What is the best struggle meal?

  1. Except can goods in general are way more expensive in Hawaii- and SPAM is especially sold at a premium. It’s like $4 a can at the local market. $6ish at 7-11… though some of the bigger supermarkets it’s cheaper.

  2. I haven’t been to the Korean store so idk how expensive seaweed is but my grandma gives me that with some seaweed every time I go to her apartment. It’s one of my favorite things

  3. I know this is a bit gourmet relative to this, but try the Shin Ramyun brand ramen some time. It is so fucking good, especially the Black one. It's surprisingly close to standard restaurant ramen. About 2 bucks, bigger portion than most ramen.

  4. The comfort food I had when poor as fuck was grilled cheese that you dip in warm tomato soup. Taste like pizza, I still do it from times to times.

  5. Idk about tasting like pizza, but where I grew up tomato soup was the natural complement to make a meal with a grilled cheese

  6. Try Shin Ramyun. It's bigger and costs a little bit more. But it blows the others out of the water. Especially the Shin Ramyun Black one. Has some vegetables and mushrooms in it.

  7. A couple of cans of tuna (in oil or water, as you like), drained. Prepare a box of macaroni and cheese (the deluxe if you can swing it). Add a little finely chopped onion, half a bag of cooked frozen peas, salt and pepper. Give it a dash or three of celery salt if you have it, really makes the dish. Heat it through, stirring occasionally, serve. Hey presto, stove top tuna casserole.

  8. Ha! Been there. I would get home from work hungry and not have any food or any money to buy food. If you go to sleep that will be 8 hours of not thinking about food. Hopefully the direct deposit from work is in the bank by the morning.

  9. I used to just put a slice of bread with a slice of cheese in the microwave for like 20 seconds and then roll it up

  10. Boil 3 cups of water, add some frozen mixed veggies, boil 3-5 minutes, add 2pkg chicken ramen noodles and seasoning, cook 3 min. Stir in about 1 cup mashed potato flakes and a tin of canned chicken or some leftover chicken.

  11. Even classic "struggle" meals can be out of reach for a lot of people these days with food prices the way they are, but one I grew up loving was something my family called "peas, beans and spaghetti."

  12. Fav struggle dessert is white bread with butter & cinnamon toasted in the oven on some aluminum foil 👌 always my favorite regardless of how much money I do or don’t have

  13. Ramen with an egg as it's finishing in a pot. Lazy version of egg drop soup, but some fats and protein are great additions to a meal that's otherwise just carbs and sodium. Nice texture too, which helps when meals are lacking in variety.

  14. When I was on the streets I’d get Dentyne Moore beef stew for under $2. Ya cheaper options existed but it has everything you need, tastes really good and unlike most of these answers you don’t need to do any prep on a table you might not have.

  15. Sliced hotdogs cubed potatoes shredded onion all fried together aka poor mans meal. Youtube great depression cooking with Clara. Egg on top-optional. The family and I ate a lot of this when I missed 6 months of work due to broken arm slipped disc in back and 3 rounds of covid.

  16. Kid born in the early 70s here. Take some generic canned raviolis and heat them up. Toast some white bread and butter that. Put some cheese or “cheese flavored food” on the toast and make a sandwich with the raviolis and bread. DAMN!!!

  17. Greek yogurt and granola are both expensive af where I’m from. That is definitely the opposite of a struggle meal around these parts 😅

  18. Much better now thanks!! Been back to work for 3 months. I'm a sub contractor so If I don't work I don't get paid. But we survived. Definitely a struggle but we were surprisingly happy for all the time spent together!!!! A blessing in disguise to say the least.

  19. Brown rice, black beans, salt, pepper, cumin, red pepper chili flakes. Chips, tortillas, or hot sauce if you have a few extra bucks. Gives you a full protein and pretty tasty.

  20. My grandma used to make buttered macaroni noodles with scrambled eggs and some bacon in it. It slaps hard but my wife hates it. I make it for myself from time to time.

  21. Rice. You can do a shitload of things with rice and some basic seasonings and whatever veg/meats you can afford, plus all you need to cook it is a pot with a lid and a heat source

  22. Everyone's preferences and dietary needs vary, However, some popular struggle meals include ramen noodles, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and macaroni and cheese. These meals are typically quick and easy to prepare, and can be filling even with limited resources.

  23. Depends what you mean by best. Best as in most economical? Best tasting? Most filling? The answer to all three would probably be stir fry/fried rice.

  24. You can make vegetarian chili on the cheap. Just buy store brand canned beans, tomato paste, an onion or two, some fresh (or canned) hot peppers, and any tomato based sauce (I've even used tomato soup before, my go-to is enchilada sauce though).

  25. fried salmon, I know it's not the cheapest but I buy a slice of salmon for a decent price at the supermarket, cut it into slices and just fry it with some butter salt and pepper.

  26. I love potato leek soup, 2 kg baking potatoes, 3 leeks, boil in hot water with vegetable broth cubes and blend, add a bit of cream for texture and fried bacon on top. Taste with salt and plenty of pepper

  27. Sweet potato or in my country we call Kumara. Very cheap for its weight. My ancestors, Maori and Irish, both cultivated and consumed this tuber. Drizzle with your favorite condiment.

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