What is one thing that tells you with 100% certainty that someone is boring?

  1. 99% of the time someone has introduced themselves as an entrepreneur, my night has been very, very boring.

  2. This right there. “I’m an entrepreneur” as opposed to actually telling you what they do like “I have my own small software company” or “I’m an independent wine broker” inexorably leads to either MLMs or the revelation that they have a business idea that hasn’t happened yet but would benefit from funding.

  3. I rented a room in a condo from a guy like that, north of Toronto (Thornhill), when I was desperate and trying not to be homeless (26F at the time). He had started multiple "companies" yet was home all day supposedly working on them from his laptop and recliner. He had a shrine of dirty dishes in the kitchen that were never washed the entire 2 months I was there, and I wasn't allowed to wash a dish in the sink basin and had to wash it under the running tap water, otherwise the dishes would acquire the smell of the sink, according to him. He showed me a mockup of a pamphlet or something advertising something related to one of his "businesses" which promised an enlightening event of vague wellness bullshit.

  4. People who are too insecure to own their weirdness, or who never even explore it to begin with, are baffling to me.

  5. One time somebody gave me this sort of look when I said I prefer one shopping centre over another, like, I really don’t know why me saying that warranted her looking at me like that.

  6. And if they have kids, their entire personality is about their kids life/interests. There’s nothing worse than a boring person who becomes a parent.

  7. No interests or hobbies. “My work is my life” or “nah I don’t really care about anything” “I’m not too into anything at the moment”

  8. I have a friend who is like this. She has now realised why her own relationships never worked out. I feel sad for her as she’s a very nice girl. Tv is her only interest but not many people take that as a hobby. I do but even if i didn’t I would still listen and make an effort to be interested in it.

  9. Thats what I like about my girlfriend. Most of the time I have absolutely no clue about what she is talking about and to be frank no interest in the subject alltogether.

  10. So I've had a problem with this for a while. I don't feel like I can talk passionately about things I like, especially with strangers. So I feel like I'm boring when I meet new people because I reserve that passion for the people closest to me (who probably get annoyed by how long I can talk about these things).

  11. You suddenly start feeling the energy leeched out of you and they keep talking. It’s like their feeding on your energy with frightening Banality.

  12. My mother is one of those. I can't stand to be around her for more than an hour or so and even then I am on edge the whole time ready to get the fuck outta there.

  13. "Interested people are interesting." In other words, people who don't take an interest and are not curious about others in a conversation are boring. Not asking questions from you and just talking about themselves is a clear red flag.

  14. Ooh! I had a friend in high school, I couldn't STAND! Every time someone was having a rough time of it and needed consoling, she'd purposely draw attention to herself, by telling the same story about this time when she was a kid and her dad locked her in her room for 3 days.

  15. I'm a sports fanatic type of guy, and I lead with that usually when meeting new guys, but if they're not seeming interested, I'll move on within a minute or two.

  16. Unfortunately I think I am definitely a boring person, i am very quiet and shy so I don't really talk much about anything. Its definitely the reason I have no friends

  17. Never too late to make a change if you really want to, the first step is gonna be the hardest. But each step will be easier than the last, usually it’s all mental.

  18. "I love clubbing and getting shit face drunk every week", people obsessed with alcohol in general and constantly brag about both as if it's something to be proud of...

  19. yeah i have a friend who’s all about clubbing and going out to bars drinking and it’s not really my thing and she kind of indirectly shames me for it.

  20. I don't see why clubbing and drinking isn't something to be proud of. It's people having fun. So long they aren't alcoholics or do nothing BUT clubbing then I see absolutely no problem with it.

  21. I love techno, house, dubste/riddm/trap, etc. The ultimate litmus test is asking them to list the performers they've seen and they have nothing. Just go to the club to show off and find women.

  22. When they're enlarging a hole that has already been drilled by means of a single-point cutting tool, such as in an engine cylinder, whether they're lineboring or backboring.

  23. If they always complain about being bored. What's the saying? If it smells like shit everywhere you go, you should check your shoe? Something like that.

  24. I mean I do say this because the alternative is admitting that 90% of my playlists are video game music and Siivagunner high quality rips. If I get this question I'm either gonna look boring or like a deranged madman, so I might as well take the former option.

  25. My favourite sound is silence. But I do have a playlist, it's just that I rarely listen to music. I am usually busy watching a video or reading somehing, and I dislike music as background noise (except for driving or cooking). If it's cool songs it's distcting me from what I'm doing, and if it's generic pop I've heard a million times already it's just annoying. This is just me though, I get that I am a little weird.

  26. Agreed. I don’t care what people do and I’m partial to it but when it is literally someone’s entire personality I already know we won’t have any fun.

  27. Unfortunately my anxiety with meeting new people makes me shy at first and I talk very short because my mind literally goes completely blank, it sucks so I wouldn't be surprised if people thought I was boring

  28. My most boring date was with someone like this. Asked her about hobbies "don't have any" asked her if she watches TV "not really, just soaps". Out of desperation for some kind of subject to talk about I even asked which ones, her answer was "whatevers on".

  29. Another older redditor here, also retired 25 years earlier than expected due to injury on deployment in Afghanistan. Boredom was my biggest fear when faced with early retirement, I did struggle with not knowing how to fill the time for quite a while. I now relish in the boredom, I earnt my time to do nothing, I owe no-one anything & I've learnt the freedom it gives can be inspiring. I've been able to travel overseas on a whim, have more time for hobbies, friends & family. I also don't have to answer to anybody. I'm still paying my way whilst enjoying being the stay at home guy in my relationship whilst my partner works. I believe more people need to just do nothing more often. I don't care if anyone says I'm boring, I'm in a position I know alot of people would like to be.

  30. When they can recite their entire life in 3 paragraphs & constantly repeat those paragraphs like you've never heard them before. Gets old very quickly

  31. They make a single thing their personality. They party wayyyy to often meaning usually partying is the main thing they do/want to do/ want to talk about.

  32. My Brother-in-law is exactly like this. You've defined him perfectly. I don't understand how a person can be so socially stunted while being so socially outgoing.

  33. Or they could be neurodivergent and trying to relate to others in a social setting. Happens all the time and they may not know it can come across as trying to "top" someone.

  34. Sometimes I think I'm a boring person simply because I don't talk a lot. Sometimes I wanna spend time with family and I feel bothered I don't talk a lot but I'm fine just as long as I can be with that person I don't care to make a conversation. I used to feel like I had to force myself to be creative to hold a conversation which did happen to my benefit yet it gets tiring trying to match other people's energy and my friends eventually faded away and I think that says a lot. I think it depends on the person in general how boring you are, you can be very entertaining to other while others can find you boring. Everyone has different interests. Those people that talk about 'money' and 'entrepreneur' stuff have friends that do the same and if your not on the same page then your boring. So being boring is subjective personally I feel like my interests are too different as compared to other folks as a teenager and there's nothing wrong with that.

  35. Does that kind of person still exist?? Friends fell out of cultural consciousness decades ago, it's gotta be bad if that's all they've got.

  36. When every conversation is just them complaining about how bad their life is and dismissing any advice you give. Their whole personality is basically being a victim.

  37. For me it’s when someone just can’t stop talking, regardless of topic, and just don’t fundamentally understand a conversation is a 2 way street. I’m not attending a lecture here!

  38. They either have no solid opinion on anything, or they do have strong opinions and criticize anyone who doesn't think like them.

  39. If their only hobby/ interest is watching sports or things related to sports. I am not a sports guy but hey if you like it great. But if all you do is watch sports and have no other hobby or interest than I know you are boring AF. Again just to clarify, watching sports is fine but I know some people not into music, don’t watch TV or movies, don’t play video games. All they do is watch sports, listen to sports radio talk shows, fantasy sports teams. I have nothing to talk to these people about cause all they can talk about is sports.

  40. When the first thing they start talking about is their kids. Like they have not a single personal hobby or interest that doesn't include their kids. I nope right out on those normies.

  41. Boring is subjective. Some people think libraries are boring, some people think football is boring, some people think video games are boring.

  42. I've gotten told i'm boring because I don't drink or do drugs/smoke. like yes i must be so boring for not wanting to do that to myself 🙄

  43. God, I had two whole dates with a guy who would do nothing but quote movies. It was his whole personality. I wanted to die.

  44. Won’t commit to a position on anything, agree with everything everyone says, too worried about being liked / agreeable to show what they really think.

  45. When they have a boring head on their milling machine it's a solid indicator but even with that they might be going to lunch instead.

  46. They went to London and stood in line for 14+ hours to view the coffin of a dead woman whom they’d never even met for about 45 seconds.

  47. People who say they are "career-oriented". I don't know why, but I just feel like people without hobbies outside of their job are boring AF. I mean unless your job is your hobby, but that's different. But, spending 40+ hours a week in an office with 90% of that time just catching up on emails? That is not a hobby dude. I like my job, but it ceases to exist when I leave the building.

  48. I don't mind if people don't read, its when they seem almost proud of it or that I am stupid for reading that I shut it down.

  49. Politics is definitely a big one, it’s very boring, but also frustrating as all hell, because that’s ALL my family wants to talk about, even when I go on family reunion trips that’s LITERALLY the MAIN discussion!! it gets freaking annoying and it’s ridiculously obsessive!!!!

  50. I avoid that topic like the plague. It can go VERY wrong VERY quick. Maybe when we know each other better, but it can still go bad pretty quickly and ruin friendships and probably even relationships.

  51. The one that talks smack and trys to hide it. Like him saying bro i just picked up to b**tches like why do you gotta say it like that your disrespecting woman,

  52. If there's any mention of "smoke you out/ smoke me out" lines or if it's going to be the major hangout activity. Tells me that's the most interesting thing about you and that's an instant no. Let's play games or cook or go to the park, anything but sitting there burning away life getting nothing meaningful done.

  53. People who shit on popular things or things liked by many people while also having no real interests/hobbies of their own.

  54. If anything it's people who love horror movies, they're all the same and too unbelievable to really get into

  55. When they don't have any of the same interests that I do, and their only interests consist of going to work, coming home, eating dinner and repeating and their idea of "Fun" is a quite night of parcheesi or dominos with the neighbor and his wife while lightly sipping wine and having polite conversations about politics and the weather.

  56. I’ve never really thought of another human being as boring. If you think of people the same way you think of tv shows, video games, books, or other forms of entertainment, then you should probably reevaluate your relationships with people and how you interact with others.

  57. That's a silly response tbh. People absolutely are capable of being dull, ie your interactions with them bore you because they don't seem to have any exciting interests or passions. It doesn't mean you think of others as a mere source of entertainment.

  58. When I see “enjoy anime, video games, plants” in the bio, I safely assume there won’t be a single original thought to come out of them

  59. But what if you’re just really passionate about the weather ? It’s finally cold enough to eat soup for every meal? You best believe I’ll be talking about that.

  60. They can’t think of any original questions for Reddit and ask one that was asked less than an hour ago; they just reword it differently

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