How do you deal with tailgaters when you are driving the speed limit?

  1. Given that these are the only correct set of circumstances, these are also the only correct answers.

  2. Those fucking assholes that move into the right lane to go past you as soon as there's a split second opening really grind my gears... I was literally about to move over but now I can't because you insist on speeding up the inside lane

  3. Might I add that if you are in the right lane and they're tailgating, use your windshield washer fluid and it'll slightly irritate them

  4. Also for me it's not being too proud to pull over and just let them past. If they're in such a rush they're going to drive dangerously I don't want to be part of it. Let them through, do their own thing and get on with my day.

  5. I move from the passing lane to let them through. If they drive too fast - we have cops all over the place to deal with that. I am not going to be their judge.

  6. i want to add to the tons of people who are giving way. its not about "losing". to me giving way is more of a "oh you want to speed and go faster than me? ok let me pull to the side". i may lose a few seconds of my life but who knows, the person that's speeding could be rushing for something really important.

  7. If it's not on the highway I just ignore them, especially in the city. It's hilarious how many people swerve in and out of lanes going 10+ over the limit only to end up at the next red light beside me or even behind me again lmao.

  8. My drivers ed teacher taught us that if we were in the city or the suburbs, basically anywhere but the highway to drop down to the exact speed limit and then stop for a full three seconds at ever stop sign. That was taught to me 19 years and and I have used that method every time since and it always gets the tailgater to either back off or go flying around you risking them and not you!

  9. My driving instructor made sure i knew this. He made me go 90. Every time someone would pass me. Short time after, i see him catch a red light, and i arrive behind him.

  10. Yep. I usually go 5-10 over the limit on the main stretch of my commute which is a single lane in either direction. The instant someone starts tailgating me, though, I drop down to the exact speed limit and start stopping for red lights way earlier than I normally would.

  11. Exactly. Fuck them. They can go around. Where the fuck are they going to go? Nowhere. Everyone is literally going to same speed in town.

  12. It’s really that simple. Nobody is lying in their deathbed going “my only regret is that time I let that one son of a bitch pass me!”

  13. I've done this on stretches of road where they should have been able to pass, and there was no opposing traffic (usually a 45mph county road).

  14. This 100%. The problem I usually witness is slower traffic steadfastly cruising (speed limit) in the passing lanes refusing to budge when there is ample opportunity to merge over to the slower traffic lanes. So faster traffic is constantly coming up on this blockage and the result is passing on the right and then back into the faster lane like a game of Tetris (Frogger? Can’t remember) I feel like I can hear their thoughts in a countrified voice saying, “I am doing the dang speed limit, what is wrong with all these other people? Now that right there is what’s wrong with count…” It trails off once they’re in the rear view…(I’m talking highways, not city streets)

  15. Out of curiosity, why would you move instead of the tailgating car ? I mean if someone in front of me is going slow, I would simply switch lanes ,so I don’t get why you would move for them other than being polite?

  16. I'll add that you should only pull over in an area where there are other people around, just in case the tailgater decides to pull over with you.

  17. The left lane is the passing lane when there is more than 1 lane. If you're going 90 mph and someone wants to pass you, I know it seems counterintuitive to you, but you are supposed to let them pass. Everything else you said up to that point I agree 100% on though.

  18. If there are more than one lane going my direction, I do my best to signal and move over so that the person who wants to move faster than the flow of traffic

  19. I got a lead foot too yet some people are still on my ass. My rule is not over 95, specifically bc I got a ticket at 97 and she was expensiveeeeeee

  20. Sure, intentionally anger people who have little to no regard for their own safety. Hope that works out well for you.

  21. Plenty of places in the US have signs that make it clear slower traffic should go right and in one lane road situations, there are often turnouts and signs telling slower traffic to use turnouts so the faster cars can go by.

  22. Depends on the situation...if you are in the "fast lane" in heavy traffic, I ain't moving over, I don't care how much the guy behind me is in a hurry. If he passes me, he will just be stuck behind the guy I am stuck behind anyway!

  23. Depends. If I'm on the highway I move over. If I'm on side streets where it's only 1 lane each way, tough shit. I'm not going to speed up because if they rear end me I don't want to be going much faster than the speed limit.

  24. I'm willing to bet that 90% of the problem with these idiots is that they were like "Yeah, it's a 15 minute drive, I'll leave 15 minutes before." Suddenly, it's not a 15 minute drive. It's looking more like a...17 or 20 minute one. And it's a deadline too, not a suggestion. But of course, because they made a dumb choice, a bunch of factors out of their control are adding onto the time crunch that they didn't bother to account for.

  25. I always let them pass me even if I have to use the side strip, because I rather have an idiot in front of me than behind me

  26. For real, I just let them cruise ahead as a quick remedy to the situation. When I'm in a hurry I appreciate when people do the same.

  27. If I'm already in the right lane, I'll slow to a crawl until they can't bear how slow I'm going and move on—especially if I was going a decent speed to begin with.

  28. If you’re in the US, move over to the middle or right lane. The left lane is not the “FAST” lane. Its a passing lane. When you’re just cruising in the left lane, you’re inhibiting flow of traffic. In some states, you can even be pulled over and cited for traffic violation.

  29. You have a very common social blind spot. You recognize that the law only specifies the left lane as a passing lane in a subset of states, but you believe that it's a social norm everywhere. This is incorrect. Some states have neither.

  30. For the highway: If you are not in the left lane, this shouldn’t be a problem. If you are in the left lane and you aren’t going with the flow of traffic, regardless of the speed limit or your opinions about driving, move over. Driving 65 is NOT the “safest” for whatever context. If you are impeding traffic, you are creating a ripple effect of potentially bad decisions. Driving a car is dynamic and not about you. This thread is full of people judging people for driving faster than arbitrary speed limits and it’s hilarious. I have a pretty long shitty commute every day and my biggest issues are oblivious drivers who don’t drive defensively hanging out in the left lanes because they aren’t paying attention and think they’re doing gods work by driving 64.

  31. Yep. Keep right if it's a highway. But otherwise, drive your vehicle. Don't try driving theirs too. If it's not an emergency vehicle back there, it's none of your concern.

  32. Same way I deal with tailgaters any other time: Slow down. If I can I'll pull over and let them pass, but sometimes, especially in town (where I do 99% of my driving), that's not always an option. If I can't let them past me I'll just keep my foot off the gas (and brake) slowly decelerating till they back off.

  33. Get out of the left lane even if you’re at the speed limit. You should be out of the left lane anytime the right lane is open. ANYTIME.

  34. If it's night time I turn my brights on, and then slowly decrease speed until they pass. Then I just follow behind them at a safe distance with my brights on.

  35. Everyone on this thread is providing lane etiquette, which was not the question. What if you're on a single lane?

  36. I usually drive in the right lane, and this might not be the best approach, but I first slow to the speed limit and then gradually slow down to about 10km/h under the limit.

  37. I’m a right hand lane 5 miles over the limit kind of driver, if you’re tailgating me I’m going to just continue on and mutter “ get off my ass” under my breath.

  38. Move to the right if I can. If I am being tailgated in the right lane I just keep doing what I'm doing while thinking "why the hell don't you just go around?"

  39. Well first I make sure I’m not the asshole in the left lane holding up the fast lane. Then I just continue going the speed I feel safe with. They can go around if I’m not in the fast lane. But every time someone holds up the fast lane I hope they stub their toe every morning they wake up. And their internet connection goes out at every Inconvenient moment possible for the rest of their lives.

  40. If I’m in the right lane I wait for them to move and if they don’t then I speed up to a car passing in the left lane and drive the same exact speed so now the tailgater has nowhere to go

  41. Well, seeing how the only time I drive the speed limit is while I'm accelerating past it to my recommended 10 over, I may not be the one to comment, but here goes nothin!

  42. If I’m in a pissy mood I will tap the brakes just enough so the light comes on aggressively. Alternatively I slow down but over a long period of time. So for example if I’m going my pace and dude is directly up my ass, I just lift off the throttle so the car slowly decelerates. I am also an asshole sometimes.

  43. I drive how I want. They'll pass when they can. I refuse to accommodate asshole drivers. They should not be rewarded for shitty driving.

  44. People answering "adult answers". So they get what they want? I'm being perfectly legal, going the speed limit and vibing. They wanna be assholes and try to bully me into doing something illegal? Nah, I turn up my music and vibe. As long as I'm going the speed limit and not being erratic then he can be the dumb dumb hitting me. I get a new car and some "oof ow my neck" money.

  45. Keep going the speed limit. There's a highway that runs through my town so the speed limit drops from I think 55 to 35, but people go 65-70 anyway even though there's pedestrians that try to cross the highway. It's a fucking mess. Which is why I go the speed limit, so I can at least have time to react. If they tailgate me and hit me, that's on them

  46. I have a bumper sticker that says "Sorry for driving so close in front of you". Most of the time if someone is tailgating me I see them get close, read the sticker, laugh and then back off. Works pretty well.

  47. Ignore them. Seriously, don’t break check them don’t slit down, don’t speed up. Just ducking ignore them. Doing any of those things will only make there situation worse. They will pass you, then they won’t be tailgating anymore.

  48. Just keep driving. It’s the same concept as kill them with kindness. If they get mad at you for following traffic laws that’s on them. You can’t control their reaction, only what you yourself do in a certain situation.

  49. IF youre hanging out in the left lane, staying there isn't legal in almost all states and most english speaking countries at a bare minimum. Just an FYI. Not saying you do or dont do this.

  50. Slowly reach up, turn on my right blinker, and move out of the fast lane when safe. Regardless of your speed, you are not suppose to travel in the left lane unless passing. (In the USA)

  51. Most of the time I just maintain speed on the cruise control unless they are intentionally being an asshat and throwing fingers and visibly pissed. Then I hit decelerate a couple times and sip my coffee. If I can get over, I do. If I can’t, I don’t sweat it. I leave in plenty of time to get anywhere on time.

  52. Typically slow down very quickly and maintain that speed for a while. Then quickly go back to my speed to recreate to proper distance that should be there. If they're still tailgating, repeat these steps.

  53. If it's on any road above 70km/h I slow down... And I keep slowing down until they pass or no longer tailgating.

  54. i am a petty driver. so .. when i’m doing the speed limit and someone is obviously being a dick head on the road by riding my ass, once they change lanes to try and get ahead of me, i make sure to speed up until there’s another car in front of them so they have to get behind me again.

  55. If i’m going exact speed limit, i let them pass. However, when i’m already going 10 over the limit (i’m in canada so 10km/h more than the set limit) and have someone riding my ass i stay put. Sometimes slow down even. If you’re going to get that close when i’m already speeding you can wait.

  56. If I am driving around the speed limit/safe speed for the conditions and not in an overtaking lane, I will ignore them and if they persist I will slow down a bit.

  57. If I’m on city streets I let my foot off the gas and just slow my speed down, nothing gets them more pissed than that and they usually just back off.

  58. You get out of the way. If you are doing the speed limit you should be in the far right lane (in the US)

  59. Let them pass. Listen the rules were made for idiots. If you’re confident enough to drive fast by all means do it but don’t be mad if you get pulled over.

  60. In something like 48 of 50 states youre supposed to move right to let them pass, and in many states, that includes whether or not you or them are speeding.

  61. Now first things first, how are they tailgating? Are they little too close or dangerously too close? Are they being aggressive or just saying hey please move outta my way?

  62. If they’re that comfortable driving that close to the back of my car I let them. Think of all years of practice it must have taken them to be comfortable with such car control. I don’t want to take that moment away from them.

  63. If you're on the slower lanes and driving the speed limit (like I do), then tailgaters shouldn't be something to worry about. Let them change lanes to pass you up. Why should one accommodate them?

  64. My friend likes to blow their eardrums out with the rear-facing airhorn on his truck. He’s driving a deuce and a half, but still.

  65. If they want to get past me that bad I'd rather they did than having some idiot read end me. Life's too short to deal with people like that. So, I get into the slower lane and let them go.

  66. If it's on the highway, just put your hazard lights on, and take your foot off the gas to deaccelerate a little (not enough to be dangerous). That usually gets them to change lanes.

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