What are some myths that people still believe?

  1. Swallowing gum is more convenient for me, so I’ve always done that my whole life. People still give me trouble for it to this day. I’ll try and explain once that it’s not the case, and then just give up and admit that apparently I have 20+ years worth of gum buildup in my stomach apparently

  2. My dad had this guy helping him out (think Big Box store DIY curb ready helper) who told him "If you sleep with your hair wet, you will bleed out of your mouth"... and he was 110% sure that was fact.

  3. And they’re not a literal thing in part because they can be gamed. Narcissists, for example, can easily game lie detector tests because in their mind, they think they’re telling the truth.

  4. I literally just finished a search(I'm a maritime search and rescue coordinator) for an 80 year old that was 3 hours overdue returning from fishing in his boat(He eventually returned home on his own after having some problems with the boat). The faster you can report someone missing, the higher the chance of them being found. Please never hesitate.

  5. I swear, that was spread by the mob and other violent criminals and it just stuck, simply because these people know cops only look for 48 hours. Now with a 2 day head start, They would never get caught if the general public thought this myth was true and acted accordingly to it.

  6. Well, some places recently had to change laws because their cops wouldn't start looking for someone if they hadn't been missing long enough.

  7. That magnetic jewelry / healing will cure just about anything. A dude named Mesmer the 1780 came up with the idea, and it have been debunked many times - yet it’s still a billion dollar industry. Fun fact - the word “mesmerized” is related to him.

  8. Random fun fact: mesmer and Mozart were friends/acquaintances and Mesmer's magnets-cure-everything mentality is mocked in one of Mozart's operas. Not even back then did everyone believe in what that guy was preaching

  9. Socks in bed make you blind? I mean my brain just sizzled a bit trying to comprehend it. Maybe it's the thought of socks in bed make you blind

  10. As someone who sleeps with socks on for comfort and is borderline blind, I will accept my fate if it's truely the socks that are doing me in

  11. my parents have always told me and my sister that we should never eat any dairy product after eating fish or vice versa or together, otherwise we'll get Vitiligo 💀guess what? I've seen my dad eat cheese after eating fish so many times and he has never gotten Vitiligo!

  12. I once had a very good friend, extremely intelligent, tell me that "I can't light my cigarette with a candle, it'll kill sailors" and I swear to God it's the weirdest thing I've ever heard in my life.

  13. Venous blood definitely looks darker than arterial blood. Between that, and those medical diagrams showing veins and arteries as blue vs. red I guess that's why that myth was so popular. I believed it as a kid

  14. My high school science teacher told me this…science teacher! I literally argued with her until I got detention, then got in trouble at home for arguing with an adult from my dad who was an RN! He tried to argue her side as “well blood is darker until it gets oxygen…” That was a moment in life that always stuck in my memory, it’s when I learned adults are fallible too.

  15. I still believe that if any of my limbs hang off the bed while sleeping that a monster will grab them. I also believe that the moment I remember this and pull them back on the bed is just in the nick of time before a monster grabs them.

  16. You have to wrap your feet under the covers even if it means using an extra cover or something no matter how hot it is because the monsters love to grab your feet.

  17. One of my first memories is of lying in my crib with my hand hanging between the bars and something grabbing my hand. I didn't sleep with my arms outside the covers until I was a teenager. It wasn't until I was in my late 20s that my older sister admitted it was her messing with me.

  18. In real life, a man once breathed in some kind of seed and went to doctor about chest pain, and it was discovered that a plant was growing in his lungs. His lungs were a good enough environment for the plant to grow.

  19. Isn't it vinegar that will help? I heard this recently and I believe they stated vinegar helps although hopefully I'll never need to know

  20. It was horrific what happened to that poor lady's legs and groin. THIRD DEGREE BURNS! I don't think she ever recovered completely.

  21. I was corrected on this by someone that worked at McDonald’s and agreed with the woman. It really is fucked what she went through and how McDonald’s treated her.

  22. On the other side of this coin, people still believe that a lady found a severed finger in her Wendy’s chili. Everyone heard the initial public freak out on the news, but not the news that it was all a fraud and the woman was arrested and charged. It wasn’t even the first or last time that woman committed fraud for a payday. She bought the severed finger of a coworker of her husband’s who lost it in an industrial accident and put it in the chili herself.

  23. So we were taught to check candy for tampering. Like if the wrapper was open or there was a puncture in it to throw it out. That rarely happened.

  24. I know the idea of poisoned candy is way overblown if it exists at all, but one of the reasons there was anti-tampering legislation for things like OTC medication is that someone in the 80s started murdering people by poisoning Tylenol while it was sitting on store shelves.

  25. The story that everyone thought the world was flat into the Early Modern period. No, they did not. Scientists and educated people knew the world was round and roughly knew its size.

  26. There’s a moment I like in Horizon: Zero Dawn, where the hero from a post-apocalypse hunter-gatherer tribal society discovers a holographic projection of the Earth. She asks what she’s looking at, and the guy who knows the truth about the world proclaims with gravitas that the Earth is, in fact, round. She’s like, “Yeah, I know, otherwise the shadow it casts on the moon makes no sense. I mean what’s this device specifically showing me?”

  27. The fact that they knew its size is exactly why Christopher Columbus’s expositions were laughed at - they knew that India was further than he could sail, and were correct about that. They just didn’t know there was a whole other continent in between.

  28. Now a single unbroken diamond of significant size can be pretty rare. But itty bitty diamonds and diamond dust is actually pretty common.

  29. Us humans sure love making certain materials have imaginary values, which normally ends up with someone getting killed in the process.

  30. I’m not sure where the flat earth myth came from but even ancient astronomers knew the earth was round

  31. Uneducated artillery crews from ww1 knew how to compensate for the coriolis effect and curvature of the earth. Flat earthers are just a troll that went too far and reached too many gullible people.

  32. To my knowledge it comes from a series of books in the early 1800's designed to push the idea that people in the middle ages were primitive idiots who knew nothing.

  33. That you must wait at least 30 minutes after eating before going swimming. Otherwise you could develop deadly cramps that lead to drowning.

  34. My mom, who is paranoid about everything in the world, misheard this when she was younger and grew up with the idea that you had to wait an hour before "going into water" and believed that to mean any water in general. So one time after dinner I said I was gonna shower, and she became visibly anxious at the idea.

  35. That "we only use 10 percent of our brain" bullshit. Hopefully most people know that's false, but they recently made that movie with that as a premise and that was disheartening.

  36. I remember reading an interview with the guy who was writing that movie, and they asked him if he knew that was a myth, and he said something along the lines of, "YES! Do you think I could make a movie with this premise without literally everyone telling me?"

  37. That you can “wOrK fRoM yOuR pHoNe” and give up your regular job and make a fortune shilling garbage mlm products.

  38. Just blocked a friend sending me DMs about "liquid Lipo". I gave her many chances with the Arbonne, Mary Kay, Rodan Fields, etc. No more chances.

  39. Many people start to shave off unwanted hair once it begins to appear at the start of puberty. Over time that hair thickens and darkens. But it thickened and darkened due to puberty not because it was being shaved.

  40. I also heard it’s just a coincidence because you start shaving when you start getting hair, but you naturally get thicker facial hair as you progress thru puberty, so shaving just coincides

  41. In this vein, buying something synthetic is perfectly acceptable. Don't waste a ton of money on diamonds that completely disappears once it's purchased. They have very little value after the sale.

  42. Wife had this strange myth that if you have heartburn while pregnant the baby will come out with hair... She had incredibly bad heartburn and our son was born bald and stayed that way until he way 1...

  43. I had the opposite experience, terrible heartburn and baby had a full head of hair. Obviously doesn’t make it true but its almost like the heartburn is more due to the baby’s location (riding high or low) and/or genetic factors rather than hair lol

  44. This belief literally made me cry myself to sleep every night because I couldn’t complain to anyone, not even my journal, about the abuse my parents put me through- because I genuinely believed that I must’ve deserved it, but I honestly could not tell what wrong was I doing at all. The worst thing is this belief is attached to core religious themes/teachings so you will get blamed and made to feel guilty whenever bad things happen to you because ‘you must’ve done something to deserve this’ :/

  45. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. This concept was an advertising promotion by Kellogg in order to sell more cereal.

  46. I eat something light in the morning just to get everything going, but I can’t do super breakfast because I’m just not hungry enough to do that. Lunch is when I go hard.

  47. Not just that, but that you HAVE to eat it. Took me 25 years to learn that im ok not eating until noon and felt much better since.

  48. That you swallow spiders while you sleep. NO YOU DON'T. Why on earth would a spider crawl over a moving ( even when it's only slight movement) object to get into a smelly ,dark and breathing "cave". I hate that people still believe it.

  49. That 'peeing on a jellyfish sting will help it'. It actually makes it worse and causes the tentacles to release more venom, you should pull off the tentacles if there still are any , remove any barbs and then wash with hot (not cold/room temp) water or vinegar, and cover in hydrocortozone cream or calamine lotion and an icepack

  50. That hard work will always lead to success and if someone doesn't succeed its because they didn't work hard enough. Some people just are extremely unlucky in life.

  51. On the opposite side, many successful people didn't put any work into being where they are. They were born into it. So I guess in that sense they are the lucky ones and the rest of us are unlucky to be born with that handicap.

  52. A family member was in the Navy and their ship made a stop in Bermuda. 9yo me was despondent and absolutely convinced I would never see him again.

  53. That an MLM can actually work: sorry, but you're selling rubbish to people who don't want it. If you were as successful as your Instagram account claims you are, you'd be getting headhunted by top sales firms, not trying to sell dish clothes and vitamin pills at £50 a go.

  54. MLM works if you’re at the top of the pyramid. But to get there you have to screw over every one you know. Lost some good friends because they bought into the MLM scam, and I didn’t buy their products because they were too damn expensive. Another former friend and his wife went bankrupt due to all the product they had to have in inventory to sell…and couldn’t sell it. The pressure to recruit people under you is scary. Other friends of mine who eventually got out of an MLM scheme started being berated by their “team” for not selling enough product/recruiting more people.

  55. Handling baby animals who need help will be rejected by their parents because of the scent of humans on them.They won't. Help them if they need it.

  56. If you go from a very hot place to a very cold place too quickly you will catch a cold. Also if you go out with wet hair you will get ill. Like it’s proven to be wrong

  57. I knew a girl whose parents wouldn't let her wash her hair because she was sick. She still had to go to school, even though they obviously knew she was sick, but she couldn't wash her hair. It all made sense to her.

  58. The amount of time my mother and Aunties have yelled at me for not wearing socks on tile floor... you'd think I'd be sick %80 of my life... I DON'T LIKE SOCKS!

  59. Finnish people have done trips from the sauna into the snow naked for centuries. I don't do sauna but those who do, like it hot and roll in the snow on the breaks. Never even heard about this superstition!

  60. Yes indeed, whereas in actual fact we all know the penis flesh is whittled down by every successive partner he penetrates, which is why old men have such small members.

  61. Or that their hymen will be intact if they’re a virgin. Bullshit. Hymens don’t always break during sex and they can break during regular physical activity like exercise or yoga or whatever. It’s not a measure of their ‘virtue’ or whatever the religious assholes think. I’ve read stories where parents will sexually assault their daughters to see if their hymen is intact and it makes me sick.

  62. I had a deaf Lyft driver in SF a couple times years ago. It was the coolest experience learning how to communicate with him and talking to him through writing while on the ride.

  63. I was going to say this too. The doctor that first stated this had his medical license revoked, didn’t he?

  64. The extremely dark side to this comes out when you play along with their premise for a bit. Obviously the whole thing is bunk... vaccines don’t increase the risk of autism. But what if they did? Why would that mean you shouldn’t vaccinate your child?

  65. I got into an argument in Facebook comments one time (stupid thing to do, I know) and the guy unironically linked as "proof" vaccines cause autism a video about a girl in her 20s who suddenly got autism for a few months, then got cured by vitamins. I watched the whole thing laughing the entire time.

  66. My son regressed almost within a day and we had a family member blaming the MMR jab as the cause - the kicker? He had the MMR vaccine 4 months after he regressed.

  67. Wait, this is the first one that made me stop and think. I’ve always been told that. How do you get tetanus then? I stepped on a rusty nail once and that was the first thing everyone, including a doctor, told me.

  68. That getting a raise means you'll actually lose money because you're now in a higher tax bracket. In reality, only the amount of income that is above the limit of the previous tax bracket will be taxed at the higher rate.

  69. I am having flashbacks to every dumbass I worked with who refused to do voluntary overtime because they really believed they would lose it all and more to taxes. You make two dollars over minimum wage, Bob, I think you'll see most of those three extra hours on your check.

  70. I, as a young 20 something at the time, worked with full grown men in their late 40s and 50s who refused to take raises or work X hours of overtime because they would bump into the next tax bracket and lose money. One guy even turned down a promotion because “the tax hit wouldn’t be worth it.” I’m so glad I’m not there.

  71. Isn’t this an exaggeration? Putting oil in your ear helps soften the wax which may lead to better results, right? I’ll wait for Murphy’s law on this one.

  72. Oh! I read something about this recently! Basically, when homeopathy first began in Germany it was a whole regimen of things like no drinking alcohol, walk every day, stay out of direct light, etc in addition to the water stuff. And since some of those things were healthy and medicine at the time was bloodletting, homeopathy 'cured' more people than the traditional medicine, mostly because again, the traditional medicine at the time sucked.

  73. That there are penises large enough to permanently stretch a woman's vagina or that frequent sex will loosen her walls. It's been disproven so many times for so long and doesn't even make sense when you think about it.

  74. That sugar makes kids hyper! There’s been studies. If you tell a parent their kid had a lot of sugar they interpret their behavior as more “hyperactive” even if the kid didn’t actually get any sugar.

  75. There's a similar belief I've heard from a friend of mine in the Philippines right now: The COVID vaccine makes you hungrier and therefore gain weight. They explained to me that everyone they knew that had the vaccine was gaining weight and it was the vaccine's fault.

  76. The times that kids get a lot of sugar are often times where there are a lot of other kids/fun things/excitement around (like a birthday party). They're excited because of all the other things going on - not the cupcake.

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