What’s the most totally overrated classic rock artist/band?

  1. I heard Nirvana on the oldies radio station in the small town I grew up in. I then crumbled into dust like the guy who picked the wrong grail in Indiana Jones.

  2. Reminds me of those Now That's What I Call Dad Rock compilation CDs, and it starts off with The Eagles and AC/DC, I'm like, "Ok, yes" then it has Nirvana, "Oh wow, yeah, I guess it's been a while now" and then it has Avril Lavigne and I'm like, "No... wait, wait!"

  3. Eldest millennial checking in, I always thought classic rock was defined somewhat statically as 60’s-70’s not as a rolling 20-30 years ago time frame. Perhaps that’s just when the “genre” started and it’s morphed into a perpetually shifting or growing time frame. I say that though with “oldies” stations no longer playing 50’s-60’s and instead playing 80’s music…

  4. When you realise the 'Golden Oldies'/Classic Rock stations your parents listened to in the 80s had the Beatles and Stones, etc. Only 20 years in the past.

  5. A sad fact. When I was a teen, in the late 90's, music from the mid 70's was classic rock. In my mind, it was music created before humans (me) were alive. It was just stuff that was. Now, I am paying to see bands do 25th anniversary tours for albums that I loved in early adulthood for the first time. And in my mind it is nothing like classic rock to me.

  6. TBF, they weren't great musicians, and that's coming from someone who was a huge fan and former member of the KISS Army back in the day. Their draw was the show. The makeup, clothing, fireworks, lights, etc. But nowadays makeup and extreme pyrotechnics are more prevalent, and these other bands are actually writing and playing good music. Comparatively, Kiss is kinda "meh". They would never become popular in today's world.

  7. Gene Simmons have literally been told all this since they started. He also doesn't care at all. He acknowledges that the band is basically a reason to sell shitload of merch and it's all about the money.

  8. I've seen Kiss play in concert a couple of times. You're not there to hear complex musical artistry. You're there to see a live band elevate themselves to stereotypical rock gods. And they're really good at that. It's just a lot of fun.

  9. Man this thread is making me feel like an idiot for liking KISS lol. They really helped inspire my guitar playing as a teen like 12 years ago.

  10. It's okay. Let them think what they think. You and I know that the first KISS albums - everything before 'Dynasty' - were fantastic.

  11. My all time favorite band. Ace fucking Frehley is the reason I play guitar today. Fuck the haters. They have nothing better to do anyways.

  12. KISS. They had maybe 3 decent songs and one of them was "Beth". They were all about the makeup and stage effects. Not so great music.

  13. Beth, their best charting single, was wrote by Peter Criss, aka The Catman, the drummer of the band, once again proving that sometimes the Dummers can write some of a band's best songs (Neal Peart of RUSH, Dave Grohl of Nirvana, Phil Collins of Genesis, etc.)

  14. Sometimes that's all you need in an art performance. Spent a pretty chunky length of time discussing with a friend who was the better artist, Michael Jackson or Freddy Mercury.

  15. I was a true Kiss Army kid. Loved Destroyer, Rock and Roll Over, and Love Gun. Of course they had some good songs, Beth, Detroit Rock City, Hard Luck Woman, and a few others. But now I find most of the rest to be unlistenable.

  16. I expected all the comments to be the Eagles, but they're mostly KISS. Not that I'm upset, I love the Eagles and don't really care about KISS all that much.

  17. Saw the Eagles in Cincinnati shortly before the demise of Glenn Frey. Really well done concert. Felt privileged to have been there. Hotel California was amazing. They even had members who had left the band doing a cameo.

  18. I get why people don't like Rush. Lee's voice ain't for everyone, but when you give their music a genuine listen it's hard not to respect the GOAT on drums and the other musicians who would be lauded as amazing if not playing with arguably the best drummer to ever live. Hugely talented band.

  19. i was a long haired kid in the 70s when they were just getting big and a teenager in the 80s when they were everywhere and i've been screaming at the top of my lungs for 40 years that they are possibly the most overrated band in history

  20. It's my understanding that hard-core Kiss fans tend to be hard-core due to the band's iconic live performances rather than their music itself.

  21. I was a young teen when Kiss was big. I remember Kiss everything including the Halloween where everyone was Kiss. But name a song? No idea. It was fun at the time but it makes no sense now and has nothing to do with music.

  22. The Dude said it best: “I had a rough night and I hate The Fuckin Eagles man!” That quote is part of the ringtone when my dad calls cos he loves them so much.

  23. I used to hate the Eagles, especially because my friend liked them a lot and would tease me about my favorite band. I was pretty sure Id never like them but now I am a father and somehow I appreciate their music.

  24. I know many will say KISS, but one smart thing that Gene and Paul did was license all their songs, merchandise, pretty much anything and made a buttload of money because of it. Their grandchildren and generations are going to be taken care of for years and years.

  25. They were kind of a joke for how into merchandising and "selling out" they were, but these days that's pretty much what any brand or IP or huge band does. You could either say they were ahead of their time or that the rest of the industry stooped to their level.

  26. Ted Nugent. He was not even a one hit wonder, he has like one song that is fine. He was Kid Rock before Kid Rock. And he's such a smug douche his shows are insufferable. I sat through his "performance" a decade ago, so I could see Styx, and he literally said "Don't forget where you come from." 25 times. My friend and I kept count because it was so frequent. Also his facial hair is gross.

  27. Ted Nugent is a piece of shit child groomer and pedo. When he was 30 he began a relationship with a 17 year old, but because they couldn't marry he had her parents sign custody over to him as her legal guardian. How disgusting is that! Courtney Love also claims he had her perform oral sex on him when she was 14. He's admitted in interviews to having sexual relationships with minors. Last but not least his song "Jailbait" is about a 13(13!!) year old.

  28. I saw him ~20 years ago and we left early because we were 100% sure strangle hold was a milli vanilli type guitar solo pre record. Sooooo disappointing.

  29. the best thing hes ever done is say some racist shit about natives. and all the native casinos he plays at cancelled his ass. i dont think hes been up to the seattle area since.

  30. Ted Nugent has one good album and that is his self-titled album, the one with "Stranglehold" on it. It's killer, one of my favorite albums of all time and every song on there is awesome. That said, it's the only album of his worth listening to, and the lead singer for the album Derek St. Holmes alleges that the whole album was co-written by the whole band and that Nugent stole all the songwriting credit. Given what I have read about Mr. Nugent I believe I will believe Mr. St. Holmes on this one.

  31. I honestly couldn’t tell you single one of their songs, or even what they sound like, but for me the answer has to be KISS.

  32. I’m so glad that I don’t see Van Halen on here. They had their ups and downs, but overall Eddie Van Halen forever changed the tone of both rock and pop. I’m a huge fan of their heavy stuff and I like a few of their pop songs. Jump is overrated, When It’s Love is blah, and Right Now is alright. Panama kicks ass, Everybody Wants Some is some rock out with your cock out beauty, and Poundcake is so innovative. Eddie could’ve made his guitar fart if he wanted to. I just wish that I was alive in their prime.

  33. The drums in the beginning of Hot for Teacher automatically disqualifies Van Halen from being a correct answer to this question.

  34. Younger me thought they were overrated and garbage and then slightly older me actually listened to them and realized they are the exact opposite. I’ll Wait was the song that made me realize maybe I was wrong lol

  35. I saw them open for the original Black Sabbath in 1979 at Madison Square Garden, and man, were they good.

  36. Bro are you kidding me, Van Halen is the most underrated band, Eddie is my fucking hero. Everytime I pick up a guitar I start playing unchained

  37. Why can't this be Love is my favorite Van Halen song. '80s rock band ballads are a great genre of music as a whole. If you consider its own genre at least.

  38. Even if you hate that style/genre of music, there’s absolutely no denying how insanely talented they were as a band. Anyone who has ever been near a guitar must admit how influential Eddie was to guitar playing.

  39. Nah they're great, I remember when I was a little man my uncle put me onto Van Halen II (his favorite release and mine too) that was fucking incredible. That automatically disqualifies them

  40. I had never really been a Def Leopard fan until I saw them live this year. They blew everyone else out of the water at the show I saw them at (except Joan Jett). Im a huge Motley Crue fan but DL out shined them massively. They made a fan of me.

  41. I'd actually say that Def Leppard is underrated. They get classified as superficial good time rock but the more I've listened to them over the years I've realized how clean and impressive they're playing is. And while the lyrics may leave something to be desired the music is tight.

  42. I don't think Poison is over-rated in once sense because I don't think anyone really took them that seriously.

  43. I hated Poison, along with all the other poodle-rockers of the time. A tonne of hairspray, ludicrous makeup and clothes.

  44. And White Lion. When The Children Cry is one of the cheesiest, most horrific songs ever recorded. Indeed it is THIS very song that keeps the children crying.

  45. This is one of my most hated songs. Whenever I hear it, my blood starts to boil. Just absolutely shite all around. I feel it's assaulting my ears.

  46. Bon Jovi... I've heard he's a very nice guy. But he sounds like what you'd expect if a mayonnaise sandwich recorded an album. Absolutely no substance, completely unfulfilling, and bland. So, soooo bland.

  47. Someone described Bon Jovi as the world’s most popular local bar band and that is how they sound. Good musicians, but not really innovative, singer doesn’t quite hit the few hard notes they have and every song is sort of bland.

  48. Bon Jovi is and example of the pop world repackaging a recently popular edgy style, as a cleaner, safer, prettier version. They took that scary but intriguing hard rock from the 70s and mid 80s, removed the edge, made it catchier, added a pretty singer and bandmates (who smile a lot), selling it to the 90s younger women.

  49. Without Kiss, we might not have The Replacements, Soundgarden, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, NIN, Weezer, Pavement... I'm not a fan but they have one of rock's most impressive lists of offspring. Not sure whether Offspring are on that list, though.

  50. I remember being at the mall the month their song Beautiful Day came out and they had a kiosk with a bunch of headphones to listen to the latest song drops. It was magical, musical, and like a breath of fresh air.

  51. U2 are very definitely in their Elder Statesmen "Cool to hate them" phase, and seem to have settled into that role musically.

  52. Remember that one time several years ago that they released an album that automatically downloaded to everyone’s iTunes? That shit pissed me the fuck off and made me hate them more.

  53. Am I the only one who is looking at this list and wondering when the majority of the bands mentioned became "Classic Rock" bands? Does that designation change as time goes on? In my very bias opinion "classic rock" encompasses an era of music from at most the early 60s till the late 70s.

  54. I think we can all agree that some people in this thread must be trolling. There’s no way that Sabbath,Rush, and Led Zeppelin could ever be overrated. They are all fantastic artists who basically carved out their own sub genres of music. I understand that taste is subjective but if you basically invent a genre of music that people adore there is no way to be overrated.

  55. I get all the KISS hate, but I never thought their music was highly regarded. They were all about the performance. Face paint, pyrotechnics, fire breathing, weird tongue, etc. The music was meant to get the crowd going. They suck balls on the radio but live shows are extremely fun.

  56. They get my respect for "Janie's Got a Gun". It brought a HUGE amount of attention to parental sexual abuse and how it was completely ignored by police, politicians, schools, and society.

  57. I saw them live in '88. They sucked. Then Steve says, "OK, we're going to film a music video. Do y'all wanna be in a music video??!!" Then they played the hell out of the next song, with pyrotechnics, big guitar solos, Steve jumping around and doing splits, the works. Then the song was over, and they went right back to sucking.

  58. I wouldn't consider myself a big Aerosmith fan, but I do have to give them credit for managing to navigate a huge rollercoaster of a career in terms of success and popularity. Depending on the year, they would always be one of the most loved or hated rock bands without much room in between.

  59. I saw them live in the late/70s early 80s and they were BY FAR the absolutely worst band I have ever seen live! And I have been to around 75+ concerts live! I still like Aerosmith songs, but I would not pay 2 cents to see them live again!

  60. NO. how could you. they were part of my childhood. janie's got a gun was one of my favourite songs FOR YEARS.

  61. Eric Clapton is the most overrated classic rock guitarist imo. Most of his solo music is pretty bad, he’s best when he’s with a group or with another more talented musician.

  62. I mean, you're not wrong, but the Sex Pistols were never supposed to be talented. They were assembled as basically a punk "Boy Band"

  63. Pistols were never meant to be good. The one or 2 listenable tracks on Never Mind the Bollocks were purely accidental, anyone who thinks they were talented were completely missing the point. Who else would hire a bass player who couldn’t play bass to replace an actual bassist who the band didn’t think was punk enough?

  64. His 60s and early 70s pre-heroin comeback stuff was unmatched . Definitely not overrated as a guitarist, but I can understand people not liking his laid back stuff and his career after Layla. He made his name before that

  65. Underated these days tbh, as a lyricist and performer. U2 haven't released anything great in about 25 years but the 80s/early 90s stuff still holds up

  66. “I'm sick to death of people saying we've made 11 albums that sound exactly the same, In fact, we've made 12 albums that sound exactly the same.”

  67. I also saw them live at a small venue, I grant you yes, all their music is pretty much the same, but by gosh, they put on a terrific, high energy show!

  68. "When you go to an AC/DC concert you listen to the same song over and over for 2 hours... but it's the greatest fucking rock and rock song you ever heard."

  69. Angus was a genius solo writer though. Hugely melodic fitting each song and using basic pentatonic scales for the most part

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