Women of reddit, what is the most unattractive fashion choice men frequently make?

  1. This 1000 times yes. Some dating apps I’ve been on recently (widow, single mom, bars not my thing) the guys look like versions of Homer Simpson if he was a person, greasy stubble (and not the groomed kind), greasy hair in disarray, comb overs, double chin, ill fitting clothes, super unattractive photo angles but aggressively messaging me like they’re hot stuff. Do they even see themselves? I mean ya, I’m 50, but I take care of myself and I clean up nice for my pics/dates. Presentation is important because it shows you care not only for you but the person you’re meeting - I’ve given up looking and trying, if these are my options I’ll pass entirely thanks. Better to be single than see that face/talk to that delusional PWM before my first cuppa joe.

  2. Holy shit, I was expecting to have to face some hard truths in this post, but I'm actually feeling pretty good about myself now.

  3. They always run in groups too cause nobody could wear that shit in public without an emotional support team.

  4. God, I left the UK a few years ago and whilst I don’t love the dress sense here in Canada, I just had a visceral reaction remembering how many blokes would dress like this back home.

  5. Isn’t it weird how they were somewhat recently such an essential item in a man’s wardrobe and became practically extinct?

  6. As a female I have no problem with cargo shorts. I too love pockets. I do, however, have a problem with guys who wear cargo shorts too big for them and look like they are basically parachutes…

  7. I've seen them get hated on a bunch over the last few years. But they are comfy, they are convenient, and I personally like them. So I will continue to wear them.

  8. Im a woman who doesn’t get the hate as long as they’re appropriate to the occasion. Like don’t wear the ratty ones that have most of the pockets ripped half off out to the store. Well kept and fitted cargos are fine in my book. I agree with previous poster that oversized ones look silly.

  9. I just can't find jeans that fit right. I'm 6'2 and 164. If they fit my waist and legs, they don't fit anywhere else. If they fit perfect, after 3 washes, they're too short. If they fit my legs and crotch, the waist is too big. I'm that body type right in the middle and nothing works.

  10. Fashion starts with good grooming habits. If a dude has long or dirty nails, a crusty beard, greasy hair, BO, etc., then it doesn’t matter what they’re wearing. Get away from me and go take a shower.

  11. Black clothes are timelessly cool. The specific fits come in and out of style, but in general, wearing black has always been cool and always will be. You truly can't wear too much black.

  12. Especially if they're both saggy AND tight. The person wearing them has to hold them by the belt buckle and walk like a penguin... How is this attractive??

  13. why do guys do this? at my school theyll just walk around with their pants so far down, whats the point? you just look like youre mimicking a penguin when you walk

  14. THIS!!! It is so gross when you’re minding your own business and u just see a pair of buttcheeks only covered by a neon green pair of boxers.

  15. Completely agree, though I did make a single exception for my "You can go to hell, I'm going to Toyotathon" tee

  16. "I'm not a gynecologist but I'll have a look" Saw this one on a fat ugly dude with a facial expression like a bulldog licking piss off a stinging nettle

  17. are those still a thing? I remember seeing one that said "Mr. Right is Gay but I'll go out with you". another one said "I support gay marriage (but only if both chicks are hot)" I'd be embarrassed to be seen with someone wearing shirts like that.

  18. I bought a shirt like that it's sleeveless and says "drink beer save water" I got it super cheap. I planned on wearing it when working on my car at home.

  19. Dont you see whats so funny about it though? I mean… at your first glance you think its just a normal FBI mug, but you take a closer look and then you say “Female body inspector? Thats outrageo-“

  20. Wear whatever you want, just make sure it’s clean. That includes outerwear and hats!!! Anything made of fabric that touches your body will absorb your sweat and needs to be washed regularly to keep it from smelling.

  21. I'm a guy, but according to several of my female friends the answer is: giving no thought or effort to appearance. No colour, badly fitting jeans and t-shirt, wearing things that are old and tatty etc

  22. In terms of jean sizes. I've either gotta choose too tight jeans or too long jeans. My short stature gives me no alternatives, as I can't afford to get them tailored.

  23. I have the wrap around oakleys for biking, the one lense opens up your vision and the strong brow blocks sun from peepin in from the top. I live in an area where mountain biking is the main outdoor hobby so I really dig the crazy glasses most people have.

  24. My first ex-husband once wanted to go shopping to look for a “nice pair of white dress jeans”. Direct quote. I’ve had a visceral reaction to white jeans ever since.

  25. Personally, I hate them. But I am not in to sports at all so I don’t get the appeal. There are plenty of female sports fans that wear them too

  26. They are still wearing their pants under their butts. In 2022. There is zero attractiveness in that ridiculous shuffle they do trying to hold their pants up while they walk. Stop it. Pull up your pants.

  27. Sagging pants has turned out to be the most formidable and possibly longest living fashion trend of all time. I can't believe it hasn't died out yet, it's been going strong since the 1990s. Being Gen X, I seriously miss life before sagging pants, men looked so much better back then.

  28. Pair that with the most baggy pair of underwear known to mankind and voila! You look like a toddler with a full diaper

  29. Honestly, even when this trend first started I didn't get it. Why the fuck would you want to walk around like that? And people thought it looked/looks cool. It's just dumb.

  30. This isn't that frequent but any shirt, hoodie, etc with a massive cannabis leaf design. We get it, you smoke pot. Who the fuck cares? Boooooring

  31. I consider myself to be a pretty raging pothead, but the “I love weed” outfit always makes me laugh. There’s a guy that frequently sees my band that I just know as “the weed guy”. He’s always been super nice but the pot leaf hat/hoodie combo is a bit much.

  32. This annoys me so much. I had customers at work that had matching green and red hoodies with marijuana leaves emblazoned all over it with a giant one on the back and a smoking joint on the front with 420 under it. One said "Stoner Wife" and the other said "Stoner Husband". The saddest thing was that they had one for their preteen kid that said "Future Pothead". Occasionally they would wear joggers that matched the hoodies.

  33. I work with a guy that wears shirts unbuttoned down to about 2 inches above his belly button. He's got enough body hair I thought he wore undershirts for 3 years.

  34. It’s just a personal preference but I hate when someone’s whole outfit doesn’t match the random bright red or neon coloured shoes they have on.

  35. Both of my parents have a "no one's looking at my feet" philosophy for fashion. It can make or break an outfit, Mary! Make or break!

  36. There is an actual economic model based off men and the purchase of new underwear. The economy has to be really good for us to buy new ones.

  37. Ill-fitting jackets. A big jacket isn't going to make your muscles look bigger, it's going to make you look like a little boy who borrowed his father's jacket.

  38. I used to wear an oversized peacoat in high school. I thought I looked distinguished but in reality I looked like I was about to declare myself as the senate

  39. Keep holding on to thinning hair....I have a friend that started to buzz his hair (like 3mm) before he was even 30 and although he said he missed his hair I told him any (straight) woman would rather have sex with a guy proudly showing off his buzzed head than a man with a comb over. Comb overs and thinning hair will actually make you look older, while a buzz cut can make you look younger. I've seen guys go from meh to hot because they took the plunge to get rid of the little hair they had left.

  40. My wife opposed me shaving my head long after my hair was very thin. Finally I just did it and I immediately looked 10 years younger. She apologized to me for delaying it.

  41. I just saw a guy in the grocery store parking lot with a 12 inch ponytail tying back the hair he had left (wasn’t much). I did a double take because I didn’t believe what I was seeing.

  42. wearing an onion on your belt, okay it was the syle at the time but we're in two thousand dickety two now !

  43. I called a few of my coworkers out for it and they said it stopped their ears from getting sunburnt. We work outside…makes sense.

  44. Those cheese-grater jeans that were popular around 2017. You don't see them too often in the wild, but I'd still call it fairly frequent.

  45. Jeans with back pockets that have decorative designs in contrasting thread, I see them at county fairs usually. The women’s version is bedazzled also. Are you rural or urban? Pick a lane.

  46. Some friends of my brother were honest enough to tell him that wearing high socks rarely look good on low shoes. I was also suprised anyone cared to be honest, but since i was informed i definitely agree.

  47. High socks is a heavy lift, if you’re the sort of dude who can lean into an exaggerated aesthetic you can be “party-captain scout-leader” but if you’re not inherently outgoing and fun enough, you just come across as “sweaty gym teacher”

  48. Poorly fitting clothes. This goes for anyone. You are not hiding being fat/skinny/weirdly shaped or whatever by wearing the wrong size, you are accentuating it. Dress for the body you have.

  49. just a reminder that reddit isn’t exactly known for having the most attractive, and stylish users. grain of salt with each comment

  50. I second this. When I used to have a hairstyle that didn't match my face shape, my face always looked weird with a fresh cut. This face shape thing should be more popular among barbers tbh

  51. How can you tell what style is right for your face shape? This is something I've wondered about for a while, but I don't know where to begin with myself

  52. I’m doing it because I’ve never had long hair and wanted to give it a whirl before I didn’t have the option anymore

  53. I grew my hair out long a couple of years ago when I started losing it, because I knew it would be the last chance I ever had to grow it out. I knew it looked dumb, but I just wanted to do it once.

  54. As a guy in the south I’ll say that in the summer wearing a beater while you’re working outside shouldn’t be held against us. It’s just too hot. With that said I don’t think it should be everyday fashion.

  55. Small shoes, too tight pants, straight walk, bare nose, no face paint, bald or naked head, natural colored hair, not carrying a horn for honking.

  56. I’m a dude, but there are so many guys who grow a mustache and it just looks awful. That dude DennyDoesIt on TikTok has one of the WORST mustaches I’ve ever seen and I can’t believe he’s leaned-in to the mustache “look” that he’s had for years. I think he needs to get rid of it or grow out the rest of his facial hair and then it’ll suit his face. It’s pretty rare that a guy looks good with only a mustache.

  57. When I was like 20 a few bros and I who were somewhat into working out and stuff deliberately set out one day to buy a bunch of 'douchebag shirts' like this. We thought it was hilarious and were cracking nonstop jokes about what douchebags people probably assumed we were.

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