Americans of Reddit, what is something the rest of the world needs to hear?

  1. As a Canadian who has visited the states a fair bit I'd say that, sure, the stereotypes exist but they are the vast minority. The true majority of Americans are really very kind, down to earth, intelligent people.

  2. The norther you go, the bigger the animals that want to kill you. The souther you go, the more venomous.

  3. Some of the springs in Yellowstone will also kill you if you try to swim in them. Just observe from afar because you’re probably fucked if you don’t

  4. They have signs and video boards at every stop for a reason guys. I know that bison looks cool but he will toss you 20+ feet into the air like you werent shit.

  5. Our National Parks will kill you. Looking at you, German couple in Yosemite I saw almost walk off a cliff and then get angry b/c it “wasn’t marked”

  6. Ironically, people are afraid of wolves because, oooooo, fangs!; but they think bison and moose will be friendly and cuddly.

  7. I’m American who immigrated when I was a toddler, but consistently travelled back and forth to my native land: I notice Americans (from what I’ve seen) take racism incredibly seriously, to the point I can say racism is worse outside of America. Racism in Asia and Europe is on a different level, one that is way worse than in the US. Probably due to America’s deep historical and existential struggle with the topic.

  8. Oh, and the strange distribution of ridges? Those can be used to measure fluid volumes for your choice of poison (read: alcohol).

  9. I remember when I was in Prague, we were out at a restaurant for dinner and a .5L beer was cheaper than a .5L water

  10. Our state governments hold more power over our daily lives than the federal government. The laws can vary pretty significantly across state lines aside from commonalities like no murder, robbery, reckless driving, etc., and even those sometimes can be punished very differently from state to state. It's almost like 50 similar-minded neighboring nations (and a couple territories) under 1 union.

  11. Depending on the state you can either get picked up by the cops after buying a gram of dirt weed from your dealer, or you can drive to the weed store and buy an ounce of California’s finest from a weed sommelier with your debit card.

  12. Still water and public bathrooms should be free around the world. The US doesn't do a lot of things right, but we generally have free water fountains and public bathrooms in most places.

  13. Aussie here, every public park I see has free toilets and drinking fountains here too. I’m baffled people are paying to take a shit.

  14. Oh god so much this. I was ready to squat in a bush I had to pee so bad walking around Paris. In most American cities there are regularly placed public bathrooms or larger stores like a corner drugstore where you can use the bathroom without being a customer. Meanwhile, the McDonalds in Paris prints the like 10-digit bathroom code on your receipt and (iirc) the numbers change at regular intervals so you can’t come back later and use it without buying something else. Or I can sit at a cafe and order a drink… making the problem worse… only to get to the bathroom to find it is coin-operated to unlock.

  15. Ok, Florida. People have brought up the open records laws but there’s another element, Florida is America’s official second chance state.

  16. A kid I grew up with is a two time felon in both Texas and Georgia and he has made his home in Florida. He fits right in. He even got arrested on his wedding night robbing coin boxes at a hotel laundromat so they made his "Florida Man" status official. I also legit suspect this guy as a serial killer.

  17. I saw someone else say something similar in another thread a while ago. Wonder if it was the same place or if this "American pizza" is actually sold in multiple places. It sounds super gross.

  18. I make my pizza crust out of french fries, stuff the hot dogs with ranch, cover the entire thing in ketchup, a bottle of Coke, and Little Debbie, then throw the entire thing in the garbage.

  19. This country is big. People in this country get culture shock from moving within the same state and through different regions. This is,personally, why I find most generalizations of Americans funny

  20. Doing my best to figure it out, but it looks like the distance between San Francisco, CA and Norfolk, VA is the same or similar as going from Brest, France (western tip) all the way to Kazakhstan.

  21. Canadian here. Just want to say I think the USA is a wonderful place and that most of you are fantastic kind, wonderful people.

  22. Well, thank you! We love our Northern Neighbors except for one unforgivable thing… your geese. Please take them back. They’re absolute maniacs.

  23. I went to a wedding in Canada once where I only knew the bride, and all of the other Canadians were SO NICE TO ME and seemed to actively like my Americanness, which is not something Americans experience often while traveling. They asked me how many guns I have and they laughed with glee whenever I said "SAHRRY" I loved that trip and I love Canadians.

  24. Americanized versions of food are still good and we still enjoy them. You don't have to tell us "this isn't authentic [country] food." We know it isn't. Just because it's not exactly like the origin country's version doesn't make it bad

  25. Food that immigrants bring and modify also have a rich history. Chop suey, tacos el pastor, and doner kebabs as examples. Fried chicken is exploding in Asia and you're already seeing Korean fried chicken make its way to the west.

  26. We only have a few hundred years of recorded history so yeah, we talk about our civil war , etc because we haven’t had ten civil wars and thousands of battles and centuries of political suppression. Also, since we are so ‘new’ we do talk about our European/Asian/African heritage.

  27. I'm pretty sure Europe has had wars going on for longer than the US has been around, cumulatively speaking. Hell France and England where at war for 120 years.

  28. Those videos of American’s not knowing basic facts like who the first president was or when the civil war was or where a certain country is are all complete bullshit. 99/100 people I know would get those answers right. Those videos either only use the dumb answers they get and cut the rest or pay people to act dumb.

  29. I don't want to be car dependent. I have to be. If I could bike everywhere in a REASONABLE amount of time, I probably would. But biking to my work takes an hour because our cities sprawl so much and our bike paths are not good and car traffic usually is higher on priority lists than bikes so our bike lanes are usually non existant or minimal. And I live in one of the best cities/areas to bike in, according to some lists online.

  30. I would commuter by public transit if it didn't take 3 times as long, round trip. And that's on a lucky day. Boston, MA MBTA is tragic

  31. People really like to shit on us for just being lazy to change our ways. A ton of places here just have shitty public transportation. Like there's no way for me to get to my dentist by bus (and certainly not by bike), and at my previous apartment there was no bus that stopped nearby on Sundays, and on Saturdays the buses stopped at 6 pm.

  32. I moved to Norway. Learning is fucking hard as everyone switches to English as soon as I start with the broken Norwegian.

  33. The distance between Seattle and Miami is similar to that of Ireland and Iraq. And you can drive the entire distance and not need to speak anything but English

  34. If US states spoke different languages (akin to Europe's close geography and diverse languages) you bet your balls Americans would be bi-lingual or multi-lingual.

  35. I’m trying to learn Spanish. Somewhat excited I asked two non-US people at work how many languages they knew, knowing it was at least 2. One said 5, the other had to stop and count.

  36. I'm a Spanish Heritage Speaker and still have to make an effort to practice it. And this is the second most spoken language here. I can't imagine how much harder it is to practice less popular languages like Bengali.

  37. I'm Native American, so to my fellow countryman and across borders: I may get some limited government benefits, my tribe is more important in that factor. I don't get free college (I do get tribal scholarships). I don't get easy free healthcare (have access but it's in a format and location that makes it hard). I don't try to be unhealthy, but it's part genetics and part of my parents wanting me to not struggle (so didn't watch for perfectly healthy plates - sometimes when young it was getting me fed). Yes, I'm different then y'all, but I'm also a person who bleeds and cries somedays

  38. Sing it brother! I'm a member of a federally recognized tribe (something that requires proof of ancestry - not very easy), and I look as white as can be. I also work in Indian country and food security is a real thing.

  39. I just remind everyone that Native Americans were absolutely key in winning WWII. Shout out to the Navajo code talkers.

  40. Not Native American, but worked for a year in a reservation and got some education on a fraction of the shit some tribes have had to go through. It's insane hearing people talk about you guys like you won some sort of lottery for getting minor government benefits, especially when the system is so fucked and so many of the reservations and Native communities outside of reservations are in areas with almost no economic opportunity, food deserts, far away from the medical care you're provided like you note, etc.

  41. Native here, but everyone assumes I'm white. I live very far from tribal lands, so I also get none of the benefits available. I did receive the additional stimulus during the pandemic, so that was nice. I also get my tribe's newsletter in the mail and I get updates on important goings on via email. Only thing special I've ever gotten was a special blanket and a brick with my name on it in Oklahoma for my military service.

  42. America is HUGE. I’ve heard of people visiting the US and thinking they could see the Golden Gate Bridge in a day when staying in Ohio. That’s a 2 day drive.

  43. I used to work in Mt Rainier National Park. One summer we had a girl from Romania work for us and she started bawling her eyes out when she found out NYC was thousands of miles away. Apparently she thought she’d be able to go there on weekends.

  44. Exactly this. I lived overseas (Lebanon and Istanbul) for a while and people constantly asked me about different US states. Specifically California and the Grand Canyon. (I’m from upstate NY.) People were always very surprised that there’s a lot of the country I haven’t seen. It’s just a lot easier to travel over there. The states are so… vast. And of course there’s always the “I’m from New York… no not New York City” discussion, too. People picture Manhattan and I have to explain I’m surrounded by farmland and Amish people.

  45. My favorite is the (probably apocryphal) story about the European family who were visiting Chicago and decided they wanted to take a day trip to Las Vegas by car...

  46. This is my wife (Russia.) She's told me she wants to visit the states for a few days, and then started listing every famous location possible she wanted to see.

  47. Even Americans who have lived here all their lives don't realize how big this country is. Californians get it a lot...asking your friend who lives in San Diego to come visit you while you're in San Francisco (because they're both in California) is the exact same thing as asking your buddy in Pittsburgh, PA to come visit you while you're in Raleigh, NC. They're both exactly 503 miles apart and over an 8 hour 1-way drive.

  48. Florida has some insanely open records laws, so all the headlines you see there you don't see other places cause you don't have access to the records with out requesting them. If you don't know it happened you can't request them.

  49. As a Floridian who moved away a few years ago, can confirm that while we do have a certain, special kinda crazy… this is an accurate comment. “Sunshine Laws” that allow free information on situations that are not avail in other states are a huge part of why the FL Man phenomenon is possible - not just cuz we’re crazier than the rest.

  50. We hate our politicians as much as non-Americans do. We do indeed have a few good ones trying to do the right thing but they are heavily outnumbered by both people/votes and money.

  51. It's not that we don't want to visit other countries - it's that for the majority of Americans, Canada and Mexico are a day or two drive away, and paying over $1,000 to get a round-trip ticket overseas isn't something a lot of people can justify buying.

  52. Something like 37 percent of Europeans have never left their own country. It’s not just something that happens in the US.

  53. A lot of people here are actually pretty nice, financially struggling and just trying to get by, and strongly object to the government’s cruelty. There are some brainwashed extremists, of course, like I’m sure every country has. But overall, yeah, we’re just humans who would love world peace just like anyone else with the ability to rationalize with compassion.

  54. For sure, so if someone from another country comes to America and encounters a racist who is the "go back to your own country" type of person, that isn't representative of the whole of America. Most people are genuinely intelligent, curious about people from other countries and if you have a conversation with them, they'll likely ask questions about your own country out of genuine curiosity and fascination. The good Americans generally get along great with foreigners.

  55. A lot of you guys give the US shit for being racist, but when push comes to shove, a lot of you guys have to look at a mirror.

  56. Their racism is advanced too. American racist are just color people bad. The rest of the world goes into detail and reference 1000 year old events when they’re racist.

  57. We're not all like what you probably see on the news. America is a very big country where you can see it all - beaches, mountains, rural areas, big cities, you name it. There's a lot of different people and it's embarrassing to be defined by the worst of us.

  58. I think they can get subsidized travel insurance from their home countries that cover the bill (depending on the country)

  59. Can confirm. I’m from Ireland and I went to Yosemite in July. Hiked up to El Capitan and Glacier point, it was the most beautiful scenery I’ve ever seen. Probably the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen ever!

  60. This is so true. I know many people who assume that places like Zion are overhyped - my partner was one of them - but now that we've actually visited, he admits that the places we've seen are spectacular and amazingly diverse.

  61. We aren't a hive mind. Massachusetts is very different than Montana or Nebraska. It's not entirely unlike the differences between countries in the EU. People have different backgrounds, speak different languages, and often live under very different laws from one region to the next. The notion of "Americans are X" on Reddit gets exhausting.

  62. I'm European (french) and I'm really confused about fellow europeans not understanding this. We have pretty big cultural differences within our countries too. We have local languages/food/traditions. So of course a country as big as the US will have a lot of cultural differences.

  63. Stop telling us where various cities are located as if we’re too stupid to figure it out. We know where Paris is. It’s in Texas.

  64. If you see a Dollar General bag on the side of the road, pick it up and throw it away or a new Dollar General will sprout.

  65. Exactly. Where I live cannot even be classified as a town because there are so few people. We have one dollar general, one gas station, no stoplights, and there are about 900 ppl here. It takes me about 30 minutes to get to freaking McDonald’s from where I live.

  66. Yes my car broke down about a month ago and I was pretty much fucked for if Ubers and taxis wasn’t a thing I would have to walk and hour for the nearest bus. And it would be 2 hours in public transportation to get to my job that’s 3 hours of total travel time every day. While driving is only 30 mins

  67. I only want to say something to Europeans because I recently went there on vacation with my biracial family. Y’all like to say that Americans are backward and racist and that’s true, but really I’ve seen just as much racism or more traveling with my family in Europe. So you take care of your racist problem and we’ll take care of ours.

  68. My sister is married to a black man. Their kids are biracial. They went to Europe and someone asked why she picked an exotic husband. They figured it was a language thing but she was asked a number of times why she married a black man when she was a beautiful white woman. Did she realize her kids would be so dark. Not saying she couldn’t get comments here but they felt it was much more common there.

  69. We're just people getting by. We know our country has problems, I'm sure yours does as well. Generalizing an entire nation based on stereotypes is stupid.

  70. Eric Andre made a borat style movie, even had stunt in a country bar and most of the reactions were people trying to be helpful and nice. It changed my outlook on Americans quite a bit, I think the majority are good people we just see the bad more often.

  71. Can confirm. Went to a water park in Brazil. Just as chunky as folks at an American water park.

  72. Drives me crazy how many Europeans on this site will talk about how fat Americans are. Countries all over Europe have a growing obesity problem as well, but they don't even acknowledge it as long as it's not as bad as America.

  73. There's American chocolate other than Hershey's. Seriously, stop with the aMeRiCaN cHoCoLaTe TaStEs LiKe PuKe. Just because all you can get at Tesco is Hershey's doesn't mean that's all we can get. There's quite a few commercial chocolatiers just in my state, and probably hundreds of mom & pop ones too.

  74. Culture varies greatly from each state. California is practically an entirely different country than Texas for example. Food from North Carolina can be completely different than food From South Carolina.

  75. America is so much bigger than you imagine it is. I live in a state where you can drive in a straight line for 12 hours and still be in the same state. You can fit many European countries within the boundaries of my state.

  76. When I visited Ireland several years ago (circa 2003), we did a “driving tour.” We had to cross from, essentially, one end of the country to the other.

  77. We also use the metric system. Some of us more than others but it’s pretty standard here. It always baffles me that people seem to think we don’t use it at all even though that couldn’t be further from the truth.

  78. An average American drug addict is really good at converting metric and imperial. When it comes to weights, anyway.

  79. This is very true. I think the best way I've heard it described is metrics being used for the sciences. Imperial is more everyday stuff or construction. And if you go to the store a lot of things have imperial and metric units for it on the label.

  80. Disney had a different poster for Star Wars The Force Awakens in China. They knew the Chinese market would absolutely throw a fucking fit if they saw a black man front and center of that poster.

  81. Here is a photo of the entire Spanish national basketball team doing “slanty eyes” to imitate Asians. And they defended it too. Can you imagine any sports team in america doing that?? So fucking cringe.

  82. My ex wife was Half Filipino Half Japanese. Went to a Japanese school. Fucking worst experience of her life as they despise "Halfus" and even more so if they're any other form of Asian

  83. I visited europe once. And I said something similar about it - In America, we definitely don’t have the answer, but we are having the conversation.

  84. I stopped in a very rural gas station in Oklahoma a couple weeks ago and I spoke with all five people there. Some a little and some for five minutes. Mostly about how dry it is and how tough the wheat planting is gonna be. I love it. Also, I am a city guy. I look like a city guy and there is no hiding it. Those people were friendly as shit though.

  85. The US has an amazing variety of biomes and is a wonderful natural experience. What you see on TV isn't it. It isn't all city and you'd be surprised how rural it can get.

  86. People tend to forget that here in Alabama we grew up together. Certainly the younger generation. Our schools, restaurants, workplaces and general life are just more diverse. For every southerner who's racist there are 10 sitting on a porch drinking beer and cutting up with all walks of life. It's just easier to point and generalize because of the south's horrid history. We prefer to look at each other as friends rather than compartmentalize based on physical attributes. I personally prefer it this way, it's part of why I love the south. Going to Waffle House and finding a friend in every person there is what it means to be southern to me.

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