Will you circumcise your future children? Why?

  1. Australian here. I was not circumcised at birth and being raised by a single mother unfortunately was not shown proper cleaning and hygiene routines due to lack of awareness at the time. I ended up discovering in my mid-late teens that I needed to retract my foreskin for cleaning as well as the fact the skin should retract for experiencing sexual pleasure. After doing my own research and consulting a urologist I discovered that I had phimosis which is essentially a tightening of the foreskin that does not retract easily if at all over the head of the penis. I opted to get circumcised at age 21 which for me was the best decision and my sexual health has been all the better for it. Now I’m in my mid 30s and have just recently had a son of my own, my wife asked me before he was born whether we should get him circumcised. With my experience of being both circumcised and uncircumcised for a good deal of time I have recommended we leave him uncircumcised and ensure we educate him early on about the health and hygiene routines. If he opts to get circumcised later in life I’ll be able to support him through that decision making process as I’ve been there myself.

  2. I love this response , I’ve told so many people I didn’t want to circumcise my twin boys I say to them one day they will be able to make that choice for themselves. We still practice good hygiene the internet has been great for educating myself on things I know my parents were ignorant to

  3. This is also an example of why it's awful to suppress Sex Ed. you can't just assume parents teach even basic self cleaning, they might not have thought to pass it on or they might not have even been taught themselves.

  4. My husband and I are most likely going to let our son who will arrive here late March, decide what he wants to do with his body later in life. I understand making certain decisions for your children before they are able to decide is necessary, especially when it comes to medical procedures; but I feel like this is not one of them

  5. I would strongly suggest though that making your own informed decision as an adult human being is the single thing that is able to makes you content with your decision.

  6. crazy to me that adults are like lets cut up little kids penises. Lets sexually mutilate our children for religious purposes. I feel like the kid should have a say at an age they can consent. Besides circumcision in religion is just symbolic of being circumcised in heart. Dont have to cut up your kids dick cause you think their penis will be more sexually appealing. If a kid grows up and wants it bad enough for religious purposes or otherwise then they can choose but really fūcked up my dick to the point I cant feel it cause they cut off my only skin with nerves.

  7. Thank you. Cutting a child’s genitals because some parents don’t teach a kid to clean is awful. Rather than cutting healthy genitals, start holding parents responsible for not teaching their kids hygiene.

  8. Ordinarily my answer would be ‘a dick is not a bonsai tree’ and never even consider it (and I’m from the UK so it’s not a common thing). However my partner had an adult circumcision after a lifetime of living with a really painful condition (I believe it’s phimosis and bxo) and turned out both his dad and his grandad needed the same procedure (as teens/adults). I remember him screaming in agony when he got morning wood the day after the op and having to call 111 after one of the stitches came loose in the bath and it was pissing blood it was horrible. That’s not to say that I would definitely cut our hypothetical son but I think I would leave it to my partner and do a bit more research as there is a strong genetic trend here. Ordinarily, without any good medical reason I see no point in it.

  9. Finally a reason for circumsision! I'm against it, reasonably and traditional. I think there are cases, where this operation is necessary.

  10. I am an American living in Sweden. I was circumcised at birth as that was the norm. When we found out my wife was pregnant it was a long discussion about whether we should do it or not. In Sweden you can get your child circumcised but not at the hospital they are born at. You have to do it within a certain period of time at another location. I remember worrying about what my family would think if we didn't do it. And that I myself wasn't upset with my parents decision to do it without my consent. But the more I thought about it - I realized the only reason I would be doing it was so he would look like me and wouldn't be judged by my family in the US. We decided not to put him through that and honestly was the best decision looking back. Break the cycle.

  11. Good for you. No offense meant here, I'm just being honest. It's baffling to me as a Brit why you or your family would want your child's penis to look the same as his father's. Or why they would judge him for how he looks. It's kind of mean. Why would you/they care? Anyway I think you came to the correct conclusion

  12. Is your US family going to see your son's penis so often that this would be a problem? Isn't that weird?

  13. I will likely never have any children of my own, but I do not at all understand the mentality of "I want my son's penis to look like mine." Can someone explain this to me? I feel like I'm taking crazy pills trying to understand why so many fathers are so obsessed with their childrens' penis looking like theirs. It feels so gross and icky, I just don't understand it at all.

  14. But like, why would your family know anything about how your son's dick is looking ? Do you plan to parade him naked in front of the whole fam and be like "look at his dick, see how circumcised he is ? Look at it !!!".

  15. I had a child recently and did not. It was an oddly really, really hard decision. I'm circumcised. My dad is circumcised. It's the "normal" thing to do where I'm from, unrelated to religion. I "understand" circumcised. So, I hadn't really thought about it, but was fully expecting to circumcise my son. And then I had him, and he was premature, and spent weeks in the NICU (healthy, just early). I spent 10-12 hours every day with him at the hospital. And, I don't know, I felt so lucky to have him, and have him be healthy, the thought of inviting that pain, and that immediate risk, admittedly vanishingly small, by getting him circumcised, was just too much. So I'm not sure how rational or irrational a decision it ultimately was. I just could not will myself to make the decision to do it. (I did read up on the debate, but that didn't lead me to feel strongly that it was right or wrong.)

  16. My son is 17 now and I went through a similar thought process and ultimately decided not to have it done as well. He actually said something funny to me a few weeks ago (half-jokingly). He said "hey pops, thanks for not cutting off a piece of my weiner." Don't know where the hell it came from but it made us both laugh.

  17. Your story is similar to mine, I had every intention of getting our son circumcised, but he ended up in the NICU for 83 days, the doctors even took me aside and said he won't make it through the night at one point. I knew then, I couldn't, as you said, invite pain into his life, he had endured so much up until that point. His younger brother is also uncircumcised, best decision we never made.

  18. I am circumcised. My boys are not. I couldn't find a valid reason to alter them while they were too young to consent.

  19. As a non USA person, listening to USA people talk about circumsision is a real mindfuck. It seems so fucking bizarre and wrong to me. I just believe there is no defensible justification to do cosmetic surgery on a newborn, especially on their genitals.

  20. This was our EXACT situation. We were so sure of doing it, and then our babies came really early and spent 6 weeks in NICU. During that time my son was such a happy boy, the only time we ever saw him cry was when they had to change IV’s or his NG tube, and seeing him in such discomfort broke my freaking heart and we decided that we wouldn’t be pursuing the operation. I couldn’t imagine subjecting such a perfect, happy, healthy baby to pain like that.

  21. Similar situation here. The default answer for us was “yes” because both my family and my wife’s had always done it, and we didn’t want him to feel like he was different from other kids growing up in a predominantly christian area… but then when it came time for us to decide what to do, those just felt like ridiculous reasons to put a baby through an unnecessary surgery.

  22. My MIL didn’t circumcise my husband for similar reasons. Im glad I don’t have to argue with him about it “looking like his”

  23. I could be wrong, but I feel like you might be American given certain things you said. If so, I am too, and I feel the same way. It’s all I’m familiar with, but I will not have it done when I have kids.

  24. You made the right decision. Circumcision is an unnecessary procedure unless you have a medical condition that requires it. Let the boy make his own choices.

  25. The story is nearly identical to mine. Kid spent 39 days in NICU recently had debated and eventually planned to get him circumcised and then they brought down the circumstraint and we decided on why put the kid through more pain when we are just happy he is alive at this point.

  26. You made the right choice. It’s his body. Unless their is a direct threat to his health, he should get to choose his bodily autonomy in the same sense a pregnant woman may want to abort an early pregnancy.

  27. I grew up in the exact same circumstances. Myself, my two brothers, and my father are all circumcised (and not a single one of us is religious). It was always just normal.

  28. I did with my oldest and middle sons bc I wasn’t educated enough and was pressured into it by not only family, but the doctors as well. Both were botched and had to be redone when they were one and two years old. Looking back, I wish I’d had not. My youngest son is not and as much criticism I received, it was the best choice I made.

  29. My husband is circumcised (not common for our age group where we are). When our son was born, I left it up to him because as the non-owner of a penis, I felt I was not best placed to make the final decision, although I was certainly involved in the education that preceded his decision.

  30. FYI most children can't retract their foreskin as it is physically attached to the glans. It usually becomes able to nearer puberty. Absolutely do not get them to force it back, that is dangerous.

  31. As a man who was never properly taught to clean being uncircumcised, only to develop phismosis, it’s awesome you did research. I had to get circumcised later in life and I could not imagine putting a baby through that pain.

  32. Why/how does your husband know which people were cut/uncut growing up? I had literally no idea if other people were circumcised or not growing up, and to this day I have no idea which friends are and aren’t.

  33. Right? It's like insisting that we should take off the fingernails of kids because they could get dirt under it.

  34. Same here. I’ve 2 boys and none of us have been circumcised. I know one friend who had it done as an adult because it was needed. The idea of doing it to a child is bizarre to me.

  35. So I'm from the US but we're from rural state in a predominantly farm area and most of the men I know aren't circumcised. Majority of my boyfriend's & guys guys I know are natural. I have had four boyfriends in my life and one husband and 4 out of five are natural. My sons are natural. My best friend husband is natural. Her kids are natural. I think it's because our rural area didn't have a hospital built until the '70s and many people were born at home because we have Appalachia's Ozark foot hills one side and a river on the other.also, a lot of people were born with a local midwife because crossing those barriers were really hard before they build the big bridge also in the '70s. My granny can tell you stories of trying to get her sister who had cancer (undiagnosed brain tumor) to the city on the ferry and it took 3 days because of washed out dirt roads and the ferry being flooded.

  36. So I have a serious question. I am circumcised and so I have never learned or thought about the art of cleaning an uncircumcised penis. I don't plan on circumcising my future son...so my question is, how do you clean an uncircumcised penis? Just pull back the skin and wash?

  37. What is it with circumcision in the US? Why is it a thing? When did it emerge? I mean, the US is “founded” by Europeans who have absolutely no tradition for this whatsoever.

  38. It started with a super protestant man deciding it would stop children and men from masturbating, and over time, it has become an intense belief that it is necessary to be clean.

  39. Wikipedia should have your answers, but, IIRC, the original idea behind non-religious circumcision in the US was the belief that it could curb masturbarion in young men. I believe it started becoming a thing between 1930-1950.

  40. The guy who created kellogs cereal was OBSESSED with the idea of kids masturbating, like to an insane degree, so he widely advocated for circumsicion to curb the likelyhood of people masturbating and Americans, being mostly puritanical whackjobs at the time (and to this day if we're being honest) instead of thinking "wow this guys a fucking nonce, keep him away from your kids" actually went "hey this guys got a point, lets chop up our kids genitals"

  41. John Kellogg. He was insane and convinced the Catholic Church it would curb masturbation. Also thought putting some kind of acid on the clitoris would be a good idea. Luckily that never caught on.

  42. Jewish people still do it I guess and mainly doctors in north america not knowing when a child has issues like phimosis which can be fixed easily but they just recommend the chopping anyway

  43. It's way less common in rural areas of America. I'm a fifth generation farm kid and four out of five of my boyfriends have been natural . my kids are natural,myy best. Friend's husband & their kids are not cut. Circumsuin didn't take a foothold in rural areas where there was one old doctor that delivered babies and was already old school and ancient or one midwife or lay mid wife for a home birth.

  44. People are talking about medical "benefits" in reply which I think ignores the spirit of your comment - I've interpreted it as there may be a medical reason specific to that child.

  45. Our son was facing a strong genetic predisposition for pretty bad phimosis. Mine was cutting off circulation to the head of my penis when I got an erection. This is even after having an initial foreskin surgery as a child.

  46. Not circumcised here and this is true. It's much better to show your kid how to properly clean his penis in the bath with him at a very young age. I thank my mom for that.

  47. And there may be no better window into “Reddit isn’t real life” than comparing the US people in these threads to US stats

  48. Accurate. Reddit's opinions on the subject do not align with the conversations I've had with people in real life. Sure, I've met a few people who aren't into circumcision, but they don't act condescending to everybody else. It's like the difference between real world vegans versus the ones on the vegan subreddit.

  49. Kill the downvote button on Reddit, it really is sad that if anyone says something that 51% dislike, it's buried. And we wonder why Reddit sounds like an echo chamber...

  50. No. I (M27) was meant to be circumcised as a child, but then my parents got divorced and it ended up on the back burner. No one got around to it until I was 8 years old.

  51. Thanks for making me feel resolute about my decision for my son. I’m sorry you had to experience that and remember it.

  52. If you are from the EU, this is mostly a non-discussion. Frankly if I would have had my sons circumcised people would have been shocked.

  53. I'm an uncut person who grew up around largely cut people (southern US). I have always been grateful I'm uncut. I guess there was some minor teasing middle-school era? But beyond that, I'll take having my whole penis, thanks! So no, definitely wouldn't circumcise a child.

  54. Tail docking has a history of being performed on working and hunting breeds to prevent injury to the tails while doing their jobs, like livestock stepping on the tail of a herding dog, or a wild animal or even a human grabbing the tail of a hunting or guard dog.

  55. I too am uncut. I'm one of the only guys I know that is not cut (east coast US). My mother was gonna put me up for adoption and apparently the family that wanted me didn't believe in that sort of thing. I also don't understand what the big deal is. As long as you're not a dirty person and clean yourself regularly there's literally no difference. However, I do think uncut men feel more pleasure during sex since the penis is covered by the skin. I usually just keep the skin back and usually woman don't notice (or just don't saying anything but I've never had a woman say anything about it). Especially if it's erect you literally can't tell it's not cut. The stigma around it needs to stop. It's really not a big deal.

  56. I know a boxer mix who still has her tail. She, like most boxers, shakes her entire ass, with gusto, constantly. Vets call it "happy tail" and it sucks because she keeps breaking her tail or just smacking it on things until she breaks skin and sprays blood everywhere. She had to wear plumbing insulation to cushion it from the corners in the house. It isn't very safe to amputate a tail from an adult dog, or they'd do it. She's made me much more okay with docking certain breeds as puppies that are predisposed to constant, maniacal wagging.

  57. Saw a tik tok, (admittedly there wasn’t a lot of context offered) but this dad was talking about taking his toddler son to get circumcised. I can’t imagine a worse time. Just old enough to possibly remember the procedure, very little pain tolerance or emotional regulating ability, and still unable to offer truly informed consent.

  58. I would not willingly put a blade to my dick as a full grown man, but I am glad my parents did it when I was a baby because I prefer the way it looks circumcised.

  59. I didn’t even bother starting a comment thread as it’s not worth being downvoted into oblivion. I’m thoroughly satisfied being circumcised. Every conversation I’ve ever had with people about it have no problem with circumcision yet Reddit is always out with the pitchforks

  60. It's funny, you'd think it's the biggest subject on the planet every time it comes up here. And for some reason every person on Earth who is anti circumcision end up here to comment every time it comes up lol.

  61. It’s also interesting that for some reason most people against it are not circumcised and most circumcised people seem to be fine with it

  62. No, because there is no need. I got circumcised as an adult because of severe phimosis, and as much as that sucked, it was over in a few weeks and I haven't had any more trouble.

  63. I have two sons and it never even occurred to me to circumcise them. It's just not really done outside of Muslim and Jewish communities and for medical reasons here.

  64. I’m an American who was not circumcised at birth. I went through school being the only uncut kid in the showers after sports. It was a bit embarrassing at first but I grew to love everything I had and would never get my child cut

  65. No one, not a single person on this earth should be messing with a child’s genitals for anything other than hygiene purposes like assisting in the bathroom.

  66. I agree with the ear piercing thing. I don’t understand people who pierce their infant daughters ears. What if she doesn’t want an ear piercing? Who am I to put a permanent hole in each ear for vanity ? I can’t do it. With circumcision, my hubby is from Cuba and they don’t do that there. He told me if we have a boy , he would adamantly be against if. For similar reasons. Who are we to inflict that unnecessary pain?

  67. I'm only because of a medical issue with my foreskin when I was 4, so unless a future son of mine has a medical issue I won't.

  68. I would not. I had a lazy circumcision and am somewhere between a clean cut and still having a little foreskin. That tiny bit of foreskin is the most sensitive part of my penis and I wish the whole thing was still there.

  69. I don't have kids, but if I ever do than no. It would be his body, not mine, and I'm not doing any alterations to my kid's body that's not medically necessary. If he wants it done later he can.

  70. I’m American and my son just turned one. We decided not to. My husband is circumcised and not at all traumatized from it or anything but when we sat down and looked at the pros and cons, his bodily autonomy outweighed anything else in the absence of medical issue requiring it be done. We aren’t militant about it and I kinda regard it the same as having my ears pierced as a baby— it’s not a big deal but not a choice I’ll make for my kids without them expressly asking for it themselves.

  71. I have two boys, about to have my 3rd. I have not circumcised either of my first two and won't circumvise my 3rd either. It's cruel and unnecessary. People in the US love to do it for aesthetic, but I think it's weird af to mutilate your child's genitals to fit your personal preference. People also love to cite "infection", but we don't go around hacking off our daughters labias at the first sign of a yeast infection, and our vaginas are never blamed for UTIs, and women statistically have a higher rate of infection than men, cut or not. I just don't understand why it's even legal anymore when it's been illegal since the 90s to practice female genital mutilation. I don't understand how any parent could put their newborn through that kind of agony for literally no reason. It's absolutely fucked.

  72. I haven’t circumcised my two kids and won’t circumcise any future ones I might have either. I see no reason to do so, so why would I?

  73. No. Because I know the value of a complete package. The glans evolve to be protected and covered. Exposing it results in desiccation. This and the scarring and desensitization makes circumcision a bad time for everyone.

  74. Some of the comments here are absolutely batshit insane. "Reduces the risk of STDs"... How about you teach your kids about safe sex if/when they ask about it, instead of chopping off bits of their anatomy when they can't consent to it.

  75. How it is even legal to have a completely unnecessary surgery on your child’s genitals for no reason other than I guess cosmetics is insane to me. If I decide I want my baby’s ear lobes trimmed because they dont appeal to my taste is that okay? I mean ear lobes are way less important than foreskin so who cares right? What about a nose job and a forehead raise? No where else in medicine is it acceptable to do surgery unless it is deemed medically necessary, and only after all other less invasive options have been ruled out. I am an uncut man and I would be fucking devastated if I lost my foreskin.

  76. No. Orgasms have been ruined for generations of penis owners. We shouldn’t ruin it for the next generation simply because we got fucked over by having the body part with the most nerve endings cut off of us for the sake of vanity. Leave childrens Foreskin alone.

  77. Nah, my folks left me as an ant eater and if baby #2 ends up being a boy, he too will be an ant eater. I mean…just wash the damn thing that’s really all it is lol

  78. I am circumcised. My opinion was never asked and even if they asked I was too young to answer that and would have wanted because it is a "normal thing" where I live. Normal would be underplaying it. It is not forced but sort of necessary let's say.

  79. If I ever planned on having a child, absolutely not. Circumcision that is performed without the reason being strictly medical/health related is barbaric, and child genital mutilation for hardly any good reasons.

  80. No, I have absolutely no medical training so I will not do any medical procedure. I also would not want it done on them unless they fully understood the risk or it was medically necessary (according to a doctor; I have no medical training so I can't know if it is necessary or not except by trusting doctors).

  81. Didn’t know this had a name! My husband had a circumcision at 29 because he didn’t know that it wasn’t normal. They don’t talk about it in his family. So for me, I’m scared if I have a boy, he might have the same issues.

  82. I'm in the UK, and not Muslim or Jewish, therefore I obviously think that circumcision of babies is bizarre and wrong, and that all the non-religious justifications for child circumcision (such as "but it's more hygienic!") are bullshit. I would never get my child circumcised.

  83. In the Philippines, boys get circumcised only when they reach puberty, so it became some sort of a rite of passage from being a boy to a man. It's not really a requirement, but come highschool, you can imagine the social pressure when you're the only lad that's uncircumcised in the locker rooms etc.

  84. Why do these circumcision questions get bombarded with replies ever time? Is there some sort of pro-forskin bot farm that just hunts these down? Every reply is so heated about something I've never heard anyone discuss in 35 years of life except for in this sub

  85. Religious zealots supported genital mutilation to make masterbation and sex less pleasurable and thus less of a temptation

  86. If I ever have a son, I will not. Circumcision is something that can be done as a teen or adult but cannot be undone. I’d rather leave it up to my son himself later and I’ll pay for the procedure if he wants it. I have read many medical articles about how it’s not necessary as long as boys learn proper hygiene. If it’s something that can be done later, why rush it now?

  87. Nope. 80% of the world is not circumcised and all those guys aren’t having crazy rates of infections or other problems. It may occasionally be medically necessary, but as a routine procedure it’s nothing but plastic surgery and babies DIE during it.

  88. I have no intention. The same way I have no intention of piercing my child. Or tattooing my child. Or performing any other type of painful body mod on them.

  89. I was born an American, my mom was from the uk, when she had me in America the doctors wanted to circumcise me. They made her sign papers and that or they where going to do it. I thank god every day she never let them do that. Fuck that lol

  90. No fucking way. It removes a good portion of the head of the penis and is done without anesthetic. It’s also creepy that women will have their sons’ genitals mutilated because other women will find it attractive.

  91. No, less nerve and if you can’t wash his penis until he can, maybe you shouldn’t be a parent. Not against it though, just as Bering the most commun reason.

  92. I am American and I can absolutely confirm that it is disgusting to alter your sons anatomy due to purely religious reasons or vanity. It's an old tradition that needs to go the way of the dodo. Stop forcing your thoughts of the afterlife on your children, instead allow them to make their own informed decisions at the appropriate age on how they will live their life and make their judgment about guided morals. Allow kids to play and learn and experience life fair and free of fear mongering bs. Kids should be guided by good parents, not MOLDED PHYSICALLY OR MENTALLY out of some long standing tradition of vanity or religious guilt. It's DISGUSTING.

  93. No, there is absolutely no reason to circumcise your children. I am uncircumcised and have never had an issue. As long as you are taught that you need to properly clean down there, I don't see why anyone would circumcise their children. Plus, the women I have been with say it is much more enjoyable for them than being with circumcised men.

  94. No for the same reason why I believe it’s a woman’s right to choose abortion it’s a man right to choose to be circumcised

  95. No. I recognize that they have the right to full bodily autonomy even if society and the law has ‘t caught up.

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