What's the best response to an ex who says "I miss you"?

  1. Literally said this to my ex after he sent a snap chat saying “miss you” and haven’t heard a peep from him since! He did the same crap to his ex gf when he was with me (she was in a new relationship) and I’m sure was doing it to whatever girl he was seeing at the time. Edited to add: when he sent that snap chat I was in a long term relationship with my now husband (we were living together and ex knew it).

  2. Exactly. My responses to this would range from calling the police because they're violating a protective order, to just having a friendly conversation with them that also makes it clear that I've moved on. In one case, I'd laugh and ask why the hell they missed me. (That one, I dated shortly after my divorce, and I was a dumbass.) Totally depends on which ex we're talking about.

  3. Honestly, as someone who was in a LT relationship but eventually ended it because we just weren’t compatible with one another no matter how hard we worked at it, I’ve experienced this and had to heartbreakingly state the truth. I missed her too, and despite loving one another, we just weren’t good for each other. We split fairly amicably, so I told her straight out, I missed her, truly did love her, but that getting back together after so many attempts to fix things would only just put us back into the never ending cycle. I told her I’d always be willing to help however I could, and wished her all the best moving forward in her life, but sadly we just can’t be together anymore. She understood and thanked me for the honesty. We still talk now and then and are both in much better situations. I find that most of the time, a firm but honest and polite voice is much better option than getting petty revenge… It’s better for all those involved in the long run!

  4. How dare you being reasonable on Reddit lol. Happy to hear though. I've found that the saying of hate being like drinking poison and expect the other person to die is quite true.

  5. This is absolutely the most mature way to handle a situation like this, when it’s mutually understood by both parties. I was in a similar situation except it didn’t end as amicably as we both claimed to have wanted.

  6. Seriously…I feel like most of these replies are from people who have never actually been in serious, loving relationships lol

  7. Bro. Going through this right now. It’s like I wrote this. It’s hard to do the thing you know is right for ourselves.

  8. This, I ended a 12 year relationship. He moved on a lot quicker. I told him I missed him. He replied honestly. It was like my heart broke again but I needed to hear it to move on. Your a kind person to help with her closure.

  9. This is so similar to how my boyfriend broke up with me last week, I had to check to make sure you weren’t him. I truly do know our breakup was for the best because we just weren’t meant for each other but I still think he’s a good person and I do miss him.

  10. My first love was like this and we actually talked again very recently. It's been over 10 years since we broke up and we sort of hashed through it all again. I'll always love the guy and I truly do miss what we had when times were good, but I hold on to the memories of when things were bad because we really weren't compatible. We tried for years and despite our best efforts we just made each other unhappy at the end of the day. He knows it, I know it. I still think he'd try again if I was open to it but I know better now and I want nothing but the best for him... I am not the best for him. We are better friends than lovers.

  11. It truly depends on the person and the health of the relationship. Some people absolutely need the most blunt and brutal "NO" one can muster and even then some will attempt to continue trying. Sometimes the situation is like yours and that is fantastic. It's nice to remain on good terms.

  12. I did that when I had broken up with my abusive ex, I was still living with him for a couple months but avoiding each other as much as possible, I lost some weight and started dressing up a bit. One day he sees me in passing and tells me I'm looking great lately and I responded "I know" and just kept walking by lol.

  13. This is the answer. No reason to respond and give them a chance to pull you in. Any response, positive or negative, will feed the attention they are looking for. They need to look elsewhere, that’s what a break up is.

  14. Hit an ex with that one recently. He was absolutely shocked and told me he was so sorry he'd been MIA and he wanted to spend time with me. He got upset when I told him I had no interest in the same. He reflected he'd fucked up and I told him to enjoy his night. Seems way more pettier than I meant it to sound on reflection but he did leave me alone after that.

  15. Said this to my ex and she did not get it, we'll just say it's not the only great joke that I had to explain to her.

  16. Ignoring the message is indeed best. I have had it happen to me. It wasn't even a text but an email. I laughed a little and deleted it.

  17. Dont reply. Alot of times I've seen this is because the relationship had its issues and the ex is lonely or going through some shit or alternatively just plain trying to fuck with you. Dont reply. Move on.

  18. Alternatively, point this out. When my ex reached back to me after close to a year of not talking (she cheated on me and broke it off through text), she showed up on my DMs, and asked me for relationship advice. After me repeatedly stating that her asking me for relationship advice was not something I wanted (saying that it wasn't my issue and that she should try talking to friends or family instead) in as polite a way as I could, I finally snapped and told her I wouldn't be impartial because after how things ended, I'd burn her at the stake if given the chance, but that her current relationship is none of my business regardless, and that it shouldn't be. It was awful. It clearly hurt her, and I disliked saying it, but it was clear she was a bit desperate for affection at the time. That's how she finally got the message.

  19. If it were any of my ex-girlfriends? I'd talk to them to see what was going wrong. (We're all on good terms anyway and chat online a couple times a year.) But in the end? I'd tell them it's not hard to find someone better than me.

  20. Could not agree more. Tell her that it was a great time while it lasted, but you are sorry you were just incompatible and had to split in the end, but that she still is a lovely woman who you respected a lot and wish her well.

  21. The last two sentences of your reply for some reason reminded me of my best friend’s old tinder bio: “look, you could do way worse.”

  22. Afaik the dots disappear after you've stopped typing for a few seconds. You'd need to constantly be typing something for them to have the dots constantly.

  23. Depends on how you feel about them. I know most people are making corny jokes about hating their exes and such but if you've had actual adult relationships I doubt everything is so cut and dry.

  24. Had a psycho ex that kept reaching out to me with different numbers and stuff. These one liners and insults are fun in theory but after that situation I quickly realized it’s best to just block and not reply at all

  25. I have that effect. I can put you in contact with others who feel similarly and maybe you could get a support group together?

  26. *Ofcourse you do and I know why and let me tell you.. You went to other people and they all treated you like shit and then you realized that the way I treated and kept you was the best you ever had and the best you're ever gonna get and you realized that now. Since you realized that after being treated like shit you started missing me and here we are. Accurate enough? Well, it sure is my friend..it sure is. Now that boat has sailed and its no use because i ain't gonna be your rebound. *

  27. I had one text me and say "I know I probably shouldn't be messaging you, but I've been thinking about you a lot"

  28. As soon as an ex is truly an ex, i. e. not turned into a friend and I am sure I do not want any further contact, I’m making full use of the Block User functionality on any messaging platform that we used to use.

  29. My ex wife who left me to see if the grass was greener on the other side, kept sending me “update emails”. Or was always trying to initiate contact. Once the divorce was settled, I wished her all the best in life and to be happy and healthy in her new relationship, and that she’d never hear from me again.

  30. Awww and I miss the back of your head and that cute way you would walk out doors, can you show it to me again? 🥺

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