How often do you shower?

  1. Yup! That’s why I could only shower once a week during this whole summer. And had to go to the laundromat when I needed to do laundry. Thankfully it’s been raining every fkn day this fall so at least I can shower. Well. I can take more frequent showers but my seasonal depression has already kicked all the fuck the way in so 🤷🏻‍♀️

  2. I do the same unless I get sweaty, which is infrequent since I work a desk job. I have really really sensitive skin along with eczema and psoriasis and I get super itchy if I shower too often.

  3. Depends. I live by myself. So if I don’t leave the house I usually don’t shower. But if I do plan on leaving, for any reason, I always do

  4. Once a day. Sometimes I’ll go a day without showering if I don’t have time, but never 2+ days unless I’m on a hiking trip or something and I don’t have access to a shower.

  5. Summer usually daily. I have to wash the pollen out of my hair before I go to bed or I wake up with my eyes swollen shut ugh

  6. I've been in a highly depressive state for some time now and showered yesterday after two weeks. it's been this way consistently for a few months now. I wish I could shower every day like normal people do.

  7. This one. Showering and brushing teeth are pretty much the first two things to go. Waaaaaay too much effort. Easy enough to put deodorant on, so hopefully I don't smell too much. Also, WFH, so other people don't have to deal with it.

  8. I totally get this!! When I first started working out it felt nice to “earn” my shower. It was a motivator for me and worked well!

  9. Same here, I shower when I need it. After work outs/runs or on days where I have worked in the sun (My job is outdoors but not always sweaty/in sun).

  10. Been seeing so many "once a day" and started thinking that I'm a stinky slob so I'm so happy to see this comment. If I'm not exercising and just indoors all week I don't see the need to shower every day.

  11. I share a bathroom wall with my neighbour and she showers or bathes 3 times a day. And one of those times is 3 to 5 hours. I don't get it.

  12. When I was a teenager I always remember a story from a cousin from South America that studied in Uk and her tenant asked if she had some kind of skin condition because she showered every day - this is the first time that I actually realized that ppl with access to hot water might not shower everyday which is very strange for my country (cold weather does not make a difference)… I live in a hot country now an Is actually quite normal for me to shower 2 times per day….

  13. I'd guess hotter countries people need to shower more often, but daily still seems like a massive waste of water, it must help if you are conditioned not to believe in climate change.

  14. There are some great products out there to help hold you over. Shampoo caps that a care-giver can use to wash your hair without water, body wipes.

  15. This was me on maternity leave after my twins were born. Postpartum depression, no time to shower with newborn twins, and nowhere to go meant that I showered maybe 1-2x/week and wore the same clothes 2-3 days in a row.

  16. Here I am thinking this is normal. I’d say with depression I shower more, it’s the best place to be if someone forces you to get out of bed.

  17. im not depressed and i do the same. Just dont see the point. I work from home though. Basically if i smell my balls I take one.

  18. Same but I am not around other people much. I dont think my horse gives a shit how I smell. My dogs only care about 2 smells, what I am eating and farts.

  19. I think the "daily" crowd are probably in a hot country. I shower once/twice a week and I don't feel greasy or dirty. My hair is fine with it too.

  20. Fair enough, I totally get it. I've been there myself and it's no fun. Hopefully things get better for you and you'll have more energy to better take care of yourself.

  21. Call me a freak, but I love the smell of a UPS driver. Sweaty cardboard is one of those oddly satisfying smells to me. Stinks… nice and good.

  22. Actually this is my habit, basically I don’t trust toilet paper, I don’t think they Will clean your ass good. So I usually shit and shower. Which I hardly use any toilet paper.

  23. I can’t sleep when I feel icky. So, I pretty much shower every night before bed. Shampoo and condition every other night. I live in a generally hot place, so sweat = feeling icky. When it is particularly cold, I can skip a shower at night if I’m feeling super tired.

  24. Usually once every 2 days. Though, i will shower after i did sports, exercised or worked on a hot and/or sweaty day.

  25. Damn guys. If I shower every day my hair gets brittle and my skin turns into a flaky, ashy mess. I live and work on a farm and don't go out very often, so I shower about once a week. Or before I go out. I've got my work clothes that I wash regularly and my nice going out clothes. I wash my face every day and if I get really grungy say slaughter day or mucking out somewhere gross I'll shower after that, but every day showers just aren't nice or feasible. Just too busy; eating and sleep takes precedent over showering any day. But I'm also doing the no shampoo thing so my hair doesn't get greasy anymore. When I was using shampoo I'd go maybe two days before I started feeling gross.

  26. I feel like your skin can also reset once you're in the routine of not showering every day. I also shower once, maybe twice a week. Once a day is a lot to me, twice a day just seems like a waste of water. Thanks for this comment, I was starting to question myself

  27. I'm in the exact same situation, I used to work an outside job so I'd shower daily before that job and I'd have to essentially dip myself in moisturiser at night because my skin was all red inflamed and flaking. Since covid finished my other job and I went full time on the farm I reduced my showers to once a week or after I do a particularly dirty job and now I have a skin break out maybe once a month or two instead of 6 days a week like before. As it is I haven't heard any complaints of my body odour from the cows so I think I'm doing OK.

  28. Thank you! I was getting freaked out with this every day or twice a day stuff. I shower twice a week unless I have reason to do it more often. There is a water shortage in most parts of the world? Shower EVERY DAY? Unless you have a job that gets you super dirty every day and you dine with the president every evening I don’t see the need for it.

  29. I live on a farm (Australia) and we don't have much water to waste. The kids shower every other day but I shower twice a week. Sounds gross I know but I wash face/hands all the time.

  30. Every morning , sometimes in the evening before I go to an important social event like a party. I don’t understand people that shower less than one time a day. I feel super filthy when I am getting dressed and haven’t showered

  31. I feel super filthy getting into bed without showering any more than like once, maybe, before I wash my sheets, which is weekly.

  32. You don't shower at night? So all of the dirt, sweat, and grime of daily life end up in your bed and on your pillow?

  33. Some of us have curly hair, which mean we can actually go more than a week without washing our hair as our texture needs time for oil cuticles to become properly coated in it's natural oils, or we ironically risk the ire of our workplace for having frizzy "unkempt/ unprofessional hair".

  34. Brazilian here. Everyday, 3 times a day at least. Most people do the same in the northern part of the country (where I live) due to our hellish weather.

  35. Dang im seeing so many people shower multiple times a day. How do you guys feel about water management? (Not a judgement, just wondering) Cause that would be one of my main issues with it. Or do you just shower for a couple minutes?

  36. Yeah I shower for a minute in the morning (just a cold shower to kickstart my day) and a 5-8 minute shower before bed

  37. No individual is going to save enough water to offset how much is wasted by giant businesses. The propaganda campaigns that say it’s your fault for water shortages shields them. You should just care about your water bill.

  38. Living in Canada during the Winter, every other day due to how dry the air is. Canada during summer, everyday if not every other day.

  39. Once a day at night after work and the gym. In the morning I just put my head under the shower to get it wet so I can comb it for work and get rid of bed head.

  40. Obviously all these answers are coming from the American hemisphere. In Europe today, for obvious reasons, everyone showers, or will start showering, once a week.

  41. Twice a day. Once in the morning to wake up and then again at night after my gym sesh. Three times a day if I REALLY need to. I just don’t like getting into my bed dirty or feeling dirty. Knowwhatimsayin?

  42. Every day. At least once. Sometimes twice. It depends on what I did/when throughout the day and if I feel yucky.

  43. See for me, if I'm going to wash my face and my pits, I think it is actually easier to just jump in the shower for a couple minutes. Takes just as much time and effort and you don't splash water all over the place.

  44. Scary to see how many people here shower 1-2 times a week and everyone has the same reasoning "I don't stink". Yes you do, you are the one everyone is talking about in the office and stays away from. How can people be this clueless. You stink, you just can't feel it because you live in your stink.

  45. It’s totally believable if someone lives in a colder climate and they don’t work a physically strenuous job. Some people sweat more than others, some people sweat less than other.

  46. The other thing is, you are getting covered in contaminants every day, especially if you live in the city (car exhaust and all kinds of carcinogenic crap). It really is a good idea to get rid of that on a daily basis.

  47. It's almost like people are different and body odor varies greatly from person to person. One can shower daily and stink and one can rarely shower and smell neutral, others might use scented lotion and/or perfume/deodorants. How do you know everyone that doesn't stink showers every day? Are you asking everyone that doesn't stink their showering habits?

  48. You literally know none of the people you're insulting. You don't know what they smell like, you're just making assumptions. My ex used to only shower twice a week and she always smelt great. Just because you can't go a day without showering doesn't mean other people can't.

  49. at least twice a day. before leaving the house, after coming home from work/being out, and if i go out after work i come home first, shower, change, and then go out. maybe i take a shower when returning from that. if i don’t work or have a defining moment to shower, i still shower in the evening/night before bed at the very least.

  50. To the people who won't shower enough, Nobodies going to tell you. Not your workmates, your friends, your mother, your girlfriend /boyfriend/other. Because humans are stupid and we just live in hope that one day you will wash and we won't have to tell you and be mortified along with you.

  51. It's pretty recent over here. One generation up, it's weekly. But my generation started doing it out of vanity, thinking it's clearer.

  52. Unless you’re a very sweaty/oily person, or you work a dirty job (like construction) it can be bad for your skin to shower daily. Especially if you’re not following up with a good moisturizer every time you shower.

  53. My dermatologist told me twice a day is absolutely far too much and can dry and damage the upper layers of your skin, but even daily is a lot for most skin types and can lead to an irritated and itchy or flakey upper layer, so I follow the preffosional the recommendation, which is every other day.

  54. It's honestly totally unnecessary under most circumstances. Waste of water, natural oils are good for your skin, germ exposure is good for your immune system.

  55. I do a good wash at night and a quicky in the morning to help me wake up. Washing at night helps keep your bed clean. The amount of dirt, pollution, and allergens that stick to you throughout the day can be astounding.

  56. It depends. If I'm just sitting around the house I might not bother to shower that day. But if I go for a run I'll definitely shower after and if I run before work I'll shower after the run as well as after work. So I shower from 0 to 2 times a day.

  57. As a person with ADHD and Depression, atleast once a week but I’m trying to be better it’s just hard to take care of myself when I get in a slump

  58. Once every couple days usually. I’m home all day everyday. I don’t really get dirty. If I go for a long walk or go to the gym, I’ll shower after that.

  59. every morning, and most of the time before going to bed. If I skip the night shower, I will at least wash my face and armpits.

  60. On average about 6.5 times a week. I’ll occasionally skip a Saturday if I’m just hanging around the house and still feel clean. But usually I shower every day.

  61. Every other day,I struggle with hygiene so sometimes when I'm at a low i don't have the motivation to shower for max three days m,but lately I've been showing every other day without fail

  62. I go for once a day, unless I get my daughter. Then it just waits until she heads back to moms, or I’ll sneak one once she goes to bed. She cannot be trusted solo for 10 minutes…. Hah But she’s at 110% all day, and once she’s down, I’m not far behind.

  63. Genuine question- do you wash your hair this frequently? One thing to wash your skin this often but it is not good for your hair to be washed even daily

  64. Once or twice a week, and before any sexual activity. More often if breaking a sweat or really dirty work, but if I’m working my desk, I’m not getting very dirty.

  65. As someone who suffers from depression and has always had a bad relationship with showering myself, I gotta say twice a week. I usually try to wash myself with a washcloth once every two days and I’m also not an active person. But let’s say I go to the beach or do physical exercise I will shower that day because ew obviously.

  66. Minimum once a week, I would prefer twice a week, but my job is demanding enough and my hair/smell are forgiving enough that I usually only manage once a week.

  67. You'd like to think the answer for everyone is "every day" but unfortunately it is not. I know this from living close to people who don't shower for weeks/months. It is absolutely disgusting that grown adults who have every day access to showers don't use them. I get you might miss 1 or 2 days here and there, but come on, that once per week/month shower makes you rancid.

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