What's something that's considered normal that creeps you out immediately?

  1. You should Google how effective those kinds of classes are. Surprise - they aren't, and have the opposite affect from the intention.

  2. Celebrity worship, specifically paying celebrities for pictures and autographs. You're paying someone money to pretend to like you for 10 seconds.

  3. Family channels. Imagine having to live your entire life on camera, with little to no privacy without being able to consent for it. Also to my knowledge there are no current laws that protect child influencers income like child actors have. If your content can’t exist without your child, it’s their job not yours.

  4. If you hate this, you would hate to know that most of these accounts have Patron access that allows you to see photos that can’t be shown on social media.

  5. It makes me wonder what kind of audience enjoys those "family content" channels. I'm not saying they're necessarily bad or creepy people, I just don't see the appeal of Austin McBroom shouting "WhAt up AcE fAm" in my face while pointing a camera in his daughters' faces.

  6. Advertising. Especially target advertising. The constant attempt to manipulate you psychologically to make you believe you need something that’s only a want. Creepy af.

  7. Especially drug advertising. “Ask your doctor if this drug might be right for you.” Bitch, my Doctor should be telling me what I need, not a pharmaceutical company.

  8. It's so pervasive too, like there's so few places you can exist without getting bombarded with ads. Take a walk around town? 20 ads, even in people's yards. It's like just existing is an ad-based service

  9. As a kid, the father of one of my friends used to chase all of us around and tickle us. The vibe was so creepy, all of us kids just instinctively knew to stay the fuck away from him.

  10. I've changed the locks at least once everywhere I've lived, because you never know how many spare keys the previous owner had.

  11. Oh I’d make very clear very quickly how that’s great for them but in your house, knocking is required. If they can’t follow that rule, they get booted out.

  12. Open door policies in general. My ex used to tell his friends they could come over and come in whenever they'd like. No calling ahead. No knocking. No doorbell ringing. Mi casa es su casa.

  13. On the other side, I find it creepy when people have glass doors that show the entire area behind the door. When I used to deliver pizzas these doors were the worst because I don't want to feel like I'm watching you inside your house. It feels very exhibitionist.

  14. Omg I had an older man do this at my house who was there to ask me for money. Not money I owed him, not for a collection for anything, just wanted to see if this random person in a random house would give some money.

  15. I've seen a fucking dark documentary related to this - there's pedophile forums specifically dedicated to downloading and distributing pictures of babies and kids they stole off of public social media profiles. I'm not even talking about photos of them getting bathed or at the beach or whatever, but completely innocent ones. And if they get caught with these pictures, the worst that could come to them is copyright claims, but since parents aren't aware of this, the pedos are facing no consequences whatsoever. So whenever I see parents posting their kids online, that's all I can think about. Absolutely vile shit

  16. Every company creating an ecosystem requiring my home address and credit card and my birthday just to listen to some music or use some software. Not a shred of my identity is unsold at this point.

  17. Use fake one. Or half truth. Like I usually give them my first name, but not last. Give them the country, but not the exact address, etc.

  18. I notice that is the default conversation mothers have in public places. One will literally mention every single thing they have to do on the weekend, then the next lady will go through her list then the next. Like it’s some competition to have the most stuff going on. I’m a mum too but that is not my topic of choice because I don’t care to know their schedule, nor to share my schedule lol.

  19. Some people genuinely think that's a flex too lol. Why would anyone think it's desirable to be working 24/7 and not have time to live your life? I consider it a flex to have a lot of free time, not the opposite lmao.

  20. Some girl from my Highschool had a kid, and I’ve basically watched her grow up for the last 3 years. Almost everyday she posts 5+ photos of her and her kid doing whatever they did that day. It just feels weird to watch some kid I’ve never even met grow up.

  21. I have two older brothers, the middle one is 18 months older than me. My mom thought he was just the cutest thing in the world when he was like 3 and peddled him to pageants for about a year. We tear him apart for it, but I have seen with my own eyes him using his childhood beauty pageant trophies to get laid.

  22. Caregivers putting their Alzheimer’s patients on social media so people will praise you hem for being patient. It’s just not respectful to the person with Alzheimer’s. You are stripping them of whatever dignity they have left. It’s becoming more of a trend and it’s so disturbing.

  23. Ooh. My mom used to tell me I should “stop masturbating” when we would cuddle on the couch. She was referring to me itching anywhere below my belly button.

  24. This literally just happened to me a couple days ago. A like, one year old, was waving at me in a store and his grandma was calling him “a little flirt” bitch he was just being friendly. HES A BABY.

  25. Or god forbid a boy and a girl who aren’t related become friends and everyone’s all “ooohh who’s your lil gurlfriend” immediately making the friendship feel awkward

  26. Any comments about young kids having a boyfriend or girlfriend or how they're going to grow up to marry so-and-so, or be a heartbreaker. Let the kid finish potty training before you assign them a love life.

  27. Instagram accounts with nothing but selfies. Hundreds and hundreds of selfies.... It totally creeps me out.

  28. I once met avgirl at a pool party and she seemed cool. But I quickly learned that all the wanted to do was take pictures. Let's all take pictures here, let's go over here and take pictures. Pictures of her, then pictures of me, then pictures of my friends. It was the only thing she wanted to do. Take pictures, be aesthetic.

  29. People standing next to or behind you when they can just wait or give you a bit more space. I hate going to airports or any other public line and trying to leave space in front of me and the person behind me just shuffles closer trying to get me to move. Trust me, you pushing me to move forwards isn’t going to make the line move any faster. It just makes it more congested and it’s weird imo

  30. There's some shit I'm going to miss about when people took Covid semi seriously. Social distancing in stores was so god damn nice.

  31. I like taking a half step backwards or just move my feet and stance in a way that I take up more room, seemingly absentmindedly, but really I'm just trying to make it awkward for them for being so god damned close! Only had it fail on me once.

  32. Or, rather, being aware of your own heartbeat. It's like "oh, that must not be normal. Uh-oh, now I'm manually breathing. I'd better not try to walk anytime soon."

  33. I have a mechanical valve in my heart and I can hear it. It sounds like a watch ticking. That took some getting used to.

  34. When people document (video record or take a photo or write an article) themselves or other people when helping the impoverished, especially those videos of influencers on Youtube vlogging and ‘helping’ the homeless, showing their faces and stuff. BS and creepy for me. If you help, just help, no need to let others know.

  35. I caught someone filming me once when I bought a homeless guy a meal and sat and chatted with him for a bit. Asked her to delete it. I know it’s not the same as recording yourself but I just didn’t want that being out there when the homeless guy wasn’t even asked permission either. Just because they’re homeless doesn’t mean they’re any less deserving of privacy and I know if I was in that situation, I wouldn’t want to be put on the internet just to be the butt of someone else’s good doing

  36. I think it's weird that most couches don't come with washable cushion covers. Everyone finds that normal, but they would think it's weird if someone just slept on a bare mattress without ever putting a sheet on it. When in reality it's exactly the same thing. I bought a couch with cushion covers you can take off and put in the washing machine for that reason.

  37. It is relatively simple to clean couches with an upholstery cleaner or a carpet cleaner with an upholstery / spot cleaner attachment These used to be more of a specialist machine but

  38. I think those spam calls where you answer, hear a little beep but then nothing, and it hangs up on you immediately are creepy. I know it's probably just some auto-dialer programming being screwy, but I always imagine some weird conspiracy about them recording my voice to use it against me somehow.

  39. If it’s important they can leave a message. Anyone that actually knows me knows I prefer to communicate by text anyways.

  40. Forcing your kids to hug people. If they don’t want to hug someone goodbye — even if there’s no reason — teach them that you’re going to have their back.

  41. When you’re chillin’ with your cat or dog at night with no one else home and they suddenly alert and look super-alarmed like they heard something.

  42. Thanks for the chuckle. That night when all three cats suddenly focused on a point in the ceiling, staring intently, until I finally looked up, too. Then all three cats — “Made ya look.”

  43. Related to this, insisting kids hug/kiss someone just cuz they’re a relative or someone the ADULT trusts! Nooooononono let’s not teach kids personal boundaries, or that their feelings matter, rather let’s teach them that if they have a reason they don’t want someone touching them (even it’s “just cuz”) we don’t care! 😒😒😒

  44. Literally had to ask coworkers to walk me to my car bc this dude near my section would not stop doing that and it creeped me tf out. Most of my coworkers said, “he’s harmless! He’s not gonna do anything!” I’m like bro idc he’s freaking touching me and being weird af.

  45. My very long son would stretch out in the womb and his foot would be visible and a clear outline of it would show on the surface of my belly. The problem was he would do this and dislocate my rib! Painful and super cute. I would push his foot/feet back.

  46. YES! THIS! People think it's so cute. The baby is kicking. All I can think of is Aliens. Jesus, that thing is going to pop out through the stomach and attack us.

  47. My wife talks in her sleep occasionally and one night she nudged me at like 2am and asked, "Does it bother you?"

  48. This actually happened to me once while I was in the shower. It was one of those windows that wasn’t fully see through it was like textured glass or whatever. But when I got out of the shower I saw sort of a weird shadow right at the corner, I leaned forward to figure out what it was, thinking maybe it was a bush, and it leaned back as I leaned forward so I realised it was a person, I smacked on the window and I heard footsteps and breathing running away.

  49. That seems to be an almost universal fear for humans: being close to, or especially in, a dark place where you can’t see what might be just out of view, staring at you hungrily.

  50. That and the fact that someone could be watching me when I couldn't possibly see them freaks me the hell out. I spent the night in my cousin's guest room one time with a giant window directly across from the bed with no curtains. You couldn't see anything at all. Pitch black. I couldn't sleep and had to move somewhere else. 🤣

  51. That. I’m a nurse and used to work at the emergency unit when covid was bad. I would often go back to the small kitchen area to rest for coffee during midnights til one coworker admitted he used to watch me from the outside of the window when it’s dark. Never did coffee breaks again and quit my job because I felt unsafe since he also admitted he used to creep on me at the parking lot.

  52. I remember when my mom used to take video of me as a little kid or a teenager, at birthday parties, performances, or sporting events. She'd show it to family and friends. If you asked her or other parents in the 90s if they'd like to share that to potentially millions of strangers with the ability to identify who we are and our whereabouts, they'd freakout.

  53. Oh man I know a woman who has an 8 year old who has all kinds of health problems. It's really sad. He's been in and out of hospitals and surgeries ever since he was born. He has an ostomy bag and constant problems with his stomach. But the worst part about it is his mother CONSTANTLY posts pictures of him in the hospital looking horrendously miserable. She's gotta post every single surgery scar, every tube he's got in him at the time, his ostomy bag filled with fecal matter, pictures of him crying, and in every picture he has no clothes on except a diaper. It pisses me off so much, the poor kid has had every vulnerable and traumatic moment of his life posted for everyone to see.

  54. I hate it. Even if we somehow ignore creeps existing, it’s just so uncomfortable to imagine this kid growing up and looking back at the posts.

  55. There are YouTube videos about this topic. Tiffany Ferg covered family vlogging in one, and some vlogger lost a bunch of subscribers after removing their children from posts and videos. While you can't look up demographics like "creeps that watch your videos" you can see male-female ratios and they lost a lot of male followers. Edit: typo

  56. My fiance and I rarely put any pictures of our children on social media but my mother has no filter and will just put any picture we send to her privately on her account.

  57. I remember seeing a mini documentary about these family channels, and the kids have no friends in school because they have zero privacy everything in their lives are broadcasted beyond their control...

  58. omfg, my work did the worst fucking thing they other month. i don't know who this guy was, but he paired us all up and then told us to tell eachother....something personal, i forget what the parameters were, but we were under the guise that it would be with just the one other person. and then we came back as a group and he's like "ok, now tell us what the other person told you" like wtfff???? (a) that was personal, (b) ok, sure, you're trying to teach us a very dumb lesson about listening to eachother but fuck off.

  59. My boss was getting bad reviews at my last job and tried to kick it into gear with these icebreaker type things (during the pandemic, over zoom, we were in office but he was at home)

  60. This is the wrong place to ask but I'm curious. I work for an american company in The Netherlands. We have all those weird posters at work with stuff like "you are the key to our succes" and "my work is a story of xxxxx" with some text that is supposed to make you feel important whatever your job is. Also we get weekly mails from higher ups that just say how amazing we all are and how our work is changing the world. Does that stuff actually work for americans? Cause all us dutchies roll our eyes and make jokes about it.

  61. There's this sales technique called "mirroring" where the sales person mimics the body language of the customer to gain rapport. I think a lot of people also do it subconsciously to some extent. Anyway this really creeps me out.

  62. I've got 10 years in sales. There are really right and really wrong ways to use sales techniques, like mirroring.

  63. True, or when people say your name repeatedly in a conversation to build rapport haha... That's enough of that right there mate

  64. I’ll be the number two guy here in Scranton in six weeks. How? Name repetition, personality mirroring and never breaking off a handshake. I'm always thinking one step ahead. Like a... carpenter... that makes stairs.

  65. There's this sales technique called "mirroring" where the sales person mimics the body language of the customer to gain rapport. I think a lot of people also do it subconsciously to some extent. Anyway this really creeps me out.

  66. The various poses from Instagram models. It's so cringy it actually creeps me out. Especially when their eyes are slightly squinted and their mouth is half open like it's some sort of seductive sexy thing but it's just way off.

  67. When I was a kid, hearing my doorbell was normal and even exciting. As an adult, I literally get shivers down my spine and spend 3 minutes going through my mental rolodex of who it could be.

  68. I’ve had male teachers and staff call me “good girl” after doing a task for them. Apparently this is a way some men say Thankyou to girls. And its fucking weird and creepy everytime. A simple thanks would suffice.

  69. Yeah, that's a no from me as well. I work in a predominantly male field and the times I get a "good girl" compliment, I think I outwardly cringe. I started countering back with "good boy", and the head swivel is enough of a reaction from them to realize "oh, that sounds weird." Usually gets them to stop after the first time

  70. I had a male teacher say, "who's a good girl?!" after completing the assignment correctly. Also, this said same teacher told me he had an ex who was a stripper who had the same name as me. I just sat there and didn't know what to say when he told me that one.

  71. I had one pat me on the head and say "good girl". I still get the jibblies when I think about it, 20 years later.

  72. Adults assigning sexuality to children and even babies. "Look how lil Billy loves breastfeeding, he's already a boob man just like his old man hurr hurr..."

  73. I have issues with eye contact and I always think I'm holding it to long in an unnatural way. I hate to think I'm creeping people out.

  74. Yessss. I went on a date with a dude who asked me if I was autistic because I kept looking away. But I felt like he was gonna absorb me with his eyes.

  75. Now it's time to re evaluate the last five years of my life to see if I've been doing that with every single conversation. So no eye contact is bad but so is a lot of eye contact, how do yall find that balance so effortlessly?

  76. Asking a couple when they plan on getting pregnant, or a couple’s unsolicited sharing they are trying to get pregnant. I feel gross every time.

  77. Got asked this by a guest at our wedding...at our reception. Like, I'm still in my gown. Can you fuckin' not??

  78. I think I remember a comedian pointing out that when someone says “we’re trying for a baby” what she hears is “he’s just blasting load after load into me on a regular basis”

  79. I tell people I can’t get pregnant and then watch them recoil. It’s none of their damn business; stand there and feel uncomfortable asking an inappropriate question

  80. I don't even know how or why this started but anytime my phone rings I get the worst feeling of dread even before I've looked at the number! Even worse when I've put it on vibrate only and it goes off

  81. My parents have a washing machine that plays a little happy song when it finishes. It's amazing the difference it makes vs having a loud "BRRRT" noise when it's done.

  82. The whole "we're all family here" at the workplace. It's like some weird brainwashing to get you to enjoy your job more than you should. Like, no, you're not my family. I'm here to do work and get paid, and that's the only reason I'm here.

  83. I have had this my whole life. Everyone i know thinks its weird and dont understand why i hold popscicle sticks wrapped in tissue or the icecream packaging. I cant even touch it with my hands...

  84. Forcing children to kiss and hug/be kissed and hugged by adult relatives or friends of the parents, even when said child clearly find this uncomfortable or repellent, and also then being scolded for being rude if they protest.

  85. Oh, they ARE hackable. Other weird things that can be hacked are pacemakers or various medical devices. Scary, eh?

  86. My cousin’s wife does this sort of weird shit. Like she has no concept of personal anatomy or creepiness. Like, she’ll just casually start talking about the baby’s testicles or something and I can see the frustration building in her husband’s eyes.

  87. My sister in law talks about how sexy my infant nephew is (her son), and that in itself feels super weird to me. I get calling your kid beautiful or handsome or whatever, but sexy hits in a super weird way to me.

  88. Yelling or scream at people doing low paying jobs... like bruh jake is not in charge of pricing so why you giving him shit?

  89. It does not creep me out, but I get very uncomfortable when I meet a new person and they hug me instead of just shaking my hand.

  90. My boss in a previous job once came by my desk and said "Ruadhan, can I speak to you in private for a minute?", which of course is never a good sign.

  91. Telling young girls to cover up when male family members are visiting. That has never say right with me Edit my first reward! Thank you random bestie 💖

  92. This irks me doubly because my parents constantly tried to sell me as their "pretty daughter" to everyone and then when it came to one of my dad's friends they would be like "be careful, you're so smart and beautiful he might fall in love with you." I was 9, and they allowed me and my younger sister to spend the night "for fun".

  93. My dad used to walk with his fingers around the back of my neck when we were in public. He could bever understand why I squirmed away from that and batted his hand away. It just felt like a power thing, it made me feel small and vulnerable. I see it occasionally in public with guys and their girlfriends and dads with their kids and I always get goosebumps from remembering what that feels like.

  94. Just a note to dads who do this and are feeling bad. Context matters. You should absolutely ask your kid how it feels for them. If they are cringing at your touch, you don’t need to ask, just stop.

  95. My mom did that sometimes and would intentionally pull a few strands of hair if I didn't behave how she wanted me to, even when I didn't know what I was doing "wrong."

  96. how employers get all excited and amped up about how your about to come to work and earn them like 10x more money than you'll ever make working for them and expect you to be just as amped.

  97. I grew up in South Carolina. I've heard "God told me [specific information]." so many times in my life. And I don't mean colloquially but straight-up "I asked God [x] and he said [y] so I tell you now that [y] is what you should believe" and people frigging buy it.

  98. And when you can hear their saliva and lips smacking as they talk. Makes me wanna punch a wall, idk how ppl find it relaxing.

  99. It’s so fucking stupid and gross, watching them lick their microphones and what have you. But I’m absolutely one of those people who is relaxed by it and gets the “tingles”. I don’t know why, because I get second hand embarrassment simultaneously.

  100. Overly firm handshakes from older males, and the weird shoulder squeeze shit they do. I don’t know you don’t touch me like that. As for the handshake, what are you trying to assert?

  101. So I’ve met a handful of people who seemed too happy while at work. And I totally assumed it was fake until we worked together long enough for me to realize they were just genuinely happy people. When I asked how they were so happy all the time, the answer I got from more than one of them was, “there’s a lot to be happy about/thankful for” and something like “we work too much of our lives to not find a way to enjoy it”.

  102. I do fake being happy/friendly but it translates to an actual small boost of happiness. It's like yeah I'd rather be doing anything else right now but since I'm here I'll smile at people because that feels nice.

  103. The thing that makes me really crazy is kids in the bathtub. The Internet is a deeply messed up place. NEVER put naked photos of your kids on the Internet for ANY reason.

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