what opinion do have that would get the pitchforks raised against you?

  1. Great name, the verbiage is a bit lacking until the end, could do with a re-write. Possibly make it shorter, I mean Francis didn't expect American's to be singing the damn thing 100+ times per year, he thought it would be used at Inaugurations a few times a year. I think it should be 1 minute or less. Just give me the good stuff and let's be on with it!

  2. Most activism is just an exercise in vanity and feel good pats on the back. Real change requires work which most “activists” won’t bother to do.

  3. Yes, glad you’re coming out to protest. But are you voting and actively taking actions that may actually improve what you’re protesting about?

  4. If you give birth to a kid who has fetal alcohol syndrome, you should be temporarily sterilized or permanently. If you want to have another child, you are required to check yourself into a dry clinic until the end of your pregnancy.

  5. Not so fun related story, a friend of mine has a sister who is a literal crack whore. She dropped off the map years ago. But about 5 years ago she pops up because she has a kid taken away from her by the state, the state asks him as the only known relative if he and his girlfriend would be willing to foster him. So they do. Sister briefly fights them in court but eventually disappears again.

  6. Didn't know what fetal alcohol syndrome was (english second language) so I googled it and now I'm convinced I have 50% of the signs of it

  7. I think that’s reasonable and kind of a shame we dont have more protections like this in place already

  8. I have no idea from a technical standpoint whether there's an objective winner, but I use Android because I hate Apple's smarmy image and anticompetitive business practices.

  9. It has both its positive and negative aspects. Personally I love Android, but I can't deny that Apples UI feels very smooth and good as well.

  10. Beyond being outrageously expensive, my main reason why I don't have an iphone is their proprietary bullshit. This happened a long time ago, but no, I'm not going to buy music that I can ONLY listen to through Apple Music. Like, I don't actually fucking own it? I'm also not paying a premium for the marketing of Apple being some kind of elevated product. And then there's the whole "sitting on billions of dollars in cash reserves but refusing to pay taxes" thing. Fuck Apple top to bottom.

  11. How about you can't be exempt from taxes if your religions messiah literally tells you to pay your taxes and debts for the good of your community

  12. No, everybody still has to pay taxes. If your omnipotent god can take the money out of the IRS's bank account and put it back in yours without anybody knowing, then what do you care anyway?

  13. You will never be rich. And the fact you don't believe that keeps you voting for parties/policies that benefit the rich. Which is not you. And won't ever be.

  14. If you text and drive, loiter in the fast lane, and don't use turn signals, or any combination of driving offenses, then you're just a piece of shit and should be forced to take public transportation.

  15. Reminder to sort by controversial. Sorting by best will give you "pineapple belongs on pizza". Sorting by controversial will give you "the Jews orchestrated 9/11". The second one is objectively a better answer to the question.

  16. No Way Home, while enjoyable, was terribly written and not a good movie on its own merit. The way they handled Aunt May’s death shows a total lack of understanding of what Uncle Ben’s death was actually supposed to signify and doesn’t work as a replacement the way they clearly thought it did.

  17. Also stage four of marvel is just an utter mess and has virtually no hope of being nearly as good as the original 1-3. I don’t care about other universes or other versions of people in different universes.

  18. Everyone talked about how great it was, but to me it just felt like a lot of empty fan service. Whole movie felt like it was just an excuse to have spiderman fight a bunch of villains they didn't want to dedicate a whole movie to and then thrre in the old spidermans for good measure. It was a fun movie, but it wasn't a particularly good movie.

  19. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is one of the worst established organizations of all time and has done arguably more harm and discrimination than anything else in the world.

  20. This is only an unpopular opinion because the harms and hypocrisy of the Mormon church aren’t nearly as widely known as the Catholic church.

  21. We shouldn't support the troops, pretending it is honorable just gets more people to sign up. The American military has achieved nothing but shame and destruction for 70 years.

  22. I don't get the love affair people have with chick fil a. I mean, they're ok, but not that great. People treat them like they sell manna from heaven or something.

  23. It generates a single model of diversity, and reinforces the “I have a [insert identity] friend” stereotype as a way to excuse other exclusionary views and behaviors.

  24. my family and most of our family friends are multi racial. it has been the norm for me my entire life. i do think it's annoying that the media is over compensating for something so normal. this is a standard now and no company should toot their own horn for doing this. it is normal and should be treated that way. not over glorified nor hated.

  25. I cannot get into Andor and it’s missing a lot of the things about Star Wars that I love. Things that are damned by the “too cool for school fans” who are actually living in the basement.

  26. You don’t have to stay connected to people all the time, and if people demand that of you they’re a bad friend. But if you’re not replying for 2-3 months because you forgot while still posting on social media a lot, you’re a bad friend.

  27. There are too many people in the world and the population is growing too quickly. Steps need to be taken to reduce the amount of people born.

  28. Thats actually just eco fascism. The population isnt the issue it is resource distribution that is. If we didnt waste so much/the rich didnt hoard wealth then it wouldn't be an issue

  29. Wait 50 years and countries would beg people to have children. That's already the case in most of the developed countries.

  30. Stranger Things is a show you'll enjoy if you like DnD and retro horror movies. Kind of niche but if that's your bag then it's an absolutely amazing show.

  31. Teachers and students are in more danger from a traffic accident on the way to and from school than they are from an active shooter at school.

  32. People who are sexually attracted to children deserve therapy. Some people recognize this about themselves having never acted on it, but if they attempt to tell a therapist about it they are ostracized and denied care. It's heartbreaking, because the ones who come forward truly want help before they do something awful. Even murderers get second chances, but not these broken unfortunates.

  33. We should just abolish the pledge of allegiance. It's creepy jingoism and no one should ever be saying it, but especially not schoolkids.

  34. Nobody cared about weed until the federal bureau of narcotics that wasn't getting funded anymore, decided to tie weed with criminals so they would get funded money again.

  35. everybody should be paid enough to be able to afford basic needs like housing and food. working multiple jobs and still barely being able to scrape by is total bullsh!t

  36. I firmly believe that the statistics of what percent of people are on the autistic spectrum is wildly incorrect. I believe about 80% of the people I have met in my life have been on the spectrum, myself included (I suspect). I know this is an absurd notion to many, so I want to clarify I am NOT joking.

  37. There isn’t a correct “side” when it comes to politics. And if you think of political issues in binary terms then you are part of the problem and not the solution.

  38. I think that a god does exist. I just think the idea that it cares about humans at all is ridiculous. It doesn’t care about you worshiping it, it has better things to do.

  39. I am a great tipper at restaurants and bars. But i think its BS i have to pay 20% extra for someone to be nice to me when thats just doing their job.

  40. Suicide by a person I don’t know/have no interest in is okay by me. It is your life, and yours to end should you chose. I value your freedom, and will only selfishly fight to prevent suicide by the people I care about and don’t want to live in a world without.

  41. You should have to take some test to procreate. Completely for the benefit of the child that might some day come to be. A kid shouldn’t be forced into this world because of arbitrary idea that people need to have kids in order to be fulfilled. And then they get parents who don’t want them furthering the trauma that people experience on a day-to-day basis.

  42. I don’t see the big deal in Beyoncé. She’s beautiful yeah and has a good voice but that doesn’t make her the shit. She doesn’t even write most of her songs so what makes her a big deal? The beehive will attack anyone that’s doesn’t worship her but what is there really to worship. I’m my opinion Adele has a better voice. The fact that her fan base is soo obsessed with her has made me not even want to hear her music.

  43. While I support the legalization of Marijuana, people shouldn't smoke it at public events/venues (especially if kids are around). It smells and I think it's rude. If you wouldn't smoke a cigarette there, then you shouldn't smoke anything there.

  44. Millennials are turning into the cringiest generation, Their humour is based on being 'random' , self deprecation, and being in their 30s and haven't got their life together, it might have been funny a few years ago, but get a new joke.

  45. It shouldn’t be so easy for people to have kids. I wish there could be something in place to prevent people to be able to have kids on their own without having to prove they’d be fit parents.

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