What’s the most gatekeep-y opinion you hold?

  1. Just sprinted to my geologist bf to ask him "are you comfortable shittin' in the woods??". He just responded "Yeah", then kept working.

  2. Hmm.. So are only geologists who work in the boonies geologists? Most of our projects are 5 minutes or less from a shitter, I wouldn't expect the geologists I work with to do their business outside here lol.

  3. Until your child is actually school aged, you are not homeschooling them. Specifically, stay at home parents with one year olds that brag about homeschooling their kid. You’re just parenting. Your child is just a youngling who is still working on basics. It isn’t homeschooling to just raise your child!

  4. In the car community - the whole “respect all builds” thing is bullshit your clapped out shit box with eBay springs that scrapes over everything and looks like ass doesn’t count

  5. That and stock Teslas at meets. Especially Model X's with the doors up. Dude no one cares, its literally traffic go park that shit somewhere else.

  6. Yup. I'm a dog trainer and there was a mudi (Hungarian dog breed - general farm dog with a herding bent) at the farmer's market the other day, and I've never actually seen one in real life, so I asked if I could say hi. The owner agrees, I do my typical "would you like to say hi?" kind of greeting, and the mudi sniffed my hand and then backed away.

  7. Hijacking because it loosely relates to my gatekeep. People should not be allowed to own pets unless they understand that they have conscious agency. They're not a living teddy that you can just stuff in a crate when you're done playing with them for the day, they're living conscious beings who deserve freedom, love, and respect.

  8. I house sit for people with pets and I always tell them that most dogs like me. I know some are not cuddly. All I ask is that they don't try to rip my face off.

  9. Same with cats. I have an aggressive cat who bites people and no matter how many times I ask people not to pet him they are like " Oh its ok I'm a cat whisperer" then at the end of the night he's so worked up he will attack me or the other cats unprovoked which he dosent usually do.

  10. This is why I consider myself a dog person and not a dog lover. I do not love all dogs indiscriminately. I have worked with and met many dogs I didn’t like. However, I respect all dogs and I love my dogs to the moon.

  11. I'm a beta reader for a couple of authors who are friends of mine. I have other people in my life who know this, and ask me to read their first novel. I always ask them what the last 3 books they read were and if they can't tell me anything, I pass. This has served me well.

  12. A guy a friend of mine met told him he was a writer but didn’t read because he didn’t want to be influenced by what he was reading. As if it was a bad thing.

  13. As a fan of sneakers: People that buy limited shoes and lock them away or put them on display with 0 intention to wear don't deserve to have them at all.

  14. I mean at this point the whole sneaker culture in the US is just insane. Here is a LIMITED EDITION piece of plastic we made for 50 cents in china, that ll go for 250$ in retail

  15. In the car world we call those "trailer queens". $100,000 restored cars that will never see a street. My opinion on this varies.

  16. I would never admit this to anyone irl, but I hate it what rich kids have done to thrift shopping😭 Like I can’t afford second hand clothes anymore:(

  17. I am SO MAD at the gentrification of secondhand shopping. I remember going to Goodwill for my back-to-school clothes in elementary and getting an entire wardrobe for $30.

  18. I feel like it's also with the internet people can look up prices of things so an item they are selling goes for a much higher price even though the thrift shops get the items for free

  19. Went to a thrift store the other day and they were selling a rusty dutch oven for $75. I just went to target and bought a new one for around the same price.

  20. To be fair, that’s not even gatekeeping. If you want to work on you need to be familiar with more than just .

  21. I can see using one of those as a replacement if I become disabled in some way that makes it difficult for me to balance or otherwise safely operate a motorcycle. Sure, it's not exactly the same but it would check most of the boxes for me on things I enjoy about riding a motorcycle: An enjoyable driving experience in the open air that gives me more visible access to the countryside I'm travelling through instead of being isolated in a box while things pass by.

  22. When I ask people their favorite dinosaur and they tell me pterodactyl or plesiosaurus, being the responsible dinosaur-fan that I am, I have to break the news that those aren't actually dinosaurs, but flying/aquatic reptiles. Edit: please keep commenting your favorite prehistoric creatures (dinosaur or not!) It's great seeing people so excited about it! Mine would be Parasaurolophus!

  23. Thing is, "dinosaur" means different things scientifically and colloquially. And in the broader colloquial use, anything even remotely lizardy and extinct counts, and I'm fine with people using it that way. Just please don't say "mammoth". (Btw, favorite actual dinosaur is velociraptors, favorite "dinosaur" deinosuchus.)

  24. If you haven't read the books, you have not experienced LotR. There, I'm a snob on this one. You got me Reddit!

  25. I tutored someone in freshman chemistry as they repeated the class several times. Even transferring schools twice to take it because our university wouldn't allow it more than thrice.

  26. I still remember when they interviewed F1 driver Kimi Raikkonen after a Malaysia Grand Prix, as he wouldn’t be participating in the next season, and asked him what he was going to miss most about Malaysia. His reply was something to the effect of “Well, I only ever see the airport, the hotel next to the airport and the racetrack. You can decide which of those you miss the most…”

  27. I spent a few days in Copenhagen, so one day I decided to go a train to Sweden for lunch. I also went to a museum, then took a ferry back to Denmark.

  28. My gate-keep opinion might gather some downvotes but… if you didn’t leave the resort you didn’t really visit the country either.

  29. If it’s strictly in 4/4, your music is not math rock. I don’t care if you’re tapping, you ain’t usin’ no numbers. Maybe your stuff is really cool, just call it something else.

  30. If you want to be part of a religion you should read and understand the texts and the practices. It should go beyond just going to a service and should always be your choice.

  31. Everyone working in an office should be required to pass computer basics/literacy tests if they're to use a computer for anything important and immediately coached for chastising IT for things they have no control over, and fired for 2nd offenses. It's okay if you fail the test. there will be lots of training and redos, but you ain't doing nothing till you pass. It's not hard nor embarrassing to admit you don't know what the fuck you're doing or what went wrong instead of automatically blaming the first warm body you see, or being generally curt, expecting me to fix something in the blink of an eye before I can even investigate the cause like some sort of slave. Crucifixions are punishments I'd be willing to enact.

  32. I would also like this because as a somewhat computer literate person, my calls with IT all begin with them assuming I’m an idiot. If we could skip that part because basic competence has been tested, it would save us both a lot of time.

  33. Blows my mind how people are unable to google an issue - especially young people that have grown up with computers. We live in the information era and have access to most human knowledge in our pockets. IT people aren’t fucking wizards, they just google the issue or error code and follow the steps someone else posted. They might have like 5% of their job that’s actually difficult technical stuff that the average user wouldn’t reasonably be expected to solve. And this skill is equally useful outside the realm of technology too.

  34. I had a doctor that just barely knew how to use a computer or how email works. My confidence that my medical and credit card records were safe on her Windows XP box was near zero.

  35. As someone who worked in IT and support, I agree with this. Between the fifth call in a week from the same user who couldn't figure out how to turn on their computer despite being shown repeatedly AND getting comments from assholes who didnt understand that no, their 10 year old probably couldn't do enterprise IT, I am definitely on board with this.

  36. At my company, all applications must be done online and 90% of onboarding is electronic. HR sits you in a room and says "ok, login and follow the prompts". It's fucking glorious. Being able to get through orientation is your first performance eval.

  37. This, big time. Had a CFO I supported as a Senior Accountant that couldn't fucking attach anything to an email. Couldn't delete a row in Excel. Couldn't navigate to a website to see our bank details or financials. He literally could not perform work of any kind, but cost us $170K/year. We could have hired 3 hardworking people with kids to support for that amount. Instead we got fucking nothing, and management loved him because he was always happy in the board room.

  38. Stop going to the gym, wearing the clothes, and taking the selfies if you’re not gonna actually work out. Frauds.

  39. I hate this solely for the reason that these are the type of people that are least conscientious of the space and time they take away from other people at the gym.

  40. I think it’s perfectly reasonable for people to be happy and proud of their accomplishments, and I love that they get to share those accomplishments with others via social media! Just don’t disrupt another person’s workout or day while doing it. Take all of the selfies you want, but please do it quietly and out of the way, and don’t hog important pieces of equipment when you aren’t using them.

  41. You're not a foodie if you only eat like 5 things and pick half the stuff in every dish before you eat it. Also, you need to cook or else you really don't understand food and all the processes that go into making something. If you can't even cook basic stuff and haven't bothered to try much of anything, your food opinions don't matter.

  42. Not everyone’s opinion carries the same weight. An expert in a field should have far more say than a random member of the public.

  43. It’s so petty and I hate myself for it, but when someone sits down at a piano and pounds out either Chopsticks or Fur Elise my soul dies

  44. I feel the same way about string instruments and Canon in D. I’ll never stop grudging over the cello part being so repetitive repetitive.

  45. I work in an airport with a 'public piano'. After a week I put a piece of paper up in my store with 'Fur Elise', 'Chopsticks', 'Heart and Soul', and 'Bohemian Rhapsody'. We keep a tally every time we hear one.

  46. I don’t mind fur Elise. But only if you don’t try and play as fast as you possible can, fumbling as you attempt it AND then miss the one note between the two main parts. The one note gets me more than the fumbling.

  47. A River Flows in You does this to me. It's the piece every non music major piano student learns for their final. And they take up our practice rooms playing the same shitty piece. Sometimes you can tell they're just in there because they want to be heard, like they don't even need to practice it anymore. Masturbatory.

  48. As a social worker who just took a youth to a shelter, stop fucking having kids willy nilly. You don't "love" your kid if you're just gonna kick them out over a disagreement

  49. We need to start hitting parents who kick out their kids with child support garnishments, if not straight up imprisonment for neglect. The level of tolerance society shows for these ratfucking scum is just insane to me.

  50. As a kid who was kicked out and homeless for awhile back in the 90's... thank you for this. I honestly should have been aborted or put up for adoption.

  51. People who have religious objections to doing necessary portions of their jobs should find a different job, especially if you are unwilling to step aside and let a coworker handle what you object to.

  52. Agree. There was a pharmacist who worked with my friend at a CVS on college campus (they basically only dispensed birth control and adhd meds) and the pharmacist wouldn’t dispense any birth control like??? Get a different job lol

  53. Same with "I'm not a computer person, can you just do this for me?". Look lady, you're job description now requires a computer person.

  54. My mom was an ICU nurse for like 40 years. RN, Masters degree, worked in very ordinary major hospitals, a Planned Parenthood, and a couple private cardiology practices. She regularly - and I mean all the time - helped with cardiac catheterizations, cared for patients who had pig parts put in their hearts, etc. Everyone in the family is vaccinated and received solid, contemporary medical care.

  55. I had a teacher at my pre school who didn't do holidays or birthdays because of her religion. How do you not sing happy birthday to a kid when they brought in cupcakes to share? By straight up leaving the room during that time. Or calling in sick in every kids birthday. The school celebrated the holidays but this one teacher did not.

  56. Most people claiming to be Christians aren't actually Christian. The so-called American Conservative brand of Christianity is pretty much the opposite of Christ's teachings.

  57. AGREED. My dad is very much the type of "Christian" who judges everyone and helps no one. Everything he and other Christians do (INCLUDING his brother being a "prior" child molester) is okay because only God can judge them, yet he said not a word in defense of me when his brothers and sisters started telling me I'd burn in hell when I came out as a teenager. He's also racist and nationalist. It drives me up the wall.

  58. Italian-Americans in Boston are the worst about this. They all pretend they are so immersed in Italian culture, just because they go to the north end for Italian food, cheer for italy in soccer every two years, and go like 🤌🏼. Virtually none of them can actually speak Italian beyond a couple phrases, and even fewer know any relevant history of the country.

  59. the percentage of people who wont even understand the significance of this is great. in fairness, i learned as an anthropology major that it can take as long to master a new culture as it does to master a foreign language.

  60. As someone with a Mental illness (one of the more severe ones), if you use your mental illness to abuse/hurt people and not take responsibility for your actions, then I have zero sympathy for you. Which I know what the popular rebuttal is....that's mental illness though. Yea no its not and...I don't care. I don't care if I'm gatekeeping it either, as I occasionally get accused of. It is YOUR responsibility. Full stop.

  61. I’m bipolar 2 and I have a friend who is bipolar 1 that went off their meds because she “doesn’t see why she has to stay drugged up her whole life just because she’s a little different.”

  62. Well as someone who has traveled to many countries in his life, probably over 20 different one, I think I am entitled to say it : my country sucks ass.

  63. AI-Generated art is hauntingly beautiful, but it pisses me off a little bit. I got really into painting for the first time during the pandemic, and it can take me hours to make one single amateur-level painting, while this random computer robot can spit out a dozen different brand-new images based on a couple of words??

  64. The AI art doesn't really piss me off as much as people claiming to be artists who just take credit for ai created images, or who sell ai generated images.

  65. I love the idea of some dystopia where you have to take "tests" before entering any store or market and prove that you aren't objectively a shitty person. Sadly, I have no idea how that would be implemented.

  66. Getting a driver's license in the United States is far too easy. I'd say roughly half of all drivers on the road have no business behind the wheel of a car.

  67. This is a problem, but it’s also very easy to get your license renewed. You just need to pass a vision test, and even that is easy.

  68. True. During my studies for learning to drive and then actually driving I realized most people don't follow any rules at all and just do as they please. Made it really difficult to learn properly when everyone else is on a different book altogether lol

  69. This is true. On the other hand though, to get around in the US you basically have to have a car. Public transit is unreliable and often inaccessible. I know if the transit system in my city was better I would prefer that to owning a car

  70. People get on me a lot for saying this, but I absolutely believe those elderly people driving 20 below the speed limit are a safety hazard and should have their license revoked. They always say “well they’re older so their reaction times are slower.” If your reaction times are so slow that you cannot properly operate your vehicle, you should not be driving that vehicle

  71. If you find a cool hike, camping spot, or fishing hole, don’t tell anybody, especially not the internet.

  72. Bourdain did that on a trip to....Venice? Some place with mind blowing risotto and he didn't want to give the name of it because he didn't want tourists ruining a good thing.

  73. The “crystal” people are the absolute worst and have made crystal buying/selling/collecting some spiritual capitalist bullshit scam. Then they pretend they know what all these rocks/crystals are and try to compare knowledge with me, a geologist. They ask me about “healing powers” …. Ma’am I have a masters degree in geology, I don’t give a f*ck if quartz “brings you love and clarity.”

  74. Only reason why I like the crystal agenda is that several shops opened for it and made buying pretty looking stones more accessible. People who live by it aren't really good at all though.

  75. Once saw a video about chocolate and they had brought in three "chocolate experts" to taste some high quality chocolate. These mofos listed shit like Hersheys and Reeses as their favourite chocolate.

  76. Haha, candy companies use the cheapest cocoa powder available because their goal is to make sugar sweet candy, not high quality chocolate.

  77. I have a dairy allergy, but I love chocolate. Some people are apparently very confused by this, and will try to argue that I can’t have chocolate. Do they think cacao beans have milk in them????

  78. That if you fly the confederate flag and claim to be a confederate…. You can’t celebrate the 4th of July as independence day, because you aren’t an American, you are a confederate. And a traitor to the USA, soooooo… yeah. Makes no sense.

  79. If you ride a motorcycle, bmx bike, skateboard, rollerblades, onewheel, etc. and don’t wear a helmet because “I know how to fall” or some other stupid bullshit. You should be utterly ostracized from the community. That is selfish, and not only are you putting people who love you, or rely on you at risk, you are also risking the mental health of whatever first responder has to scrape your brains off the road.

  80. In an ethics class I was assigned the stance of arguing for helmet laws when riding motorcycles (I went to school in a state that doesn’t have this law). That was part of my argument - that if you get into an accident, you’re causing psychological damage to those who witness it as well as the people who help treat you.

  81. Self diagnosing mental illness. You can think that you might have a mental illness but you shouldn’t go around telling everyone you do if you don’t for sure. Some people take advantage of that and diagnose themselves with 10+ mental illnesses according to stereotypes. also if someone said that they had cancer they would be told to get tested not just self diagnose because who does that? i feel like it undermines mental illness as not a real thing.

  82. More of a pet peeve than a gatekeeper thing. I hate when people refer to themselves as “I’m OCD”. It’s a slap in the face to people who are legitimately debilitated due to their very serious condition.

  83. So, when I was 29 I discovered I might have ADHD. Between then and when I got formally diagnosed a year later, if the subject came up I would say that I think/suspect that I have ADHD, but haven’t had a chance to get evaluated by a psychiatrist yet. I think this is a reasonable approach to this sort of thing.

  84. As someone with OCD, thank you. It’s reeaally frustrating seeing it thrown around as a synonym for “neat freak”. You should see my apartment, it’s a mess.. because I’m struggling with OCD.

  85. For a really long time I would only wear the shirt of bands I'd seen live and bought the shirt at the show. COVID changed that. I started buying merch from bands I like to help keep them afloat until they could tour again, regardless if I'd seen them live or not.

  86. Agreed. But people also shouldn’t pop quiz strangers on obscure trivia of said band in an attempt to “catch” them and keep the gate.

  87. If you don't have your shit mostly together (personally, financially, emotionally, spiritually), you should not have a child.

  88. I would like to add, that you have to absolutely, 100%, no questions asked, WANT children. Just because you have all of these things in order does not mean you get to then be a shitty parent because you don't want to take care of a child or give it a shitty childhood while working and never spending time with your child. Far fewer people should be having children than even the slowing rates of today. I don't give a fuck what it does to the economy because we can't support the inflation of today let alone another baby boomer generation

  89. Also, how is it fair that my husband had to sit through a class on vasectomy before the procedure, but no mandatory classes were offered before childbirth.

  90. The thing with this - so many people have “their shit together” and are horrible parents, some people don’t have their shit together personally, financially, or emotionally and become wonderful parents and raise great adults…. It’s not as simple of an equation as one might think

  91. Liberals are not politically left, by definition. Don't call yourself a leftist just because you are socially progressive when you support politicians and policy that keeps the poor from gaining any footing and wringing them out to create billionaires.

  92. I extended that to some of my cousins and my best friend's kids years ago. Caused a lot of contention about me not being inclusive, but when you don't keep your kids from destroying me stuff, and then just go oops and don't pay me ("but we're family/friends") for them, you're not welcome.

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