What do short men have to do to get girls?

  1. Yup. Also like, they don’t talk about how much they hate being short, and how shallow women are for whatever reason. Basically, they are decent people who dress well.

  2. I can confirm that after I started bulking and wearing better fitting shirts I got a lot of remarks about my body, mainly from other guys though.

  3. Be confident in who you are and accept that it’s totally normal that the dating pool for us short guys is smaller than for taller guys. But there are still plenty of intelligent, interesting, incredible, and beautiful women who might be interested. I’m 5’4 and have probably dated 20-30 women in my 57 years (yes, I’m married now), but I have never once dated anyone that I felt like I was “settling for,” or any that indicated in any way that they were settling for me.

  4. Love this take. I’m three inches taller than my husband and I feel like he’s the one who settled for me because he is awesome in every way.

  5. I’m the tall and handsome one but my little buddy always gets the ladies, simply cause he’s more charismatic and funnier. love this guy, always had my back no matter what.

  6. This guy nailed it. I'm 5'4 and never had an issue. I've only ever read about short guys having problems online. Dated women taller and even shorter than myself. I wanna know what these other dudes are doing to not get dates.

  7. Glad to hear this perspective. My son is 10 and in the 3rd percentile for height. He very self conscious about it. I am 5'1", husband is 5'6". Kiddo isn't going to be hitting that 6' mark. I don't know how to help him accept the likelihood of being a shorter guy.

  8. I wish people would listen to your comments more on this, instead of getting so defensive. There are a LOT of women out there who don’t care much about height. I’m in my early 30s and my husband is 5’5” (also early 30s) and he really can’t recall ever being rejected solely based on height. I’ve had two other boyfriends who were around his height or shorter who both had no trouble getting dates- and one of them practically had 10 girlfriends at a time (that’s a whole other issue) and was NEVER without a girlfriend (or 5) at any given time.

  9. Same height here. Never had problems dating the girls I wanted before I found my wife. We’re a little more…. Progressive we’ll say so we often have other women in our bed and that’s not too hard to do if you have a good personality and have an ability to connect with them.

  10. In one of my bands, the guitarist stands about 5 4 or 5 5. He's never had a problem getting women haha

  11. 32 year old, 5' drummer here. Wife is 5'7 and we've known each other since highschool (even dated a bit in highschool, for all to see without any issue), been married for about 3 years Just as well...every other girl I've been with has been about the same height as her (5'7 give or take)...only a couple have been about my height, and either way height variance has never been an issue in my relationships, long term or otherwise... typically, honestly, for better or worse, it's been me to call things off due to variance of interests more than anything else 🤷‍♂️

  12. 100% truth. I tried dating shorter men and they did all sorts of odd things to seem taller (none worked). I gave up dating shorter men because they were so freaking weird about it. Eventually I met my partner who is a few inches shorter, a great guy in every way.

  13. Absolutely this. Being weird about height or talking about it a lot or being insecure is the bigger turnoff (insecurity in general is just not something I have a ton of patience for.) It’s still going to be a dealbreaker for some women but everyone has different things they care about or don’t care about.

  14. Not be insecure about your height. My ex-boyfriend wouldn't let me wear heels because "I got closer to his height" (but was never taller than him).

  15. I am slightly taller than my husband, by like maybe an inch at the most. He loves it when I wear heels. He thinks I am an Amazon goddess in heels. We’re both fairly tall people but my being taller has never been and issue for him. I have dated other guys shorter than me by a significant amount but they were always confident and chill.

  16. I always thought it was weird to be insecure if your gf was taller than you in heels. I'm 6', but plenty of women will be taller in heels - so what. My wife is also 6' and I don't give it a second thought.

  17. Haha that’s actually hilarious. Heels look great. I would be so stoked if I had a partner that was taller than me. Just shouts to the world you’re a boss

  18. I kinda tease my boyfriend by wearing heels which make me even taller. It just leads to some joking around at most. I think the only day he'd want to put his foot down on me wearing heels is our wedding day, but I get it and it's fine by me.

  19. Not get hung up on being short is number one. Nobody wants to date the prickish 5'5" retail store manager who's taking it out on the world.

  20. Don't let your height affect your confidence. My former karate instructor (I did taekwondo for years in my early 30s) is maybe 5'3" at best. That motherfucker attracts women like a magnet. Multiple women in my class had huge crushes on him. He's a little cocky bastard (I say that with love), self-confident, funny, sociable, and he doesn't give a shit that he's small. And the women don't either.

  21. Own your shortness. I’m a 5’10 woman and I once went on a Tinder date with a dude who turned out to be 5’4… as soon as he saw me he was like “holy shit you’re tall!!” and cracked jokes about his height all night. We went back to his place and he asked me to help him hang a painting he’d been trying to hang but couldn’t reach. The whole thing was hilarious because he made it so.

  22. I prefer shorter guys. I’m 5”2 and I wouldn’t date anyone over 5”9. If you’re really insecure about your height, maybe try getting into fashion and finding clothes that boost your confidence, but really, there’s nothing wrong with being a short king :)

  23. Make me laugh. Like really laugh. A good solid belly laugh. I don't care if the dude is 6'8" with an enormous horse c*ck, if he can't make me laugh, I have no interest. Just make me laugh.

  24. I wish I can give this comment a million likes - never focus on things you can’t control. Instead work on Improving the things you can. You just listed 6 things that will make a HUGE difference

  25. This is a great comment that should be closer to the top. Instead it's a bunch of people claiming that height isn't a factor if you don't let it be and blaming "short guy complex". The reality is that it's a huge setback in a lot of ways, but there's still a lot you can do to improve yourself as a person and find someone that makes you happy despite that.

  26. You forgot one of the most important ones. Be respectful to women, have emotional intelligence and treat them fully like people. This is one of the things you can control the most but it takes some empathy and inner work. A lot of women will let one or more of the points above slide, but they won’t give a pass on how the man makes her feel.

  27. 100% this. I went out on a few casual dates with a guy who was only an inch or so shorter than me, 3rd date we were standing at a bar waiting to be seated for dinner and there was a large mirror behind it. I literally watched him as he realized I was taller than him and look down at my feet to see me wearing flats and the look on his face told me everything. He was totally different after that and that was our last date, we were decent friends beforehand too but he just lost all interest in even being friendly to me once he realized I was barely taller than him. Treat people like people, regardless of things like height, seems pretty easy to me.

  28. Can confirm, been married to a short king for four years, dating for ten. He treated me like a person and laughed at my jokes.

  29. If you’re asking this question, you probably need work on your attitude/outlook on the world. After that, nothing special is required.

  30. Agreed. The phrase “get girls” implies immaturity and gives off incel vibes. It’s probably less to do with the fact that you’re short and more to do with your off-putting demeanour.

  31. Stop obsessing about your height and start thinking about what you can bring to a relationship to be a good partner.

  32. Just be a decent human being. I’m 5’8 and my boyfriend is 5’7, we really don’t care about height when it comes to a meaningful relationship. If someone can’t look past physical traits, then they’re not the right one for you anyway.

  33. You have to stop thinking of girls as a prize to get and to own or use. Remember that girls are human beings and treat them as such. We are all looking for some real love and affection. We are not there for your gratification.

  34. I'm only 5'7 and never had a problem with the ladies back in the day. I think was because I was a decent looking guy, I dressed nice, well groomed, funny and a little cocky. But I think it's just really confidence because I've known some not so attractive guys pull some fine women but they're confidence & personality is all they needed

  35. Similar height to you, Also didn't have trouble getting dates. But I would hate to break it to you we are not short. We are on the short side of average. 5'7 dude only has to work a little harder than a tall guy. 5'2 has to work a LOT harder.

  36. Basically. I know a lot of average guys who dated some really attractive women solely because they approach them and weren't afraid of getting rejected like hundreds of times

  37. My bf is a short king. I've never had a hight preference but he was just an amazing guy and I fell head over heels. Here is a secret, most women don't care about hight. If you are a good guy, the right woman will be there.

  38. Just be yourself!💗 My fiancé is 5’7. I know it bothers him, but I literally never even think about it.

  39. my boyfriend is quite a bit shorter than me but he’s confident, kind, and funny. i’m more attracted to him than i have been to anyone i’ve dated in the past.

  40. I can cook, own a home, have a dog, decent job, and great sense of humor and I struggle massively. I guess I need to work out more and just get myself out there more.

  41. Getting out more should for sure help in any case. Maybe try some singles activities that seem interesting to you but you haven't tried before. And keep trying, rejection will not get less hard to deal with, but if it gets really hard maybe just take a break all together. Plenty of people enjoy their life for long amounts of time without dating at all.

  42. 5 ft 9 is average not short so those women are literally ignorant. Also, you can be short and have money and it won’t make a difference. Money talks. Third, you can be hung and short. Tall and little down there.

  43. i’m 5’4”, gay, and not especially attractive. i’ve never had a problem with getting women’s interest. i haven’t thought about my height since i was in school (in my 40s, now) and when the subject comes up people are commonly baffled that they never noticed i’m short, usually shorter than themselves.

  44. Maybe find a girl shorter than you I guess. All the girls I've ever liked have been my height or taller. Not that I'm into tall girls. I'm just short af

  45. Don’t be bitter about the women that’ll reject you simply for being short. You just have to put in work. How short are you?

  46. Have a little confidence, I'm short, 5'7" and I've never had a problem getting girls. It's all in how you carry yourself. Be confident and don't be an asshole.

  47. Honestly a shorter guy without a giant chip on his shoulder and with a good sense of humor has just as much of a chance as the next guy.

  48. Think about like this: if a girl judges you because of your height alone, then she wasn't the right one anyways. In the same vein: if you judge yourself because of your height, then you're not the right one for anyone.

  49. i think they should try harder to aim for women who dont care about height than try and get with ones who do, i think theres plenty of women out there that dont mind or even prefer a shorter man but the main thing is to just have a good personality and dont waste ur time with people that are incompatible to u

  50. Wow I didn't realise it was such a big thing in the US? In Scotland the average height is around 5 foot 5" never heard anyone complain about their high, we do take the piss a bit but in a joking way but never to really make offence. I'm 5.5 and my lass is 5.11 she takes the piss every now and then but so do I with her being taller. But hey! It makes no difference when we are lying down 😉

  51. 5’5” guy here. Be confident, be in shape, and be proud of yourself. I learnt this later in life and it totally transformed my game. Since then I’ve never struggled with attracting women. You’re over thinking it. Good luck mate, I’ve been there.

  52. Date girls around 5 foot. They have to crane their necks so much anyway so they can't tell that the guy is short

  53. I don't mind dating a shorter man but what irritates me is if you say you're 5'7" and show up 2 to 3 inches shorter. You are starting out with a lie and seem insecure.

  54. I love how heaps of these comments are just "don't get hung up about being short/don't be salty about it". As if going through life as a short dude isn't just constantly being made fun of/belittled for something we have absolutely no control over. So we get mercilessly picked on and now we're not even allowed to vent about it? Ok.

  55. There was a short guy I really liked. He always smelled nice and he dressed nicely at work and outside of work. He was kind too. Couldn’t drive to save his life but I didn’t mind. He didn’t like me back though, but we did become friends. He still wonders about how to get a girl because he thinks girls won’t like him because he’s short (he’s below 5 feet). And he does not believe me when I say I liked him first.

  56. I mean I'm 5'8 and currently working on myself for me, weight lifting and skin care, If someone just so happens to like me for me, great. If not then it doesn't matter anyways. You shouldn't have to be perfect to get a partner.

  57. That's honestly pretty bad advice. Being nice is a good thing to do but it doesn't help much in dating. This isn't the jerk get all the ladies rant, it's the advice like this creates nice guys syndrome. You can be an angel and women don't just land in your lap there is a lot more that goes into it.

  58. One of the biggest womanizers I’ve ever known was like maybe 5’7” 140 lbs at most, but he was the type of guy who always knew exactly what to say and how to say it, and he could talk his way into any girls pants.

  59. That's it. All the guys I have attempted to date lately expect sex within the first 5 minutes. They think inviting you over to their home to chill and watch Netflix deserves it.

  60. I always thought "short", which is a very relative term, men had an advantage when it came to women. That is, you know right off the bat that the girl is superficial over things we as humans can't control. A trait I think most people would prefer not to have in a mate.

  61. Same! It's really funny because the only people that seem to get hung up on the fact that I'm taller than him are other men.

  62. Worship Satan for 3 nights and 4 days non-stop without drinking water until you pass out from exhaustion and dehydration, at which point it won't really matter whether or not you're dating, as long as you're alive and hydrated

  63. If you're not getting dates it's not about your height. Yes there are people that aren't going to date you because you're short. I know girls that won't date you if you're white. I know girls that only date guys with blue eyes. No one looks at those girls and says man I don't get dates because I'm white. Or because I have brown eyes. I'm sorry to be the one that lets you know this but not everyone will be attracted to you and not all women have the same preferences. There are plenty of women who will date a short guy. If you can't get dates there is a lot more in the way than just your height. How social you are is a big determining factor. You aren't going to meet women if you aren't meeting women. Most people don't date some just because they are attractive. If you're kinda trash personality wise and not built like a god no one will put up with you. Be a better you.

  64. In my personal experience dating a shorter guy. Just be a good person and not be hung up on your height or lack there of. Once you have a little swagger, some fashion sense and a good personality....you'll be surprised how women tend to overlook trivial things such as height. Ohhh and last but not least ....know how to rock her world.

  65. As a female I don’t think men should be insecure about their height I really don’t think it’s that big a deal (or it shouldn’t be) the right person isn’t going to not be with you based upon something so trivial and unimportant.

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