What’s your favorite comedy podcast?

  1. Yes! So happy to see this comment. Fantastic podcast, brilliant hosts and enough variety in the guests that everyone is bound to find at least one episode they can really get into!

  2. Hell yeah! I was contemplating putting this here but I'm glad to instead have seen someone else drop it. I was laughing so hard on there recent Needle juice episode xD

  3. I cannot tell you how happy I was that they finally did an episode on "American Werewolf in Paris"! The episode on "Old" had me cracking up.

  4. I love the first few dozen episodes, but then it reached a point where the commentary was less insightful and less funny. I tune in now and then but it's not the same. Do you have any recent episodes that you think are hilarious?

  5. The Enfield Poltergeist episodes are by far the funniest. The way Henry portrays the mother cracks me up.

  6. bert and tom, tom and bert, one goes topless while the other wears a shirt, tom tells stories and bert's the machine there's not a chance in hell that they'll keep it clean. Here's what we call lllll 2 bears 1 cave

  7. I’ve been listening to comedy bang bang for 12 years and I still enjoy it. I’ve seen it live twice. It’s like a member of the family at this point.

  8. No Such Thing as a Fish. It's a trivia podcast, but it's very funny. It's from some of the researchers for the British tv show QI.

  9. We Might Be Drunk, Your Moms House, Matt and Shanes Secret Podcast, Bad Friends, Trash Tuesday, Two Bears, This Past Weekend

  10. Last Podcast on the Left which is true crime and supernatural stuff but the guys are comedians and hilarious. Although you have to really have their sense of humor because it can come off as ill-aimed humor at times.

  11. Zero Degrees is quite fun. A group with no qualifications in anything solve listener submitted problems and give life advice.

  12. The Bald and The Beautiful. It is led by Trixie Mattel and Katya Zamo. (Katyaz name has like 17 letters in it, it's Russian, and I don't want to butcher it by even trying)

  13. I stumbled upon this one today after listening to the new 2 Bears 1 Cave episode with Duncan Trussell. I was unfamiliar with him, but liked him, so went looking for more stuff with him. I didn’t get far into it yet, but I think I’ll enjoy it.

  14. Doughboys is a really crap show. Two comediennes reviewing chain restaurants with their more famous friends. Do not recommend.

  15. Daily Zeitgeist - 2 episodes a day of news and trending things with great hosts and a comedian guest.

  16. Yeah, But Still featuring Jack Wagner and Brandon Wardell. RIP Cumtown ever since Stavros left a couple months ago.

  17. Club Random is my favorite. I also enjoy the It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia podcast. Al Franken's podcast has humor but it's focused on politics.

  18. Timesuck by Dan Cummins. The topics he covers aren’t funny but his take and comedic timing are hilarious. He also does Scared to Death, which is a great horror podcast.

  19. Well There's Your Problem is an engineering disasters podcast with slides that is, in itself, often a disaster. I think this episode about a machine made to kill Marines is one of their best:

  20. Small town murder- also a true crime podcast but the hosts are stand up comedians. It’s more comedy than anything fucking hilarious

  21. Scishow Tangents. It is sciency but also very fun and full of obscure facts. Like that incubators for early born babys were derived from a the ones made from chicken. And: brace yourself. The person who populated them in the U.S. imported them from France, was a doctor who didn't have a medical license and he had a carnival setup for his practice. Basically he had early borns in his incubators on display where people would pay money to see them.

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