Who is praised as a good person in human history but was actually evil?

  1. She also tried to use the Nazi’s aryan laws ,taking Jewish people’s property rights, to strip her two Jewish business partners of their share of her business.

  2. Learned about this in one of my art history classes. The prof asked if we could have lunch with any famous artist who would it be? Many said Picasso and DaVinci (mainly DaVinci). At the end he pulled up and talked about how they were actually assholes, and were not at all known for their generosity or kindness. I mean Picasso had (possibly multiple) untreated mental illnesses. A lot of artists from history and even today use art as an outlet for their internal expressions, so it’s no wonder they were assholes or depressed or anywhere in between.

  3. Apparently he convinced his gf to pretend to love his friend and then reject him, causing his friend to commit suicide. This is what started his "blue period," so I guess he maybe had emotions slightly

  4. Let’s not forget that he had a secret cancer surgery that one reporter E.J. Edwards found out about and tried to expose the truth. Grover denied it and ruined the reporter’s career. It’s a fascinating story I read about in The President Is A Sick Man: Wherein the Supposedly Virtuous Grover Cleveland Survives a Surgery at Sea and Vilifies the Courageous Newspaperman Who Dared Expose the Truth by Matthew Algeo

  5. What he did to Mariah Halpin is disgusting. She died in obscurity, labelled as an adulterous woman and shunned by society while he got to enjoy public adoration which he manipulated at her and her child’s expense. He barely support the kid - to make sure he’s not visible in the public eye. Hope he rots in hell.

  6. I recently saw an interview with one of his grandsons. His father was born in the late 1890s, and met his mother in 1943 when she was a teacher of the kids from the father's first marriage.

  7. I dunno if I've ever heard him praised but Oliver Cromwell put everyone in my town into a church and lit it on fire. Drogheda, Ireland

  8. He is not looked upon so fondly by the English either. I remember being taught about him and the English Civil War in school which pretty much summarised him as "This man is significant...he is also a significant cunt."

  9. Committed tax fraud, multiple health code violations, the factory was on the verge of foreclosure, disguised putting the assets in someone else's name as a gifting of the factory.

  10. Not kinda, PT Barnum was a huge POS. The History of Circus episodes of the show The American Experience talks all about what a horrible person PT Barnum was. It’s really quite disgusting.

  11. To be fair the musical was about how he became a piece of shit and lost almost everything and it took losing his life's work and family simultaneously for him to start to have a change of heart.

  12. He was a huge POS, and the fact that someone thought they should write a musical passing him off as some sort of humanist is frankly appalling. If he couldn’t make a buck off you, he didn’t care whether you lived or died.

  13. This makes me feel less bad for him about the time Hans Christian Andersen was going to visit him for a few nights and ended up staying for months.

  14. ... is he praised as a good person? Like I've never heard anyone refer to him as a good or bad person, just a famous author.

  15. Charles Dickens also ran a very public overtly racist smear campaign against John Rae who came back from the Canadian arctic with news from Inuit sources that the lost Franklin expedition had ultimately succumbed to disease and cannibalism.

  16. Little Dorrit was based on his life. It was pretty sugar-coated. "Flora" was his old girlfriend, and didn't have 10 kids with him.

  17. I read Gloria Swanson's autobiography and she talked about her relationship with him. She first approached him about helping her manage her money and maybe investing it. He put on the full-court press to woo her (he was very married at the time) showering her with gifts, even buying her a new car. She soon found out that all of the money he had been spending on her was her own. She had given him access to it to invest for her.

  18. Ferdinand Marcos, a dictator who killed a lot of people and brainwash them. It is also one of the reason why his son is sitting right now as a president of the Philippines despite not finishing a college degree.

  19. I can only hope that if/when he does some stupid shit, he gets stopped before the nation feels the consequences. This will at least bring back to light the Marcos family's past and maybe Filipinos will start thinking logically again.

  20. I'm convincing myself that we're in a very glitchy simulation because how tf did that pos become president. But then, people want dictatorship back because apparently, we are only disciplined with it. I believe that from the moment FEM Sr. became president, the propaganda is already in deep.

  21. I love when rivals do stuff like this, like when UFC fighters go through a fkn war in the octagon and hug and praise each other afterwards regardless of outcome

  22. And Salieri wasn’t really jealous of Mozart. Salieri was the superstar of his day. He has no reason to be jealous of some upstart who could barely afford a pool table. Even the movie shows him reading Mozart’s sheet music and picturing the orchestra in his mind. That takes skill

  23. Cesar Milan. He met his wife while she was underage. He left her and she came back when she turned 18. Romantic right? Well, he left her after she had his baby and got sick.

  24. And his murder mutt attacked and crippled a 14 Y/O gymnast (a very talented and Olympics bound athlete), ended her career and he settled for an undisclosed amount in a lawsuit.

  25. His tactics are also widely considered inhumane by professional dog breeders. Surprise surprise, scaring a dog does not decrease aggressive behavior, because most aggressive behavior is done out of fear

  26. Vet tech here… his training techniques are actually called flooding techniques and they never work and have a tendency to cause the opposite affect. He’s a terrible “trainer” and really should be shut down.

  27. When I got my first dog about a decade ago, I bought his book, “How to Raise the Perfect Puppy” because I knew of him as an authority. It was, and still is, the most worthless book I’ve ever read. Nothing but bragging and anecdotes about his dogs.

  28. Yeah. I couldn’t finish “Neuro Tribes,” a book widely praised by many in autistic communities because of the misinformation it starts off with about Asperger. I guess he noticed autism, but he was a member of the Nazi party, and his work on a committee classifying children according to their “usefulness” helped justify the euthanizing (murder) of 35 in them. His cooperation with the Nazi party helped advance his career after the war. He wasn’t some hero saving little autistic kids.

  29. I've personally never heard him praised. I've seen him lumped in the same category as Freud. "Crazy people who's opinions are no longer relative but they did discover something."

  30. Alfred Kinsey. He is praised by people because he is considered Father of Sexual Education, but is a completely disgusting human being. He would show pornography to young children, and sexually stimulate infants. His aides abused almost 2,000 children, male and female, by oral and anal sodomy, genital intercourse and manual stimulation. This happened to children as young as 5 months old, and there was even a recorded instance of a 4-year-old brought to orgasm 26 times within a 24 hour period.

  31. I've found sources that seem to support the general idea of your second and third paragraphs (that his respondents weren't representative of the general public, and he was opposed to pathologising/criminalising sexual behaviour including paedophilia), but I can't find anything to support your first paragraph.

  32. I'm surprised it's not number 1, but I guess someone made a video essay about Woodrow Wilson recently that I havent seen.

  33. I don’t want to speak too strongly here but the more I learn about this Hitler fella, the more I think he’s a real jerk!

  34. People praise him for being "the guy that killed Hitler" but tend to forget that he's also the guy that killed the guy that killed Hitler.

  35. If there is one thing that reading this comment chain has instilled in me. It’s that we are indeed getting better, because apparently everyone who lived more than 50 ago was an ass.

  36. In 50 years people will say the same about all of the rich/ influential people today. Some things just take time to come to light/ be taken seriously. And 50 years ago, WWII had just ended, so a lot of people who lived then and were influential were under the covers with, well, Nazis.

  37. The fact that Dakota Johnson started her downfall and seems proud of it when they mention it to her. I love that woman. Lol!!

  38. I've heard this one but never really saw anything heinous other than she's a mean boss. What has she done that's bad?

  39. John Kellogg (founder of Kelligg’s cereals) was a vocal eugenicist, and he was particularly concerned with race degeneracy. He believed that race was threatened both by racial mixing and mental defectives.

  40. Leaving your wife while she's dying of cancer is actually surprisingly common (source: Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center 2009 among others)

  41. There was a similar thread recently about Dr Seuss in which he got flak, but then there was a reference to some more highly researched background which disproved most of what people were saying. I wish I could track that down to post here.

  42. Andrew Jackson, he's celebrated as a Statesman and the seventh President of the US with the nick name Old Hickory, he's on the $20 Bill. In reality, he was a violent, cruel man, a slave master and racist who signed the Indian Removal Act and is responsible for the Trail of Tears. He also killed Charles Dickens...

  43. Woodrow Wilson. The man actually won the Nobel Peace Prize but was a notorious racist and set the standard of American Interventionism for the rest of the century.

  44. I heard a story once that Ho Chi Minh once hoped to meet Wilson in Paris, hoping that he would be able to get the president to champion his cause for decolonizing Vietnam. When he met Woodrow Wilson's staff, they turned him away, informing him that Wilson was a racist and would not care for anything he had to say. Soon after, Ho Chi Minh picked up the Communist Manifesto.

  45. Not to mention, the man enslaved his own children. I don’t know anyone, right mind or not, who could think that is acceptable behavior.

  46. Yeah, supposedly he told her she could stay in France and could be free or go back with him and remain a slave. She chose to go backs. Here’s the thing: She didn’t speak any French and didn’t know anyone. Plus she was pregnant with his child

  47. I’m no expert on him, but I’ve heard both. One of his kids swears this isn’t true as well, just that he was complicated and sometimes emotionally reserved.

  48. I'm not american and i don't really know that much about him. So I wanted to ask why is he particularly hated that much around here. He always seems to be in the top for this type of posts. What makes him so much worse than other american politicians?

  49. I’m not sure anyone still thinks of him as a good person but Henry Kissinger is a terrible excuse for a human being and millions of people are dead because of him.

  50. Pavlov. The man was a psychopath. He is cited in hundreds of thousands of academic papers and books, but the truth he was a monster. Not only that, but his "experiments" have little if any scientific value as he mutilated the dogs To such an extent that they cannot be used as analogs for normal, healthy animals.

  51. Crazy bc today I was behind a van for "Pavlov Media" and their company logo is a dog, and the first thing I said to my mom is "that's pretty fucked up considering what Pavlov did to dogs"

  52. Because of the musical, many people tend to ignore some of the terrible aspects of Alexander Hamilton. I'm not going to list them all, but my personal favorite is his support for the Alien and Sedition acts. Hamilton had a few gripes with them, with one of the largest being that they were not enforced strictly enough.

  53. So basically, Hamilton was an immigrant who wanted to close the door on other immigrants who came after him? The more things change…

  54. It's funny because Aaron Burr is made out to be some kind of villain for having killed him in a duel. This is despite having put up with Hamilton's constant rumor mongering against him. The straw that broke the camel's back being that he had an incestuous relationship with his daughter. A daughter I might add was one of the best educated women in the nation due to Burr being quite the feminist.

  55. Woodrow mother-fucking Wilson. The father of interventionism that manifested in horrendous conflicts such as Vietnam and Iraq, his idealism over realism approach to foreign policy at a key crossroads contributed heavily to present political instability and crime issues in Mexico, his delaying US entry into WW1 likely extended the conflict by years, which made both the creation of Nazi Germany AND especially the Soviet Union far more likely. And above all else the man was racist FOR HIS TIME, and that's saying something. He screened KKK propaganda films to his cabinet in the White House, and resegregated hiring practices in the federal government, he was also a prominent Lost Cause revisionist historian in regards to the American Civil War.

  56. Don’t forget he was bed ridden for a time while president and did not give up power to the Vice President. During this time it’s believed his wife read and signed items in his place.

  57. i too dislike Wilson vehemently. but i'm a little confused. if you're against his interventionism, shouldn't you be arguing that the US should not have entered WW1 at all?

  58. You blame him as being the father of military interventionism but also blame him for not intervening enough in WWI in the same sentence. Furthermore, suggesting that Wilson’s delay of getting directly involved in the war as a primary factor for the Bolshevik revolution or the rise of Nazi Germany is a seriously thin argument bordering on alternate history sci-fi.

  59. Thomas Edison. He pirated Tesla & Marconi’s work among others. We was as greedy & crooked as he was brilliant.

  60. Didn't he also electrocute a bunch of cats and dogs in public demonstrations in an attempt to make AC electrical power look super dangerous?

  61. Don't even get me started of his work in South Africa. He's always touted for advocating for the rights of Indian South Africans when in reality he wanted them to be considered "Aryans" and granted the same privileges as white people. He was very racist against black people, and on many occasions used the k-word (a South African slur that's like the n-word but far worse as it wasn't reclaimed).

  62. Ted Kennedy. Not only was he a womanizing dirt bag like all the Kennedy boys, but he drove a car off a bridge drunk and left a woman to drown to death and then had his shitbag daddy Joe Sr. do damage control.

  63. Henry Ford would send a messenger to your home to tell you that your husband died in the foundry. Then offer your 12 year old son a job.

  64. Octavian/Augustus is a really vindictive and unpleasant dude considering how revered he is. I'd say he isn't evil by the standards of his time, on the other hand pretty much all Roman emperors are evil by our standards.

  65. God after study the first Carthage war I've learned just how blood thirsty Romans were. Literally lost so many soldiers, ships, equipment from nature a lone and yet build massive navies and armies in weeks!.. WEEKS!

  66. Is Marcus Aurelius considered evil? My general impression is that he's a pretty cool dude who wrote Meditations.

  67. Gandhi. He denied his wife medication so she died but he got the medication.... And to prove his celibacy he slept nude next to a young niece until he got it right

  68. Joseph Smith. Created Mormonism using nothing but lies, committed statutory rape, sent men in his congregation away on missions so he could sleep with/marry their wives, ordered the burning of a printing press for exposing him, possibly ordered the assassination of the Missouri governor (theory, no solid indicators).

  69. Jimmy savile. Complete and utterly disgusting. Everyone thought so highly of him in regards to charity work, yet some how our corrupted government and justice system failed so many children regarding accusations made whilst he was alive.

  70. Correct me if I’m wrong, but no one still looks up to him, right? I’m an American, but even I know him as the guy who betrayed Britain’s children

  71. There was definitely a time when he was praised as a good person but I think it's fair to say that's well and truly in the past and has been for a while now.

  72. AskReddit is nothing but 5-10 of the same questions reworded and reposted every other week. They always blow up and get tons of the exact same comments and links.

  73. The man was a hypocrite, he most certainly didn’t practice what he preached seeing as how he was abusive to his first wife and cheated on and left her for Yoko, he abandoned his first born child and has publicly admitted that he only loves his son from Yoko and not the son from his first wife, and on top of it all, he had a very violent temper.

  74. Steve Jobs, he refused to claim or support his daughter and then used his money to get a life saving organ transplant even though he had severe other health issues and died a few years later, he basically killed someone indirectly using his wealth and no one wants to talk about it since he created a fucking iPod that makes phone calls.

  75. Believe it or not, Adolf Hitler was once praised as a good person. That was before people became aware of his persecution of the Jews, and information regarding the Holocaust was brought to light

  76. Thomas Edison, although I'm not sure he's praised much outside of people creating school curriculums in the deep south of the US anymore.

  77. I read once how Brian Jones was so abusive to a woman that Keith Richards had to step in. If you have a controversial figure like Keith Richards being the reasonable one, you clearly have a problem.

  78. Anybody who has even tangentially come into contact with Keith Richards will tell you he's one of the world's most thoughtful sweet dudes.

  79. Is Keith Richards supposed to be a jerk? Your post makes it seem so. Doing drugs when you’re young doesn’t make you an abuser

  80. When European colonial powers of the 1500's arrest you for crimes against humanity because you're abusing the natives too much, you've gone way, way, way too far. The man was a monster who's excesses disgusted even his own peers in his own time.

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