what's an addiction that no one takes seriously enough?

  1. Revenge Bedtime Procrastination—when a person feels emotionally exhausted and they have not had enough time for themself or to care for themself, they will often stay up late to get this time but unintentionally exacerbate the problem due to lack of sleep

  2. My reason is that I’m free when it’s night. I don’t need to care about people’s feelings during the night, and it’s so nice.

  3. I am almost completely a night owl.i am more productive and engaged past 10pm. Its biological. If this is a life long trend for you, it is likely similar for you. Also, those who had traumatic childhoods often prefer late nights because often those were "safe" hours.

  4. Compulsively buying. In worst case scenarios the person either becomes a hoarder due to all the stuff they accumulate and/or turns themselves into a debt slave by opening up 10+ credit cards and maxing them out to buy more stuff to get the dopamine hit. Similar to alcoholism, the person needs to want to change themselves, you can physically take their cards away and cut them up and admonish them or compasionatelly talk with them, but they have the card info saved on websites like amazon and its trivial to continue buying online without the physical card, or to order a replacement card or open up even more cards to continue putting themselves into the hole. It can be a real compulsion for the buyer.

  5. My mom is like this. Her house is full of shit and she never stops buying. She’s always “cleaning” and “getting rid of stuff” but … she just puts shit in piles or trash bags and then never actually gets rid of it. Clothes, creams, makeup, stupid little doodads from Amazon… Attempting to talk to her about it is fruitless— she sees no problem. I don’t know how to help her but I also don’t think I can.

  6. I can imagine theres that addiction tipping point where if ur 9k in debt with no way out then u can either be sad with 9k debt or be happy for a bit and have 10k debt

  7. I had a eureka moment recently when I realized that my boyfriend isn’t buying fast food all the time just because he’s addicted to food. I realized that he likes spending money on delivered food. We’ll have homemade lasagna in the refrigerator and he has to get DoorDash to bring Popeyes.

  8. In someone with ADHD, dopamine. It's easy to become addicted to social media, gaming, gambling, sex, attention, drugs, alcohol and all of the other addictions. Because the real problem is you're just trying to get access to a normal amount of dopamine.

  9. Yep... when I tell people I stayed up till 4 am mindlessly browsing Reddit and YouTube, especially if I had far more important things to do and was very tired, they look bewildered and ask why I didn't simply stop. After all, I wasn't really engaged in what I was viewing. But it's not a matter of being actually interested; it's about continually getting that hit of dopamine, and it is ridiculously hard to break away. Especially when a looming pile of tasks is building up due to procrastination, and any time you stop aimlessly scrolling, you spiral into feeling overwhelmed and guilty about everything you didn't do.

  10. This is probably the most concerning comment posted and should have more upvotes for awareness. It’s not something talked about a lot because it’s a front to pretty much how most people live their lives. It’s hard to cut back just on entertainment as a whole when it is everywhere.

  11. God damnit this is me. We’re on a national Adderall shortage and it’s been a month since I’ve had any. Work sucks. Every day life sucks. Now that I know what it feels like on the other side and how productive and well adjusted I can be, it’s fucking AWFUL to feel like this.

  12. Ah yes, the source of me binge eating disorder and sugar addiction. Combine that dopamine chasing with time blindness (when did I eat last?) and difficulty with impulse control! Good times.

  13. Ye I think everyone is addicted to dopamine but their bodies deliver a steady stream of it when being productive n stuff. (ADH)We don't get enough so resort to unhealthy ways to stave off depression, which obviously snowballs bad.

  14. Sleep aids like Zzz quil. I've always had sleeping issues. Turns out long term use can possibly bring on dementia and alzhimiers.

  15. Did they figure out which way the connection runs? There's a higher risk of dementia in people with sleep disorders, so it'd make sense that those taking sleep medication have a higher risk too - since you're not usually taking them if you don't have a sleep disorder.

  16. Sometimes I fall asleep holding my phone and my thumb wakes me up because it's still scrolling. Fucking creeps me out.

  17. Physician here: I love and hate this answer because it’s not discerning enough. Steroid sprays like Flonase and nasacort as well as saline sprays are not addicting and may need to be used continuously for some severe allergy sufferers.

  18. I have a TikTok account with over 100 million views and a few hundred thousand followers, and let me tell you - Those first couple months I was helplessly addicted to checking the number of views I got, not exaggerating I would check 100+ times a day.

  19. My friend described her sex addiction as the need for validation. She does not care if the sex is good or bad. She only cares about the attention gained.

  20. Self deprecation. It starts as just jokes to break the ice in social situations. Then it becomes a form of sarcasm ingrained into your everyday speech. Then it becomes a true depiction of how you see yourself and it spirals into depression.

  21. The cool thing is you can do it in reverse. I had shitty self esteem but I joked about being hot shit long enough that I started believing it just a little bit. Just enough.

  22. You gotta start changing your material after a while cause then it just makes people uncomfortable and the cries for help become a little too obvious lol

  23. Red bulls are at least reasonable. They only have 110mg of caffeine. Something like a bang has 300+, we used to have a nurse that would drink 2 or 3 a night and I always wanted to hook her up to an EKG and look for PVC's

  24. I've seen similar comments a couple times while scrolling but I read a study recently connecting former addicts (mainly opiates) with sugar addiction because of the effects it has on the brain. Congratulations on your sobriety though, that is no joke for sure!

  25. I used to eat massive amounts of candies and chocolate and chug fruit juices as a kid. I've managed to cut down the amounts by a lot and guess what, stuff can taste too sweet once you're less accustomed to it, as de it's not really pleasuring at that point. I started with drinking tea and coffee with no sugar and avoiding fruit juice unless it's fresh pressed. I think it did help to bring down the threshold.

  26. ironically i went to rehab for a dif addiction (alcohol) and we couldn't have phones, and i cannot even count the amount of times i reached into my pocket for my phone out of complete reflex

  27. Work. So many of my friends in their late 20’s work themselves to exhaustion, go out for drinks and talk about work for 3 hours, get called in early to work the next day, and kiss the bosses ass on their days off.

  28. On the same merit, I'm fully disgusted by how effective it is to brown nose managers. Like you can't fire the guy who the entire company has issues with because he treats you like you're his favorite person?

  29. 100% work is addictive. Especially if you have a job that shows you instant gratification at the end of the day. I’m a general contractor, had to slowly ween myself off working from 6am to 11pm only to stop and eat or change clothes, 6 or 7 days a week. Everything I did gave me an instant result, if I liked it I kept going, if I hated it I ripped it out and started over. And then you get money, another terrible but necessary evil out of it. To turn around and buy more things to help you work more.

  30. “Solitude is dangerous. It’s very addictive. It becomes a habit after you realise how peaceful and calm it is. It’s like you don’t want to deal with people anymore because they drain your energy.” – Jim Carrey

  31. Actually talking to my therapist about it and the way I phrased it is that I'm always feeling lonely and kind of complaining about it but as she keeps encouraging me to to reach out and do stuff, I get the intent but part of me still thinks "but I don't want to" gah, it's self perpetuating. It's so draining but it's also so nice to be myself alone! Sometimes I have hits "oh this isn't that bad" when hanging with friends irl that one time or online too.

  32. This is legitimately concerning for me and i’m glad you posted. I LOVE my time to myself and i’d be the happiest lass in the land if I could spend the rest of my life with just my other half and our pets. But I know that one day this will probably kick me in the ass and i’ll wind up a lonely old lady who’s too depressed by my loneliness to do anything about it. What would I do if my other half died tomorrow?

  33. That’s crazy, this happens to me, especially during that pandemic. Some people ask how it was in quarantine and honestly it was pretty great at times, TOO great. Not talking to many people I realized two weeks slipped by and I barely noticed. I enjoy time with myself very much but realize that it’s too calm, you miss life events in a blink of an eye since there’s not an unexpected break in routine to break up the days.

  34. This happened to me during the pandemic lockdowns. We were locked down and remote from the end of 9th grade to about 3/4th of the way thru 10th grade. I didn't have much social life in the first place, but then going remote and not having to deal with other people for so long was really nice and I enjoyed it.

  35. Alcohol dependency - people only think being a full blown alcoholic is an issue. The millions who can’t go a day without booze, yet are functional and whose lives would be 10X better without it are the real issue.

  36. Yep. 3 months without a drink. I would come home from work and one glass of wine would turn into a bottle. I realized i was not a casual drinker and i don’t think i ever will/can be. I was proud when i went a day without. Now, I’m understanding that I have/had an unhealthy relationship with alcohol that had to end. Is it forever? I’m not sure. All i know is things are better without and I’m not sure i should risk it. It was a slow spiral.

  37. Two years sober after 25 years of that particular “everything’s fine” level of hell. Every single thing about my life has improved.

  38. Eh, I have to agree . I dig several drinks and one smoke in the evening. Every evening. I must change. I'm 63. If I want to see my grandchildren grow up I must stop.

  39. Yes I’m 54. Stopped drinking 7 months ago. The book The Naked Mind really changed my perception of alcohol. I was drinking more than I wanted to. I feel much better.

  40. A very good friend is 35 years old and is currently in the hospital waiting for a liver because he has cirrhosis. While he is extreme case alcohol dependency is no joke. no good comes from drinking, and it's not a problem until it is and then it's far too late.

  41. It can sneak up on you too. I went years with barely drinking to not being able to go without alcohol in a six month span.

  42. This is what I’ve worked hardest to cut over the past 12 months, you unfortunately find out it’s in everything.

  43. Yes! I get a sweet tooth and crystal light tea or a diet coke will solve that. But sometimes it's not just a sweet tooth. I crave sugar. Really bad for me cause I'm diabetic. My mom's the same way.

  44. Not to sound dramatic but it can literally ruin my day if I forget my chapstick at home. I try to keep back ups in various spots but then sometimes I get desperate & need to shuffle them around. Might be time to admit you have a problem when you ALWAYS have chapstick on you or in your pocket even when at home.

  45. Certain lip balms contain an ingredient that exfoliates your lips. It's literally eating away at the skin so you always feel like you need to keep applying. It's a self perpetuating cycle, break it!

  46. Pro tip, moisturize your lips with actual moisturizer like cerave cream. Then lock it in with petroleum jelly. You’ll never go back to chapstick.

  47. As someone with very few other vices, i can live with this addiction. It brings me joy and doesn't hurt anyone else. I think of myself as more of a chapstick connoisseur than an addict. I love to try all the different flavors and scents.

  48. For years I was using food in almost exactly the same way as other people used drugs or alcohol. I found certain high carb foods would knock me out within minutes, day or night. Lower sides never failed to give me a warm content feeling, no matter what was going on in my life. I used to skip out on work to get carby fix, even when not hungry. And I spent a lot of time at work or otherwise thinking about when I'd get my next fix.

  49. As a former bulimic I agree. The constant intense fear of food, paired with a constant insatiable desire for food, with no idea of how to eat normally, can be life consuming

  50. So many people miss this and it's real. You can go for turkey on drugs or alcohol, you can't stop eating you have to moderate, which is much harder.

  51. Agree 100%. You need food to survive, it’s everywhere. I’ve been on the anorexic, bulimic, and binge eating train. It’s never as simple as ‘don’t eat so much’ or ‘just have a sandwich’. The compulsion, the obsession, the way it completely overtakes your life and manipulates your thoughts. Disordered eating of any kind fills some sort of a void. And it’s fucking hard to overcome.

  52. Right, and exactly why it's so easy to swing the other way and develop an eating disorder. When you do eat you feel like you're failing but you can't not eat.

  53. Shopping. People think I just like nice shit but they don’t realize I literally can’t stop and it’s ruined relationships but I don’t know how to quit. The dopamine is real.

  54. I scrolled too far to see this. If i bring it up to people, its almost like a joke to them. It isnt funny, it really sucks and its hard to stop. I find ill start to do better, but suddenly I see sale emails and get tunnel vision and Im in a trance adding stuff to cart. Im actually seeing a therapist now to help with it. I want to save to buy a house, I do not need more clothes and makeup.

  55. My sister is addicted to shopping. She buys the stuff, gets the rush, and never uses it. It will literally sit in the bag on the floor and collect dust. She got married and left my parents house but her stuff is still there. She won’t let them get rid of it and it’s sprawled all over their house. My mom said she’s gotten rid of 150 garbage bags of stuff and there’s still more to go. She just started doing “Shop with me” videos on Instagram and it’s nauseating. She doesn’t have a job because “reasons” (lazy) and they don’t have kids either.

  56. Impulse buying. Someone close to me cannot stop impulse purchases and consuming makes him feel good. He does it almost every day. It is ruining him financially and he can never save any money. The house is full of crap that is never used. It causes so many problems.

  57. Absolutely. Especially when adults say the kids do it for attention. If they are doing it for attention then give them attention, sincerely a former self harmer.

  58. Yup. I started at 14, stopped within half a year. I've relapsed at 17 and now at 23. I'm like.. 4 months clean now and it hurt so much to restart that counter. No matter how long it's been, the temptation is still there. Waiting for when you are weakest

  59. took way too long scrolling for this. i’ve been battling for 5 years, just relapsed after being clean for a few months again. talked to multiple therapists, it’s equivalent to my xanax addiction. but one is taken WAY more seriously, ffs i’ve been clean from xans for almost two years. nobody is advocating for my sh addiction the same way. no support groups. no guidance from counselors. no sympathy from others.

  60. Thank goodness I'm not alone in that. I cut for 3 or 4 years and stopped about 10 years ago. I'm on meds for depression but I still get that "itch" when I'm anxious or down or stressed. And it's SO hard not to give back in. I know it'll feel good and "solve my problems" (I know it actually won't but it feels like it will).

  61. I was scrolling and scrolling, hoping someone would mention this. Started at 14, stopped in about a year. 18. Relapsed a little (but badly) before my birthday. I’m around three-four months clean. It does become an addiction. I’ve heard so many say “just stop” or “it’s not like it’s drugs” but it is though. It’s fucked. It’s the destroying of your own body for some kind of satisfaction. It sucks.

  62. Skin picking. My index, thumb and middle fingers are permanently destroyed and all my parent says is ‘you’ve got to stop’ yeah no I can’t-

  63. mine aren’t permanently destroyed but it’s definitely not okay, i pick at pimples as well until they’re flat on my skin. i seriously spend hours a day doing it and i think i just realized

  64. I’m not sure if it’s an option you’ve considered/have available to you, but I recently stated going to therapy for skin picking. I’ve struggled for years, and finally feel like I’m making progress towards stopping. Body focused repetitive disorders (BFRDs) are really common and I wish I would have sought help earlier, specifically for skin picking.

  65. I can switch my focus areas to minimize destruction, but I've only been able to slow it down to the point where I'm not seriously hurting myself during low-stress periods of my life (these are few and far between).

  66. Winning arguments. Or at least the other person giving up. I know a guy that will argue with anyone over anything, with the sole intention of making them give up in disgust.

  67. It's one thing to argue opinions where nobody is objectively right, but the people I can't stand are the ones that will argue they're right even when they are factually proven wrong.

  68. I used to struggle badly with this. I weighed around 185lbs but would put back a whole, large Papa John's pizza, side of garlic knots, some of another pizza and still be looking in the fridge for snacks.

  69. Its one thing to binge eat just because, but what alot of people dont realize is that binge eating disorder is a real disorder that alot of professionals put around the same level as anorexia and bulimia. When we covered eating disorders in one of my upper level psych courses we learned about all 3 around the same time and the first 2 are ALMOST common knowledge at this point, however nobody really knew about binge eating disorder

  70. TV is the big thing im aware of. I feel I always need it on and I know if I did almost anything else instead my life would be much improved. Or if I didn't watch while trying to do something else.

  71. as someone who got off most social media (Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook).. dude, it's crazy how stressed i got when i first stopped using them.. it was weird, i felt so outta the loop and less then but now understand it's truly improved my day to day. i still suffer alot because i do have BPD & a handful of other issues but goddamn was it much worse when i was constantly comparing myself to others on social media.

  72. If you want to stay quit, stop counting. You're not on day 2, you're just not that kind of person any more. Remember the date, but don't count the days.

  73. I smoked cigarettes for 10ish years. Then “quit” and started vaping. Vaped for 3-4 years. Then “quit” and started using nicotine lozenges for 18 months. Then QUIIT and haven’t used any nicotine product for 1 year, today.

  74. My iPhone wasn't charging so I stopped by the Apple shop. Guy takes a looks and says I've just got some lint clogging up the port and he can clean it out for me if I've got 10 minutes. I say sure and start wandering around the shop looking at the new computers and iPads.

  75. Recently? Alcohol. You can be slamming back a 6 pack every day after work, wine mom drinking out of a flask at soccer games and baby showers, 10am sunday mimosas, and no one bats an eye as long as you’re functioning and you turn it into a joke. Unless you’re pissing yourself drooling in a corner at 8am every morning, no one even thinks alcoholism.

  76. Drinking in your 30s is basically this. I’m almost certain a combination of work stress, family, lack of spare time etc drives a lot of people into functional alcoholism.

  77. Casual alcoholism. People notice severe alcoholism, where they're obviously drunk in broad daylight, but the number of people I see who are just casually drinking at noon or drinking tons of mimosas at 9 am, or make their entire personality about alcohol are way too into alcohol for it to be healthy.

  78. I don't think this got enough attention, because I think you're spot on. There is some value in making deeply bigoted people look foolish. I think it can knock people out of their cultish parasocial relationships with unhealthy influences, and I think it sometimes can expose bad ideas for being bad. This can, if done well, make a real and positive difference for people spiralling into conspiracy theory bullshit.

  79. Sex addiction is one of the hardest addictions because it's so ingrained in our coping mechanisms and there is sex everywhere. Constant triggers. Granted, I've never done heroin or meth, but a guy I know was addicted to meth and said sex addiction is harder.

  80. I saw nobody say this so I am gonna say it, sadness. might seem like a weird thing but a lot of people are addicted to making themself sad or make themseles feel pain

  81. I’ve heard about this. Someone’s theory was that they’re so familiar with that feeling that that’s what’s comfortable; that’s their safe space. They’re scared to feel anything else.

  82. I had an epiphany in therapy when I started panicking about making progress with my ptsd- i dont know who I am without my illnesses, diagnoses. I think a lot of people wrap themselves in sadness because it’s familiar. It’s the devil you know kinda thing.

  83. Chronic Depression runs in my family and it’s funny how everyone copes with it differently. While my grandparents stay at home and do pain killers, my dad gardens, and my mom finds a million different hobbies. There are times where drinking definitely stirred the pot in my fam to make the depression ✨spicy✨, but people are healing. I know for myself, I eb and flow based off my success at meaningful work. After 6 months of being truly upset with my life after college, it took getting the flu that made me finally want to paint again. As my mom says, “depression can be comfortable after you’ve let yourself curl up with it”.

  84. There’s a lot that aren’t taken seriously, or are looked down upon because of the stigma around it. Food. Gambling. Sex. Even legal narcotics are looked down upon. But illegal narcotics aren’t seen as what they often are, which is a way to avoid dealing with something in one’s past. Much the same can be said about alcoholism.

  85. Caffeine. Mainly in the form of coffee, if it's energy drinks, it's suddenly much more of an issue, but people take pride in "not functioning without their morning coffee"? The amount of shirts, cups and home decors saying stuff like "don't talk to me before my coffee" or "but first... coffee" baffles me. If you can't function without it, you're addicted, Helen.

  86. Oh yeah, quitting coffee was a massive game changer for me. My anxiety went way down and for whatever reason, it seemed to completely numb my emotions. I was wondering around like a zombie a lot of the time and now I feel the full range of emotions!

  87. I quit caffeine and my energy levels have never been better. No crash during the day, no desperate need to have a kick in the morning. Best thing I ever did.

  88. Anger. It releases serotonin. It’s cathartic. Easy to become a dominant response in many social situations.

  89. Underrated one for sure. Tapping into indignation/conflict/anger can temporarily stave off depression, and some people absolutely rely on that. Really entwines with some personality disorders.

  90. Weed is totally addictive. It’s horrible for your quality of sleep too and studies are showing it doesn’t even matter if you smoke 3+ hours before bed, it still disturbs your REM. I’ve been vaping dry flower and smoking since I was 18, and it has been so so hard to stop using it every day. Every time I try, the withdrawals are brutal: sleeplessness at night, sleepiness during the day, appetite all over the place, moodiness, anger, irritability, cravings. I’m on a tbreak that I’m hoping will lead to ceasing my use forever but if I tell myself I will never smoke weed again I can’t handle that reality so I take it day by day. Moderation also isn’t possible for me, it’s all or nothing. Only using on weekends means I’m going through withdrawal during the week and that cycle repeats until I start using every day of the week to avoid those withdrawals. It’s a vicious cycle.

  91. YES. I was looking for this answer. Weed dependency is real but people will swear to you up and down it’s not a problem because it’s “natural”. I have this acquaintance that smokes weed every moment of everyday because otherwise she has panic attacks. She views weed as some miracle drug but it hasnt seemed to dawn on her that her panic attacks only started when she started smoking weed regularly. She’s so high all the time that when she’s not, she can no longer cope with what used to be perfectly normal and has a panic attack. I am all for decriminalizing it. I am all for smoking it recreationally. But dude, if you can’t go to your job or go to the fucking grocery store without having to get high first then, I’m sorry, there is a problem here.

  92. Not to mention it is still not good for you, smoking anything increases your risk of heart problems later on in life.

  93. Thank you for saying this. Yes. My ex was addicted to weed. So bad to the point he would spend our rent and bill money on it constantly and then when he ran out he was extremely suicidal and MEAN. Straight up physically abusive because he didn’t have his “medicine”

  94. Weed is addictive, and the biggest problem with it I think is that it doesn't screw up your life completely when you're addicted to it. Because that way, you don't feel the need to quit even though you'll probably feel better and live a more fulfilling life. I've been addicted to weed for about 8 years now. I have it 'under control' nowadays, as in, I only smoke in de evening, never before work/class/visiting family. But it still affects my everyday life. I will leave a party early if I forgot my weed, so I can smoke one at home. I will pass and stay in to smoke when friends invite me for drinks at the bar. I don't regret ever using weed, but I do regret not being properly informed about the risk of addiction.

  95. Addiction to love, especially in toxic relationships. The needing, the longing, the desperation, the codependency. The rage, the lust, the jealousy.

  96. I've met people in rehab whose lives were absolutely destroyed by marijuana. It drives me crazy when people say it's not addictive because it definitely can be for some people.

  97. No idea why this isn't higher up on the list. Quitting darts was fucking hard and when I finally cut myself off, my body reacted in some really weird ways.

  98. Idk man I've seen nobody mention cocaine and I've been watching that harm a few lives lately. Socially acceptable amongst the moderately wealthy, but usually an all or nothing kind of drug that people ABSOLUTELY will gargle trouser meat for.

  99. Kept scrolling, and scrolling, looking for something that contained this sentiment. I didn't know how to word it. I didn't even know it was possible to be addicted to a person, until recently I realized that's what it is. Something that fucks up your life, damages your health, friends and family, your finances, all for fleeting highs. I wonder if it's common that "person addiction" tends to be a person that is highly toxic and abusive. I'm trying to make today the day I drop this addiction, do it for myself and the people that care about me, cos I can't keep hurting them or disappointing them anymore. Apologies for the long reply/over share. You're not alone in this. I've let years of my life be ruined. But, every passing minute is another chance to turn it all around. We deserve better.

  100. I had to scroll SO FAR for this. As somebody who went to GA and almost ruined my life gambling it is absolutely an addiction that is socially ignored

  101. Especially gambling in Australia - government sponsored and widespread. Everyone knows the damage it does, but the governments love the billions in taxes. Every town has a leagues club with cheap booze, cheap food and a poker machine room, all government subsidized. The poker machine room is usually full at any time of the day or night, while families eat and drink in the next room.

  102. Dopamine. ADHD leaves me dopamine starved when Im not properly medicated, so I become easily addicted to anything that can release consistent dopamine, which has included gambling, gaming, podcasts, Reddit, masturbating, eating, and any number of other things. I am so prone to addiction I just avoid anything I can see going poorly and throw myself into some of the more relatively harmless ones like Sudokus.

  103. Work. I show up early everyday at least an hour, stay late if possible and try to work weekends constantly...without extra pay. Not trying to kiss ass or look good to the boss man, I just genuinely like working. Or rather need to work.

  104. I know guys who are so addicted they've lost their jobs and spouses over it or are headed in that direction. They stopped caring for their kids and spending time with their spouse, started missing work.They aren't bad people that don't care about their families, they're just hopelessly addicted.

  105. Yup. I had a friend who was addicted to WOW. He timed his entire life around it. He had people over to his place and ignored them, then got pissed when everyone left because he didn't even acknowledge them. The most extreme example was when one of his favorite bands came to town. He made plans for me, him, and his girlfriend to go. 3 hours before the show his gf and I were getting ready to go have dinner. He told us to give him 15 minutes to finish what he was doing. We waited almost an hour. We told him we were ready to go get something to eat, be he told us to give him 10 more minutes. We waited 40 minutes, then told him we were leaving and went out to the car to make the point crystal clear. After 20 minutes his gf called him and told him we were leaving. He SCREAMED at her, but still didn't come out. She and I went to go get fast food and nobody ended up going to the show. He was PISSED. I went home and resolved to never make plans with him again.

  106. 100% agree with this. Several years ago I ended a relationship because of my ex’s video game addiction. He struggled to maintain employment because of it.

  107. I’m curious about what percentage of young men that drop out of university or college did so because they couldn’t balance video games and school.

  108. Actually yes. My partner is in therapy for video game addiction. He used to have actual anxiety attacks if he knew he couldn’t play that day and was always literally itching to get on the games. He’s not an angry person and wouldn’t hurt a fly but not playing would make him so mad. That’s the only thing that would bring him satisfaction. He got to the point where he knew he had to do something because it was getting in the way of him being a good father. Even with admitting this months went by and eventually I had to give him an ultimatum. After almost a year of therapy he’s doing so much better and has allotted only 3 hours of his week to video games, including games on his phone.

  109. 100%. I’ve smoked it for 8 years straight basically. The last 6 years though it’s just in the evening after work, but it’s every evening. I couldn’t picture not at least having two puffs after work before being able to properly unwind. It got to the point where I’d actually look forward to it more than anything else in the day.

  110. I struggle with weed myself. For me I believe it has to do with my ADHD. I’m already prone to addiction because of it, and I’m quite impulsive.

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