Cosby Show as a child, it was the wholesome sitcom that my mother wanted us to watch, instead of the Simpsons, which was the edgy dysfunctional family show back then. It's a damn shame Cosby turned out to be such an awful person.

  6. This is probably the only person I have seen on this post that was probably a innocent man. He was accused of raping Virginia by a woman who by many accounts was a prolific blackmailer and what appears to be the predecessor of Rupert Murdoch in the media who sensationalised it. After the third trial which took minutes to acquit the jury apologised to Arbuckle saying an injustice had been done.

  7. How the fuck can they just willy nilly decide to NOT proceed with a trial after that many victims come forward???? This better not be the end of this. Bastard needs to face consequences.

  8. His documentary made me feel something I can’t explain. I was lost for words, the absolute most depressing thing is that Savile died knowing that he was loved. He got away with everything. And that really really stings

  9. After he died and the stories started coming out and everything came to light was nothing short of shocking. For the first time in my life did I fully understand what people mean when they say someone was a monster.

  10. Not just young girls, but young boys, disabled people, dead people - if they couldn't consent, he was there. One wonders if he EVER had a consensual sexual encounter in his life.

  11. The worst part is that people knew. Powerful people at the BBC knew Jimmy Savile was raping children. Some of them did nothing. Others actively covered for him. Jimmy was tight with the police so when there was a complaint no one took it seriously.

  12. He was protected by the BBC, John Lydon in an unaired 1978 interview says " I don’t know, I just want to make a film of it. I want to kill Jimmy Savile – he’s a hypocrite. I bet he’s into all kinds of seediness that we all know about but aren’t allowed to talk about. I know some rumours,” this was common knowledge & hidden from the public.

  13. and he's from Leeds, which is where I'm from. I met him once in a pizza place when I was 18, had a picture with him and it was my Facebook profile picture for a while. Makes me cringe looking back at it, knowing what I know now

  14. Fuck that motherfucker. That’s evil incarnate. I’m not even religious but I hope that Turd is burning in hell.

  15. The fucking guy who said that he doesnt want to own a computer because he didn’t want people to think he was a pedophile and people were shocked when it came out that he was a pedophile

  16. He was a suspected pedo long before he died. Johnny Rotten mentioned it back in 77. The BBC knew but kept promoting him as a hero.

  17. Also the most infuriating thing is that if you watch old interviews (including the documentary with Louis Theroux) he pretty much admits to everything he has done. It's like a game to him to see how close he can get to saying it.

  18. Had you asked me a couple of years ago, I'd say Vidkun Quisling. He was one of the last men to be given the death penalty in my country, and his last name is listed as a synonym for a cowardly traitor in our dictionary. He essentially sold us out to the Nazis during WW2. The thing is that he was previously seen as a good humanitarian, traveling to other countries to help the poor with Fridtjof Nansen (a National hero who won the Nobel Peace Prize), but it has later been revealed (only a couple of years ago) that he was never a good man from the start, and was in fact always a vile opportunist regardless of what affiliation he needed to have in order to further his own reputation and build his own grandiose sense of self!

  19. Quisling is legit the word for a collaborating traitor in English too. His name is such a perfectly weasel sounding name for it too. It just sounds gross and already has the -ling suffix on it.

  20. In the book World War Z, some of the people who can't cope with the mental stress of the zombie apocalypse go insane and start believing they're zombies. They call them Quislings. It's a pretty neat little nod to history. 10/10 book. Would highly recommend.

  21. I am completely ignorant of all scandinavian history except for vikings and vidkun quisling. Vikings because theyre vikings, quisling because his name is briefly mentioned in World War Z's novel. In the book it's the name for humans who suffered a mental break and start acting like zombies.

  22. He was never the biggest star, but Mark Salling’s fall from grace was massive. Went from the star of a prime time show to charged with child porn and dead in a matter of months

  23. On that note, Allison Mack. Went from the actress of the break-out character on a long-running popular superhero show to a cult leader who trafficked women for sex and forced labour, blackmailed them, branded them, and tortured them.

  24. I really fancied him in glee, and had no idea about any of this until way after he’s died. When I saw he was dead I was like NO!, then I read further into it and was like OH.. oh NO….🤯

  25. Yeah honestly Mary doesn't get talked about enough. Honestly reading her life, it kind of feels like one big tragedy.

  26. I instantly went Tudor too. I was thinking Anne Boleyn. From lover Queen who caused the split between the Catholic Church and the English throne- to tomb stone.

  27. The fact a 15 year old boy was king and made the decision to attempt and remove Mary from the line of succession because he supposed, correctly, that she would reverse the Protestant reforms that had taken place during his reign blows my mind. I was only thinking about video games and girls at 15 and I was really stupid.

  28. I think he recanted at the end of his life, but makes me wonder why he didn’t do so earlier - though a quick peep at the Wikipedia page hints dementia.

  29. This was going to my addition. The guy was a revolutionary music producer, creating the Wall of Sound formula. He produced music for some of the top musicians in the 60s and 70s and retired very young to his mansion in the Hollywood Hills.

  30. I read the case file. Holy cow. And when asked why he did what he did, he said he did it for the lolz. His password was ifuckkids. And two of the infants mothers sold their own babies out to him. There are text messages detailing the abuse they were planning to subject the INFANTS to.

  31. Philippe Petain was a national hero of France after World War 1. He won the 9 month Battle of Verdun as a general and inspired hope and optimism at a time when it seemed like the war would never end.

  32. China had a similar person. Wang Jingwei was beloved for his role in the 1911 revolution but is now viewed terribly for siding with the Japanese in WWII. His fate was different though, he died in 1944 from a wound he got from an assassination attempt in 1939. His tomb was destroyed by the ROC army and his burial place now has a note that calls him a traitor.

  33. I’m sure there are worse people, but Harvey Weinstein went from being one of the most powerful people in the world, to be completely reviled, and losing everything.

  34. I’m pretty sure he gets around just fine without a walker and he’s only using it to look older and weaker than he actually is to gain sympathy

  35. I knew someone that used to work at his company and said that the assistants had to soak his thumb when it was infected. They also had to hide the candy jar at the front desk because apparently he can’t stop himself from eating everything in front of him to the point he vomits (which the assistants also had to clean).

  36. One correction: the guy was actually reviled for quite a long time before the allegations became widely known. Nasty guy to deal with, legendary temper.

  37. “Massive pedophile” doesn’t do it justice. He was one of the most vicious and prolific pedophiles ever in the UK’s history apparently.

  38. Dont forget jonny rotten from the sex pistols did a BBC radio interview 70's or 80's i think it was. John mentioned he wanted to kill a few people, when the reporter asked who, his response was "jimmy saville, we all know he's doing things he shouldn't be but we can't talk about that can we?" Or something like that. Needless to say that interview never saw the light of day until the sick bastard was dead.

  39. I was working in Leeds in 2011 and saw on the news that his coffin was going to be displayed at the Queens Hotel which was just round the corner from where i was staying.

  40. This blows my mind. I saw a single clip of him on the Netflix special about him and was like “Oh hell no that dude is creepy as fuck!!” I don’t understand how he was seen as charming??

  41. Aaron Burr he was Vice President of the United States when he shot and killed Alexander Hamilton in a duel. The duel killed Burr's political career—he was dropped from Thomas Jefferson's ticket in the 1804 election, and he couldn't even win an election for governor of New York.

  42. You're confusing the cause for the effect. He had a vendetta against Hamilton because - and after - he was dropped from the ticket and lost the gubernatorial election.

  43. All I ever can think of is the “Got Milk” commercial with the guy eating peanut butter saying “Awon Buuuh” because he can’t drink milk.

  44. Benedict Arnold. Hero general of the American Revolution. One of George Washington's best assets. Felt slighted and overlooked by his contemporaries. Switched sides to the British, made no difference to the war effort. Died in disgrace in England. His name is now a synonym for traitor.

  45. Arnold had two horses shot under him, including one at the Battle of Saratoga, where he was instrumental in securing victory at Bemis Heights. Arnold was going between the lines while being shot at, unharmed for most of the battle as he urged his men on until both he and his horse was hit with the final volley as the British were fleeing and the Americans were taking the important position. Arnold's leg was shot and broken by the horse. Following this, the British at Saratoga surrendered. This was a major inflection point of the American revolution, showing Europeans that the Americans were serious and could beat the British on land, and soon foreign aid was given openly.

  46. If you ever watch Turn:Washington’s spies. He is a main character and it is wild what a national and revolutionary hero he would’ve been had he not felt slighted

  47. If Ethan Allen didn't screw him over after Saratoga he would have risen much higher. I'm sure it didn't help that his wife favored the British. I still believe if he was patient just a little while longer he would have gotten recognized and become a potentially positive player in early American history.

  48. Pretty fun fact; the Subway he used to frequent went out of business not too long ago. It was in Bloomington Indiana. He went to the Subway when he was a student at IU.

  49. John Edwards. Ran for VP, getting ready to run for Prez, find out he had an affair and a kid while his wife was dying of cancer.

  50. didn't he announce one day he had a list of the top 1000 people who were trying to betray the revolution but it was late so he said he would make the list public the next morning. that night everyone was worried they were on the list, so they all pretty much conspired that night to get rid of him.

  51. "So, let me ask you a question about this brave new world of yours. When you've killed all the bad guys, and when it's all perfect and just and fair, when you have finally got it exactly the way you want it, what are you going to do with the people like you? The troublemakers. How are you going to protect your glorious revolution from the next one?"

  52. I felt my eyes bug out of my head when I read “CNN” rather than “Clickhole” under the headline on Facebook.

  53. He was always a cult leader. He was just helpful in utilizing his cult in being able to influence politics, which made him useful to politicians and kept the cult from attracting negative attention.

  54. Harvey Weinstein...he WAS Hollywood when he got outed for the POS he is but this guy produced (just naming the top 3): the Lord of the Rings trilogy, 2) every Tarantino movie except Hollywood, and 3) Good Will Hunting and (subsequently) about every Damon or Affleck project from that time to his downfall.

  55. Yeah but everyone knew he was a fucking piece of shit before the rape allegations/charges came out - he was known as an absolute monster in the industry. Falling from “grace” means you had grace to begin with, which he did not.

  56. I take issue with the LOTR point. He is hated by Sir Peter Jackson and the movies would be terrible if Sir Peter wasn't able to find other money. That being said, Harvey did recognize the potential as Sir PJ's resume was...questionable at the time.

  57. Hard agree especially when you consider how inspirational he was to most of the general populace, many of our household name comedians looked up to him and became comedians because of him, and he was involved in many of the larger civil rights movements across the nation, the fact he was doing what he did to those women for all of those decades is much bigger than any other person I can think of.

  58. They say the worst part is the hypocrisy but I don’t think so. I think the worst part is the raping. RIP Norm

  59. I grew up watching the Cosby Show and was talking to someone just 10 years younger than me trying to explain the force of wholesome culture that was Bill Cosby. She just looked at me funny and said, "The pudding pop guy?"

  60. His work led to the invention of Zyklon B which was used in the gas chambers of WWII. In a horrific twist of irony, he was Jewish, and many members of his family were later murdered with it by Nazi Germany.

  61. Wasnt that one of those videos that the youtube algorythm decided to send out as a suggestion to virtually everyone like a month or two ago? 😅

  62. In his mind, he was doing his part. In his mind, he was trying to save lives by ending the war faster. Just something to keep in mind.

  63. My advisors in grad school were part of the team of researchers that provided evidence that the prosthetics used by Oscar Pistorius did not provide a significant advantage over biological limbs; thus, granting him the ability to compete in the Olympics.

  64. My son's high school played rugby against Oscar's old high school. Whenever anyone went into the team toilets, they'd call out, "I'm on the loo, don't shoot me!"

  65. My kid's middle name is Oscar because I was heavily pregnant during the 2012 Olympics/Paralympics. He was genuinely a role model before the murdering. My kid does find it a little blackly funny though.

  66. This needs to be higher, he was a well respected member of a family of actors, then he killed Lincoln and basically sent the civil-rights movement back 100 years single-handedly out of a delusion that he could somehow save the Confederacy when they had already surrendered. I don't think it's possible to have a worse fall-from-grace than that.

  67. Not the biggest fall, but Charles Lindbergh deserves to be in the conversation. After making the historic first solo transatlantic flight, and gaining the sympathy of many after the kidnapping and murder of his son, he promoted American neutrality in WWII. Though he reversed his stance after the attack on Pearl Harbor, many had already branded him a Nazi sympathizer.

  68. Benedict Arnold would be celebrated as the second-most important Founding Father after George Washington if not for...well...you know.

  69. Not just the drug thing either. He went to insane lengths to silence people trying to expose the drug scandal within the cycling sphere. He threatened people and publicly harassed and embarrassed people, even former Tour de France winners weren't safe from his wrath. He was invincible and used it to bludgeon people's careers, reputations and personal lives.

  70. Jeffrey Epstein. People forget how ex-presidents and celebrities were lining up to suck this guy’s dick, until it all went horribly wrong.

  71. I wanna say Ghislaine Maxwell as well. She was rich and famous just because, had everything she could ever want. Then she got caught recruiting girls for a pedo ring, and now history will remember her as a child sex trafficker

  72. Those who followed cricket knew how good he was. Great leader who could do great things on the field only to sell the end result of matches for money giving impression of 'unlucky even after heroics'. And then suddenly "died" young in a helicopter crash when it was time for more investigations to find names of accomplices.

  73. Andrew Cuomo has got to be up there. He was a huge media darling during covid, wrote a book about how well he did, was being floated as a presidential candidate, then the sexual harassment and handling of nursing homes made him fall almost overnight.

  74. One of my favorite subtly horrifying jokes in Bojack Horseman was Mister Peanutbutter talking about Vick approaching him to work on something.

  75. This may be off topic but the African National Congress went from being the first democratically elected party in South Africa, the beacon of freedom that ended Apartheid to now being the fattest, leech-filled government on the continent.

  76. I’d add Robert Mugabe to the list. He was the darling of leftists in the US in the 70s and early 80s (when I was hanging out with leftists) for his ZANU/ZAPU activities, and the promise of transitioning apartheid Rhodesia to black led Zimbabwe. Corrupt murdering asshole lived to be 95.

  77. Came here for this. That HBO movie really illustrated how bad this was. His entire family thought he was some rich finance guy. Then they find out not only do they have nothing, but their dad stole (and destroyed) more money than just about any individual in the history of the world. What a tough pill to swallow! Bernie and his wife tried to commit suicide, and one of his sons was successful in doing so. What a sad story.

  78. Surprised he was so far down in the comments. Maybe it’s because he has been a known pedophile for many many years. People just didn’t care till recently. Maybe because he was acquitted in the first case - but everybody saw him pee on that child. Paying the family off does not make you innocent and he should’ve been cancelled a long time ago.

  79. Would he be able to rub elbows with the world royals if wasn't for his side gig? The biggest take we could take out from that whole thing is how much we underestimate the amount of creeps and degenerates among the world elites.

  80. Jebediah Springfield. This beloved patriot embiggened the smallest spirit. It was later learned he was nothing but a marauder and drunkard. He was said to have a silver tongue. Trouble is, he wasn't a great orator, just a guy with a silver prosthetic which he earned by having his tongue bitten out in a bar fight.

  81. Sam Bankman-Fried's fall has been both impressive and sudden. The story isn't nearly over, but that was one hell of a Ponzi scheme he created.

  82. Hitler was actually praised by world leaders at the time of his rise. I forget what controversy brought him down though...

  83. There are a lot of singers and musicians who fell from grace, but I don’t think any of the other ones could be worse than this.

  84. Aung San Suu Kyi. Won a Nobel Peace Prize freeing her country from the grip of military rule, then years later used that military power to oppress the Rohingya Muslims.

  85. and now she's in prison because the military didn't think she was sucking up to them enough.

  86. I admired and loved my grandfather as a child. He was my hero. He was also very respected for his service in WWI. Then, later in life, I learned he was a monstrous sexual predator.

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