what's a YouTuber that can be identified by one quote?

  1. I mean, there is basically a million channels (I'm just talking about somewhat successful ones), of course you won't know most of them.

  2. I scrolled multiple of these and knew like 2. Apparently I have had a completely different youtube experience to most people

  3. This comment is so low down. Jenna was riding the golden age of youtube, and since it's changed so much, I don't blame her for stepping away

  4. Or it means you watch more of the niche side of YouTube. I think that's the case with me, too, for the most part

  5. During today’s livestream, he said “the youngest communist server in Fortnite” in response to a donation asking him to “say the thing”

  6. The only people I watch religiously in YouTube for years. I feel like I matured a lot thanks to them. Always so wholesome, so comfortable with themselves and compassionate for others.

  7. I love the fact that he's been doing this since he was like 11 years old. He's like a time-traveler from the 1920s who has come to tell us how shitty Burger King's food is.

  8. i didnt fuck my cat. i didnt cum on my cat. i didnt put my dick anywhere near my cat. Ive never done anything weird with my cats. I promised myself i wasnt going to make apology videos after last years thing so im just trying to be as short and honest with this as possible. (1/?)

  9. "Is that a crab with a top hat and a monocle? That's where I draw the line! C'mon Master chief, let's get the fuck outta here"

  10. Hello there, friends, how's it going? My name is ________ and, today, we're going to do something a little bit different...

  11. "So I was able to open this lock in roughly 57 seconds. Therefore I completely recommend it, if you need to secure something, because it's the best one on the market."

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