What is the worst baby name you've ever heard?

  1. All the Ben Dover's I've met have been really cool dudes. Not a bad name to be honest although I definitely see some instances where some people would think you're fucking with them when you give them your name.

  2. I have a friend/acquaintance named Rainbow. She hates it, always goes by her middle name (normal name), but someone always finds out and then in everyone in her new job/social circle calls her Rainbow. She’s a lovely, awesome person! It’s too bad

  3. Years ago I met a girl with the last name Beaux (I think that’s how it was spelled) her parents named her Crystal Rain. Crystal Rain Beaux.

  4. Nevaeh which is heaven spelled backwards. Always a white trash mom who doesn’t know how to spell heaven forwards even with her own daughter’s name for reference

  5. My aunt (by marriage) named her first child McKayLeh (pronounced Mick - Kay - Lee). Honestly, if you're gonna be naming your kids after items on the McDonalds menu, your right to parent should be revoked.

  6. Khaleesi....there's a generation named after a fictional despot who went mad in the poorly-written last arc of a TV show. Honestly, it's kind of hilarious when you forget that these are real kids we're talking about here.

  7. My wife was a records clerk at a hospital for a while. She had several files she had to store and Female was the patient's first name. She was told it rhymes with Emily.

  8. My Aunt Gert and my Auntie Trudy are going to haunt your ass. But Gert was afraid of loud noises and Trudy is pretty nice so it’ll be pretty ok as far as hauntings go I think.

  9. I have an Analee in my class this year. I can't not think about how I have to write the word "anal" every time I write her name 🥴

  10. Rainbow Butterfly. She went by Butterfly. Mom wanted to name her Rainbow Butterfly Sparkle but dad couldn’t get on board with sparkle.

  11. Savory. (My nephew’s old roommate’s kid. She should be about 18 now. My nephew’s wife once made a joke about keeping that kid off of a pole, but that was before pole dancing as a workout became a thing.)

  12. Neanderthal. No joke. And yes, my aunt works as a administrator for a school and said she meant a girl named Anita Dick. Parents are cruel.

  13. Stormi. Why? Why not an actual, normal name instead of a name that a 10 year old would give to their edgy emo character?

  14. X Æ A-XII Musk. How do you even pronounce that? They're trying so hard to be different, if I was named that I would be so embarrassed.

  15. Rhyme. I am not kidding! Pronounced like the word rhyme, like a nursery rhyme. My co worker and his wife had their first son and of all the names they could have chosen for the boy…Rhyme? Rhyme!

  16. My nieces cousins (not my side of the family) are called Capri, Cruz and Memphis. All I think when I hear them is Pants, Boat and America (we are all Aussie so Memphis was a surprise.

  17. Used to work for a school picture comoany... lots of questionabke.names but the most memorable would prob be: YaHiness (pronounced your highness), Demonic, Synsire (sincere), Icy, Koi, Brailsford, Tamorrow, Dune, Kurrency, Pocket, and honest to God... Cinderella.

  18. I know a guy named Robert Dawn, but everyone calls him Dicky Dawn or Double D’s. That would probably be the worst.

  19. I literally can't spell or pronounce it but an old friend of mine and wis wife looked back through old census data to find the least used name in history and they found one from like 2000 years ago in Norway and named her that...like ly guy there's a reason no one used that name in 2000 years.

  20. It wasn't a baby name, but I knew a guy who changed his name every few years. The last I'd heard of, he'd changed his last name to "Everybodywantstotalkto" (everybody wants to talk to) so that, when he had to go last name/first name, his name would read "Everybodwantstotalkto" firstname. Sadly, I don't remember his first name.

  21. I am surprised as I scrolled down and none of Kanye’s kids names were on here. North West, Chicago West. I mean seriously what are they going to think when they grow up.

  22. Brazilian : Regeitado dos Santos Silva Rejected (misspelled : rejeitado is the right word) and "dos Santos Silva" is the more generic surname that you can use here.

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