You get 100 million dollars, but you must make one species extinct. What do you do?

  1. Thank you, I have had a traumatic experience with bed bugs. You don't need to pay me 100 mil to make them go extinct.

  2. This is the way. Bed bugs are the devil incarnate and cost so much money, time, and anxiety to get rid of

  3. It’s interesting that humans have annihilated many beautiful large species of different animals over the millennia, but we have zero chance of destroying the simple bed bug.

  4. Let some wolf spiders into your home. They will make some nest and hunt any bed bugs the show up. Wolf spiders are completely harmless and honestly avoid humans. The don't spin any webs or shit. I love wolf spiders.

  5. Licensed pest control technician here. I agree bed bugs are the worst. They can travel up to 30ft a night & can go into a stasis mode where they’re able to survive for 2 years or so without food. Straight up nightmare fuel

  6. In Europe they used to use the leaves from Kidney bean plants. You put them under the legs of the bed and the leaves have hairs like hooks that snag the little #%+%#

  7. Bed bugs are no joke. My husband and I didn't realize we had them until we saw dried blood on our mattress cover. We then realized the bugs we were seeing on our futon weren't random. With us having the mattress protector, the bed bugs couldn't burrow into the creases so what happened? They were crawling around under our box spring.

  8. Bed bugs are the worst. We had to throw out all of our furniture and they sprayed I don’t know how many times. It was ridiculous.

  9. The only correct answer. They serve no purpose to the ecosystem, so their extinction wouldn't hurt other species that depend on them.

  10. I've never had bed bugs, but I had lice for literal years. It was hell, and I imagine the trauma ome gets from a severe ongoing case of headlice is similar to bed bug trauma. Fuck head lice.


  12. I have had bed bugs twice in my life and agree. They wreaked havoc on my mental health, gave me many sleepless nights, and I had to throw out most of my belongings (some very sentimental) just to have a life again. Having bed bugs doesn't mean you're a dirty person, it can happen to anyone. But people treat you different, you can't have people over, and they make you feel like shit. Fuck bed bugs.

  13. I work in a hospital and while everyone takes Covid, monkeypox, and TB seriously, the most thorough and by the book isolation procedures I’ve seen have had to do with bed bugs.

  14. 10000000000000% agree! I got bedbugs from a couch I picked up, alot of furniture could be salvagable if it weren't for bed bugs. I'm allergic to their bites so we caught the infestation pretty quickly.

  15. Yes especially considering their natural habitat is considered to be in places inhabited by humans and no predator of theirs needs them for the species to survive. It would only be beneficial if they went extinct.

  16. I work in a retirement home that's been dealing with them. What I've learned from my experiences is that they're fucking hard to eradicate, especially in a large building (120 apartments plus various facilities). We've had, I think, over a dozen sprays from two or three different companies and they're still popping up all over. I refuse to go into any rooms in the wing they're living in unless I absolutely have to for an emergency.

  17. I had a bed bug infestation that moved from my downstairs neighbor up to me. Nasty little things. I love animals and rarely even hurt insects but man was it satisfying to clear up that infestation. Hair dryer them isopropyl alcohol does a number on them and their eggs. Not a pleasant way to die it seems though.

  18. Maybe just the Lone-Star Tick (the one that makes you allergic to red meat if it bites you). Yes, I hate all ticks, but ticks are an important parts of a lot of food chains, and wiping them all out might impact a ton of ecosystems in ways I have no idea how to comprehend (I'm not a... food-chain-ologist)

  19. This is the right answer. They serve literally no purpose other than to parasitize humans. Nothing eats them. They don't parasitize anything else except maybe bats but bats have their own "bedbug", called a batbug. Plus, unlike everyone saying mosquitoes which have over 600 species, human bed bugs are one species: Cimex lectularius.

  20. If I were a billionaire I would dedicate my life’s mission and wealth to destroying bed bugs so getting 100 milly AND getting to snap them out of existence is the greatest offer ever

  21. I think this is the answer. Ticks and mosquitoes are problems for us but are food for other animals. I don't know of anything that preys on bed bugs that would also be affected.

  22. 100% the most diabolical being on this fucking planet. Four years later after battling an infestation and I still freeze and panic if I see a black speck of something on my bed

  23. This would lead to an imbalance in our ecosystems and an excessively large population of beds since they are no longer kept in balance by bedbugs

  24. Onchocerca volvulus goes away, no more river blindness. Not that I’m at a a risk of river blindness in Alberta, but if I’m going to holocaust a species I might as well be altruistic about it.

  25. In a similar vein, I'd consider Staphylococcus aureus, which is usually a relatively harmless skin bacteria but which can cause all sorts of problems if it gets where it doesn't belong: most infected wounds and many blood infections are S. aureus ("flesh-eating bacteria" is usually a particularly bad S. aureus infection), and it can also cause respiratory infections and food poisoning, as well as aggregating eczema. It's linked to about 50k deaths a year just in the US, and it's by far the most common pathogen for hospital-acquired infections. And perhaps most importantly, killing off S. aureus would significantly knock back the problem of antibiotic resistance: MRSA and VRSA are both varieties of S. aureus.

  26. Everyone here seems to be thinking too big. There are a good number of pathogens we're already spending well over $100M to try to eradicate. If I can magically do it in one fell swoop, thats win-win.

  27. Yeah, way to come from left field and think of a virus species instead. Big brain energy right there. Enjoy your 100 mil, take a Nobel prize while you’re at it

  28. Having seen “bedbugs” as the top comment over and over, and being someone who doesn’t even know about them… what’s the deal? Why are the so hated and do they actually live in beds?

  29. I'll go with eliminating Species 3. I mean I really liked Species, and Species 2 was terrible but enjoyable. The direct to video Species 3 can be eliminated without consequence.

  30. lanternflies. they arrived around 2015 in places like PA and I'm already finding them here in nyc. they will kill our agriculture. we're encouraged to kill them when we see them.

  31. NJ here as well, little PSA. Cut down your trees of heaven as they attract them. And obviously squish this MFrs. They now have bar crawls dedicated to stomping lantern flies along the way. This is the most united I’ve seen our citizens, aside from Taylorhameggandcheesesaltpepperketchup

  32. New Jersey here, we’ve been seeing them a lot too. It ducks because no matter how many we kill, we’re still finding them. It feels a little hopeless.

  33. I don’t know if they would respond the same as our normal flies we’re used to in the US. But there are fly traps called disposable bag, or magnet fly traps.

  34. This should absolutely be the #1 answer. Bed bugs are annoying as fuck when you get them… but you only deal with them rarely. Mosquitos are a constant thorn in everyone’s side, provide no ecological benefit, and kill the most people every year. It’s not even close they’re horrible.

  35. I think there's a missed opportunity here of neither of those suggestions. You have to cause the extinction of a species to earn the 100M.

  36. I think it’s supposed to be a monkeys paw situation but everyone is just using extinction to their benefit with relatively worthless species.

  37. Man, I live in central NJ. Spend a lot of time at a park by my house killing those fuckers any way I can. A few nights ago after spending a half hour that evening flicking a few dozen of them, I woke up for work & found one dead in my bed. Stupid bastard hopped in my shirt & suffocated, then spent the night dead, tucked between my clothes & my skin.

  38. Spotted lanterns flies is my answer too. Money and could probably get local craft beer and some other fun stuff in my honor based on how much of a local cult thing killing these fuckers has been.

  39. Oh my fucking GOD. I don't know if you're a New Yorker but those mfs are EVERYWHERE here. You can't walk ten feet without stepping on one.

  40. Yeah , just the thought of fowleri makes me not want to swim in lakes. I'm on my friends boat at a lake and he's like jump in the water man. I say naw man , I'll just chill on the boat with my beer.

  41. Fleas. It's on sight. They carry diseases, are fucking annoying wankers, they die harder than a toyota hilux and can escape judgement by yeeting themselves with the speed of a catholic priest hearing about a daycare opening. I hate fleas so fucking much it's beyond reason. They find the nastiest place to sting you and the itching goes on for hours, sometimes DAYS. I would gladly pay money out of pocket to hold the terminarch of their species and kill it with the world's tiniest flamethrower. Fuck fleas.

  42. As someone who currently has literally over 100 of their bites on me rn, I agree, but I still probably wouldn’t pick them if I only got to choose one. They’re definitely horribly annoying, and itch a lot, but as far as I know they don’t spread anything dangerous, or really anything at all aside from reproduction of berry bugs

  43. Real talk, scientists have said we could eliminate mosquitoes as a species and it would have practically no impact on the world's ecosystems, aside from far less people dying.

  44. That was my first thought. Choose some species that there's only three of anyway so you know there won't be some massive unforseen consequences.

  45. This. Guessing there’s a lot of species that are basically disconnected from the food web due to lack of numbers that can be taken out with some confidence of not messing up everything.

  46. They look terrifying as hell but all they wanna do is kill your other pests and go on long walks on the beach with you

  47. I agree --folks talking about main various animal species extinct makes me think about all the unknown unknowns of ecological impact.

  48. While cockroaches are notorious pests when it comes to human housing, most cockroach species are an important part of many food chains and are a very solid feeder insect used in animal husbandry

  49. I prefer this to mosquitoes honestly. Even though mosquitoes are definitely more harmful. Cockroaches are just so unbelievably gross

  50. There was one time a tick was stuck on my dog, and I had 1 on me, well I took nail Polish remover and ended up absolutely dousing the 1 on me and it came off pretty easy. I took a lighter and lit it on fire to make sure it died. Later I picked up my dog, she was a small breed and layed her on her back on my lap as I took a qtip and started smearing the nail polish remover on the tick on her. It took considerably more time since I was being careful not to get too much on her but eventually the thing detached, while holding the tick with tweezers I got my dog off my lap and grabbed the same lighter from earlier and lit this one on fire as well... I almost laughed at how it just went up in flames because from the nail polish remover, however the sound of a tick sounding like it was screaming will haunt me forever, it was such an agonized high pitch. No one messes with my baby like that.

  51. Although they play an ecological role, there are few (if any) animals that feed ESCLUSIVELY on mosquitoes. The same goes for pollinating plants. Eliminate the mosquitos - please.

  52. what's a species that is going to irreversably go extinct anyway with unsustainably low levels of population left? i'll pick that one.

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