What do you think when you see a white person with full on dreadlocks?

  1. Poor hygiene is what immediately comes to mind for me. I saw a couple at the pet store today and you could smell them both over the many smells of the pet store. Not the neatest, cleanest people.

  2. Nothing cuz I don't care what people do with their hair everybody who says that dreadlocks can't be worn by a certain race r the same people that say that white people are the only ones that can be racist

  3. I can tell you're trying to convince people that you don't judge people AT ALL but, as an immigrant myself, I would never trust a liberal American who say they see nothing or give zero judgements on noticing something unusual/different.

  4. Nothing dreads were most common among sailors and pirates due to the salt grime and lack of bathing water. Vikings had dreads

  5. I wonder why ? But then I think I don't know this person . It could be their heritage . Dave Matthews is from Africa . When he says I'm African American I bet people's first thought that comes to mind is you're not black and that person now looks dumb for thinking that way . Why should I care about someone's hair style only I'm upset is because they have hair and I don't I'm jealous of people with nice hair and keep it short buzzed . They got options I have one all my other options suck this one does too but it sucks the least lol

  6. Black people can wash their locs and keep them clean and they will stay locs because our type 4 hair naturally wants to do that. White people with their type 1 and 2 hair are the ones that need dirty nasty hair in order for it to form a loc, because what’s actually happening is matting (which is a different thing). I know plenty of people with locs that don’t smell but the stigma is there because of people that don’t wash their hair. So my answer to the OG question is that I think they’re gross and contributing to the stigma that causes Black hair to be discriminated against.

  7. It depends on the dreads I guess. Some people wear them well and wear them proud. Can a white person not have dreads? I'm genuinely asking. With I think of dreads; vikings are my first thought. Then good ol' Bob Marley.

  8. I think, "Hey, that looks like that faculty colleague and good friend of mine from back when I was teaching at that major university. He was a great guy."

  9. God damm dirty hippies -Eric Cartman, if it's a woman, I assume armpit hair. I'm progressive and all but can't get on board with armpit hair.

  10. Lol nobody at all asked you to be on board. They don't care if you don't like it. I'm sure the ladies are just fighting to the death over a redditor named "gamer_asylum"

  11. I used to think it was really cool, but now I just think about the mold and dead skin that is accumulated in those dreads.

  12. That I hope they've done their research on how to properly grow and maintain dreadlocks so they don't end up like that one girl in my high-school who grew them but fucked them all up so she shaved her head.

  13. I think if you’re white with dreads you either don’t interact with many black people or you don’t notice that you’re offending a good portion of the younger ones when you interact with them (stank face)

  14. They smell. They have some woo woo opinions on the oneness of the universe, and a bad case of white fragility. BUT they also probably know where I can get some mushies so I’ll be a polite acquaintance.

  15. Sun is Shining, Chances Are, he’s Jamming in a Mellow Mood, Rastaman Live Up and you should Lively Up Youself. Soul Rebel got One Love and him gonna ask you, Could You Be Loved?

  16. I'm all "eeww" if those locks are NOT properly twisted and clean. Most of the time they did it to be like Bob Marley or some shit. Now if those locks are well done and well taken care of, then I'm all "You're slightly insane" because locks on finer hair is high maintenance. They clearly have a hair routine down and stick to it and that makes me jealous.

  17. I worry about their hygiene. For any hair texture other than afro/coiled/kinky, forming dreads means letting it mat on itself, which means no washing or combing for at least a few weeks to form the style and then even more not bathing to keep it in place.

  18. Frankly, I usually feel it is a little silly, not politically as « cultural appropriation », but it reminds me a little of Gary Oldman as Drexyl Spivey in « True Romance » trying to be oh-so-cool-black-pimp and saying to his (genuinely black) bodyguard  “today ain’t white boy day, is it?”.

  19. I don't care for shitlocks, however, whatever someone chooses to do with their hair is their business. The world would be such a better place if others learned to mind their own business and stop poking their nose in.

  20. Corny and tone deaf. A loooot of black people have said that due to the cultural significance they appreciate it if white people don’t wear dreads, and personally I would respect that. I also think it doesn’t look good on our hair type.

  21. From personal experience with people like that, i assume they would be disrespectful and will just find a way to get on everyones nerves, including mine

  22. Non-afro-textured hair doesn't form locs. Non-black people cannot have true dreadlocks, it's physically impossible. A white person with "dreadlocks" just has matted hair.

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