What are things you wish porn would stop doing?

  1. The ads feel targeted too. Like, I'm watching something pretty vanilla, and the ad suggests I watch lesbian clown porn with a scat subplot. Quit trying to make me a worse person.

  2. Haha, I agree! Or when the set is supposed to be their "home", and there is barely any furniture, very little decor, and nothing on the tables, counter, etc. Like, the bedroom is just the bed and maybe one piece of generic art on the wall, and that's literally it.

  3. I had an older lady that would yell/scream, not even a loud moan, like neighbors would think I’m hurting her kind of yell. I had to stop.

  4. Lol when the girl barely touches her tongue on the other girl and she’s all like “aaaaaaaaahahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”

  5. I’m in the industry. Unfortunately the cringe titles and descriptions perform best, so it’s not going to stop.

  6. Someone worked smithereens into a title once like… “ass blasted to smithereens” or something. I reflexively said to myself “to smithereens, you say?!” and laughed so hard the mood just evaporated.

  7. Bad scripting. Look, it's not often I go looking for porn with a bit of substance to it, and even rare still that the porn I look for isn't intentionally or ironically bad acting for laughs. But when I do go searching for it, it'd be nice if it was easier to find.

  8. I really wish they'd at least try to keep the scenario going. So often it starts out in a way only for the story to disappear. For example, like a shy guy hesitantly being seduced by his sexy college professor after class, only for it to turn into generic sex and include stuff you won't see in spontaneous sex like choking or butt stuff.

  9. I've read r18+ fanfiction that has better writing than a lot of porn, and I mean that as a compliment because damn there are some really good writers out there

  10. I would wish porn to stop showing “produced” sex. And more “real people” and them engaging in sex and sexual activities.

  11. Someone above mentioned bellesa.co and I am putting it here as well because they've done a series called Bellesa House where it's actors who have requested each other and get to have whatever sex they like. It's 100% more sexy because they are super into it in a natural way. I haven't been able to view much else!

  12. If you actually watched the full videos, it includes it for the most part. That free stuff you’re watching is abridged.

  13. Idk it keeps happening to me, went to buy a new car somehow ended up on a massage table, went to subway massage table, movies massage table the only time I didn’t get tricked onto a massage table was when I went for an actual massage somehow they tricked me into buying a condo. I feel like I’m doing something wrong guys

  14. That and the "first time" anal virgins taking a dick up their ass larger than the Washington monument without any issues.

  15. Making noises which are obviously hyped up. Or any single noise or comment from the fat guy behind the camera, "Uh huh, you like that baby, you like daddy's cream, mmmhhh, yeah baby, uhhhh." *farts

  16. The staged pleasure- the fake moans and the “give it to me, daddy,” and the ridiculous facial expressions. It’s all really hammy and cringey.

  17. I wish the women would tone it down and the men would dial it up. The dudes are silent and look like they are pissed off or robots. How about they both look like they’re into it?

  18. Especially when there is zero foreplay for the woman. It’s setting bad expectations that women are loving sex and so turned on when foreplay only consists of a blow job.

  19. What are you watching that's censored? All I can think is you watch a lot of Japanese porn and that's censored for legal reasons.

  20. I do love the idea of, midway through the video, the guy finishing up anal, putting on a shirt and Winnie the Pooh-ing his way over to some wet wipes and coming back like “alright babe I’m ready!”

  21. Especially when it starts out that they are "lesbians" then a guy walks in and they are all over him, only sparing the usual little bit of playing with each other while he is railing one of them.

  22. How you have these young beautiful women with perfect bodies fuck these old guys that look like they smell like shit. Oh and incest porn.

  23. JAV is THE WORST with the old dude stuff. Like sometimes it feels like they went into a retirement home for male models, asked "who can get hard and wants to fuck a 20 year old" and took whoever raises their hand

  24. I remember an AMA a while back for a porn star and she also did directing. Someone asked why all the family stuff and the response was “bc that’s what people search for”

  25. It covers the "forbidden" angle that some people like (they don't even care about the step part, more that it's "wrong"), and is close enough to regular porn that most people are fine with watching it and ignoring the step angle.

  26. I don't understand that either. I mean everyone has a thing, but holy crap. It's ubiquitous. There's so much of it that it's almost the norm. How is that the norm and not just normal sex?

  27. Don't forget the the one vacuuming while seemingly blind to the fucking going on behind the counter or couch that is clearly visible. Like, is it that hard to make a tiny effort

  28. Especially when they have a big penis and cocky so they talk way too much in it. Like STFU. I can’t remember his name but there’s this one black dude that talks way too much. I avoid his videos bc it drove me crazy

  29. Long fingernails in lesbian porn. As a lesbian, ouch. It really takes you out of the moment because you just think about all the horrible infections they’re getting.

  30. Really hot woman, but when they get down to it, it's just close ups of their genitals and could be anyone. I want to see all of them fucking, damn it.

  31. Exactly like show me the face. Show me her enjoying it. I dont want to see her vagina - like i dont get off on seeing some sex organ getting pounded.

  32. How do you think straight women feel? We consistently only get to see the dick go in and out and it's not even necessarily attached to hot guys

  33. Having anyone behind the camera or offscreen making noise or talking. We don't need a guy interviewing the actress, giving directions, or commenting.

  34. Unpopular opinion, but the blowjob parts are often wayyyy to long. If I want to stare at a dick for 10 minutes straight, I can go to the mirror.

  35. As a woman, I agree with this. I get bored really fast when a BJ scene is going on for too long. At least when it's just a closeup shot of the woman going to town. I like seeing the guy's reactions and body language as well.

  36. And yet you have to put in specific search filters if you want to see the girl getting eaten out, (properly), for more than -0.05 seconds

  37. The roughness and aggression being standard. Trying to find gentle and caring stuff is so difficult.

  38. I hate Brian Gozzling's stuff and he keeps popping up in my searches because he casts the girls I like plus the general color and aesthetic I can get behind.

  39. It has it's artistic uses. I saw a video once where the scene ends with a closeup view of a gaping asshole and uses it as the beginning of a circle fade to the next scene. Best scene transition ever filmed in my opinion...

  40. I just don’t like seeing the inside of their asshole on the outside of their asshole, ya know? I’d want to call a doctor if I ever saw that for real.

  41. I read that sometimes it's just the way it's shot that gives this impression. Obviously size is still disproportionately represented but part of it is that the female models are usually like 4ft 10inch to 5ft 2 inches so they can make male models look larger.

  42. Amen, first of all, it wrecks the fantasy because that's nothing like me. Secondly, girls can hardly work with some of these dicks. Seeing a girl try to get a dick that is essentially the size of a baseball bat in their mouth is like watching some circus act. It's not sexy. She can't really do anything with it. It stretched credulity to try to imagine it's enjoyable for either partner.

  43. If the guy is upright. Otherwise you just see a guys back. The best thing about missionary is, that you can see the girl's whole body including face, if the god damn camera man does it right. And for me personally, the best part is, that you can see a chubby belly jiggle. I love that.

  44. Honestly, missionary is more my favorite position. 34m here, missionary is the most sensual, you are face to face and can kiss, neck, whisper in ears etc. I wouldn’t be sad to never again do another position but hey I’m just the wiener guy

  45. How about we split the difference and we get scenes like "she really liked date night" or "still wound up after girls night out."

  46. Just stop being so disgusting and aggressive. Even Lesbian porn (a historically safe haven for "caring" and sensual sex) is now filled with fisting, peeing, screaming (like wtf?) and huge strapons.

  47. Plz always use lube and condoms when doing anal, and remember to loosen up your partner before entering! That's gonna hurt them if u don't loosen or lube it!

  48. I would suggest buying your partner butt plugs if you’d like to get into anal comfortably. You use them to stretch your ass hole before doing anal. It’s a great way to ease into the process as well. It’s part of sex Ed that was left out I assume for many reasons. I say this as someone who thought I hated anal- but turns out I just lacked a lot of education on how to do it properly.

  49. Suggesting that I can be A doctor Lawyer, astronaut, plumber, and personal trainer all at the same time and still have enough time to screw people

  50. I wish they would just teach that poor girl how to stop getting stuck in the dryer and always asking her step brother for help. Like, just teach her already. “This machine is used for drying clothes; just put the clothes inside and keep it moving, you don’t have to stick your whole body inside to do it; just fucking flick the clothes inside of the machine and go on with your day.”

  51. Punching/slapping women hard in the face. Licking sweaty hairy assholes. I understand some may be into that but it seems such a regular occurrence now that you can’t seem to avoid. Instant turn off.

  52. The weird thing where guys just constantly put their fingers in the girl’s mouth and then do the fish hook thing where they pull on the side of their mouth to open it up. It’s not hot, it’s just weird.

  53. Making it all about male pleasure at the expense of female pain, even though it’s portrayed as if women actually enjoy the stuff you see. It would be nice if at least some stuff women actually enjoy was included. Like would touching the clit while they smash kill anyone???

  54. I was looking for this comment. Totally agree. I don’t watch porn, but the amount of women I’ve heard that have had experiences of dude’s making it all about them and doing aggressive shit without consent scares me.

  55. Quality sound with authentic pleasure noises please. Put some WD40 on that screen door like fake moans please. If she’s not happy to be there, I’m not happy either.

  56. I've never been big into porn. But when I noticed Pornhub is just full of stuff like "stepbro, stepdad and stepgrandpa fucking stepsister on a stepladder while stepmom watches and plays stepmania" I knew I'm too old for even this

  57. I think guys should get a dildo rammed into their face by another guy the way they slam their dick into a girl's throat prior to doing a scene like that, so they know how it feels and can do it correctly. Guide my head, honestly it's preferred if you help me do exactly what you like the way you like it, and it's taking some of the weight off of me holding my head up at that angle. However, don't try to kill me, I'm not a fleshlight, I need to breathe, and if I stop breathing, well, your new sex doll will be cold and all kinds of gross within hours, plus you'll be in jail.

  58. or the other part is overzealous stimulation its either non existent or looks like the guy is trying to aggressively scrub a stain out of it, which I've been told can be quite painful

  59. Any closeup shot of the genitals, especially that angle from behind that's all balls and male ass. Who is liking this?

  60. Well, I’m bi so I enjoy seeing both bits. That being said, guys in straight porn usually aren’t really hot so it just jumps to an unappealing hairy sack slapping back and forth

  61. They should stop using old ass farts with pumped fake dics ...give us normal oaks with real meat a go i mean we also like to get some of that action right boys

  62. Never showing the guy in the shot. The entire shot is just a woman with as little of the guy showing as possible. Her face will be visible while his is blurred. I hate that.

  63. That once a porntress turns 30, she’s now a MILF. Unless its like a promotion with different pay scales and managerial tasks.

  64. Gaping. I don't understand the appeal, but I am totally cool with people having a kink I don't share. Full respect. But I'm not into it so when it sneaks into something I'm jamming out to, it totally throws me off and "resets the clock." I'm usually on a tight schedule, so don't throw your candid colonoscopy into my session.

  65. Men choking women in the middle. Like suddenly someone is just holding someone’s throat roughly and there’s been absolutely no warning for the viewer/actor i presume. It happens in all sorts of genres/categories too as if it’s an accepted part of ‘vanilla’ sex whereas if a man grabbed my throat in bed without any warning I’d never see him again.

  66. And now of course there are like two generations of guys who just think that's how you're supposed to have sex and assume women are going to be into it even if they don't clear it with them first. Insanity.

  67. I think there's a myriad of men in the replies here who hopefully practice consent enough that they don't really see this as an issue. One can hope.

  68. This!!! I have ptsd and hate when anyone touches my neck. I don't like seeing it either because for me it's not sexy, it reads as a mortal threat.

  69. Seriously, I'm not one to yuck anyone's yum, but I have strong personal feelings that this needs to stop being normalized.

  70. "You told me a hundred times how your father left and he's gone. But I wish you wouldn't call me daddy when we're getting it on."

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