What is your most strongly held political opinion?

  1. Politicians work for us and are paid by taxes. They should be forbidden from accepting money from political action groups, parties, lobbies, etc.

  2. Ranked choice voting - won't lead to a proliferation of additional parties overnight, but it makes it harder for an extreme candidate to win and encourages the support of minor party/non-partisan candidates because a voter can always mark their preferred major party candidate as a lower choice. And if the two major parties saw how many voters actually prefer something else, that wouldn't be the worst thing in the world.

  3. The key to the two party system in America is to be active in the local and primary elections. A lot of people don’t even vote, and if they do, usually just the presidential election. More voters need to participate in the smaller and local votes. That’s where the majority policy that affects your daily life is made and where future party leaders are made.

  4. Politicians shouldn't recieve a penny that isn't from their paycheck. having shares, rental properties, second jobs or extra businesses create a conflict of interest that should not be allowed

  5. Issue with this one is that their spouses end up taking over these other things. Or their children, or brother, or cousin. You can't really restrict an entire person's social network when they take office.

  6. So I just checked, state senators in my state make 24k/yr and I live in a HCOL state. Salaries vary wildly but many states don’t pay a living wage. Should their ability to make a living wage be limited?

  7. The problem with this is that it requires voters to be informed which most aren’t. Its already asking too much now for people to research candidates, let alone individual policies.

  8. Actual (direct) democracy seems to be too democratic for people to swallow. I'm a fan of

  9. That's crazy talk! You should just blindly vote for your preferred party or who you think will win! /s

  10. Here in Texas we have a taco spot called Torchy’s Tacos. On their menu they have a taco called the Republican, and a Taco called the Democrat.

  11. One proposed amendment on the ballot in TN is to remove the language prohibiting "ministers of the gospel and priests of any denomination" from holding a seat in either house of legislation.

  12. 100% this. Religion has absolutely no place in law or politics. Keep your religion away from me and I’ll leave you to practice it however you believe is right.

  13. I would add other modern necessities to that such as electricity, phone, internet, and transportation, including for their dependents.

  14. Yeah pretty much anything related to ripping rights away from people is a no go for me above all else. This is not true of many people, as I have been told repeatedly that it is "stupid" to vote for equality or to uphold equal rights when the party taking them away might help the economy more and that is how I should vote.

  15. Citizens United isn't the problem, it's just a logical consequence of Buckley v. Valeo. Campaign finance has been fucked since the '70s.

  16. If should be illegal to deny medical care because of costs. Especially if someone is more inclined to refuse medical care because of cost burden put on them/their family. That just seems like murder.

  17. It should be easier to become a legal resident of the US. Not necessarily a citizen, but at least in a way where you can get a job, bank account, house / apartment, etc. the benefits are huge. It’ll help fill the job market, boost the economy with millions of people having more money to spend, increase tax revenue, and obviously, make things easier for immigrants who would otherwise have came here illegally.

  18. All social media does the echo chamber thing, but not all of it bleeds into real life in the same way. I think there's a difference between an anonymous discussion forum where nobody cares who you are, and platforms where people conflate themselves and their avatars--"profilicity" is a good neologism for the phenomenon.

  19. The U.S. prison system is among the most abhorrent in the world and should be regarded as one of our greatest failures as a society.

  20. Does it make any sense that "The Home Of The Free" has a higher percentage of its population behind bars than either North Korea or Cuba?

  21. I was just reading about humane prisons and the positive impact on re-offending. We know our system doesn't work but the government isn't going to make that investment in the people. Full prisons = slave labor + lab rats. Our history is disgusting.

  22. Over legislated crime is the issue to me. Prison should be a safety measure against those that are a "clear and present" danger to society.

  23. It's actually the opposite. Our electoral laws are systematically biased toward two party governance, and two party governance leads naturally to hyper-partisan polarization and hate.

  24. Hatred is at the heart of a lot of evil in society, but the two party system is not one of them. The reason for that is our archaic first-past-the-post voting system.

  25. Issue is almost no government actually starts with political parties. They just sort of... Happen. Because humans like boxes, and if you can be in a box that humans like, they'll like you more. If you refuse to be in that box, someone else will take your place in the box and be more popular

  26. There is no realistic way political parties don’t happen in politics. Humans will team up and pool their resources and will try to get in power. Another team/group will form to beat them. Political parties are just a natural occurrence in politics.

  27. Parties are okay if you have a system that's built for them, but in the US we don't have that. The electoral college isn't built for parties to compete on a national level. It's built to give states a voice as individual contributors. And, as crazy_is_more_fun kinda points out, parties are basically unavoidable.

  28. In theory yes. In practice, the average Joe isn't invested enough in politics to learn in detail what policies several hundred politicians support. And besides this, in such a scenario the wealthy are even more privileged; there is no way a politician with a 50th of the money of another can campaign as well as the richer one can. You'd basically turn the country into an oligarchy. Having the backing of a larger party can offset these campaigning costs.

  29. In Australia we have a preferential voting system that seems to work quite well. It is compulsory to vote, which hopefully helps prevent extreme candidates that divide society like we see in other parts of the world. We do still have extreme people in power,but not on the same scale I suggest.

  30. I would go further and say that nobody should be hungry, nobody should be homeless, and nobody should be without healthcare - no matter who they are or what choices they've made in life. We can split atoms and walk on the moon and carry powerful computers that fit in the palm of our hand, don't tell me we can't provide for the basic survival of every person in our society and ensure no one is left behind

  31. Hearing should not be exempt either. Saying this as a hard of hearing person who could probably use hearing aids but doesn't have a few spare thousands of dollars lying around.

  32. This is mine as well. It’s something that affects everyone, regardless of political affiliation. It’s absurd that we still haven’t figured out how to make universal healthcare a reality in America.

  33. I feel like free dental would overall reduce costs too. I’ve been avoiding it for years because I knew I couldn’t afford it. Now I get to find out next week what implants would be if I had money. I may never smile properly again and it makes me sad.

  34. Was voting today and couldn't stop thinking this the whole time. Once you vote multiple times for a terrible option to block the other terrible option, it's hard not to think that way.

  35. I disagree. FDR and JFK are examples of good presidents who were career politicians. Career politicians can become master negotiators, understand the ins and outs of their political system, and the actual ramifications of the policies which they implement (This is an exact example of why I would not be for an AOC presidency, despite the fact that I agree with the overwhelming majority of her policies).

  36. This would mean that expertise in how to manage government will accumulate in the heads of unelected bureaucrats, lobbyists, or influence-mongers; rather than in the heads of elected politicians.

  37. That used to be the case, around 200 years ago. The result was that all politicians came from the super-rich upper classes because they didn't have to spend any time working for an income.

  38. Bring back Bottom up government as it was intended, now we have top down and the agencies that were there to protect the people with checks and balances are now captured agencies and sock puppets. Government is now just an arm of big business and the private central banks that fund them.

  39. I like this principle - but no one cares about or reads the local press, which is the mechanism used to hold it accountable and uncover corruption.

  40. This is what I tried to say pretty much. "antitrust laws" are a joke, nowadays. The most important job in the US should be the federal auditor, but it's not audited at all correctly.

  41. I feel like we’d get along. I have a lot of strong political thoughts/opinions, but my strongest is, strangely enough, that my personhood, specifically that I’m gay, isn’t a political stance. It’s just me. Same principal for anyone else with an inherent identity.

  42. Corporations should not be considered a “person” reaping the benefits of a real person. They should not be able to contribute to political campaigns as a person. Citizens United needs to be repealed. Big Business is now running this country into the ground because they hold the purse strings.

  43. Term/age limit on government office at any level. No one pushing 55+ should making decisions they won't be alive to see the long term repercussions of. A lot of these older politicians are so out of touch, they don't realize that their policies wouldn't benefit half the people they claim to represent. If the highest office in the nation is limited to 8 years, every other political office should be held to the same standard.

  44. From the US, I don't want to just be able to vote Democrat or Republican. I want real choice where every party has equal opportunity.

  45. I don't see this as political. Though I guess social media certainly has enabled our politics to be a whole other level of shit show.

  46. Corporations should not have direct influence over politicians. The will of the voter should be the main driving factor for those in office.

  47. Being pro-life or pro-choice does NOT make you left or right wing. What courts you think should rule on the matter is the difference between right and left.

  48. That would mean the most effective way to compromise has been taken away. Most of that stuff gets added on to get the bills passed, although not always.

  49. Anyone who thinks all their party’s decisions are good and all the other parties decisions are bad should not talk about politics.

  50. I'm religious and fully agree. No one should get to use their religion in the law or force it on other people. Personally I think we need a law making it so that religious based decisions and influence are illegal in politics and law making, punishable by losing their position and nullifying their credibility in the field so they cannot regain such a position.

  51. The 2 party system is an illusion of choice, behind the scenes the top people in charge of both parties are partying together and enjoying their wealth while we're down here arguing which turd sandwich is better.

  52. Congressmen and women & their families shouldn't be allowed to actively trade in the stock market. So they can't get rich off decisions ment to better the people.

  53. i deserve the right to my body. nobody else, regardless of their status, has any right to me, my organs, or my health and time.

  54. But Dr. OZ says decisions about a woman's body should be between her, her doctor, and her local politicians. And he's a doctor so he would know.

  55. People are more important than profits. Capitalism isn't necessarily a bad set of game rules, but it needs some heavy regulation to keep the greedy psychopaths in check.

  56. You need regulations that promote competition, rather than regulations that prop up monolithic business. Heavy bureaucracy tends to favor big corporations because they have the profit margins to manage the regulations.

  57. The Constitution created a system of checks and balance which use to work. It's been totally eliminated. This makes me angry and scared

  58. People are finally starting to realize that the constitution is ultimately only as good as the people who choose to follow it (or not). It’s just a piece of paper. The constitution doesn’t have a self-defense mechanism.

  59. Voting strictly on party lines impedes our progress as a society. Since parties frequently take opposite positions on major issues, individual initiatives with high public support (ie: legalization/ decriminalization of weed in the US) are less likely to be passed.

  60. that vacation time (PTO) should be a guaranteed right for all workers. I would make it three weeks guaranteed by law for all full time workers. Sadly neither party seems interested in this.

  61. Gerrymandering spits in the face of democracy and everything that makes it great. Any politician who uses or endorses its use is a piece of shit who doesn’t actually care about the will of the people.

  62. A lot of things I agree with here, but I never understood the term limits argument. If things worked the way they're supposed to, a politician would need to perform well to be re-elected. In my mind, removing the possibility of re-election removes the need to perform and incentivizes using that position to set yourself up for what comes after. If a politician knows that they're in their last term, there's no motivation not to just work for whoever offers you the cushiest post-politics job.

  63. I would be my left tit that if you pulled ANYONE off the street, be they “D” or “R”, 90% would agree to all these points. At this point, the politicians and the media have gotten so good at making us fight each other that that same 90% don’t even see it.

  64. Tax money should go towards shit like giving homes to the homeless, feeding the hungry, giving disabled people money to live on, stuff like that.

  65. Term limits on all political offices from the ground up and pay should be based off avg. income of the state or county they represent.

  66. Clean water, certain food and hygiene products (bread, some fruits, tampons...), basic shelter, healthcare and education should be free no matter the case.

  67. That people trying to overturn elections through fraud, corruption, and mob violence are the greatest threat we face.

  68. I think it's time to do a full reset of the whole US government. Implement more checks and balances for both government agency, corporations, as well as political figures. The issue we had two hundred years ago, aren't the same now, and I think we need to talk about that. Most of the laws on the books are no long relevant and should be removed.

  69. That only works if the candidates follow through with the way they vote. Once in office they vote the Way their party votes. So much so it is news when they don’t. I used to believe that I could vote for the person, but was very dissapointed.

  70. Don’t worry, freedom of speech just means you can’t be arrested for bad-mouthing the government. You can still tell people online that they’re assholes.

  71. I hate this "there's only one way to correctly protest" "you have to follow the protest laws" ideology. If that were the case, America would still be owned by England, women wouldn't be able to vote, we wouldn't have civil or gay rights, etc.

  72. That it isn't black vs white. It is upper class vs lower class...poor vs rich. The media loves to keep people fixated on this black vs white and blue vs red narrative so that we keep blaming each other when really the upper class and government we should be fighting with. We have senators who sleep during meetings and vacation most of the year making 100k/ yr but having millions in their bank accounts while being so out of touch with how the average American has to live. If we all banded together and looked up at the real problem in our greedy corporate guided capitalist government instead of at each other, we could change things. Noone in this country should struggle the way people are struggling while working 40 hours/week for a company that makes billions in profits.

  73. If I am paying taxes to my government, they should in turn do what they can to give me a decent quality of life and invest more in healthcare, infrastructure, and communities… not whatever the fuck we got going on over here in the grand US of A

  74. Men's mental health/loneliness needs to be prioritised and met with legitimate empathy, if you don't want a surge of Andrew Tate fans and incels

  75. Wouldn't call this political, but extremely true. As long as you're on that vein, I would also add that both men and women need to be taught to have healthy relationships with the opposite sex from a young age instead of separating the sexes.

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