What job contributes nothing to society?

  1. Don’t forget it’s all “exact change” too. That’ll be $345.00 please, oh you you only have $340 or $360 because our ATM only gives you increments of twenty? I guess it’ll be $360 then because we won’t give you back anything.

  2. Absolute thieves. At the very first apartment complex I was living in at 18, these guys stole my car out of my own designated parking place. To which I had to call the police to report it stolen and they said it was towed. I get a ride to where their lot is 1.5 hours away and not only do they demand 300+ dollars, but when I pull up I see their in house “technician” looking under the hood of multiple cars. These guys were stealing parts of people’s vehicles

  3. Yeah. When my dad died in a motorbike accident his bike was taken to a tow yard like this. I needed power of attorney to be able to claim his bike but my attorney said that it wasn't possible or applicable in the circumstances, it was just a way to refuse giving me back his bike. They sold his bike at auction after 30 days to pay for the "storage costs". I never got his personal effects back. Fuck those guys, seriously.

  4. My car battery was dead when I got my car back. They charged me $50 additional to jump it. They are in a protected booth so people don't beat the fuck outta them cuz that's what they deserve. I'm very surprised people don't burn these fucking places to the ground on a daily basis.

  5. My company car got towed once in my wife's apartment complex. They would not let me get the car back and required my company to draft and send a letter signed by the CEO saying that it could be returned to me as the temporary owner. I worked for a fucking multibillion dollar company with a CEO that most employees will never even see outside of a news letter, but this piece of shit local towing agency demanded it despite literally everyone including the VP of my whole region requesting it be released to me. It ended up sitting there for days racking up storage fees that basically double each day. It was the most criminal experience I have personally ever dealt with and probably the angriest my wife has ever seen me. The towing people were just as described above. Absolutely the most unhelpful, belligerent assholes I have ever met, sitting behind bulletproof glass in what was essentially a raised bunker. I think this was the closest I have ever come to acts of horrific violence in my life because it was the most openly predatory bullshit I have ever been subject to. To this day just thinking about it makes me see red. I hope a tornado scatters the whole operation to the fucking wind.

  6. Exactly the first thing to pop into my head. Fuck those blacked out windows, blowing stop signs/red lights to literally street race to accident scenes, and in Chicago the fact that they’re all carrying heat (no, really, they are- it’s fucked).

  7. We actually stole our car back from some of these people. The front counter lady ignoring me for a personal call she showed no interest in ending was what finally broke my sanity ;) walked out (through the wrong door in to the yard), walked as calmly as I could manage toward the car so as not to raise suspicion - until I saw a truck coming... Then I bolted, jumped in the car, peeled out with an overdramatic cloud of dust because dirt lot, and b-lined for the now-opening gate. Notably, the lady was off her call and pounding on the window waving frantically to get the driver's attention so he stopped opening the gate (this is a memory I'll always cherish). I countered that with a "I will run you over and enjoy it" crazed stare directly at him. That did the trick and he got himself out of the way, I slipped between the half open gate and his truck, pulled up on my wife at the curb in a cloud of dust shouting "get in get in" like it turned out plans had changed a little bit and we're now playing grand theft auto irl... And then we booked it straight in to Canada for a week because I failed to mention earlier in the story that this was our honeymoon and we'd been on our way there anyway ;) still married, and long enough for the statute of limitations to have long expired in that state - yay us! Plus either the police laughed at them, they didn't bother calling it in, or I'd stirred up enough dust to block cameras and they literally had no idea what car had just been taken lol

  8. Long distance movers do this as well. We have your stuff. You want it, pay us more than we quoted. Fuck those guys

  9. OMG I saw one of these the other day. They were skulking around the parking lot of the barber shop I go to. They were putting boots on every car they thought was not there for business at the same building the barber shop is in so they couldn't leave before the tow trucks showed up again to tow them away. They were way serious about it, too. Like, the dude who was putting the boots on cars literally followed me and asked which car was mine. I pointed to my bike, and was really glad I didn't have a car there since it seemed like he was booting about half the cars that were there.

  10. Back when I was a cable guy I had this one high rise apartment building that was in a really crowded area that I'd have to go to pretty routinely. There were no parking signs all in their front loop, and there was a pretty big, empty parking lot feet away. The signs saying it was parking only for the retail stores across the lot were small, and I admittedly didn't see them. The larger signs were on the walls of the stores.

  11. Believe it or not, it's actually your responsibility as an American to put a molotov cocktail into their building when it's unoccupied. Ben Franklin said as much.

  12. What passes me off the most is that even though they have towing hours that seem to be 2300-0500, their yard only seems to be open from 1100-1500. So you can see your car get stolen, and then not be able to get it until noon the next day

  13. Your post brought back some vietnam style flashbacks of towing companies in Gainesville, FL. I remember getting my windshield replaced so I didn't have the parking decal on my car. I went to my leasing office an they told me they didn't have any decals but I can use this form from the office to leave on my dash until they got more decals. Next morning the car is fucking gone.

  14. A couple months ago my truck was parked at a mechanics. Someone attempted to steal it. The tow line broke free. My truck ended up in 10 feet from the mechanics. The officer who called it in knew they were attempting to steal it from the mechanics and wrote that in the report. Shady tow truck company was called (I was not called). My truck was towed back to the tow yard. My GF paid the tow fee and 2 day storage fee (in total, $675). This happened on a Friday. I was not notified until Monday when the mechanic found it missing.

  15. You say that, but I’ve managed to get 6 warranties for my ‘96 Olds Cutlass Ciera. When that thing dies, I’m sure to get enough a Maserati out of them!

  16. I got a job at one of these places, not really realizing what it was. My job was to essentially pass around existing customers who would not really get any help, and pass potential new customer to the sales people. On my 2nd day a frustrated customer called just asking for help I felt terrible and told her I couldn't help her. She made a comment about feeling like she was being scammed, I told her she was correct, and just left at lunch without saying anything.

  17. I worked in an admission office for a traditional private, accredited college just outside Boston, after I finished grad school. I was mostly doing the email marketing for the office, but occasionally filled for in-person college fairs when someone was sick, or we double-booked.

  18. My oldest brother has ADHD and is on the spectrum. He started community college several times, only to end up getting stuck on a stupid low level class and giving up. He was always into the social aspect, but never cared about the actual "... and now you bust your ass to get good grades" part.

  19. Hate colleges that do this but also moreso hate high schools that do this. Having to tell a frustrated person that their HS diploma amounts to nothing more than a fancy napkin is depressing. They could go on to pursue a GED, but by then it's usually too late. It's usually grown adults that got suckered into some bible or online high school because they dropped out/never got their diploma at a public school and want to go to college to get a better career, only to find out they can't. And some of them can barely read.

  20. In the US: PBMs (Pharmaceutical Benefits Managers). They drive up medical costs while simultaneously telling your doctor what you can’t have.

  21. My wife was close to discharge after having a baby, but her blood pressure was a little high. Doctors prescribed some meds (retail ~$250) for that, and insurance denied it. Doctor called insurance and told them without the meds, they'd be paying for an inpatient stay through a holiday weekend. They still said no.

  22. I had no idea that this was a thing until I switched insurance and for the first time in 20+ years of being employed, I had some faceless jagoff telling me (and my doctor) that two medicines I take — prescribed and MEDICALLY NECESSARY— are ones they won’t pay for because they don’t think I need them. Are you KIDDING ME?!?!

  23. Pharmaceutical sales reps. Well We'll read and interpret the literature ourselves and order the medications we need, thank you.

  24. Honestly, most things around health insurance is like this. The only reason for the sticker shock medical bills is because of the relationship between medical admins and insurance companies, and the absolute greed on every side.

  25. The entire medical insurance industry fits this question. They're middle-men who only stand to gatekeep access to a basic human right for the sake of their own profit.

  26. PBMs and insurance companies. Fuck them both. Let me treat my patient the proper way, not the way that makes you the most profit. They’re unique human beings, not some doll your automated machines can just spit an answer out to.

  27. This is just a wild guess but maybe those shows are a money laundering scheme? It's pretty much the explanation behind any business that doesn't seem profitable.

  28. The ones I really hate are the ones who write articles detailing one small thing in [X property] and then proceed to spend 17 paragraphs merely talking about the plot, making, and history of [X property] before having the last paragraph say something along the lines of "Unfortunately, we still have received no confirmation on whether [Question I clicked on the article for] is true or not."

  29. "Journalists" who often troll reddit in order to make articles about popular posts and call reddit votes "the internet". Such communities like

  30. The worst part is blog spammers who plagiarize legitimate content from people and then get ranked higher in search results. I can never find the solutions to problems anymore because the top 20 results are filled with people that have no fucking idea how a computer works.

  31. Patent Trolls. 100% legal. 0 contribution to society, just a person who has their hands out asking for money along the way

  32. With this one simple trick, you can be rid of your problem. But before I show you the trick, I'm going to talk for 45 minutes and show you fake chalkboard drawings and then tell you you need to pay for the trick, but it isn't a trick at all. It's just common knowledge but now you're out $59.95 and I've made a bunch of money off of people's hopes.

  33. I felt so foolish to have been convinced it wasn't "pyramid selling". Yes. Yes it is. Didn't cost me a lot, thankfully, but the fact I tried to get others involved was shameful.

  34. I saw a tiktok where someone pointed out that a lot of the content that parents think might be cute to share is stuff that pedophiles are saving and keeping for free.

  35. I knew a group of mommy bloggers and not a single one was a mother. They had been hired by another company to write content which they most took from other bloggers and then amped it up with fabricated stories.

  36. As the parent if a toddler, Facebook knows somehow and now all I get is dolled up mommy ticktocker in 2 hours of makeup in pristine white shiny kitchens dispensing their sagelike knowledge of how to raise kids they had for less time than I've had mine.

  37. I got a call the other day and decided to talk to the guy a little bit. In the middle of his speil I interrupt him and I'm like, "C'mon man. Stop what you're doing. I know who you are and what you're all about." He immediately gets super pissed off and says, "If you know who I am then why the hell did you take my call?!?" and hangs up. Imagine that. Being the type of person to call someone with the sole intention of stealing from them and then getting mad at them for inconvenienceing you. Yeah, they can all take a long walk off a short pier. Fuck em.

  38. I ask them if their parents are proud or ashamed of them being directly involved in a crime, they usually hang up on me but a couple of nights ago I scored one that obviously was at the end of their tether and he asked how people like me think it’s ok to be rude to people like him when he’s just trying to make a living, that it’s fine for me sitting in a country where there are jobs available but that he has no choice if he wants to eat, I said you’re trying to scam money out of me why should I feel sorry for you, ended up having a convo about the state of his country’s education system and economy which are pretty shit and he said he was sorry for disturbing us, wished us well and said goodnight, just freaking weird

  39. I was going to ask you if you could hold 2.5 million of mine until I get back to the US and then I would give you half but now I don't think you're the kind of person I would trust with that.

  40. There's a bunch of scammers from overseas that phones and claims to be from the local cell phone giant and says they can get you a really good deal. It's very obvious they're sticking to a script and when you say you're not interested, they press to know how much money you're paying so they can assure you that they can beat it.

  41. Last week I got a phone call telling me I'd won $4.5 million. I went along with it for a little while, just to see where the guy was going with it. Ten minutes in, he said, "I get the feeling you're not taking this call seriously." And I said, "Of course I am, why would you think that?" And he told me to suck his dick, lol! I almost fell out of my chair laughing.

  42. They almost got me the other day. The new trick is to call and say your power is going to be disconnected due to nonpayment. They got a whole spiel about auto payment changes. I had a moment where I said, “Shit, did they change the auto payment?”

  43. And don't forget this is after insurance companies and Big Pharma already colluded to do mark ups of drugs sometimes into the tens of thousands of percents. So they're the ones who made it too expensive for you to afford so you could go to them and owe them for life, deny you the very thing they made inaccessible to save them some money, and then you literally just fucking die.

  44. My daughter and I have ADHD and once or twice a year one of us basically forgoes the insurance coverage of our medicine because these fucks take so long to authorize the same prescriptions we've been taking for months or years just because or especially if the prescription changes in some way. Not to mention they put it all on the patient to communicate with the pharmacy, them, and the doctor. I fucking hate this healthcare system.

  45. One of my employee’s wife is a nurse for an insurance company. It’s her job to determine if the procedures are medically necessary like you explained. She’s not even a BSN or an RN but just an LPN. And she’s over there denying the opinion of doctors who have exponentially more medical education than her. I’ve met her a couple times and have gotten the impression that she thinks very highly of herself and that her opinion has more gravity than someone else’s because she’s spewing it out everyday for work.

  46. Okay there was a video put out by I think Ann Reardon about how these types of videos are put out by content farms knowing that young kids will watch them with headphones on so if parents look over their shoulders they just look like regular videos. It's not inherently problematic but a lot of them include stories glorifying dangerous situations

  47. Also timeshare cancellation companies. All they do is have your payments go into default, ruin your credit, and then pay creditkarma or something similar to do a little boost. And you're out $15k or more. They scam the already scammed.

  48. I had to take a class on timeshares as part of my degree. Even after the industry has been actively scrubbing its image for the last three decades, there if nothing for you there. Either buy a condo or go to a hotel. There is no reason to "buy" a timeshare. You are being scammed.

  49. The fucking paparazzi, I really have never ever thought: "good grace this paparazzi took a pic of a celebrity doing their private stuff, truly gives insight of their interesting personal lives". They could all lose their job for all I care.

  50. Oh my God!!! Look at this photo of a human being that more than 30 other human beings know! Look at them do and participate in things that human beings normally do. Aren't you shocked?

  51. So mid-2000s, my roommate or possibly cousin stole a tabloid from a salon and left it around the apartment. There was a four-panel series of Queen Latifa getting a parking ticket. Shot of her approaching the car, picking up and reading the ticket, making eye contact with the paparazzo and absolutely grinning, getting into her car still smiling. Brings me great joy to this day.

  52. Totally agree, but a lot of paparazzi know when and where these celebrities will be because their publicists call and tell them.

  53. The thing that pisses me off about that situation is that he's not going to jail for fucking over regular people. He's only getting punished because he overstepped and fucked over rich people too.

  54. I remember this quote about how in the future there will just be a man and a dog. The man's job is to feed the dog, and the dog's job is to keep the man away from all the machinery.

  55. Oh yeah we used to tell that one but it was an airline. In the future, commercial airlines will become more and more automated and require less human intervention. Planes will go from a crew of four to one pilot and a dog. The pilot's job is to feed the dog. The dog's job is to bite the pilot if he tries to touch anything.

  56. The people who write long winded articles with headlines that promise to reveal new info, spend the whole article recapping info that is common knowledge and end with we still don't have any updates, but when we do, we'll be sure to let you know.

  57. I'm glad that I'm not the only one to notice and hate these type of articles. I see them a lot and they always follow that same format. "Here's everything we know about the Diablo 4 release date. What is Diablo?" And then it goes on and on until the last paragraph that mentions it is rumored to be released in April. It's annoying.

  58. career politicians, working to stay elected, no matter what, lnstead of working for their constituents and their wishes for progress.

  59. Disagree, they actually help— if they didn’t do that then every time you walk into a grocery store you’d have to hold all of your items by hand

  60. into a ravine, where you then declare them discarded, pick them up in your go cart, take them back to your shed, fix, and sell them back to the stores.

  61. I appreciate what you do. ETA: I always return my cart! I figure it gives me that little bit more exercise and keeps carts from damaging cars.

  62. I've always thought people who film reaction videos contribute nothing to society. They use other people's videos/audio/stories for content, making their job ridiculously easy. Somehow they get views, but I wouldn't consider watching someone react to something entertaining. It makes me feel like they think their opinion is more important than anyone else's tbh.

  63. Have a parent who calls it "their business" as if they created a company. Like it's not your business you didn't start any business you just take advantage of people to further your own interests.

  64. I've never been in the armed services, or left my home state of California, but because of the massive emails and TV/internet ads, I'm starting to question myself. Did I serve at Camp Lejeune between 1956 and 2001?

  65. As a skill machine assembler, I totally agree. At best, you're entertaining an addiction. At worst, you're profiting off the elderly and statistically disabled.

  66. After watching a bunch of stuff about them, it seems that they hate it too. Some of them have come clean and said that it's the only job in their area that pays half decent.

  67. The rich people that go around preaching about how this one certain way of living life is going to save the planet. Even though it’s just them promoting people to lower the quality of their own lives while they fly around with their private jets and change nothing about themselves.

  68. Argued with a dude who's argument on why middle to lower class should be complacent kept going back to the fact we have cell phones that do far beyond anything of the past. That's great but they're starting to not be able to afford a house on their own like previous generations.

  69. Professional poker player. Truly. I used to play professionally, and it was one of the most empty feelings I had ever experienced. And I won money. I'm not saying that as a failed professional. It was just empty and depressing.

  70. You sound like a good person. I’ve seen your kind at the table. You’re good at the game, but the game isn’t good for you.

  71. When I was younger, one of my favorite things to do was watch professional poker on TV. It never ceased to amaze me. However, from what I recall most of the players looked completely vacant. I always wondered why that was so even though they had just won tens of thousands of dollars.

  72. This lifestyle was heavily romanticised a few years ago but your comment is spot on. The way the pro wins consistently is against the bad and/or drunk players. Poker is a zero sum game among people who play well so making money in poker is just about finding and exploting the “fishes”. It’s not glorious and the process is not exciting. You basically replace a casino by grinding people down with the law of large numbers.

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