What's your plan if nuclear war breaks out between NATO and Russia?

  1. I’m in Munich, so without Russia’s gas supply heating my home this winter, I will be mostly cold and then all of a sudden very hot and subsequently very vaporised.

  2. 5 years later you'll be hunted across the wasteland by the master card bounty hunters for your debt+interest

  3. yeh thats gonna be annoying not looking forward to outages... freaking ea cant get their servers to work.

  4. Yeah, it's fun the first couple of times, but then they start sending out multiple shockwaves, with the last one a second or two off just to fuck with the rhythm you had figured out.

  5. Being in the suburbs of Washington, D.C., I won't even know when it happens. My family and I will be vaporized instantly. Probably for the best. The survivors are going to be in for some unimagineable hell.

  6. You know, there is a theory that capitols may be exempt from initial attacks. That way, there is still a command and control to stop things before the whole world is destroyed.

  7. Same boat. It’s a curse and a blessing. If any location would have ICBM defense, it would be DC/Arlington.

  8. You live 2 miles from the Pentagon and I live less than 50 miles from one of the largest stores of Mercury (that I've heard), a building literally named "Highly Enriched Uranium Materials Facility", and the origins of the Manhatten Project and most of the buildings still around. I guess we are both screwed....

  9. Fellow DMVer. No point worrying about it. Either the seekrit anti-missile space lasers work or we get vaporized. There’s no in-between for anyone within 50 miles of DC.

  10. Hopefully they’d have the decency to start in the morning, I’d hate to go to work all day just to get vaporized when I clock out.

  11. Take a road trip to the nearby NATO base, sit in the grass outside, open a bottle of wine and smoke a few cigarettes. When the explosion comes I want to make sure I'm in the blast radius. There is 100% chance of not suffering.

  12. Yes. I don’t want to drag it out for months freezing or sweltering, starving, trying to find water, disease, roving bands of armed assholes robbing me for whatever I have. Instant vaporization, please.

  13. It now counts if you sit on a printer, photocopy your ass cheeks then kiss the sheet of paper. They’ve recently approved it

  14. I live down the road from an atomic weapons facility, so I plan on being a fine red mist about ten minutes after Putin pushes the button.

  15. ICBMs, which is all they have, take 30 minutes. I don't think any Russia SSBNs are seaworthy and they don't have enough Bears to make a difference against CONUS.

  16. You joke, but it’s actually a viable safety protocol. Most casualties from a nuke wouldn’t come from instant vaporization, but from the shockwave that knocks buildings down, blows out windows, and flings heavy objects around. If you’re even just a few miles away from ground zero, your chances of survival are exponentially greater if you take shelter.

  17. I'm going to call back and see what the fuck happens if I sign up for my vehicles extended warranty.

  18. I am going to turn on "We'll Meet Again" by Vera Lynn, get a lawn chair, put on my sunglasses, and take a nice radiation bath.

  19. I get pissy if I’m slightly too warm. You think I’m gonna fight to survive just to endure nuclear fallout and probably getting cancer anyway? Fuck that you dorks can have fun in your bunkers I’m out.

  20. I’m going to hide a box of instant mashed potatoes, 4 shotgun shells, and a collectible bobble head in a safe and scribble a note that holds a clue to the combination.

  21. Pfft loser, I’m gonna wear a nice costume and arrange all my bottles around my bathtub so I’m a hilarious skeleton. Also you can find a 10mm pistol up my ass or something idk

  22. Personally I'm going to try to position my leg in such a way that whoever finds me will get spooked when Gamebyro physics makes my skeleton fly across the room.

  23. This isn't a bad idea if you're not in the blast radius. If you can stay underground for 2 or 3 weeks after a major nuclear strike, most of the worst radiation will have dissipated by then. Just don't open any doors or windows that would let radioactive dust in. After a few weeks you could probably make it to a shelter somewhere, assuming your government is still functional.

  24. Laugh hysterically when Russia tries to instigate a nuclear holocaust but the bomb is a dud because someone replaced the Uranium with confetti in 1987.

  25. I'm fairly rural so I might stand a chance. I've got a decent amount of dried and tinned foods. If I have time I could fill the bath with water and not leave my house for a couple weeks. From their who knows? Hopefully some sort of structure would survive to distribute rations. Maybe find others and form some sort of community. Above all hope I don't die of radiation poisoning, that shit looks horrifying!

  26. Yeah, I'm rural enough to not get hit by the blasts, but if the radiation poisoning doesn't get you, the nuclear winter with no food will. Personally, I am on medication that keeps me alive. I won't outlast that.

  27. I'm going to my nearest safe, putting in 3 bottle caps, a couple $5 bills, seven .22 bullets, and a glass bottle of coca-cola. Oh, and some bobby pins in the nearby dresser.

  28. Buy a V8 Gt Falcon, a leather jacket, a dog and a shotgun, then drive around the country taking out bandits and motorcycles gangs, until I become a legend called the Road Warrior.

  29. One of my pet peeves is the common idea that a nuclear war necessarily means we are all doomed and the living will envy the dead. A full-blown, "FIRE EVERYTHING!!!" exchange would do that, yes.

  30. Edit: RIP my inbox. I hear what you all are saying, I was speaking more generally to the idea that there is a common belief that if a SINGLE nuke went off that everyone worldwide would immediately die. Which just isn’t true. I never said there would be no suffering, or a less than habitable world, and that many wouldn’t die.

  31. Watched Threads last week for the first time. Media doesnt affect me easily but this movie really is screwing with my brain still. It all felt so hopeless and is still making me down. It feels like we're living through the events of that movie now. Crazy how much I've seen it mentioned now all over reddit.

  32. As someone who doesn't live in an area with major natural disasters, I have no prep material on hand. Longest I've ever gone without power is 3 days and we still had running water. I'm not prepared to survive other than the fact that I have camping and hunting gear - bout to go hunt some irradiated deer with my bow and catch some fish with legs if I survive the initial blasts

  33. That only makes sense if you want to live in a post nuclear war world. Survival instinct is a pretty strong motivator, no doubt, but I seriously would consider hoping for a quick end instead of the likely harrowing experience of trying to survive in a collapsing society.

  34. Nothing. I live close to a nuclear bunker used by the US government in case nuclear war starts. They apparently have emergency operation centers for the army, navy, Air Force, and marine corps in there. I’m a goner

  35. There wont be much to do. All the bowling alleys will be wrecked. So's I guess I’ll spend most of my time looking for beers.

  36. I'm going to rub one out and hope my fossilized remains get found by paleontologist billions of years in the future when Earth regains somewhat intelligent life.

  37. Im in Poland, so my best bet is hoping that the radiation poisoning will give me some cool powers, instead of melting my insides.

  38. Stand on my balcony with a BB gun and attempt to shoot down Russian missiles. From what we’ve seen of their military technology the past year or so, I don’t hate my chances.

  39. With old climate models we thought that ww3 would cause a devastating nuclear winter. Then we applied those climate models to real events like forest fires and the Iraq oil fires. We made predictions as to what would happen and lo and behold, what actually happened was not what we predicted. It was a much smaller effect

  40. If we don't all turn to ash immediately, try to make it to my in laws house in Guatemala and hope nobody targeted that area...

  41. Questions like this always fill me with anxiety and dread. I have a 2 year old and I'm pregnant with twins now - if this shit actually happens I don't know if I would want to try to survive and meet my babies and save my kid, etc, or if it would be better to just end it quick for all of us with no suffering.

  42. I'm going to be honest here. When the first threats of Putin came in I was, to say, pretty devistated and couln't imagine this happening. I studied a history class on Eastern European and Russian history that time and what my professor told me wasn't that assuring to say the least. Later on that week I heard a podcast where they mentioned a quote by C.S. Lewis:

  43. Gonna have a race to see if I can beat it before the big flash. It will be an epic finish or I go out like the guy in Pompeii. I’ll either die happy with post nut clarity or get vaporized halfway through. It’s a win win situation.

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