Men of Reddit, what is the most unattractive fashion choice women frequently make?

  1. shoes that are slightly too small so their toes hang off and they look like gnarly bird talons desperately gripping a branch.

  2. People always say they want a big-tiddy goth girlfriend, but - suddenly - when it comes time to light the sacrificial flames and dick her down in a pool full of goat's blood while onlookers chant for the glory of Baphomet, they start complaining...

  3. That reminds me of an art piece (idk if it was photoshop or real) of false eyelashes made out of thick fly legs. Thanks for the flashbacks

  4. Not gonna lie, the girls around my work wear them a lot, and the other day as I was walking down the hallway I nearly had a heart attack because I thought I saw a huge ass spider but realized it was someone’s lost eyelash 😂

  5. I just want my spider colony to feel like I’m one of them, I’m looking for their acceptance. I like when their little legs tickle my forehead.

  6. Was just saying this today. Attractive girl, no makeup because basically on a family trip with some hiking involved, giant eyelashes. I get they look pretty cool when you're all dressed up to go out and stuff, and I've seen some reasonable eyelash extensions that enhance what's there. But that non stop tarantula look is weird

  7. Thank you! As someone that used to sell shoes, drives me crazy how some people won’t just go up a size. If your toes are hanging off the shoe is too small!!

  8. It's funny how desired traits vary from region to region. Many East Asians would love to have pale skin... And then we have Northern Europeans that do spray tans.

  9. Some of my sisters do Irish dancing here in the states. The fact that they have to tan their legs before every competition because it’s common to do so in Ireland is really weird to me.

  10. Okay, so it’s not a trend anymore, but the worst women’s fashion choice of all time was those stupid hair bumps. I HATED those things.

  11. I remember when I was in my preteens I did the hair bump in like the middle of the night and woke my mom up bcuz I thought I looked so good with it

  12. I personally don't like that trend where they put lipstick around their lips to make them look bigger. They don't look bigger, it makes you look like a child who stole their mother's makeup.

  13. Also when they put on dark lip liner that makes it look like they have pencil mustaches or forgot to wipe their face after eating chocolate ice cream.

  14. Fake tans make you look like a clown. All the girls in my high school got fake tans for prom and would've looked thousands of times better without them

  15. Every. Formal. Event. I have to explain to my mom "no, the technology hasn't improved since you were a teenager and certainly hasn't improved since I was a teenager. You are tan already, please do not show up looking like a pumpkin."

  16. I actually disagree with this slightly — if you choose a level that doesn’t look unnatural more people fake tan than you even realize

  17. Also, the first things I saw on the men’s version were mostly clothing related. This version is focusing on make up, face stuff, and nails.

  18. A female friend of mine was astonished that my house was clean and decorated the first time she came over. The fact that I had a painting on the wall was mind blowing to her, and she pointed out that she could tell I had vacuumed recently. She seemed oddly impressed.

  19. My children and I were walking and my toddler shouts and says “WHY IS SHE ALLOWED TO NOT WEAR PANTS?” 💀💀 Background: we had to wrestle minutes before that because she doesn’t want to wear any pants on.

  20. I can't speak for all, but my eldest sister really likes poorly drawing her eyebrows. Looks tacky, like a tramp stamp for her face.

  21. I saw a video yesterday of a bride who had drawn her eyebrows on about halfway up her forehead, then got a surprise. That was a sight

  22. spray tan , it's hella unattractive and they usually put too much and look orange and weird , also drawn eyebrows ...

  23. Such a problem in the UK. Don't know whose pushing this, but so many women who would look perfectly attractive but ruin it by caking themselves in orange make-up. Sometimes less is more

  24. i dont understand what you mean by leaving little dots? like they only shave portions of their eyebrows to make them look like ellipsis?

  25. I know this isn't what you meant, but now I'm just imagining you sitting there going clack clack clack clack like a little crab (but a fashionable one. Who cares what internet people think. I personally get acrylic nails specifically for the clack clack.)

  26. Wearing the skin of their previous lover. Like I know that's how it's gonna end but at least try to make it a surprise

  27. I made the mistake of telling a chick that I wanted to know the real her...watching her peel off 32 layers of former boyfriends was...disturbing.

  28. Well gee, in the first one you guys say you like a lady in leather and go crazy for that "second skin" look, then you say "oh, no, don't wear the flayed skin of your prey, it smells bad"

  29. I hate and am low key grossed out by long nails and mentioned it in a similar thread and a woman replied something like "those are for me, not for you or anyone else" and other women talked about feeling like some kinda ladycat or tiger with claws

  30. Right on. And while we're at it, any other amphibious bird traits. Like, what's with all the girls with webbed feet and dimorphic plumage these days?

  31. I think most men (myself included) really don’t care what women wear, but physical alterations can be extremely unappealing.

  32. I can't tell whether you're wearing a $2000 fitted dress from Milan or a $15 dress off the clearance rack at Marshalls

  33. Not so much unattractive, but for the love of all things holy, do not forsake your body temperature for something that “looks cute”. Leggings and a hoodie will not keep you warm in a driving snowstorm, and you’ll be significantly less attractive if you’re dead/missing bits from frostbite.

  34. Real Tree/mossy oak cammo sweaters. I automatically know you will want to name any child Braxtyn and that's going to be a no for me

  35. I'm trying to think of something clothing related but I usually just can't stand lip injections. I'm not really for breast/but implants either but the lip injections are out of control. Too many women out here looking like they having an allergic reaction to shellfish or something. Very not hot

  36. After reading this thread about the anti-man woman, I really want to see someone who has acrylic nails, falsies, lip injections, boxed eyebrows, fake tan, Karen cut, and wears leopard print leggings. I know she's out there and somehow she's pulling it off

  37. Don't squeeze your body into something that's too small for you. For fucks sake, you might think "Look I can still wear S!" but you can't and you shouldn't, it just makes your shape look worse than it actually is. Get that top in M and wear it with pride goddammit!

  38. Absolutely! High school friend moved away and came back to visit maybe 5 or 6 years later and we were all floored by how much weight she had lost! She looked great! She said she hadn't lost a pound, she just started wearing clothes that actually fit her. We all took a second and thought/looked about it, and she was right, but she looked fantastic!

  39. IKR, people look so much better with clothing that fits their body. Big or small, showing off your body in clothing that fits is far more attractive than the alternative.

  40. I used to say this to my younger sisters growing up. “Men don’t know if you are wearing a 0 or an XS, but they do know your clothes don’t fit.”

  41. This reminded me of something I learned about working at a bicycle shop. Men’s bikes went from small to medium to large. Women’s bikes when from small to medium to tall.

  42. Oh man, when I worked in clothing retail I had to damage out so many items from people trying to squeeze into too small sizes and rip/damage them in the process.

  43. agreed, people dont like accepting that they’re a bigger size than they are but they would look so much better if they wore clothes that fit them

  44. There is a highly-Instagrammable coffee place in my neighborhood that we call the Big Lip Cafe. It’s like 90% of the women there have ridiculous lip fillers.

  45. I feel like with things being done to your face, the badly executed is the most noticeable. If it's done right, it should be seamless and enhancing but barely detectable

  46. Even though I like the natural look, sometimes girls with makeup do look good. We’re not one entity. We all have different opinions

  47. I actually work in the clothing industry, and this may be a spicy topic with the early 2000s coming back, but I really am not a fan of super low rise jeans. I think it really messes with proportions in unflattering ways, and makes people who wear it look like they have really long torsos, and short legs.

  48. I’m getting extreme Christina Aguilera flashbacks 😬 I was afraid her ass was going to fall out of the top whenever she would wear those (and don’t get me started on the intentionally visible thong strap fad that paired with the super low waisted jeans).

  49. I have really deep hip dips and an hourglass figure, I literally looked like an overfilled muffin pan even when I weighed 48kgs at 5'8.

  50. Long nails freak me out. I mean they absolutely repulse me and I really don't understand how a whole industry has sprung up around bits of plastic that you glue on your fingers that make it incredibly hard to do basic tasks.

  51. If you get a set of relatively short, sturdy acrylics, you actually get better at certain tasks, like popping open plastic tubes in the lab. There are some scientists who get acrylics specifically for that purpose.

  52. They aren’t so popular now but awhile back, girls used to wear those sandals that had boot tops on them. So they were this god awful half boot have sandal monstrosity. They looked so dumb.

  53. Yeah, seriously. I came in expecting, like, overalls. I’ve gotten down to your reply so far and it’s literally been: acrylic nails, lip injections, painted on eyebrows, spray tans.

  54. I think I might be the only guy in the world that hates the strapless look. It looks like you are wearing an upside down piece of clothing lol I just do not find it attractive at all. Is it even comfortable? I'm genuinely interested in how that look became popular.

  55. No it is very uncomfortable and many girls hate it too. If you move around a lot it’ll slip and having to adjust it is just stressful. Often looks unflattering as well imo

  56. As a gal with bigger boobs - no, it's not comfortable! All strapless tops feel like I'm one deep breath away from a wardrobe malfunction, even when they're fitted enough that they pinch.

  57. This was the most genuine, and in turn, wholesome response here lol. While I personally like my strapless fits I appreciate someone responding with An actual fashion choice and not just talking about a womens face lol 😅

  58. The only girl I ever knew who frequently wore long jean skirts had moved here from Russia. She was super awesome but her parents were so so religious and strict. I wasn’t allowed to wear makeup when I went to her house otherwise her parents would have banned our friendship. (8th grade)

  59. Like with most things its about moderation. I've seen it look very normal, but when the brows are brushed skyward it will look weird. Same with filling in brows

  60. Animal print is pretty cool, but you HAVE to own it. Go full tilt on the animal print. Shoot a leopard and wear it's pelt. Soak the pelt in the blood of your foes. Now that's hot.

  61. What I think of as the Karen bob. Where the hair is longer in the front and tapers to neck length in the back. This is not a good look on anyone.

  62. I have always had a bob that's a bit longer in the front for forming a little ponytail on hot days/when working out. I prefer to think of it as the commander Shepard rather than Karen.

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