What's the biggest scam in todays society?

  1. Planned obsolescence in general. A lot of these comments speak to it. I'm sick of planning on a new toaster, new coffee maker, new boots, new jacket new EVERYTHING every two years. The waste is sickening, and the time to find out what is being offered.. what companies have declined in quality, what the latest model of iron looks like. I don't need any more improvements to pajamas. Leave some of these things alone at some point and improve things that matter.

  2. Damn this is a good one. Really a sickening thing in our society that people talk about but no one really does anything about it.

  3. I had to replace my fridge and washing machines last year, after 25 years of sterling service. The guys who delivered the new ones said I'd be lucky to get 5 years out of any fridge these days, maybe 3 for the washer, and I honestly don't know how I'm going to afford to keep replacing things when I'm on a disability pension.

  4. I recently had to replace my garage door opener that was a Stanley made in 1969. I remember when the motivation for companies was how to make something last longer than the competition. It was about durability.

  5. I absolutely feel this. I spent so much money this weekend in getting new shoes, lounge (WFH) clothes, bras/underwear. I started berating myself for being frivolous with my money until I recognized that I had to buy these things. All of my clothes fall apart within 2-3 years, and I buy nice things - and I take care of them! There are just not a lot of companies that make quality of products anymore.

  6. I’m a design student and this topic is heavily touched on when it comes to products. If I, the designer of a product, refuse to do something like that, I could be out of a job since refusing planned obsolescence is way out of what I’m supposed to be doing. We’re supposed to push for more recyclable and longer lasting products, but at the same time it’s way more expensive and less profitable to do so

  7. We, Congress, have decided that stock trading by Members of Congress, us, will remain legal because we said so. Now shut up and donate to my re-election you ungrateful peasants

  8. I frequent Oakland Athletics games because I'm a sick twisted human. The team has been god awful this year and there is a messy potential new ballpark/relocation fight going on in the background and the team sold all their quality players. So given all that, ticket prices have plummeted. Theres been quite a few games where the processing fee is more than the ticket itself this year.

  9. I use “TickPick” and they don’t have fee’s added on. The price you see posted is what you pay. Doesn’t mean that the “fees” aren’t already calculated into the ticket price, but I’ve found them to be cheaper then ticketmaster even before they add on the fee’s.

  10. John Oliver has a great piece on this that explains a lot of why these “fees” are so high. It’s a bit long but very informative.

  11. I once bought a ticket to a concert the day they came on sale, and the concert was cancelled literally just 48 hours later - and although I was refunded the book value of the ticket, Ticketmaster still kept all the fees.

  12. Textbooks in general. I took an abnormal psychology class in college once, and the professor was insistent that we needed the (new edition, $180) book, that we would be using it ALL the time. She actually held a raffle for a free one for a lucky student.

  13. I had a math professor in college who would make/write his own textbooks for the class. I failed that class and had to retake it, he slightly altered the book, and I had to re purchase to keep up with the class on the second time, I assume he did that every quarter for people like me and for those who wanted to pass the book on to others when they signed up for it

  14. Nothing pissed me off more than paying $200 for a book and it was a loose leaf. Now I have to buy a binder and deal with the thin pages ripping at the hole-punch.

  15. This is why you don't buy the book until you are given an assignment from it where you have to answer questions from the book.

  16. I especially love it when access to the corresponding digital "workbook" expires six months after the code is used.

  17. Harvard should ban textbooks and see what happens. My prediction: everyone still learns just fine, and then all the other universities will follow.

  18. Recycling labels on plastic items. So many single use plastics have a recycle symbol on them when in reality nobody will touch that shit. It's way cheaper to just make new plastic 99% of the time compared to trying to process and filter out the contaminants of used plastic (if its even a formula that can actually be recycled).

  19. It's not just plastic. In my town, Domino's pizza has been advertising that their pizza boxes are recyclable. On their website, if you look up our town, it says that pizza boxes are "explicitly allowed" in the recycling bins.

  20. It's not a recycling symbol. It just looks kinda like one to trick people. Legally it's an entirely different symbol for resin identification... Which can be useful still. If it's type 1 or 2, it's almost certainly recyclable.

  21. Recycling in general was mostly untrue marketing. Growing up in the US, no one talked much about the “reduce” or “reuse” vs. “recycle”. The fact that most recycling is sent to the landfill, wasn’t even talked about much until recently. No one talked about having clean and dry items, not greasy cardboard or wine with corks still in etc. Single-use plastics as is a cultural and geological issue.

  22. The real scam is the true polluters passing the bulk of the burden onto ordinary citizens as some kind of moral failing and duty while they continue on as normal

  23. I’ve watched documentaries that address this. Basically recycling is a huge scam created by plastics companies to mislead the public into thinking they’re doing something to reduce plastics waste. in reality, majority of what we buy isn’t even able to be recycled. They also ship the waste to underdeveloped countries.

  24. Yes, and consumers can think "but it's recyclable" and put anything in the recycling bin, thinking it has zero environmental impact.

  25. When China changed their buying standards a few years ago, the plastic recycling collection stopped in my county. It sucks but at least they're being honest about it.

  26. In Canada, at least, cable/internet/cell prices. Eastlink is purposely messing up my older model system to try and get me to upgrade. My TV and internet is $187 a month. This is ridiculous. Cell phone isn't even included in that.

  27. I worked in Canada for 4 years & as a brit, it was cheaper for me to keep my English phone contract & pay £5 a month extra to use my unlimited calls, text and data in Canada. That deal on a Canadian sim would of been about $90 a month. I was paying £25 ($38).

  28. We're lucky in France because 20 years ago a company (called Free) decided to undercut the competition which resulted in slashed internet/landline/cell prices nationwide. They were offering internet for under 20€ while the other companies offered 100+€. We've sinced had very reasonable market prices.

  29. I got into a keto diet a few years back. The biggest thing about the keto diet is that you cut carbs out entirely. When you do that you start to miss simple things like sandwiches, so I looked up keto safe bread alternatives. Online you'll see options for keto bread this keto bread that. I read the macros and they have more carbs than the regular stuff.

  30. "Organic/non-GMO/Natural" etc etc. Generally a very large crock of shit, but apparently extremely effective because I have to listen to people that take shit care of themselves regale me about those kind of items and how I shouldn't eat so much "processed food", when they don't even know what any of those terms actually means

  31. Working 8-5 (with a hard hour for lunch, if that), still being broke and being told by management/company, that if you don't perform, you will be let go.

  32. "Yeah.. and you wanna know why? Because some 'Bigshot' at the weiner company got together with some 'Bigshot' at the bun company and decided to rip off the American public!"

  33. I think the issue here is more that the value of a college degree has gone down. Where a college degree meant you were able to enter a business on a management level two generations ago, it is now nothing more than a starting qualification.

  34. It’s absurd that I learned all this information about data organization and Python just so I can do it all in Excel. But it’s a struggle to get a job in anything that isn’t entry level and very basic

  35. I saw an engineering position with a list of requirements including welding, electrical stuff etc, 8 years experience.

  36. In my last yearly review point I made it a point to ask for my raise to (at the time) take into consideration the ~7% inflation rate. Everyone else in my division got a 2-3% raise. Me? I got a 7% raise. You won't get what you don't ask for. All they can do is say no

  37. Not to get into a debate/discussion on medical insurance, but much of the annual raise is absorbed by medical benefit premiums.

  38. The fact that technology was supposed to free us from the 40 hour work week, but instead people are now expected to do the jobs of 4 people or they have to just sit around, putting in their time like a prison.

  39. I created a bunch of automated tasks for work...they got rid of 4 people because it was running so well. I argued that I needed these people to make sure it ran so well.

  40. Efficiency increases are basically always used to just increase profit margins, never to benefit the workers.

  41. With technology, we have the ability to automate and remove unwanted jobs. Because of Capitalism, we won't continue providing for those individuals who's jobs were automated.

  42. What’s so much fun is trying to explain the difference between my small business and the “small business boss b*&ch” down the aisle. She doesn’t make a single thing that she’s selling and she can quit at any time and not really lose anything. I make EVERY SINGLE ITEM and if I quit my company ceases to exist. We are NOT the same.

  43. Blows my mind people still buy and push them on others thinking they’re anything but preying on ignorant people’s money. I know a girl I went to college with pushing all things Monat so hard now; it’s sad seeing how ingrained she’s become with it.

  44. I agree. E-waste recycling in my area is a massive joke. Nearest place that will take it is 3+ hours away but places will take tvs but not piles of circuit boards. Makes no sense to me. TVs are harder to recycle and they have circuit boards in them!

  45. I saved $800 on my wedding cake by insisting it was just for a party. Like, my mother asked the traditional way and was quoted $1,100. I said ‘oh hell no’ and called back for a quote on the same dimensions and flavors minus the W-word and the cake was magically only $300.

  46. US only, allowing politicians to trade stocks while also having a legal avenue for corruption(lobbying). What a scam

  47. Every company you work for, you are only as good as your output to them. There are exceptions for small family type companies, but looking at the fortune 500 types, it's 100% metrics on what have you or your group done for me lately.

  48. There is a right way and a wrong way to be a company man. Play your cards right, take advantages when you can get them, make sure you are getting as much as you can, rise through the ranks. It is possible. I started at my company making like $13/hour, now I'm about to be making 70k plus a year. With that being said, there is a point at which the opportunity internally is not as profitable as external opportunities. Like I said, play your cards right.

  49. Yeah. Worked 11 and a half years just to get laid off by a person they contracted to fire their employees. The people I worked for didn’t even have the balls to fire on their own.

  50. I'm self employed and I'm not even a "company man". I used to be. I used to live and breathe my work 24/7. Then I realized I was headed for a early grave. My health suffered.

  51. My MIL lives 5 mins down the road. If she texts that she's leaving now, she will NEVER be here sooner than 20 mins.

  52. This is bigger than it sounds since so many things rely on software... down to the heated seats in a car. If you haven't heard about that yet, you're in for a treat when you look up BMW subscription. But it's now turned into almost every piece of software becoming a subscription. Down to my stupid solitaire game that I can't just buy for a few dollars, it's $12 per year for a piece of code I could write myself if I weren't lazy.

  53. Isn’t Adobe subscription based now? If i recall it is and either you never use Adobe or its used daily..cant see paying a monthly subscription.

  54. I much rather we get rid of this tipping culture and just integrate the cost of a fairly-paid staff into the prices, just like everyone else in the world.

  55. Just tipping in general, it's a gross culture. We're not only paying for our food/service, we're also expected to top up someone's salary because their employer is allowed to pay them peanuts for some reason. Really messed up system, I can't even believe it's a thing. If someone introduced it today people would be very vocally against it and it wouldn't happen. But because its "just the way it is" we go along.

  56. A local pizza place who is famous for awful service recently posted a huge online rant of how if you can't pay a minimum of a 20% tip you aren't welcome... just raise your prices 20% if that's what you need and say tips are option.

  57. Went to a football game yesterday. bought a shirt I picked for my kid and a hat for myself they asked for a tip on that it’s getting ridiculous tip for everything

  58. "40 years" in my country its currently questionable if I'll even be able to retire after working 40 years, let alone if I survive until then. Every few years they raise the retirement age. A lot of people working physical jobs are forced to retire early because their bodies are so damaged from many years of work they can't continue working and are too old and broken to find a different employment, this is bullshit. And retiring early means you get less retirement money from the state, because "you should've worked longer and paid more taxes!"

  59. It's great how you can pay for something every month to get nothing out of it, then if something happens you pay even more.

  60. It makes me so fucking angry. If you've got any kind of chronic illness you learn real quick that the "death panels" already exist and they're called insurance companies. The treatment I get is constantly challenged and my doctor has to call and convince them that his judgement as a specialist is better than theirs as an accountant.

  61. Dental insurance is even worse. The max they'll pay barely covers cleanings, so you basically pay for root canals and crowns out of pocket.

  62. The American election cycle. Our politicians spend each term mostly planning for the next election, rather than working together to help make lives better. "Getting myself reelected" is the politician's greatest talent. Being a good steward of public trust and responsibility barely enters the equation.

  63. this right here - most presidents spend the first term carefully stepping around topics and not causing a huge uproar (most...) then the 2nd term its all claws and brawls to just push as much shit thru before their time is up.

  64. artificial scarcity to drive revenue; the idea that to be economically successful you have to fleece others as much as you can.

  65. Everybody should read Bullshit Jobs by David Graeber. Really eye opening book. It’s crazy to see the predictions from the 50’s, theorizing that we would never need to work

  66. College overall. 19 year old wants 10k to start a business “no way”. Same 19 year old wants 150k for college “sure”.

  67. This is a choice. I went to Community College and then my local AACSB accredit Business school. Paid $45k tuition and made that back in 2 years. Plus I got an associates degree along the way that allowed me to get a better job right away. That small investment made me tons of money later in my life.

  68. "See that guy over there with an iPhone? He just bought that with his tax refund. You pay taxes don't you? Doesn't that mean you basically bought him that iPhone. Your taxes are so high because he wants an iPhone. You should kick his ass for that." R Says the rich guy right before he drives away in his Ferrari that is a tax write off.

  69. It is crazy how many people defend Wage theft and somehow always use the dumbest talking points for it.

  70. Completely agree. Stop having it socially unacceptable to not go to college. I never plan on going to college, I’m just fine working my job right now, why would I want to get a degree that’s going to cost me more in the long run than what I’ll make be learning at work?

  71. It's because they list their charity as "raising awareness" rather than a specific action. Just like all the pink ribbon stuff is a scam. It's all Breast Cancer....awareness.

  72. Same with the "build the wall" gofundme, and the Trump reelection fund. None of it went to any of those projects, and were / are outright scams.

  73. Purchasing stocks through brokers where they route it to a dark pool and the impact of your transaction does not impact market price of a security.

  74. The biggest capitalist scam. They are abundant and basically no one can tell a difference between diamond and anything similar.

  75. Teenagers and social media. They think it is fun and a way of social connection, but when I see kids rehearsing for hours to put up a TikTok video, I feel devastated for them. None of it matters.

  76. The biggest scam in American society is citizens United. No question about it. Corporations own our government now. We are all enslaved in capitalism to make about 100 people rich.

  77. Some games are pure money grabbers (fuck them), others offer pleasant experience and only ask for small payment to remove ads. I don't mind spend a few bucks when the game is honest about what would I get for this.

  78. Tips. Business owners should pay for their workers. Not customers. Pay the wait staff fair wage and get rid of the tips!

  79. Now, me personally. id still tip good service. i do the same thing at a tire shop. but i agree that wait staff should get paid an actual full wage.

  80. Diamonds, the marketing world created the myth that if you don’t buy your fiancée a diamond ring (or any expensive ring) then your love is not eternal.

  81. Textbooks not being included with tuition. And then your class uses Pearson textbooks, which means you literally have to buy the textbook for the privilege of being able to turn in any of your homework 🤬

  82. Paying taxes in the US of A. IRS knows how much I should owe, but they won't tell me. They'll either allow me to guestimate my own way into a random number (and be subjected to additional fines or jail time), or encourage me to pay for a company's services to calculate said number. And that company also lobbied to have taxes connected in this fashion...

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