Which song has the most recognizable intro?

  1. The first eight seconds or so are pretty similar to Edge of Seventeen’s opening, at least from arm’s length. They’re distinct after that, though.

  2. When the lyrics immediately start with the name of the song, that’s kinda cheating. Since we’re talking about recognizability.

  3. So you do you mean the 20th Century Fox intro? Seriously anytime I watch any other movie that in front of it I’m always a little bit disappointed it doesn’t break into the Star Wars theme.

  4. Stairway to Heaven is the reason I was able to pass music in grade 6. We had to learn a song to play on the recorder for the last test and I didn’t even look in the book they gave us with simple songs but I heard Stairway to Heaven hundreds of times growing up so I knew it perfectly from memory. I did the intro and got an A.

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