What is the worst thing that a person can put on their bio on a dating app?

  1. They end up giving the WORST most BORING replies too ontop of that, literally oozing with disinterest. That and “no small talk” like im supposed to make someone question their whole life on day 1 not bothering to introduce myself, but moreso just go “This is not a coincidence. Have you thought of what is your purpose in life?”

  2. True story- my SIL is ‘not in to’ laughing. We were discussing movies we like and I was suggesting’Best in Show’, and noted it’s hilarious. She said that’s not really her kind of thing, and I said ‘yeah, humour is so specific’. She clarified that comedies are not really her thing because she’s not that in to laughing.

  3. A programmer at work told me he was an "Alpha Male" and I told him "Don't worry, I'm sure they'll work your bugs out and make you suitable for general release soon...."

  4. Their best is never worth the horror of their worst. They should say "💯 drama, free". Spoil always means do what they want when they want and expect no compromise.

  5. I had a girl one time make a joke about how she was conducting a "full on job interview" to "see if I'm a good fit for the company". I laughed about it, and then she proceeded to conduct what was just shy of an actual job interview, and she wasnt nice about it. It just immediately put me on the defensive. The next day she messaged me during my work day to ask me if I was ever going to make the time to call her "or what" and immediately unmatched.

  6. True. Not only that but if a list of requirements for someone else replace the actual description of one's personality, you can bet there is no personality to speak of.

  7. “Whatever you want to know, Ask”….with a blank bio. If you have zero self awareness and no insight into yourself, that’s very unattractive.

  8. Especially if it’s a woman on Bumble… I can’t ask if you don’t match with me, and I can’t message first even if you do.

  9. “I won’t text first, tell me something i haven’t heard already, wont respond to pick up lines” followed by almost no info or a list of everything they dislike. Guaranteed zero conversation skills. At least when they have that it makes it easy to immediately swipe left and not waste time!

  10. I’m not on dating websites but touch my butt and feed me tacos would make me laugh enough to check someone out more, I think.

  11. I hate when people leave the bio blank. It just gives me no indication of what type of person they are and if we’ll click

  12. Automatic swipe left. Because a) they can’t be bothered to make an effort/ aren’t trying to meet someone with similar interests or b) think they are so good looking that that’s enough or worse, that their appearance is their personality … or more likely c) both A&b

  13. If they say "be interesting" it's 100% guaranteed they will be the most boring human being you've ever met and you'll have to carry the corpse of their dead conversation

  14. Similarly- answering a prompt with complaining. You’re going to use like 1/3 of your opportunity to show your personality to complain? You seem like a joy.

  15. I've seen a surprising amount of, "if you're white, don't even bother." I get having a type, but thats a bit harsh.

  16. Yep, I went on a few dates when the whole "filter" thing was just starting out, and was essentially catfished. Those things slim the face and neck make eyes bigger, make skin softer, can take 10 years off a person's overall look. I'll put up with one filter pic that they might put up for fun, but if they aren't several clear, filterless photos of them in their profile, it's an instant left swipe.

  17. There are obviously some unrealistic things you could put on your profile like being a serial killer etc. But for people actually looking for dates, anything that doesn't distinguish you from all the other women/guys on the platform. For some reason I see these stock answers with like 30% of ladies

  18. Back when I was in the online dating game it was “I love to travel”. As someone who traveled for work at the time, I was always like “no, you don’t. You mean that you like to go on vacation to exotic locations which is something literally everyone likes”

  19. My favorite is when they link their Instagram, and you can see within the last 6 photos or whatever they show that they were literally just in a relationship.

  20. Every time I saw “Just a Pam, looking for her Jim” I cringe. Not just because it is cringe, but because she fOUND HIM AT WORK.

  21. As a woman, I’ve seen the reverse so often too! “Wanting Pam to my Jim”. I’ve only sporadically seen episodes of The Office but I know enough about the show to know that they don’t have the ideal partnership. Like, at that point you could literally name any married couple….

  22. When the profile is all about your dogs and there is one little picture of you in the background. I don't mind dogs but that's not what I'm dating.

  23. Is actually a profile created by the dogs in hopes of getting someone else to pet them and give them treats. Got to respect their game.

  24. As someone allergic to dogs (and cats) shit like this kicks me out of like, 90% of the dating pool.

  25. Not really in the bio, but any photo of you flipping the bird. That's an automatic no from me. I haven't even met you and you're already flipping me off? NEXT.

  26. Mine is when most of a guys pics are of him drinking/smoking. Like ok, I partake in those things too, but why is this how you want to display yourself for a potential mate? Instant left.

  27. “No drama” - it means anything that inconveniences them will be perceived as drama, and that they are the actual drama queen.

  28. 'Can't have dates within 500 feet of schools, playgrounds, parks, or other places where children regularly congregate. Very open to meeting single parents'

  29. You can tell a lot about a person by whether they spend more time thinking about the things they like vs. the things they hate.

  30. Is that what that guy in the cantina was doing? "I have the death sentence in 12 systems!" Was he hitting on Luke?

  31. For a while I had: 'People ask me if I'm just on Tinder for sex. I tell them: "no! I'm also on Bumble and Hinge!"'

  32. “NoT lOoKiNg fOr a pEnPaL” Okay, well, I’m not looking to get murdered, so you’ve gotta pass the vibe check first.

  33. I get the annoyance, but it is true… a lot of people match with folks without ever intending on ever meeting up, which is literally the goal. The amount of guys I’ve matched with just to chit chat with them for weeks and nothing materializing. Some people really do want a pen pal or texting buddy.

  34. On Grindr awhile back, there was a 20/19 yo hetero couple looking for a guy to peg both of them. The bio had this written -

  35. I often ponder if current crime levels are because the many profiles I’ve seen had finally found their “partner in crime”

  36. With the top one I definitely feel that, and it's ironic how I'm a blood spatter analyst who helps solve cases for the Miami Metro Police Department. Why can't somebody help me with getting rid of evil killers who escape through cracks within the justice system? When I do find a matching partner, she could have a box of her own glass slides with blood drops in them as trophies to those that she killed with me.

  37. Putting some bs in the "Education" field. If you haven't attended the university, please, please, don't write there "The school of life"... That's really stupid

  38. It could also translate to "I'm a parent and I hate it”, or they forgot to type "I wish". These statements are usually an instant yellow flag for me

  39. I explicitly state on my profile that I'm not interested in dating men with kids. Dads still message me, thinking their kids will change my mind. No, they won't.

  40. I put this on my dating profile after so many guys asked me to stay overnight, blow off picking up my kids from school, and to not fix my kids dinner so we could go out earlier.

  41. Single Mom of 1 I don't date guys under 6ft tall. Sorry, not sorry 🙃 NO HOOKUPS! Serious guys only. I'm looking for something real.

  42. Eh, it could be someone who had been in a controlling relationship where they were isolated from their friends and family, so they're putting it out there that they want a normal life. However, there are also people who absolutely cannot seem to be able to function or make a decision with their friends or family giving an opinion first.

  43. When a certain class of girl has their job listed as "run my own business" and you get to play a fun game of "hairdresser or pyramid scheme?"

  44. Was scrolling and couldn’t decide if a guy was worth swiping or not. Bottom pic was a dumb Simpsons meme he’s since informed me he didn’t know was on there. It was funny so I swiped. We’ve been dating 18 months. I have 2 makeup free pics on my profile and a limited bio. So he was taking a WTH risk too.

  45. On a previous partners bio, he had nothing except “would like someone to come and watch X movie with me”. He had one pic of him and one joke pic (which I think he also didn’t realize was on there). It’s the type of profile I would never swipe on due to lack of effort, but on this particular occasion I really also wanted to see this movie and he was quite cute. We saw it together, had a wonderful date and ended up dating for 2 years. Dating apps in my opinion are a lot of luck and chance and I’m sure a lot of people swipe over great matches. But no one’s doing themselves any favors with a dumb profile either

  46. "Call me Daddy/Mommy/Master/Mistress" etc. Those names are for private use only, and you just want everyone to use them all the time? That's a little odd, don't you think?

  47. Honestly, you stumbled upon a particularly galling one that's all over the gay apps: Capitalizing Ts in random words to indicate use of methamphetamine as part of the, uh, adventure.

  48. I’m always shocked to see that people post pics of their children. Usually men from my limited experience. But if I was in a position to date, pics of your kids would be a huge red flag to me.

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