What sucked as a kid, but is fucking awesome as an adult?

  1. Made the mistake of going canoeing with my 10yo nephew. Not another soul in sight. Just sounds of nature; picture perfect day... I was just relaxing and taking it all in. Happy to be away from the rat race.

  2. For stuff no-one sees like socks and underwear this is fine. But I still prefer to choose what I wear. Clothing style is one of the ways I express what kind of person I am and I feel guilty getting something I won't wear because it doesn't suit my style or tastes. Though "practical" clothing like stuff I can just wear while gardening so it doesn't matter if it gets stained or dirty or whatever I'm less picky with if I never intend leave the house or yard with it on.

  3. Christmas in general was great as a kid, now it feels more like a chore. Let's trade stuff that each other don't really necessary want/need, because if we did we would buy them for ourselves...because we are adults.

  4. Unless you’ve developed a weird adult form of anxiety and depression where the next day can feel so overwhelming that you don’t want to fall asleep because you’ll have to face that shit sooner from your overloaded brain’s prospective …hypothetically. I mean I’d imagine someone out there might feel like that occasionally, and that would be understandable if they did.

  5. What do you mean, I’m gonna stay up and watch stupid re-runs if Seinfeld or play Skyrim until too late then wake up in the morning and SWEAR TO GOD I WONT DO THAT TO MYSELF AGAIN then totally do it again.

  6. Showers are one of the best things for my mental health. No matter how shitty life is for me, a shower makes me clean and calm, even if just for a bit.

  7. My body seems to be missing a nap mode. I always wake up from them feeling more miserable than before. Not only am I still tired, but sleepy snd confused too.

  8. I remember when I was a kid, probably 8-9 years old, my mom wanted me to take an afternoon nap and I was crying cuz I didn't want to and wanted to play/watch cartoons instead. My older brother's friend happened to be hanging out at home and hearing the fuss he told me - Kid, trust me, when you get older, you would give an arm and a leg to get a 10 min nap, so go get some good rest now!

  9. Haha, yes. I remember when I was younger I used to tell my parents I hated going to bed early because I wanted to stay up and game or watch movies. They always told me I’ll eat my words when I’m older, and oh lord was they right.

  10. I used to hate forced naps, my daycare had them and I absolutely despised them. To he honest, I still don't like the quiet hours during the day, or napping in general - if you're tired and you fall asleep then have to wake up again in 30 min - you feel even more tired, because now melatonin kicked in and still don't feel rested.

  11. ? one of the reasons why it is amazing to be adult is that exactly this (should be) not a topic anylonger.

  12. Came to say this, it’s even better when you have kids of your own. You get them to bed by 7:30ish, look at your partner and then go to bed (and sleep) yourselves.

  13. I work six days with Sundays off. I make sure to get all the stuff like grocery shopping, laundry, and other menial tasks done durring the rest of the week. Sunday is my do to nothing if I like. Sometimes I don't even put on pants. If the neighbors don't like it then fuck 'em. They shouldn't be looking in my windows anyway.

  14. I love doing nothing on the weekends but it tends to make it feel like the weekend flies by, and makes the time feel short. Which in turn makes it feel like you spend all your time at work. So now I want to do something over the weekend just so it feels like I had a weekend.

  15. Had a moment like this not too long ago. Was thinking "I wish it was someone's birthday so I could have some chocolate cake.......wait! I'm an adult with a driver's license and a bank account. I can make my own cake for no reason at all!"

  16. You know you're an adult when you walk down the candy aisle at the grocery store and realize you can buy as much candy as you want, but decide not to because it would upset your stomach.

  17. I’ll take mind blowing surprise pizza my parent ordered cuz they were too lazy to cook fish sticks over depression pizza knowing that I just blew 1/12th of my rent because I have no self control and always get the wings too.

  18. I miss the nature docs I watched as a kid. The new ones are fine but the 70s and 80s nature docs were fire. But I love me a good doc.

  19. I credit most of this to the quality of documentaries improving over the years. There was the occasional gem like Hoop Dreams and Thin Blue Line, but if that 4K Blue Planet shit came out when I was a kid? Game over.

  20. I'm the opposite. I loved alone time as a kid because I felt most peers were trouble and the family was a lot to deal with. Now I kinda hate being all alone with no family or friends. It's kinda sad.

  21. Scrolling through these comments like… yep to that, also yup to that, oh hell yeah naps rock, mmhmm love me some Home Depot, fuckin love coffee, nice socks are great, plus one for bed time…

  22. Kind of weird story: when I was a kid my room had this intricately-patterned wallpaper. Sometimes I would wake up with my face pointed at the wall about a foot away, and I would see these strange little things that appeared to be floating above the wall's surface; after I blinked a few times, they would disappear. I tried telling my parents about this but they just thought I was crazy.

  23. To me, the biggest change is going from overcooked ones into actually well prepared ones. It is a huge difference, especially with broccoli. These days a spicy broccoli noodle soup is among my favourite dishes.

  24. Even as a kid, I never understood why other kids were being so picky about what vegetables they ate. I always loved vegetables as a kid, and I still do now. Broccoli? Hell yeah! Brussels sprout? Can’t get enough. And everything in between.

  25. Totally. My maternal grandparents were pretty young when my mom was born, so I'm lucky to still have them healthy, active and involved in my life at age 25 (and to have known my great grandmother on that side when I was a child), but I also know that my dad was not much older than me when his dad passed away. The only bad thing about having good parents is becoming an adult and realizing that someday you'll have to face the world without them.

  26. Opposite here. I have fond memories of hanging out with my parents as a kid. As a adult I had to cut contact with them because I couldn't take their shit anymore.

  27. Yeah :/ my mom passed away this year and it sucks that I can’t visit or call her anymore 😔 never take their love and seeing them for granted 😞

  28. As a kid I remember my mother telling me that a husband should never give his wife household items as a gift. And now that I’m a big girl with a house and a husband… I LOVE when he buys me fancy kitchen or cleaning tools. Ooooh that instant pot!!! Oooooh that fancy vacuum!!! Wooooo cast iron cookware- functional for cooking on induction, fire, wood stove, or for use as a weapon in a pinch. Gimme those household items that make my life simpler. Yeeessssss

  29. the other day my mom told me that as a teen I complained on a trip to various small towns in Oregon that there were "no malls." lol I now appreciate a trip to somewhere rural with beautiful trees and I wouldn't set foot in a mall if you paid me

  30. My parents cannot wrap their heads around the fact that adult pixieled hates being on the phone so much because 13yo pixieled lived on the phone.

  31. My parents always made a habit of taking drives on nice weekend days, usually very scenic. There was a point in my teens where I hated it or went reluctantly and listened to my Walkman (yep I’m old) and read books begrudgingly in the back seat. As an adult I find myself wanting to take those drives more and more!

  32. Costco wasn't around when I was a kid, but it definitely tracks as one of those mundane adult things that's heaps of fun, I love visiting the shrine to western decadence

  33. Gosh I couldn’t stand Costco as a kid. The only thing that made it worth it was my mom would buy me a pizza slice and a churro every time we went …but shopping inside the warehouse felt like ages were passing by. Absolutely dreadful. Now as an adult, my husband and I really enjoy shopping at Costco! Can’t even remember when the switch happened.

  34. Hard disagree on this one. As a kid, we LOVED Price Club days. Get to ride on the pallet shopping cart and get all the free samples. Now as an adult, we gotta deal with crowds and worrying about how we're gonna spend our entire paycheck yet again.

  35. "Well, you see, teacher, my dad left to get the milk a month ago and hasn't come back since, my mom is at home wrestling with a big black man named Tyrese, and my uncle said he'd drive me only if I played the touching game with him, so I had to take a cab here"

  36. Depends on what the context is. I've had my feelings really badly hurt by someone I cared about constantly cancelling on me. I got it the first time, maybe the second. But after the 6th time, I noped out.

  37. Mowing my lawn.. hated when my dad made me cut the front AND the back when I was a kid, but now it’s relaxing and I take pride in it.

  38. Ha I still detest mowing the lawn. I pay a lawn guy. I don't know why, but it takes me the entire day to mow, and will involve much swearing and at least one violent throw of the weed-wacker.

  39. Living in the country. Moved to the country from the city as older kid and absolutely hated it! Now as an adult stuck in the city, I am so envious of my parents still living in the country.

  40. Crockpots. I think my mom just never cooked anything but pot roast in them. Soooo many good recipes and so easy. Also great for saving money and making food to save in freezer. God i love my crockpot.

  41. Talking to your peers or strangers. I would get shit on for trying to make friends in school, and it put me off speaking to people for a while. Though it has become a ton better as people are more wise and open when they become adults.

  42. Just talking to people. I remember being so bored at adult parties with no other kids to play with and now I understand talking and socializing is fun.

  43. I couldn't openly with no worries beat my meat in my room with the door wide open. Now I practically walk around naked or half naked when I want for as long as I want.

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