What do you hate about the education system?

  1. it's flawed and undervalued, and the odds of it getting fixed are about as much as a mouse flying to the moon to take a bite of cheese

  2. How grades are so emphasized in order for a student to pass instead of if they actually understand or not. Most students only do what they have to to pass not to learn and actually understand what they’re being taught

  3. Well.... this is, in fact, why tests were created in the first place... one would think that you need to know the parts of the cell to be able to label them...

  4. My guy I’m 15, my dads angry that I got a fucking C. In a single class. When I got As everywhere else. Well I got a camera in my fucking room now so that’s fun.

  5. Attendance. My last year of highschool was the only time I was chronically ill in my school career. as much as schools like to say that they accommodate people with disabilities and chronic illnesses, they don’t. Especially if it isn’t a visible one. I had a head injury and it resulted in neurological issues and migraines so bad that i couldn’t open my eyes without projectile vomiting. Even with countless notes from specialist doctors and even after a phone call with one of them, they refused me an IEP because, and i quote “You can’t predict when you are going to have a migraine”. They said I couldn’t get one because I wouldn’t be able to set specific days to come late/leave early. I know now that that was bullshit, they just didn’t beleive me. I almost didn’t graduate because I missed too many days. None of my teachers would work with me either. I threatened to get a lawyer involved if they sent another letter about attendance to my house. But jokes on them I graduated with a 4.0. I just really dislike how they make attendance #1 importance but there’s literal children going to school in severe pain and getting other people sick. Makes no sense.

  6. I was also chronically ill my senior year. I was actively bleeding out because of my period. I lost 1/3 of my blood I was bleeding so much. I got diagnosed with PCOS and had to miss a week of school. My immune system didn't quite recover from that. The whole year I would get sick with something almost every month. It was hell. Before that I had maybe only missed 3 days in 4 years. I was lucky that I had a 504 plan in place that allowed me some leeway but it had to be amended after I got so sick.

  7. My school didn’t have proper heating in winter. I have issues with being cold all the time and limbs going numb. Wore a ski jacket to school and was still freezing. They left the AC on in the hallways, cafeteria and bathrooms. The classrooms were hit and miss.

  8. It’s money. In a lot of districts, part of a school’s funding is proportional to student attendance. It sucks so bad.

  9. Same. I struggled with sleep and many nights I just couldn’t sleep. I was a zombie at school and I missed a lot of classes because I was too tired to attend. A doctor gave me pills which didn’t help me sleep at all, just zoned me out. It was a real problem but I think I was just seen as lazy. I still struggle with sleep but it’s much better now.

  10. Unfortunately many states or local funding is based on both district enrollment and butter actively in seats. Tying funding like that as well as to real estate taxes is absolutely criminal, school funding should be equitable no matter what.

  11. The idea of blocking graduation because you missed days is ridiculous. If you can pass all the assessments at a suitable standard, that should be sufficient even if you’ve never attended a single class: if bot, the problem is the assessments. The only reason I can see for making attendance a requirement is if there’s a inculturation aspect to education, but most countries officially say there isn’t.

  12. I got punished for not using the method the teacher taught us in math class once, and I was the only one who solved the homework correctly

  13. Major events and tragedies in American history are left out. Personally, I didn't even know about the Stonewall riots or Tulsa Race Massacre until I was in my 20's.

  14. The school food should be way more nutritious. I work at a middle school and the quality of lunches and snacks is totally ridiculous if we’re expecting these kids to develop good eating habits.

  15. I feel like school lunches are taken for granted these days. To dry, bland burgers and pizza that tastes like cardboard and bruised fruits, students deserve way better than this. No wonder you hear stories about parents being disgusted at what cafeterias serve them. Hardly any of the foods provide adequate nutrition or keep them fulfilled.

  16. You give them good, actually nutritious food and they'll do better in school, so do that if you actually want the students to succeed instead of just becoming corpo zombies.

  17. If your expecting those kids to develop at all, probably stop feeding them the roaches you find behind the fridge

  18. We let a few bad apple kids and a few bad apple parents fuck up the experience for everyone else. Why? Because they have a right to education.

  19. It’s behind on current times. High school specifically could be treated more like a community college. Everyone screams for “free college” well there you go make high school college.

  20. Or someone who taught HS social studies (not knocking social studies) for 3 years 15 years ago, evaluating a kinder teacher.

  21. The fundamental misunderstanding of the purpose of what's happening. By the students, by the parents, and often times by the administrators. Always by the school board members. Pretty often by teachers too.

  22. Oh man. Advisors don’t advise. Their job is student retention so if you have tough questions about your degree, they’ll talk you into not switching majors (ask me how I know this).

  23. Post Secondary Education has become a business where the goal is to make the Universities alot of money by using to many sessional instructors, relying heavily on international students and shifting towards online learning ( which is has less overhead) but still charging the same (or more) then traditional in class learning

  24. The system is like a filter: if your IQ and learning style match, you stay; if not, you'll drown. The worst thing is that those that drown receive very little help.

  25. Hate? It doesn't really work. Money is often poured into it, yet teachers are somehow still underpaid and most students under educated. At least in the US. It is the primary drain on local tax systems.

  26. It needs a rewrite from top to bottom. More emphasis on life skills. Less emphasis on grades (both level and letter). Stop teaching like it's the 1950s. Giving kids a Chromebook and posting their grades online is not an effective use of the technology we have available today. And "one size fits all" is not an effective teaching method. Bright kids can't excel, and slower kids can't work at a pace (or in a manner) that works better for them. Oh and rote memorization needs to go. It doesn't work.

  27. I am a teacher, and I would LOVE to see a system where kids move to the next level when they're ready rather than by age/experience. So. It would be entirely possible to have an emerging reader doing long division and chemistry.

  28. Kids being forced to tolerate and be accepting of mental, physical, sexual and social abuse from their peers

  29. The fact that teachers are able to grade in their own way, one of my teachers graded by decimals, which when put into the online website for our grades and stuff, rounded down so it could be 89.99 and it would turn into an 80. She was the only reason I didn't get a 4.0 GPA all of middle school.

  30. With all of the new and current research done on how people learn and the best way to go about teaching people, our current system (US) feels archaic and "behind the times" in a way.

  31. 90% of what is taught is never used practically in real life. It focuses too much on memory rather than teaching kids simply just how to find the answer and solve a problem. Yes memorizing things is very helpful but solving most problems in everyday life simply require you to know where to find the answer to your problem and the best way to solve it.

  32. I hate having to be relieved that my kid's 2nd grade class has practiced what to do if/when there is an active shooter roaming the hallways.

  33. That the goal of the education system in north America is not rooted in the education of students, if it was it would emphasize teaching empathy, critical thinking, balance, negotiating, learning new skills, managing your emotions, and relaxation outside of work.

  34. Its complexity. By the 10th grade, the education system should prepare you for the life you see going forward to, regardless the subject. They instead stuff you with subjects that doesn't give anything valuable to your life as an adult. School should've been a place where I would grow and trace a path to my adult life, instead it gave me a sad life where I don't know what I want to do, as an adult - just because its complexity and lack of guiding a student.

  35. YES!! This is more of an American education system thing, but trades need to get pushed way more than they are! We have a shortage of trades right now and why? Because the schools decided shop class was for dumb kids and took it away.

  36. Teacher unions prevent a lot of bad teachers from being fired. Students and parents alike treat all teachers like garbage. A lot of students are not taught the value of learning and are programmed to become so obsessive over marks and grades that they base their entire self worth on a number.

  37. I once had a teacher who let us do whatever the fuck we wanted, it took 27 fist fights and a threat to kill someone to get the guy fired edit; that’s what happened in the class, we didn’t threaten to kill people to get him fired

  38. Unneeded Prerequisites, lack of practical life skills taught, underpays teachers, over obsession with g.p.a, accommodations for disabilities aren’t taken seriously, forcing you to do course work outside of school; counselors/advisors rarely make an effort to help students

  39. As a parent of a child with autism, adhd and anxiety disorder I want to put my head through a wall daily. IEPs don't mean shit.

  40. Special Ed classes often feels like a place where they want to put kids they don't want to deal with. I remember in high school, it seemed like it the 18-year-old freshmen outweighed the kids with actual learning disabilities in those classes.

  41. In the US we pay upwards of 30k and the kids don’t even graduate. My brother works at a private high school and the tuition is 10k and 93% of their kids go on to graduate from COLLEGE.

  42. It’s totally screwed, we just learn on computers. We’re not taught anything useful that well actually use a day in our lives

  43. They say they prepare you for you're future but they don't know what you're future has ahead of you AND most of the things they teach you have nothing to do with it. Plus homework. Homework sucks.

  44. The amount of hours, underpaid teachers that leads to unqualified teachers that also don't care and don't listen to kids.

  45. A teacher friend of mine, her husband passed away and she had to take up a second job at a fast food joint to support herself and the children. She's always worried about making ends meet.

  46. They don't focus on doing what is best for the child's actual education. Instead they focus on teaching to scoring well on a standardized test for the school's benefit

  47. The fact that 98% of what you learn at school is a waste. Thank you school for teaching me how to calculate the surface area of a cylinder I definitely need that in my everyday life

  48. Its basically about memorization, school should teach about life and how to live after you turn 18 and are on your own - who gives a f about almost anything i learned in highschool even tho i was an honors kid i use like 2% of all the shit they taught us, like what was the point

  49. All the irrelevant classes. All the repetitive content just under different names over the years (more so in college). The lack of prepping people for life. It’s just temporary memorization of too much information. Many teachers act like their class is a student’s only class and overloads them with work.

  50. People blame the curriculum and teachers for their failure when most of the time it’s their innate disinterest and procrastination to blame.

  51. My husband got yelled at last week because 27 of 153 students are failing his class. They all had at least one assignment not turned in.

  52. They’ll joke that they “don’t get paid enough to” but I think you don’t have to be paid to save a child from suffering

  53. The mandatory subjects you have to take, and how more “creative” students who struggle with STEM are seen as dumber than STEM excelling students who are hardly creative. Both are equally important, and it’s important to have both! Why are all the arts only seen as electives?

  54. That math is waaaaaaaaaay to overweighted. Lots of people don’t understand the advanced mathematics. And that’s what prevents you from getting a post secondary education. Even if what you are taking requires zero mathematics in practice, you still need to have taken those courses before you’re allowed to go to school for what you want. Then there’s me. My job as a machinist is nothing but math and I didn’t have to have any math courses to become a machinist…

  55. Core classes are dumb past middleschool. English, health, pe, and history make sense but math and science beyond those levels is entirely career specific and should be vocational. In place there should be a bigger emphasis on sociology, psychology, or philosophy and vocationals that are more possibly career specific. Job fairs should be more common too so people can see what sort of careers they can get into or work towards.

  56. That’s it’s not equal. Children who live in poorer communities get a much worse education than those that live in wealthier areas

  57. The weird thing about it all is that on the other side of it, you realize that those who live life according to the textbooks and habits and 'acceptable behaviours' that schools lay out are often failures, while those who take the time to improve outside of school become your billionaires and entrepeneurs. You don't ever look at a guy with that kind of money and success and say 'damn, he must have paid attention in math and identified as a wolf in high school', you say 'damn, that's what a mf who took time to get disciplined and learned what he knows through personal research and experience'. School teaches you to be a drone; those who realize this become the people who run the drones.

  58. It doesn't educate. It teases and tortures the mind. Then moves on to another subject before you can get a grasp of the subject matter.

  59. It is so rigid. There is so much pressure to conform and do well in school that it stifles creativity and individuality. I also hate how the education system fails to prepare students for the real world. It doesn't teach them how to manage their finances or how to find a job after graduation. The education system is also very exclusive. It favors wealthy students who can afford to pay for private tutors and expensive schools.

  60. Its abnormally stupid and useless most of a time,they teach you useless math formulas and that kinde of shit that you need to know just to pass grade, in life when you grew up u dont need most of that you learned at school

  61. During my time in college studying media in the handful of years before covid the lecturers were doing their best to include all of these classes that students were requesting. Blocks of classes devoted to how to do budget and do taxes, trying to teach about a lot of geeky mediums and genres to appeal to the fans in the class, stuff like that. Half the class didn’t even attend the budgeting classes and of the ones that did there was like 3 of us paying attention and we were the older students who already knew this stuff. Similar story with the other subjects. The college put time and effort into teaching about comics and anime and what happened was the fans took the attitude of “I already know this stuff so I don’t need to be here” and most of the non-fans just zoned out and treated it as something to get out of the way. All it did was waste months worth of time and resources that could’ve been spent on the more important subjects that the course was supposed to be focusing on.

  62. That it's not able to be tailored to the individual. Not all of us learn the same way. Not all of us learn at the same rate. Not all of us are able to absorb material at the same time as our peers. Oh, and what Texas has done to our text books.

  63. schools trying to force everyone to be the same person and not allowing for creativity and personal expression (also shitty comSci teachers)

  64. The continued increase in tuition, how when I was taking classes I had to by a book written by the professor…seems sus even today.

  65. That homeschoolers are looked down upon, while my kid is the most well behaved one I know. He is also severely autistic…

  66. Teacher's unions. They don't care about the kids. At all. In fact they will often do things directly detrimental to the kids and in many states teachers are both forced to join them to get the job and for ed to participate in strikes they may not even support, and up until a recent SCOTUS ruling they could require membership dues from people required to be members and spend that money on political candidates that member may not even support.

  67. There’s no reflection of real life in the UK. Don’t teach you how to apply for ID documents, what a national insurance number is, how do you claim benefits if needed, credit and how you can fudge your life up pretty quickly if you don’t understand it. Instead they teach you trigonometry and you learn what order the planets are in 👍🏼

  68. Honestly, pay a ton of money to learn a skill, but end up being required to take a bunch of unrelated classes in order to fulfill some abstract graduation requirements.

  69. Just the fact that at only SEVEN my child already feels like there are appropriate times to eat or use the restroom/she can’t use the restroom unless she’s SURE she has to go. That she has to be there for 8 hours like it’s a job. It makes me so sad for her.

  70. If you stick up for yourself, you’re not the victim, the person who fucked with you is, and YOU are considered the “bad guy”. So YOU get in trouble. Also, teachers don’t get the respect they deserve from other teachers, the district, their students and the students guardians. Or get paid enough either, which results in many of them having to use their own money on class items. And unfortunate shortage on teachers.

  71. Being forced to take classes I had zero interest in. Also the majority of grading pre college being based on busy work designed to waste time rather than demonstrations of understanding.

  72. the fact that we chose to make it harder. like when i hear a student complain about how difficult exams are or how much homework they have to finish people always respond to them with the “life isn’t easy” like i know it isn’t easy but the education system isn’t easy too and we made it that way. it never had to be so difficult for literally everyone.

  73. Almost all of it. Forced into uncomfortably large groups. The inherent tribalism and so bullying. Adolescents are at a stage where they have different patterns that just don't fit the way school is structured. Stuffing with facts that go nowhere instead of thinking skills that open the world. Leaving knowing the names of long-dead royalty but zero life-skills. That most schools are chronically underfunded. That the curriculum is designed by people decades out-of-touch with what young people need to know for todays world.

  74. Why must i waste 8 hours a day for absolutely nothing but attending classes. Put a college system, not all of us can learn from class and not all of us are meant for the educational system. But this system simply doesnt allow any other possibilities to be looked at besides school. Like if smn was simply not meant for college, high school doesnt offer any other options u use all ur willpower for those 8 hours and then additional willpower to get good grades. Leaves 0 time to look at possibilities outside of school and sometimes to even hang out with friends. Like my willpower is absolutely drained during test weeks and i feel like i cant do absolutely anything. I want good grades so now im forced to have pretty tight unproductive schedules that all only leave me with 1 option and that is college, but it even doesnt actually get me ready for college cuz the system is completely different ur now ur own boss, so my system would still shine in this environment

  75. It's a years-long system seemingly designed to prepare you for college entrance exams, but does little in the way of actually helping you discover what to do with your life.

  76. They say we are going to use all this material in the real world. But you aren’t gonna see a 30 year old trying to identify whether a tree that a dog pissed on, is a white birch or a beech tree. Only this you gonna use on the real world that is somewhat school related, is probably the insane amount of work you get.

  77. School boards don't give a damn about the children and the curriculum is always far from what kids actually need to learn. Money drives the whole fucking thing and it pisses me off.

  78. You can learn to do your taxes with a 5 minute read of any article. If you just receive a salary and have basic deductions it is so simple. It wouldn’t benefit much to teach “how to do taxes” so much as what taxes do, the concept of compound interest, etc.

  79. I have a Christian school background and will send my kids to a smaller Christian school in my rural area. My experience was that there was more innocence in my school. I had a good education as well. Not as many opportunities mind you, but with a good mentor I got a college degree and a good job. I think anyone can

  80. I get many people may get mad about me saying this... BUT I will say it anyway. The whole "no student left behind" thing. You see... It sounds good in theory... but in the end EVERY STUDENT IN THE CLASS IS WAITING FOR THE ONE KID WHO DOESNT WANT TO LEARN. Plus those who get the lesson quickly are really bored. I just hate it.

  81. That they teach kids garbage like critical race theory and gender studies. When they should be teaching them reading, writing, arithmetic ect.

  82. The way behaviour is treated. Kids can say the n word and noone bats an eye rather saying something about the royal family, god or politicians can end in suspension. - British public secondary school

  83. The teachers have stopped caring about actually teaching. These days, they tend to tell the students to look online for help instead of them helping the students themselves.

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